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by Kirishima at 9:19 PM EDT on July 26, 2018
I'm reviving this thread for a bit of feedback. While I understand the music conversion is terrible, It seems many tracks (perhaps all that last long enough) in Mortal Kombat Trilogy's rip glitch out at 1:43 mark.
by kode54 at 4:27 AM EDT on July 28, 2018
Try updating your plugin again? I reverted back to LazyUSF 1, because it's more compatible. Maybe some day in the future, LazyUSF2 will be an option again.

I also improved the emulation of the more accurate enableFIFOfull mode with LazyUSF 1, so there's that.

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by Tanookirby at 3:15 PM EDT on July 28, 2018
Any chance of re-ripping the music for slow-playing (Sm64, Mario Kart, Yoshi, et al) and other problematic games (e.g. Banjo-Tooie)?
by Kirishima at 5:03 PM EDT on July 28, 2018
Mario Kart was already re-ripped. Look through the thread again.
by MoldyPond at 10:29 PM EDT on July 28, 2018
@Tanookirby Other than Mayahem Temple (which I had posted last before this thread died again), how else is Banjo-Tooie problematic? I've gone through the USF set mutiple times and haven't heard anything else wrong with it.
by Tanookirby at 12:32 AM EDT on July 29, 2018
I guess the rerip of MK64 actually has the right tempo when you play it in Foobar and not in Winamp, but could anyone tell me why the track labeled "Winning Results" has a track length of 1:38:12?! That may be a mistake.

@MoldyPond All the tracks have some cutoff at the beginning (it's more noticeable in some such as the get jiggy theme). There's also a problem three seconds into the dark rooms version of the Glitter Gulch Mine theme where the strings section is disabled for about a second.
by Kirishima at 5:06 AM EDT on July 29, 2018
It should be well known by now why it's that long...

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by Lunar at 7:28 AM EDT on July 29, 2018
I can't remember if this usf made it into the uploaded set or not, but it's the version that I use. I realise having the secret second section dummied in after only one loop of the first section isn't what happens in-game, but it works and is far more practical. That hour-long USF is bare ridiculous so I deleted it - might have kept it if it was timed the same way as this one.
by wolupgm6 at 12:18 PM EDT on July 29, 2018
Regarding Banjo Tooie, there's a second set somewhere which doesn't have as significant a cut off, but has a slight fade-in instead. It was listed as preliminary at the time, but this was a while ago. I think I mentioned it here at some point, actually.

Edit: Found it.

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by MoldyPond at 4:57 PM EDT on July 29, 2018
I believe that's the set I've been using, hence why I wouldn't noticed any cutoff. Thanks for clearing that up :)
by wolupgm6 at 11:53 PM EDT on August 5, 2018
No worries! It's the set I use too. The cutoff is still present in some cases, but it's a lot less intrusive. It'll certainly do until a proper rip arrives!
by TheUltimateKoopa at 8:39 PM EDT on September 11, 2018
So, is Chameleon Twist still unrippable, or has no one just ripped it yet?
by punk7890-2 at 8:46 PM EDT on September 11, 2018
Star Wars Rouge Squadron no longer works with the latest usf player for foobar.
by kode54 at 10:00 PM EDT on September 11, 2018
I need to find a way to make both Project 64 and mupen64plus work in the same plugin. They can coexist, but they need non-overlapping import symbols to statically link them in, which I can do easily with header file macros decorating the exported symbols.

Then I need to find a way to specifically mark rips as using the newer engine. It can't be default, because the newer engine breaks quite a number of old rips in unpredictable ways.
by Lunar at 7:47 AM EDT on September 12, 2018
Here are some other sets I've noticed either don't play or even crash foobar2000, if it's any help (there may be others):

Gauntlet Legends
Hey you, Pikachu!
Pokemon Stadium 2
WCW vs nWo World Tour

Because it takes my copy of foobar2000 a relatively long time to open (presumably because of very extensive use of foo_plorg), is there an earlier version of foo_input_usf I could roll back to for the time being? Also every time fb2k crashes I potentially lose recent track ratings/playback stats.

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by DaggerMouth at 6:41 AM EDT on October 22, 2018
Josh, could you please do Super Mario 64 and / or Banjo Tooie?

