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by punk7890-2 at 5:02 PM EDT on April 18, 2015
Oh yeah. My bad. He used the strings, Pizzicato strings, Acoustic Bass, Organ, Tambourine and snares in SM64 that are in OoT.
by Master_E at 2:14 PM EDT on April 20, 2015
Having been a fan of the Parodius series, yesterday I stumbled upon the Sexy Parodius soundtrack while browsing around for stuff to listen to.

Although I'm pretty sure that I'm right, I'd like to reassure myself in asking if that OST uses Roland equipment.

I'm almost positive that the Sitar and Xylophone in "The End, Hallelujah!" is Roland material. But there's such a wide range of strange and unique instruments used in the OST, I'm not sure if it's all Roland or not.
by baggagelizard at 5:24 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
the samples are from a soundfont I made using recordings of Korg M1 Legacy softsynth. Not ..exactly the same, but it's clear that they both have the same origin, Korg M1. may have not been recorded for the game directly from an M1, but it appears to be the 'source'.

Example One

Example Two
by punk7890-2 at 5:31 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
Hmm interesting. What patches are these called on the M1? I'd like to check them out as its odd I never came across these.
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:47 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
@baggagelizard the brass in example one sounds legit but the doo sounds off to me for some does the higher octave sound in dire dire docks of example two, is it the engine nintendo used in SM64 to make them sound different or something?
by baggagelizard at 5:47 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
I'm away from my computer with the softsynth installed, the voice is Voicewave, the epiano is either epiano 2 or epiano 4. The main strings patch is the strings in mario 64 I believe.. I can make more examples tomorrow.

Here, you can have my horrible attempt of a soundfont while you're at it, with brass, voicewave, epiano, and incorrectly sampled strings.

names of instruments are based on someone's soundfont of samples ripped from the game
by dj4uk6cjm at 6:11 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
Wait I'm confused (again) so the "Doo" in Super Mario 64 IS nintendo's version of an Epiano or what? Thanks for the soundfont either way, testing it with the SM64 midi rip now. <3

Edit: did you rip the samples from the Korg M1 anyway?

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by baggagelizard at 6:51 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
I bought Korg M1 Legacy
when it went on sale in December. I recorded samples in FL Studio through Edison, and made the soundfont with Polyphone.

EDIT: Also, that reminds me, the 'bah' from Voice Spectral that's found in the New Super Mario Bros. Series is in Super Mario 64. It's used in the Mission/Star Select Screen.

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by dj4uk6cjm at 6:59 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
Cool, hopefully you can post more sounds used in Super Mario 64 from the Korg M1 here in the future. Would be nice to have and it's a shame there is no way to rip the samples from the hardware with original quality except to re-record them in a DAW...I thought Chicken Systems Translator might be able to do it or Extreme Sample Converter but I'm not sure, maybe you can test it.
by dj4uk6cjm at 7:13 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
I hope its not too much to ask but do you know if this sound is in the Korg M1? You'll probably recognize it, it's from Haze Maze Cave.
by punk7890-2 at 7:23 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
baggagelizard, I have the legacy collection myself but I still don't understand the patch names. In the collection, are you talking about the M1 synth or the other 2 that came with it? If it's the M1 synth, the patches go by card order. It would be a lot easier if you listed the card patch numbers.
by baggagelizard at 8:08 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
M01 53 Voice Wave
M01 27 Strings
M01 47 Pipe Organ ?
M01 51 E.Piano 4
M01 72 Brass 2
M01 73 FV Wave (with a lowpass filter?)

also, unrelated to M1,
by RebeccaSugar at 8:22 PM EDT on April 21, 2015
So if you guys get every sample and instrument, you'll remaster the entire soundtrack?

