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by Genoard at 11:57 AM EST on November 29, 2019
VGMtoolbox was the first thing i tried to process that .usm with, but, unlike the ones i did before, this time the output .adx failed to play back or be processed with ffmpeg so i assumed it to be encrypted and sought further info which led me here. After your response, i tried simply converting it to .wav with vgmstream and it was enough to process it further. Thanks for the help!
by anonom at 8:55 AM EST on December 5, 2019
Hi, does anyone know the HCA key or how to find it for this game?

Android ID:
APK and acb file:!h9ojzAJZ!Crnug928qYj0arN0hiQ5u3HqQTLxu713E4UBQEtN-18

Any help will be much appreciated!
by 2baki at 3:37 PM EST on December 5, 2019
Hello, I also have a request for obtaining the key for the mobile game Dankira.

The ID is jp.konami.dankira
Here is the apk and sample HCA files:!eCY0nIbA!PDMft8DJ3MnBMz9fbJ62BiQ5jr2Wc3-sqe51wrCuJmU

Thank you in advance!
by bnnm at 7:16 PM EST on December 5, 2019
Added to the latest vgmstream.

(see here
by 2baki at 12:24 AM EST on December 6, 2019

The bgm plays smoothly for me now. Thank you very much for your quick work!
by Guillermo123 at 2:05 PM EST on January 12, 2020
Hey can i help me for find the key of this game (Inazuma Eleven SD)
Hca exemples files : inazuma eleven sd hca .rar
Thank you in advance!

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by bnnm at 4:25 PM EST on January 13, 2020
Added (see:
by Guillermo123 at 2:51 PM EST on January 14, 2020
Thanks You!
by random at 9:43 AM EST on January 15, 2020
Hello, I'm assuming it would be the right place to ask : I am trying to play the music files from Detective Conan Runner on Android (com.bushiroad.en.conanrunner) without success.

Inside the apk there is a "sound" folder with acb and awb files, I was able to extract them with vgmtoolbox but the resulting files (either hca or adx) still won't play correctly with foobar2000 and vgmstream.

Here are the content of the sound folder :!9MYiCIrJ!iZcgnHMBRLFH7RjINbvM7GH8rDbp-ALGcBWwWHxvbuw

Thanks in advance !

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by bnnm at 6:57 AM EST on January 18, 2020
Some keys are easy to find but others like this one aren't, not sure if I can do anything.

And btw, keys are never in the awb/hca/acb, so it's better to upload the .apk (and some awb/hca/acb too if they aren't inside the .apk).
by random at 7:35 PM EST on January 18, 2020
I see, here is the .apk file :!5Npn2YDD!DN3UXybCHf7lCgWTDFm0QsEok-IhKNWe_xfIsrE30qk
by bnnm at 2:22 PM EST on January 20, 2020
Oh, I already checked the .apk, as mentioned it's hard to find the key in this case. I'll try again later though.

Was just pointing out that having the .hca/awb alone isn't enough to do anything, so that people can stop uploading that.
by sandimy at 4:16 PM EST on February 19, 2020
An update on the game I asked about last Nov.

game:ブラックスター -Theater Starless-
apk file:!Plc3lS5R!qXbXHe8kK4uBdZshX3mW4JFSWOvoaWT3Phaxwx4DwKE

bnnm kindly helped me found the key but I failed to decode the hca files. Thought it was something wrong with the tools I used and left this behind.

I just found it today that the key bnnm gave me(0x0000001C5E0D3154) was used for criware movie files(usm). I used this key and decoded a movie file successfully.

Seems that this game uses different keys for audios and videos. Could someone check this please?

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by bnnm at 2:47 PM EST on February 22, 2020
@random - added key for Detective Connan Runner in the latest vgmstream.

Also updated cri movie unpacked tool to handle multiple streams found in Dragalia Lost!TJQniYwL!Dp_D-KvzVlVgTwqzVJc1n3vslBZsHdy8pdDqzhRtsOI

@sandimy - all music works fine in vgmstream, but you must open the .acb instead of extracting the .hca.
Otherwise you'll need to manually create a key per song, since there is a sub-key in every .acb.
by sandimy at 11:01 AM EST on February 24, 2020
@bnnm Ah yes I extracted the .hcas... Now it works! Thank you so much!!!!
by unisonair at 7:50 AM EST on March 1, 2020
Hi guys, I'm trying to extract the video in a game called Uni's On Air. I tried for a few days, still haven't managed to find anything decent. Can you guys please help me to find the key?


