Which .app file from the Wii Shop contains the brsar with the BGM sequence data? by Markyparky at 4:06 PM EDT on May 24, 2017
So using a combination of the tools mentioned in this thread I was able to download .app files for the Mii Channel, extract from them a file called NigaoeSound.brsar, and therefore generate a MIDI and a soundfont for the Mii Channel background music.

I tried to repeat the process for the Wii Shop channel, but I just can't find a brsar/brseq anywhere in the (accessible) .app files. When I open some of them in ArchiveExplorer I get the error "Could not load archive! Given file was not a supported archive format.", and the .app files this happens for will just crash U8Tool.

I saw that a file named 'wwwlib-rvl.lz7' in 00000009.app was relatively large so I thought the what I'm looking might be in there - I converted it to an ARC then extracted that ARC but that just contained files for the internet browser.

Has anyone (other than SiIvaGunner) managed to get sequence+sample data out of the Wii Shop Channel? If so, where did you find it/how did you extract it?

Edit: If it helps, I did a search through the raw data of the files, and found that the contents of 0000005e.app and 0000005f.app (or 00000034.app and 00000035.app for the Korean version) both at one point reference a .brsar file "/arc/sound/iplSound.brsar". 0000005f.app does not contain this file, and 0000005e.app is one of the files that doesn't seem to like extracting.

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by Jasper at 3:37 AM EDT on May 27, 2017
Hi, I did the programming work for SiivaGunner for that rip. The files you want can be found in 00000054.app for the Shop Channel's title ID. Good luck.
by bxaimc at 10:56 PM EDT on May 28, 2017
Trial and error friend, that's how everything is accomplished.
by Mygoshi at 6:13 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
No WAVS available? Easier for people.
by Markyparky at 1:17 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
Thanks Jasper. Got it!

Mygoshi, you can get WAVs with the same tool you use to get soundfonts and midis from Wii application files (VGMtrans). The WAVs contain the same samples used in the soundfont, it's just that the soundfont is more convenient for assigning each instrument from the music to each MIDI track. Plus, if I were using WAVs then I would have to extract each one individually (unless there's an 'extract all' button in VGMtrans that I haven't found)

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by Mygoshi at 7:34 AM EDT on June 8, 2017
yes ok but could you release a tutorial about this ?

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