Banjo Tooie has the same note cut off problem as Donkey Kong 64 (which you miraculously fixed, thank you!) and Super Mario 64's tempo is incorrect.

I understand if you're burned out from all the requests and don't have time or don't want to do this.

Thanks for all your work either way, you're incredible.
by danylopez123 at 8:31 AM EDT on October 26, 2018
I tried playing Rakugakids both in foobar2000 (LazyUSF) and in Winamp (64th Note) but for example i tried playing the main menu music, but both foobar2000 and Winamp fails, foobar2000 fails to decode and Winamp crashes.
by danylopez123 at 6:54 PM EST on November 15, 2018
And now i've tested the Rakugakids USF pack with Droidsound-E for Android and still the same issue, ecept in the part where i mention it fails to decode/crashes, it locks Droidsound-E from playing another music.
by thecoreyburton at 4:08 AM EST on November 17, 2018
It works fine for me in foobar2000 on Windows, using the latest version of LazyUSF.
by danylopez123 at 9:03 PM EST on November 18, 2018
It still fails, this time, it crashed when playing one of the main menu tunes, both for intro and no intro.

Here is my comment with more details:

Game: RakugaKids
Files: sparse27.miniusf and sparse28.miniusf
LazyUSF version: 2.3.1
foobar2000 version: 1.4.1
Windows: Windows 10 x64
by kode54 at 3:26 AM EST on November 20, 2018
Do Banjo Kazooie and Tooie need re-ripping as well? Already have someone using the lazyusf1 based plugin because the new one crashes or locks up or something.
by MoldyPond at 8:16 AM EST on November 20, 2018
Kazooie is perfectly fine afaik, but Tooie has two songs with issues: Mayahem Temple and Glitter Gulch Mine Dark n Dingy Interior.
by wolupgm6 at 4:11 AM EST on November 24, 2018
To back that statement up, yes, Banjo-Kazooie is fine.

Banjo-Tooie needed re-ripping anyway as all the songs have a cutoff at the beginning (like DK64 had until it was re-ripped)

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by DaggerMouth at 10:04 AM EST on December 21, 2018
Could lazyusf be updated to adhere to the volume tags inside the USF files if they're present? I just noticed some sets adjusted in Winamp play back at their original volume in foobar2000, ignoring these tags.
by kode54 at 8:43 PM EST on December 21, 2018
Hi, could people instead be asked to ReplayGain scan their sets before uploading them?

None of my xSF inputs obey the volume tag, as that is user configurable, and not automatically probed, and if the user does ReplayGain scan their own files, changing the volume tag immediately breaks those scan results.

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by DaggerMouth at 11:13 PM EST on December 22, 2018
Hi kode54, thanks for the reply!

I currently convert the files to FLAC and apply replaygain tags to the new files to solve volume leveling issues. The problem is whilst some sets like Chameleon Twist 2 are very soft, others like Banjo Kazooie are very loud and cause amplification clipping and distortion (visible in waveform editors like audacity). I was hoping that having the volume tags read might help prevent it.
by MoldyPond at 2:45 AM EST on December 23, 2018
The recent Diddy Kong Racing rerip is incredibly loud, even though I know the game actually is, but it's definitely not ditortion levels loud.
by DaggerMouth at 4:07 AM EST on December 23, 2018
The distortion is minor but present. As a quick example, track 4a of that rip clips frequently. I had a look and lowering the volume tag doesn't fix the clipping. The waveform is quieter, but the peaks are still flattened. It would provide no advantage over replaygain tags then, so I may as well use them.

Sorry to bug you over nothing, kode54.

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by kode54 at 4:05 PM EST on December 23, 2018
Unfortunately, the volume tags only affect the output of the emulator, which is already clipped 16 bit sample data. It may reduce the effect to turn off the resampler in the USF decoder preferences, but loud files will still clip in the emulated "hardware" (really software synthesizer and simple DAC) before any volume tag can fix them.
by MoldyPond at 12:41 AM EST on December 24, 2018
So is it something that can be fixed by reripping or is it a limitation of lazyusf altogether? Because I swear the original Perfect Dark was way louder before the rerip.
by kode54 at 8:09 PM EST on December 24, 2018
It depends on the rip, as the volume level may be something that can be changed in the ripping process. However, if they clip, the only fix is to lower the global volume of the entire rip, in the playback code.