The APK along with some cpk (usme files inside) files downloaded from the server:

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
by bnnm at 7:10 PM EST on March 1, 2020
Key is 0000047561F95FCF, use the cri movie unpacker tool above to decrypt.
by unisonair at 1:41 PM EST on March 2, 2020
@bnnm Thanks! It works like a treat!

And may I ask how do you derive that key?
by bnnm at 4:46 PM EST on March 2, 2020
USM keys are often the same as HCA keys (not always), so I just tried that. The HCA key is the same as Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama: Rising Beat (same dev), plus in Unity games keys are often in plain text and easy to find. (also see here)
by ChillyBilly at 12:49 AM EDT on March 22, 2020
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone is able to decrypt the HCAs for Touhou Gensou Mahjong for the Switch? Whenever I try to play the files, they either come out silent or glitched. I have a similar problem with Billion Road (also for Switch). Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
by bnnm at 3:02 PM EDT on March 22, 2020
As mentioned above, nobody can do anything with HCAs only.

You need to post the executables, or in case of Unity games, all files with normal-looking names (or maybe just all files), and don't extract the .acb/awb either.
by Omega-Max at 9:34 AM EDT on May 8, 2020
Hello guys, im trying to access Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition (Steam) video files (which are USM files inside DSDBS.steam.mvgl) but when i try to use VGMToolbox Video Demultiplexer the resulting video seems to be corrupted for every file (green video with variable length). The game launched October 2019 so it may be kinda new and it seems to use an unkown encryption key. I would really appreciate if someone could help me getting those files or the key which are using.

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Tojitomo by winterbreezesrule at 9:52 AM EDT on May 25, 2020
Hello there. I was wondering if I could get any help finding the HCA key for the Toji no Miko app game, which has an Android ID of com.square_enix.android_googleplay.TojinomikoTomoshibi. I've put what I hope are helpful files in a folder here. Thank you very much.
Okami HD usm video key by paconaranjo at 3:14 AM EDT on October 20, 2020
@bnnm We use CRID.usmDemux_Tool_v1.02-mod to extract audio from Okami usm videos, but only audio. The video needs another key I suppose. Could you help us? We want to translate the videos to our language. The HCA keys we found are 9A559E5294553343 and 0655F1528455CC43 .The Switch Translate ESP group. Many thanks.

Here some videos from Steam Forum:!up0ghSha!rdP-ngNQmv1-tPc0wMwEcw

edited 3:16 AM EDT October 20, 2020
by bnnm at 1:54 PM EDT on October 20, 2020
Literally 3 posts above yours it says "You need to post the executables".

@winterbreezesrule - wasn't able to figure out
Okami HD executables by paconaranjo at 5:10 AM EDT on October 21, 2020

Many thanks for the help, here are the executables from Switch and PC: Switch executables PC executables

If you need more files just tell me. And thanks again for everything.

edited 10:13 AM EDT October 21, 2020
by bnnm at 1:54 PM EDT on October 21, 2020
@paconaranjo - 006B617261616765
Okami HD by paconaranjo at 5:13 PM EDT on October 21, 2020
Many thanks. Works like a charm.
Re-encrypt Okami HD videos by paconaranjo at 5:43 PM EST on November 6, 2020
@bnnm My friends couldn't re-encrypt the video in the usm container, do you know how? Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.
by bnnm at 1:27 PM EST on November 7, 2020
@paconaranjo - No idea, probably you need some tool from CRI's SDK.

You could read the crim_demux tool source and see how USM is structured and encrypted/decrypted (same thing), then try to replicate that.
by paconaranjo at 12:10 AM EST on November 8, 2020
Thanks for everything...
I will see what can be done.
by paconaranjo at 12:10 AM EST on November 8, 2020
Thanks for everything...
I will see what can be done.
by paconaranjo at 12:19 AM EST on November 8, 2020
If I find something I post it here.

edited 12:35 AM EST November 8, 2020
by Yukari at 12:04 PM EST on December 6, 2020
Hi, I hope this is the right place. I'm trying to extract audio and video files from the game "HoneyWorks Premium Live", but I'm currently missing the right key.
I was wondering if someone here could help me with that?


