Blip Festival 2008 media

Some stuff I recorded at blipfest.


USK's set, starting just before midnight on December 7th, with special fucking guest Anamanaguchi. Recorded with my Canon PowerShot held over my head, quality isn't great. Both versions have the same audio (80 kbit/s MP3).
low quality 240 kbit/s video
"high quality" 1500 kbit/s video


IAYD's set of December 4th. Recorded with a microphone sitting on top of my coat (stuffed next to a trash can) connected to my XO-1, recording onto my Sansa.
IAYD 61 kbit/s ogg vorbis


zabutom's set, following IAYD's, recorded the same lousy way.
zabutom 61 kbit/s ogg vorbis