It will clip in any emulator. The music is 100% software mixed by the emulated code, just like most GBA games, only with a higher quality output DAC and more processing power to throw at the whole thing.
by MoldyPond at 8:41 PM EST on December 24, 2018
Man I really wish USFs weren't rocket science to rip :(
by kode54 at 3:15 PM EST on December 25, 2018
All xSF formats are pretty much rocket science to rip, as are pretty much all the formats supported by foo_gep, other than GYM and VGM, which are logged formats.
by MoldyPond at 6:56 PM EST on December 25, 2018
I think it's been asked a million times but there's no real documentation/guides on USF or GSF ripping is there? I wouldn't mind dedicating time to figuring it out because there's a few games here and there that need to be fixed and I know nobody's doing it.
by thecoreyburton at 10:40 PM EST on December 25, 2018
I've asked this before and was shown this. It's pretty detailed, but even with this, USF ripping is still not a skill I possess.
by MoldyPond at 10:52 AM EST on December 26, 2018
Oh uh... (quietly walks away with tail between legs)
by hcs at 12:12 PM EST on December 26, 2018
A few more links, from last time this came up.

Wayback Machine link for ugetab's post .
by DaggerMouth at 10:22 PM EST on January 12, 2019
It's certainly worth a shot, MoldyPond. Turns out it's above my skill set, but it was an interesting way to spend an afternoon.

I think the situation is worse these days because the often-requested games which remain (eg. Banjo Tooie) are some of the more difficult ones to rip correctly.
by FCandChill at 9:47 AM EDT on October 12, 2019
Apparently, the prototype of Glover 1 has a completely different soundtrack. The dump is on hidden palace. Can someone rip the OST?

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by hcs at 11:09 PM EDT on October 12, 2019
That'd be neat, I wonder if it's more like the PSX version?
by FCandChill at 6:57 AM EDT on October 13, 2019
The PSX version's OST is more or less the PC version's OST. The PSX and PC version used streamed music, while the N64 version opted on sequencing. I prefer the N64 version as the instrumentation is stronger... All released version have the same songs with minor differences.

The prototype has completely new tracks. There's not as many, it seems... All the tracks were composed by Allister Brimble ... before Richard Joseph came onboard. The prototype has a very different sound direction ... it's less lighthearted.

Here's a link to the prototype. This is okay to share, right..?,_1998_prototype)

The game's cart label has the title "Whak n Roll" crossed out. Glad they changed the title!

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by blood_falcon at 6:23 PM EST on November 11, 2019
Could I join in for a request?

I would like a rip of

Top Gear Rally both USA and EU versions as the title theme is completely different for both versions and it is Barry Leitch
by Lunar at 11:30 AM EST on November 15, 2019
blood_falcon: I can go one better than USF.

Here are the original XM format modules for Top Gear Rally by Barry Leitch. I forget where these came from, probably his homepage. They were not ripped out of the game anyway.
by hcs at 2:17 PM EST on November 15, 2019
Yeah, he had a huge collection, sadly the Internet Archive didn't try to collect 'em before it went down (the link was removed from the home page around November 2006). Probably most of them are copied elsewhere, but I don't see a proper mirror of the whole thing.

This looks pretty close though: The Mod Archive (probably all scattered across modland as well)

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Reply to Lunar by blood_falcon at 7:33 PM EST on November 15, 2019
This is awesome bro. Even better than the rip by 16bit audiophile.
Turok Re-Rips by Despair at 2:03 AM EST on February 6, 2020
I'd like to request a re-rip of the Turok Rage Wars set. According to kode54, the current rip is incompatible with lazyusf2, and it will not work in foobar anymore.

Also, Turok 3 has an existing re-rip but it only has about 2/3 of the songs. Virtually all the remaining songs are from cutscenes and have the messed up start issue that (I assume) caused a re-rip in the first place.

Finally, looking at the Turok 2 rip, it may or may not have the same issue with messed up starts for a number of tracks.
by Himmz at 8:37 PM EST on February 16, 2020
Any chance anyone able to reupload the USF wip of Mario Artist Paint Studio thanks a bunch
by hcs at 6:39 AM EST on February 17, 2020
I don't think there were any USF rips of any Mario Artist games. The Polygon Studio rips linked in this thread were recorded from the game in an emulator, I think.
by Himmz at 3:20 PM EST on February 17, 2020
Ah okay looks like I was just misinformed would anyone have a working link for the audio by any chance?
Dinosaur Planet by Locke_gb7 at 11:30 AM EDT on March 21, 2021
With the recent leak of "Dinosaur Planet" (N64) Original game from the Star Fox Game Cube game.