The APK along with some cpk files (two audio and one presumably video) from the game, are in this drive folder:

Any help would be wonderful. Thank you in advance
by bnnm at 4:05 PM EST on December 9, 2020
@Yukari - added to latest vgmstream:

Key is the same for video/audio: 0000125F45B9D640
by Yukari at 9:59 AM EST on December 10, 2020
Thank you so much! It works perfectly!
Genshin Impac by eleiyas at 3:12 PM EST on February 12, 2021

Genshin Impact?

VGMToolBox will extract the USM and the audio files play fine (4x .hca files), but my issue is the video, which is an unplayable .m2v, likely meaning it's encrypted.

I'm not savvy enough with hex to understand what "larger than 0x140" and "repeating 0x20" means, so could you please assist?
by bnnm at 4:14 PM EST on February 21, 2021
Readme explains how to decrypt audio, which is not your case.

You need to find the video key. Key is usually inside some Unity script (depends on game), or in the global-metadata.dat file.

Try loading Unity files with AssetStudio and looking for monobehaviors named Cri(something) then extracting as raw, and looking at the context with a hex editor. Keys is a regular number in plain text.
by EHT_shiniori at 4:41 PM EST on February 21, 2021
is there any new version of that one USM demuxer lying around?


oh, new version was there two pages ago. grabbed it, saved it to an external drive, extracted it to a folder, then executed crid_mod to demux the usm file i wanted. fair enough.

what isn't "fair enough" is that, for video demuxing, crid_mod produces an m2v file that cannot be played on mpv, ffplay, or really any video player out there that can handle m2v files.

said m2v file is not encrypted.

edited 5:22 PM EST February 21, 2021
by bnnm at 5:24 PM EST on February 24, 2021
Most likely video is encrypted.
by Brightstar at 6:57 AM EST on March 6, 2021
VGMToolbox has been a great tool for decrypting audio however I’m running into an issue now. I’m not sure if something is happening with the key randomly in some of these files but when I go to decrypt some of the music from Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis randomly some of the music is coming out corrupted. It plays fine within the game but it’s just a digital audio mess when played back. Most segments are fine and don’t have any issues.

The song begins as a compressed .cpk (231c67721735cad54dbccde2317e50) file which is then uncompressed into the multi-segment track. From there I load up foobar2000 with the VGMToolBox plugin to then convert the .hca files into .wav. Randomly the conversion fails and gives me digital garbage instead.

(Maybe this is part of the problem but the regular VGMToolBox.exe gets stuck in an endless loop of trying to extract the .hca and instead it fails and just creates a folder with the same .hca inside of it.)

I’ve set up a share folder an example. These files combine into a single track when played in order (so just throw them into a playlist.) In this case the following came out corrupted.

etamb t138 b4 028
etamb t138 b4 036
etamb t138 b4 089
etamb t138 b4 096
etamb t138 b4 106
etamb t138 b4 114

Any idea what might be happening and if a fix can be done?
by Brightstar at 11:29 AM EST on March 6, 2021
My mistake, earlier I referred to a VGMToolBox foobar2000 plugin, I meant to say VGMStream there.
by bnnm at 12:09 PM EST on March 6, 2021
HCA are encrypted, and vgmstream tries to figure out which key is better for the file.

Since some of those segments are rather noisy (clip a lot) key detector gets confused and picks the wrong one.

Not sure how to improve detection so for now you can tell vgmstream which key to use by unzipping this in the hca folder:
by bnnm at 4:23 PM EDT on March 14, 2021
I had a flash of inspiration and improved HCA key detection, so you don't need to do that anymore.
Genshin Impact key by Someone at 8:46 AM EDT on July 24, 2021
I'm trying to find the key for the video for Genshin Impact.
So, I de-encrypted the global-metadata.dat file, but I'm lost now. What should I look for in the file, where should I look? I tried importing the folder into AssetStudio but the app would just crash. What should I do?
Where am I doing wrong?
by StarWolf3000 at 7:33 AM EDT on July 27, 2021
Does Genshin Impact even have any video data? I think everything is rendered in real-time during execution.
Yes by Someone at 9:37 AM EDT on July 29, 2021
Yes it does, I got all the USM files, and audio extract as usual. Just the audio.
Funny though, most cut-scenes can be rendered on the go, but they chose to explicitly render some scene, like ayaka dance, or the boss fight aftermaths, I think to help adding environment effects that can be too hard to render on the go.

Set render resolution to 0.6, you should notice some sections that is way clearer then it should be under that resolution, these are the videos.
by dmage at 12:40 AM EDT on August 7, 2021
Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place to post.

I'm trying to extract acb/awb from an android game Ulala Idle Adventure. Here is the apk and one sample of acb and awb files.