That's pretty freaking awesome. I hope it goes in your favor.
by Benjamin at 1:22 AM EDT on April 22, 2015
dj4uk6cjm, I know I heard the Hazy Maze choir sound in the "804 soundfonts" pack someone compiled as Lost_Boys or something, I think it originated from some guy on Newgrounds, I don't know if he's still around. Try asking him where that sound came from.
by RebeccaSugar at 4:41 AM EDT on April 22, 2015

Would these help at all? I mean, they probably won't, at all, but it's the thought that counts.
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:34 AM EDT on April 22, 2015
Benjamin it sounds the same but it has too much reverb in it, the sample is not dry enough...:/ also that user hasn't been online for 3 years...
by punk7890-2 at 9:23 AM EDT on April 22, 2015
The voice Do's definitely come from the M1. The other patches sound similar but don't seem to be the actual sample in the game.
by Can of Nothing at 10:50 AM EDT on April 24, 2015
Well, this is certainly interesting! I've discovered the ones you've found for Bob-omb Battlefield a while back, but I didn't think they were close enough... I'll try mess with these samples again when I get home.

EDIT: Pretty sure the Pan Flute (from File Select) comes from the SC-88 as well. A friend of mine found one really similar on HyperCanvas, anyway.

EDIT 2: Dang, I thought I could get something by taking a sample of just a note from the Voice Wave, or even setting the pitchbend range to 12. Maybe I'm not doing something right, though.
The Lost_Boys one sounds really accurate! Looking at it with Viena I think the raw sample is dry, too - it's probably that it's set to have some delay, which you could remove by editing. This'll come in handy for sure.

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by Benjamin at 3:17 PM EDT on April 24, 2015
I'm wondering where the Lost_Boys patch originally came from myself. I wonder if any more SM64 sounds originated from whatever patch it came from :)

On a similar note, I'm STILL wondering where those Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario soundfonts come from.

I'd also like to know where the sound effects in most Mario games come from (Galaxy, SM3DW, NSMB, SPM, YNI...)

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by punk7890-2 at 10:42 AM EDT on April 25, 2015
Coincidentally with all this SM64 talk, I think I may have found the real brass used in SM64.

Here's a test with the brass and Voice Wave. Here is the sf2 for people to compare.

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by dj4uk6cjm at 12:36 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
I wish someone could compile a soundfont using the originated instrument samples from SM64 (Not the ones ripped from Subdrag's N64 Midi Tool!) and pair them with the original SM64 midis, then remaking the soundtrack with compositions people might be interested in I might add.
by Benjamin at 12:39 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
Hmm, I think we'd still need to find:
-The sitar
-Wherever the Lost_Boys sound originated from (maybe that'll help our searches?)
-That electric guitar hit in one of the songs
-The music box
-The organ
by punk7890-2 at 1:06 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
It would be great if we could compile all of the instrument findings into a updated topic so everyone can see what has been found over the years instead of going through all of these pages. This is just a thought, but everyone that has contributed to this thread should consider making a account on my website so we can compile all this information and have it at the thread beginning post. I would give everyone that is active in this thread the right to make changes to the topic so that it can always be updated. I haven't set up a topic yet but it would be under Music > Sample/bank collections.

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by Benjamin at 1:15 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
So should we still have it in one topic in that forum, or make the questions of the where the games' samples came from separate for each game?
by punk7890-2 at 1:35 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
For now I would leave the questions inside a topic like this one. Once more members join and are centered around this area of expertise, then I'll consider making a topic/board for request searches. Of course, we would need people that have a lot of sample CDs and such to fill them all.

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by dj4uk6cjm at 1:38 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
That's actually a good idea punk, we could have main topic in the music section where people can ask and upload examples on where a certain sample[s] comes from and contributers and/or experts can fulfill requests like answers.