I was wondering if anyone was planning on ripping USF from it?


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by hcs at 12:25 PM EDT on March 21, 2021
> With the recent leak of "Dinosaur Planet" (N64) Original game from the Star Fox Game Cube game.
> I was wondering if anyone was planning on ripping USF from it?

Josh W got to this very quickly after the release, find it in this directory.

Though it sounds like there is still some revision going on, see comments starting here.

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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Beta Soundtrack by pillow at 12:15 AM EDT on March 24, 2021
If anyone can possibly do a rip of the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Beta Soundtrack that would be greatly appreciated.
by hcs at 4:28 PM EDT on March 24, 2021
This is a thread about USF ripping, for N64 games.
by IAmMumboJumbo at 11:11 AM EDT on April 9, 2021
Would it be possible to get a re rip of Banjo Tooie? The current set has the same intro note cut off problem that the original Donkey Kong 64 set had (but not the pitch issues) and it looks like the re rip fixed that.

And while I'm here, thank you all for all your hard work! <3
by MurraySkull at 6:29 AM EDT on April 10, 2021
Any updates on Dinosaur Planet?
by Chubby_Bub at 2:14 AM EDT on April 29, 2021
I'm here to request if anyone could re-rip Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing), since the existing rip that has been all over the internet for years is too slow. (I've heard 5%, not sure if that's accurate.)

That said, I understand USF ripping is complicated, so I wonder if it would be easier to rip the GameCube version's music– not an easy task either though, as it's done via memory editing the game to play a certain track.
by Chubby_Bub at 2:19 AM EDT on May 3, 2021
As an update to my above comment, I've now figured out how to dump music from the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. While for my soundtrack purposes this will suffice, anyone who has the USF version of Doubutsu no Mori's soundtrack should know it is (for now) inaccurate.
by PhillipRoyal89 at 9:51 AM EDT on May 7, 2021
I have a question about Pokemon Snap USF set. The song ''13 Tunnel'' sounds different to the one in game. It is missing the first minute of the track. When you play the stage it starts with one instruments and gradually builds up. It doesn't kick in like is heard until much later in the stage. I am not sure what is the problem. Is it something I can fix?
by skyrider2 at 2:41 PM EDT on May 7, 2021
Don't know if it's been requested but has anyone had any luck ripping USFs from Aerofighter's Assault? Game's got some banging tunes.
by Lunar at 9:58 AM EDT on May 8, 2021
Nobody requested this afaik, but I tagged & timed Bomberman 64 (Japan)

It's available here for now.

Please read the included text file for details as there are a few issues with this set. Enjoy.
by Lunar at 9:37 AM EDT on June 2, 2021
I have now also tagged & timed Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth.

Readme is included again detailing a few noteworthy changes from the untagged rip (half a dozen pruned miniusfs.) Enjoy.
by KungFuFurby at 9:28 PM EDT on June 17, 2021
Can I request Tom & Jerry in Fists of Furry?
NBA Jam '99 USF Request by Yntec at 6:11 AM EDT on June 30, 2021
Hi, I'd like to request NBA Jam '99 for the n64. The main reason is that the intro tune is cut short when the demo plays, so I don't think this song has been heard in its entirety ever, yet (basically, just that banger song would be great, since the others can be listened to already).

EDIT - Hold on, if you let the game run long enough to show 5 demos, the credits will roll and you'll be able to listen to the whole song! (and I even got to know the music's composed by Roy Wilkins!), so... never mind! (though the USF rip would still be cool)

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by ThatOneNote at 9:14 PM EST on December 9, 2021
The Paper Mario usf has some inconsistencies that need to be fixed

the English version of the partner get music is not present despite the rest of the tracks being from the English version