What I've done so far:
- Downloading VGMToolbox and installing vgmstream plugin on foobar.
- Drag-and-dropping the awb file directly into foobar revealed five playable tracks but all of them produced static noise.
- When using VGMToolbox's Common Archives - CRI ACB/AWB Archive Extractor, it created acb/awb folder and awb folder. The former had five hca tracks but all of them had zero byte; the latter had five bin tracks but all of them also zero byte.
- When using VGMToolbox's Streams - CRI HCA Extractor, it created five playable hca files (not zero byte), but all of them also produced static noise; pretty much the same noise with the first case (drag-and-dropping directly into foobar)

If my understanding is correct, the acb/awb file is encrypted and VGMToolbox just picked a wrong key to decrypt. Is that correct? But I have no luck finding the key among the data files, and even if I know the key, I still don't know how to tell VGMToolbox to extract using the said key. I actually have tried other tools like quickbms, vgaudio and vgmstream but nothing produces better than what VGMToolbox has achieved.
by bnnm at 1:30 PM EDT on August 9, 2021
If awb have noise that means key is missing from the known list.

You can add your own key by making a binary ".hcakey" file with the key (8 bytes) in the same folder and playing with foobar/vgmstream, shouldn't extract with vgmtoolbox these kind of files.

Gave a look but didn't find it in typical key locations, maybe they are in the (encrypted?) .lua files or something.
by dmage at 10:16 PM EDT on August 9, 2021

I still have no clue where to find this key. Couldn't find anything with .lua either. Does uploading the "Android/data/" folder to you have any effect? I checked the folder and it has around the same size as the apk itself.

The obb file is very huge (one file whose size is more than 1 Gb). I don't think the key is hidden somewhere in this file, but it's never hurt to ask. If my assumption turns out to be false, then I'll upload the file later.

Beside these two locations, is there any possibility of other locations to be checked? Like the location of the aforementioned possibly-encrypted .lua file?
by bnnm at 4:18 PM EDT on August 10, 2021
I checked the .obb and data that could contain keys before answering above, so no idea sorry.
by dmage at 8:17 PM EDT on August 10, 2021
Okay, no problem. Seems like this becomes one of the unresolved problems in this thread for now. Anyway, thank you very much for helping me.
by culibuk at 1:36 AM EDT on August 18, 2021
Hi everyone,
I need some help to find key from this game "乃木坂的フラクタル".
I find a string "984635491346198130" like a key from it's "CriWareInitializer.dat",but cannot decrypt files correctly.

The game's android id is "".
Here are some .acb(with .awb) files from the server.
And the apk file of the game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
by Toast at 12:14 AM EDT on August 22, 2021
I've been messing around with Touhou Danmaku Kagura, and I have a similar situation to the above post.

According to CriwareInitializer the key is 1234567890 = 00000000499602D2. But that key doesn't decode the files correctly. This leads me to believe either the key is being modified before it's used, or (less likely) the encryption method has changed.

If anyone else would like to take a look: Here's an upload with the APK, some of the ACB's/AWB's, and the output of Il2CppDumper
(the global-meta was obfuscated, so this saves you the trouble of decrypting it yourself)

I would be grateful for any help.
by bnnm at 8:46 AM EDT on October 3, 2021
Added keys for the above 2 games.

Special thanks to

Unity keys are/were often under the carpet but devs are getting clever, so don't feel too bad if you get no response.

Thanks for including Il2CppDumper/Inspector output btw, though I'd rather have the unobfuscated global-metadata.dat (more flexible). In this case it was a simple XOR, but some get complex too. IDA can be slow when loading everything tho so it's hard even with il2cpp stuff.
by HayasakaSan at 7:11 AM EDT on October 6, 2021
Updated - It seems like I was using a really outdated version so I was unable to extract the .wav file. I just downloaded the newest one and works like a charm! Sorry for messing up the board

Hi, I'm searching for a way to extract the audio files from THE IDOLM@SER SideM GROWING STARS.

Checked the CriWareInitializer and found "key": "765765765765765", but don't know how to do so...

I’d appreciate it if you could give some help with this one.

Here's the DummyDLL and some acb files from the game:

And just in case there's anyone interested in this game visits here, I'm leaving the link for the dumps of proto3 definition:

Every network message, master data, and asset bundle list are packed with protobuf, so it's way better to use them rather than reading the raw dump of protobuf message.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Thanks!

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