On a somewhat related subject I think for here on the hcs64 forums we desperately need a sequenced thread for sequenced/midi music rips or requests.
by Benjamin at 2:28 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
Should I make that thread on there? I just joined.
by punk7890-2 at 4:04 PM EDT on April 25, 2015
Sure. I was thinking the format would be like:

[Game Title]
Area/Sounds like name, then with a : have the CD/sample bank preset. Example:

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time(Bold)
Fire Temple Chants:(Underline) Best Service Voice Spectral Vol.1 - (insert preset here or part of the CD/bank its from)

Or we could have them color coded since the forum supports that.
by Can of Nothing at 6:37 AM EDT on April 26, 2015
I'm pretty sure we've confirmed the Music Box coming from the Roland Sound Canvas. I chanced upon this video a while back that seems to share the same suspicion, actually.

I guess I'll join the forum, too. Can't hurt in trying to help find some samples!

I've looked into the Lost_Boys soundfont, and here's its file information.

Internal name: Lost Boys - Econo
Version: 2.1
Date: 1-Jan-97
Designer: Sonido Media
Copyright: Copyright 1998 Sonido Media
Comment: Previously Unreleased
Target Engine: EMU8000

Obviously I've tried checking the link first, but it's unsurprisingly dead. I've never heard of Sonido Media, though...

EDIT: They're on the Wayback Machine! Time to dig through this.

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by punk7890-2 at 12:58 PM EDT on April 26, 2015
Managed to find this pizzicato sounding instrument that I hear a lot in old games and a variation of one of OoT's instruments. This I believe is one of the Shamisan instruments in Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon.
There is also a drum kit from Perfect Dark on this disc. These all come from Big Fish Audio's Synth City 1 Disc 1. There is a few samples that sound like SM64 Crystal/E Piano but I don't think are it.

Hmm interesting, a set of strings from Jet Force Gemini also come from this disc.

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by baggagelizard at 7:21 PM EDT on April 26, 2015
It appears that Big Fish Audio's Synth City 1 is a sample collection containing Korg M1, T1 and Roland JD800.

Since Disc one's samples come from JD800, it can be assumed that these samples are from at the very least the JD800.
by punk7890-2 at 8:32 AM EDT on April 27, 2015
The JD800 seems like it could be right as this and other samples were heard a lot in Eternal Arcadia.

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by punk7890-2 at 11:27 AM EDT on April 27, 2015
I've heard this sample before but can't put my finger on it.

Oh my gosh. After long last I have found that awesome brass staccato that you hear in Jet Force Gemini! It comes from East West Symphonic Adventures. I forgot I had this.

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by punk7890-2 at 10:46 AM EDT on May 2, 2015
Found a bunch more from Jet Force Gemini.

The Bass Trombone, Trombone Staccato, Trumpets, and Violin come from Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co.
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks by robotortoise at 3:39 PM EDT on May 2, 2015
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has some pretty great sounding music. Do you know what sound samples they used?
by punk7890-2 at 8:53 PM EDT on May 2, 2015
I'm not fully sure. I hear the snares from Peter Siedleczek's Advanced Orchestra, and what seems to be the trumpet section from Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co. There is some stuff reused from Ocarina of time like the Nylon Guitar.
by MetalKnick at 5:54 PM EDT on May 5, 2015
I've been wondering, where does Pokemon Black/White and HG/SS get their instruments from?
by Can of Nothing at 3:28 PM EDT on May 6, 2015
I know I've heard a little bit of Addictive Drums (Roxie's Gym, B2W2) and Korg Triton (Sinnoh Gym Leader, B2W2) in both, and Gen 3's definitely used a good share of Roland Sound Canvas...
I don't think the Triton was that prominent in the DS-era soundtracks, though. If it was, I haven't found much usage of it, anyway. And you're pretty much the one who discovered the SC in Gen 3 iirc, so I'd imagine you'd have checked in there.

Don't quote me on this but I remember seeing/reading someone saying that they used Stylus RMX for the drum loops, especially in BW/B2W2?