Bowser's Castle, his final battle theme, and Mt Rugged are also different on JP, but are not present on the usf

by MoldyPond at 9:24 PM EST on December 9, 2021

The USF set I have for PM has the English version of the New Partner theme, it’s track 920.
by ThatOneNote at 4:04 AM EST on December 10, 2021
I have to redownload then
must have gotten the usf somewhere else and forgot
edit: that was the case

edited 4:10 AM EST December 10, 2021
by rockman7777777 at 6:56 PM EST on December 12, 2021
If anyone can update the Paper Mario USF set, I think there are also a few more variants of Bowser's Castle that aren't included and the current set is also missing the Dry Dry Desert Oasis and Toad Town Tunnels Ice room variation, the room where you enter chapter 7. If anyone can do it I would definitely like to have these missing tracks.
by MusicMantis at 4:53 AM EST on December 13, 2021
I have a question about the Mario Party USF set. It has been a while since I've played the game, but it seems that the track "64 Board Outro" is just a duplicate of "04 Peaceful Mushroom Village". Is this intentional or is there a track missing?
by Kirishima at 10:11 PM EST on December 17, 2021
IIRC, it's missing because the USF is pointing to the wrong usflib file.
by MusicMantis at 8:45 AM EST on December 19, 2021
Thank you, you're absolutely right! Changing the reference from "NUS-CLBE-USA-2.usflib" to "NUS-CLBE-USA-1.usflib" in the .miniusf file fixes the issue!
by MoldyPond at 4:21 PM EST on December 19, 2021
How does one go about changing this properly? I tried editing it with Notepad but the file became unplayable, and trying to change it within foobar doesn't work as that info isn't editable.
by hcs at 5:57 PM EST on December 19, 2021
You should be able to do it with psfpoint using a command like:

psfpoint -_lib=NUS-CLBE-USA-1.usflib "64 Board Outro.miniusf"

(Not tested)
by MusicMantis at 4:30 AM EST on December 20, 2021
I did this with HxD, though I presume any hex editor would work as well too.
by MoldyPond at 7:01 PM EST on December 20, 2021
Yep that did the trick, thanks a bunch!
by hcs at 4:46 PM EST on December 28, 2021
I'm checking out the Glover prototype USF rip, very cool! Interesting how it's completely different from the final N64 soundtrack and the similar PSX and PC versions, though the tone of the different realms is similar. Any idea who the composer was?

I don't see a ripped by tag, much thanks to the ripper! There's been a bunch of cool new USF rips lately, how exciting!

edited 4:48 PM EST December 28, 2021

Looks like these were ripped back in 2019 when the proto was dumped, but only now making it into the archive. I don't remember it from back then but I could well be forgetting, is it only now being released?

edited 5:33 PM EST December 28, 2021
by MusicMantis at 8:06 PM EST on December 28, 2021
I'm just here to also share my appreciation for all the wonderful new sets. I've not been this excited about something like this in a while! Thank you so much Josh W (and anyone else who's contributed to the effort!) :D
by Josh W at 10:50 PM EST on December 30, 2021
> I don't see a ripped by tag, much thanks to the ripper! There's been a bunch of cool new USF rips lately, how exciting!

Yeah, that was me. I'm not sure why I didn't release it back then... Maybe I didn't think it was complete or something.
But I saw it in one of my 'out' directories recently, and checked it, and it was completely fine.
Starshot Names & Times by MusicMantis at 11:47 PM EST on December 30, 2021
I just had a look at the Starshot: Space Circus Fever rip and can provide some additional information that might be useful for anyone looking to properly tag and time the set.

First up, the duplicate tracks:
sparse0e [dup of sparse0c]
sparse13 [dup of sparse1a]
sparse14 [dup of sparse1a]
sparse15 [dup of sparse07]
sparse16 [dup of sparse07]
sparse17 [dup of sparse07]
sparse19 [dup of sparse02]

Next, the blank tracks:

The remaining tracks, listed in order of appearance using in game names:
01 - Startup [sparse00]
02 - Prologue [sparse1b]
03 - Space Circus Parade Missile [sparse1d]
04 - Strategy [sparse0b]
05 - Tensuns 1 [sparse01]
06 - Virtua Circus [sparse02]
07 - Tensuns 2 [sparse03]
08 - Killer Expo [sparse04]
09 - Quarantine [sparse0d]
10 - Tortur World [sparse0f]
11 - War Simulator [sparse0c]
12 - Primiastro [sparse10]
13 - Primitron [sparse05]
14 - Technomummy 1 [sparse0a]
15 - Technomummy 2 [sparse08]
16 - Mechanical Horror Museum [sparse09]
17 - Ultimacrash [sparse06]
18 - Pendeulpot [sparse11]
19 - Happy Bump Bar [sparse1a]
20 - Iron Museum [sparse12]
21 - Earth [sparse07]
22 - Wolfgang Von Ravel [sparse18]

The tracks themselves have interesting characteristics and potential bugs upon looping. One good example is "Killer Expo", which after looping loses it's pitch bend effects. This isn't a problem with the set though, it occurs during emulation too. I'm currently unsure if this occurs on the console as well.

