On the occasion of moving out of my dorm I laid out all the computers I had there. Here I list them and releavant specs. This is a successor to the original computer parade; several of the machines listed there are since disassembled and recycled (Wintermute, Tempest) or substantially modified (Hactar, Neuromancer). Not included are any computers I did not have with me at school (The Earth, Deep Thought, various other video game consoles).

Hactar, beige (white?) box PC, 2.4 GHz Pentium 4, 768 MB RAM, 80 GB + 200 GB + 250 GB hard drives, Lite-On DVD-RW drive, two 3.5 inch floppy drives
Currently running what once was Fedora Core 4, also installed are Windows XP and Windows 98.
Neuromancer, modified NEC Versa 4080H, 120 MHz Pentium, 40 MB RAM, 4 GB Flash "hard drive", removable 3.5 inch floppy drive and 2x CD-ROM drive
Running Debian.
Sony PSone, 33.8688 MHz MIPS R3051, 2 MB main RAM, 1 MB video RAM, 512 KB sound RAM.
Unmodified, except for addition of 3rd party InterAct LCD screen. Programmable via CD-R using the Swap Trick.
Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus, 6 MHz Z80, 512 KB Flash
Programmable via keypad and link cable to PC.
Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 21.477272 MHz 5A22 (16-bit CMD/GTE 65c816 core) and 24.576 MHz Sony SPC700, 128 KB main DRAM, 64 KB video SRAM, 64 KB sound SRAM
Programmable via Front Far East Super Wild Card DX2 (32 mbit RAM w/ parallel port interface for computer or external Zip drive, internal 3.5 inch floppy drive)
Nintendo 64, 93.75 MHz MIPS R4300i and 62.5 MHz specialized Reality CoProcessor, 4 MB main RDRAM, 4 MB expansion pack RDRAM.
Programmable via Bung Doctor V64 jr (512 mbit RAM w/ parallel port interface) or Datel/InterAct GameShark Pro 3.3 (realtime parallel port interface to N64 RAM).
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP, 16.8 MHz ARM7 and 8.4 MHz Z80 co-processor, 32 KB CPU internal RAM, 96 KB video RAM, 256 KB working RAM.
Programmable via Flash Advance Pro cartridge (256 mbit Flash), Flash Advance Linker provides a parallel port interface to this.
Nintendo GameCube, 485 MHz IBM "Gekko" PowerPC CPU and 81 MHz Macronix DSP, 24 MB main SRAM, 3 MB video RAM, 16 MB audio RAM
Programmable via Datel SD Media Launcher (uses 1 GB SD card as storage device, GC disc to launch code therefrom)
Apple iPod Color, 32 KHz-80 MHz PP5020 (dual ARM7), 32 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive
Programmable by writing code to hard drive over USB interface.
Currently running Rockbox or occasionally Apple firmware.
Toshiba Gigabeat F40, 296 MHz Samsung S3C2440 (ARM9 core), 32 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive, 830 mAh battery
Programmable by writing code to hard drive over USB interface.
Currently running Rockbox.