I timed the tracks for my own personal listening (two loops and then a 10s fadeout), but I did so disregarding this bug. By this, I mean that my calculations ignored the problem and only looped each track twice, despite the fact that second loop may sometimes be unique. If the tracks losing their pitch bends on subsequent loops was intended, then these times may be incorrect.

Having said that, here's the final duration for each track, mirroring the ordering above:
01 - 2:12.14 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
02 - 0:15.98 [no fadeout]
03 - 1:04.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
04 - 1:28.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
05 - 2:28.11 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
06 - 0:19.00 [no fade out]
07 - 2:04.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
08 - 3:39.62 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
09 - 1:26.31 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
10 - 3:39.59 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
11 - 2:57.36 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
12 - 1:35.94 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
13 - 1:48.10 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
14 - 2:16.80 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
15 - 3:12.13 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
16 - 2:45.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
17 - 2:52.82 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
18 - 0:22.22 [no fade out]
19 - 1:04.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
20 - 1:40.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
21 - 2:42.93 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]
22 - 1:20.00 [plus an additional a 10s fade out on top of this]

I'm accessing FLAC files I encoded remotely to get this information, but I don't remember that many tracks ending in .00 when I initially timed them. It's possible that some precision was lost as a result of the encoding process or remote session.

Anyway, that's all the information I have! I apologise for the fact this is a text post, but it's the best I can do right now. Hopefully this information is helpful to someone in the future, and thanks again for all your hard work, Josh!

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by Lunar at 7:02 AM EST on December 31, 2021
MusicMantis: is there some reason you aren't able to propagate the tags & timers? foobar2000 can make the process as painless as possible especially if you use waveform minibar (making it more easy to identify looppoints visually) and setting up a toolbar button for editing the timing information. Plus all of the other excellent tagging & renaming facilities. There are quite a few USF sets that could some use work in this regard. Or did you in fact do all of the tagging & timing but didn't wish to share your set?

Likewise I'm very glad to see the new USF sets. There aren't actually that many N64/DD games so it may even be possible that they'll all be ripped eventually.

No idea if requests are being considered but I'm still hoping for USF rips of Mario Artist: Talent Studio, SimCity 64 and Doshin the Giant, if possible.
by MusicMantis at 7:50 AM EST on December 31, 2021
Hi Lunar!

The short answer is that I often do things both remotely and in an extremely convoluted way, to make use of a few personal systems that I couldn't take advantage of with tags alone. This often involves a local collection of segmented samples and transcoded files, while the USF set itself remains on the host machine in a read-only state.

It's a process that gives me everything I personally want or need, but the downside is that things like tags and times aren't easily shared with others. This isn't something I've run into before (the sets I've used have typically had tags already), but seeing as I had a little extra information, I wanted to try and contribute as best I could. I'm more than happy to offer to tag and time the set myself, but it's hard to gauge when I'll be home (and at the source machine) or how much time I'll have when that does roll around.

If I'm not able to provide a tag immediately (or in a predictable timeframe), what would be the best thing to do with the information I do have access to, like above? I'd like to contribute in the least intrusive way possible! :)
by Lunar at 11:13 AM EST on December 31, 2021
Gotcha, makes perfect sense!
by MurraySkull at 3:49 AM EST on January 3, 2022
Glover BETA named:
by ThatOneNote at 8:09 PM EST on January 3, 2022
Not certain if it's a reliable source but the wikipedia page on Allister Brimble says he composed the soundtrack to Glover that got rejected by the publisher. The USF rip for the final version of the game mentions his name too, so it might be safe to just tag it as his work unless he speaks about it.
by hcs at 8:49 PM EST on January 3, 2022
My artist tags for Glover were wrong, unfortunately that's now all over the universe. The credits say Rob Lord, Paul Weir, Mark Bandola, I corrected that here. Brimble and Richard Joseph are credited for sound effects.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Brimble, he did a lot of work with the Oliver twins. I asked on the editor's talk page, but I don't expect to hear back.
by MusicMantis at 9:45 AM EST on January 6, 2022
I just noticed that in the Banjo-Kazooie USF set, the track "041d Gobi's Valley (Aquatic)" decreases in volume roughly at the 1:15 mark.

Does anyone know if this is intentional, a configuration error on my part, or perhaps a bug with the USF set?
by MusicMantis at 1:21 PM EST on February 8, 2022
I recently was listening to the Paper Mario USF set and noticed a track or two were missing (such as the intro when you first see Boo's Mansion).

USF ripping's beyond my own abilities, but I was curious and did some investigation and discovered some information regarding additional songs and variations.

This can be seen if you edit 0x38 in the Goomba Village miniusf from 00 to 01, as it plays the unused alternate variant after this change instead. I suspect the same will likely be true for other songs in the set too, including the tracks I previously thought were missing.

I've stayed up later than I intended investigating this, so I'm off to bed now. I'm not sure if this was already common knowledge, but if not I hope this is can be useful to someone who comes hunting and I'll hopefully play around with it some more in the coming days, and as always, thank you to you guys for all of your hard work over the years!
by rockman7777777 at 10:59 PM EST on February 9, 2022

A while ago I came across this thread ( and after some editing I was able to play some of the missing songs from the Paper Mario USF set.

Here's the files I have ( I wanted to just include this whole archive because I changed the numbers around for tracks that weren't on the ost. I mean, I put Merlon as 930 instead of Pleasant Path HP, so each track after Merlon I increased the number by one. There were some other changes after that song as well. The songs I added or changed include,

.117b (I added a version without the intro)
.129a (I added the version with the intro, the one MusicMantis mentioned)
.234a (This is a variation of 234 that was included in the original set, it plays at the beginning of the game when the star spirits first find Mario)
.930 Merlon (this one was missing from the original set)
.959 Finding Mt. Lavalava (this one was missing from the original set, but it's just a slightly different intro as 208 Hot Times in Mt Lavalava so I can see why it probably wasn't included)
.983 Star Way Ascent (in the original set, the song called Star Way Ascent was actually the song that plays when Star Way opens for the first time. 983 here is a slightly different version that plays when you ascend to Star Way again after the initial first time when it opens).

There are two extra folders included in the archive, too. The extra (usf) folder just includes some extra usfs that I thought weren't necessary to include in the set but I just wanted to keep them, they're mostly song intros and songs without intros that are already included in the original set. The sped up version of Goomba Village you mentioned is in there, too.

The extra folder doesn't include usfs but it includes five wav files of songs I couldn't find usfs for. These were from youtube videos I converted a couple years ago. For Dry Dry Desert Trek (Oasis) and Underground Pipes (Ice), I believe they were from Brawl Custom Music on youtube but unfortunately I can't find the videos anymore... I guess it's a good thing I got these when I did. The three extra Siege on Bowser's Castle variations were also from youtube videos but I can't remember exactly who uploaded them... Hopefully someone else wants these, too.

I think the only stuff still missing from this usf set includes,
.Dry Dry Desert (Oasis)
.Toad Town Tunnels (Ice)
.Maybe a few Bowser's Castle variations (maybe at some point I'd be interested enough to figure out how many different variations there are for sure)
.Mt. Rugged from the Japanese version of the game
.Bowser's Castle from the Japanese version of the game
.King of the Koopas (final Bowser battle) from the Japanese version of the game
I think that's it but I'm not completely sure.

I hope everything I wrote here makes sense. It's late for me and I'm tired so I kind of rushed what I wrote.

edited 11:02 PM EST February 9, 2022
by ThatOneNote at 5:47 PM EST on February 17, 2022
The Glover Beta is for sure Brimble's work, as the Fortress of Fear level 1 music is actually remixed in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 under the horror music, which he composed.
by Lazlo52 at 4:46 PM EST on February 20, 2022
Did anyone ever set up a download for the F-Zero Expansion Kit lwavs?
by hcs at 4:58 PM EST on February 20, 2022
F-Zero X Expansion Pack lwavs from here.

edited 5:05 PM EST February 20, 2022
by Lazlo52 at 8:35 PM EST on February 20, 2022
I'm aware of those two, but l was hoping someone had uploaded the full set. I suppose not, though, so I guess I'll have to try finding both N64SoundTool and a copy of the Expansion Kit.
by Lazlo52 at 12:31 AM EST on February 21, 2022
Is there no way to use metadata tags for WAV loop points? It's not LOOPSTART/LOOPLENGTH, not start_cue/end_cue... According to a GitHub issue that was closed, only OGG uses metadata and WAV uses something smpl? I've hit my ceiling for patience to find yet another tool, so I guess I won't be making a lossless WAV pack.

Besides, this is only the streamed course music. The stereo menu music is still sequenced and l'm no good with sequenced formats, so a properly full rip was already outside my realm.

Oh yeah, and the two WAVs that have been previously shared are incorrect. Rainbow Road is playing at a slightly too high sample rate and Japon has its channels backwards.
by hcs at 1:46 AM EST on February 21, 2022
If you can't find a way to add smpl (I assume you're trying to get it working with vgmstream?), it might be easier to make a flac and just set the metadata on that as you would with ogg, vgmstream will try to play a .flac (or .lflac) if built with ffmpeg, I think.
by Lazlo52 at 3:31 AM EST on February 21, 2022
I didn't know l could do that with FLAC, but l've already done the whole thing in level 8 OGG. I don't have the ear to notice a difference with OGG, anyway. I still feel it's worth sharing around, though, particularly the correct sample rates. So, I hope it's alright if l link to the crummy, but not as bad as it used to be (maybe) MediaFire.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit OGG

F-Zero X Expansion Kit (not mixed)

I found the sample rates by multiplying 32000 by the Key value listed in the N64SoundTool. As for the channels, the base game songs had the first track on the left with second on the right... Meanwhile, the Expansion exclusive songs had the first track on the right with second on the left.

Also, the EAD song is from the Expansion exclusive reward for beating everything on Master class, where Mr. EAD does a little dance.

edited 3:32 AM EST February 21, 2022
by hcs at 5:58 PM EST on February 21, 2022
Very cool, thanks!

In case you might find it useful, a few of the tracks (Rainbow Road, Japon, Rendezvous of Ghost) were released on Nintendo Sound Selection vol. 2, though I don't know if it's full CD quality. There's an ALAC rip on that is identical (except for track boundaries) to my own rip from the physical disc.

edited 6:19 PM EST February 21, 2022
by Lunar at 8:13 AM EST on February 24, 2022
These are the highest quality versions of Big Foot, Regeneration and Rollercoaster that I've heard. I may have to yeet the .logg format in favour of max bitrate mp3, but other than that it's very cool, thank you!
by McStoat at 6:46 PM EST on February 24, 2022
Cool I can finally have Expansion Kit music looping forever on my phone. Thanks a lot for these! I pop in here every now and then hoping someone will bring up how the Yoshi's Story USF set has been unplayable for a while but I'm starting to think it's just me. No one else have any problems with it?
And what's with the Mario 64 rerip? My phone struggles to play it so I had to go back to the old rip.
by Lazlo52 at 9:18 PM EST on February 24, 2022
McStoat, I suppose that's an issue with the phone version of whatever codec you're playing the songs with. I'm on PC and Yoshi's Story has always worked for me, and l got mine from here around 2013 (or was it 2016?). As for SM64, that also seems to work as of right now, but l know major first-party games had playback issues for a long while due to some weird coding differences from other games. They either played slow or stopped after a certain amount of time. I'm giving a song a thorough listening to, so l'll hear if that's still the case.

edited 9:21 PM EST February 24, 2022
by McStoat at 10:47 PM EST on February 24, 2022
Turns out it plays just fine on PC with 64th Note. I don't know why I just assumed everything was using the same plugin. So I guess the issue is with LazyUSF2 and whatever Highly Complete are? Ah well, thanks for taking the time to check, I'd still be suffering without Yoshi's Story otherwise.
by kode54 at 5:37 AM EDT on March 13, 2022
Nope, the rerips were broken by a bug I introduced about three weeks ago. They're fixed now.

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