If you want me to check through my Triton again, just tell me some patches in particular and I'll look for them.
by dj4uk6cjm at 4:21 PM EDT on May 6, 2015
Because its MAME/Arcade I'm nostalgically wondering where the samples from TMNT: Turtles In Time come from? Full soundtrack here
by baggagelizard at 5:50 PM EDT on May 7, 2015

according to wikipedia, it says it uses the yamaha YM2151 chip, and I do hear what sounds like the "Kool is Back" hit in there
by dj4uk6cjm at 4:01 AM EDT on May 8, 2015
Thanks @baggagelizard didn't check there, I think aly james has a vst emulation of the YM2151 if I'm not mistaken.

Hey guys, thought of a real oldie no one has probably never thought of asking here. What about Viewtiful Joe? Where do the samples from that game come from? this applies to its sequel Viewtiful Joe 2 which is also on the gamecube.

I think it's mostly rock and techno genre.
by Can of Nothing at 3:12 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
Pretty sure Aly James's VST emulation is of the Yamaha YM2612 - OPL2, aka the Sega Genesis's FM synth. Granted, it's fairly similar, but I'd imagine VOPM is pretty much spot-on for the 2151.
by Nisto at 4:49 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
@dj4uk6cjm: had a quick listen, some of them are probably from the library "Distorted Reality 2" by Spectrasonics.
by dj4uk6cjm at 6:03 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
@CAN oh yeah it was the YM2612 :P not YM2151, does that mean the YM2151 is the MAME version? Because some people have said it was used in the SNES version of the game too, curious about it.

Ah, nice find @Nisto I've heard a lot of good things about DR2 from Spectrasonics, even composers for television shows use that sample library I believe.
by dj4uk6cjm at 6:28 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
Ok guys, so I've been thinking a lot about it lately and was wondering, what if we were to try and remaster the soundtracks for Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64 and Super Mario 64 (btw Star Fox 64 Midi rip here in case nobody has found it yet) with the current samples we have?

Think about it, people have been saying the usf sets for these games have been either too slow or out of pitch, etc. well we have all the original midi files ripped for all these games now [link] with the right parameters and everything and even some high quality samples and soundfonts to go with them.

Luckily punks OoT soundfont makes it easy for the first 2 games listed and we could collect the rest for SM64 so what do you guys say? Who's in? Also we don't really need to worry about the reverb, delays etc. sound engine for N64 because we have 3 choices, we could use our DAW's, sequencers or even our keyboards (easy to do this one for people with korgs with microkorg at least, make a patch of the samples or soundfonts in question and import it into the korg and just assign the midi to them in something like Anvil Studio for example and play it back in the korg and record the sounding output, your keyboard will supply all the needed effects and perfection)

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by punk7890-2 at 7:20 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
Noticed the snares in Viewtiful Joe come from g-town_church snares. Not sure of the exact name as I think the company is defunct now but you can find it in the newgrounds post a few pages back. Not sure about the rest, I don't really have a lot of dance/technoish samples.

Also, about the OoT thing, I've been trying for years now but I still don't have enough samples/cds to fill the entire soundtrack. I can get close, but still missing quite a few instruments. If people would like to contribute to this, do post all your sample findings in this thread. It would help greatly.
by Can of Nothing at 11:19 PM EDT on May 8, 2015
I've been working on rearranging the Super Mario 64 soundtrack moreso than remastering it, myself, though considering I'm making it an effort to keep every note as true to the original as I can it wouldn't be a stretch to just slap the samples on my project files.

Distorted Reality 2's also used in the first few Spyro games, I hear. I haven't really looked through it myself, though.

@dj4uk6cjm: Yeah, the YM2151 was used in arcade games and stuff, as far as I know. Though I guess VOPM can be a bit of a pain to work with. Considering they've managed to convert Sega Genesis patches to VOPM I would imagine the YM2151 and YM2612 are reasonably similar, so there probably shouldn't be much harm in just going for Aly James' VST.
by dj4uk6cjm at 4:08 AM EDT on May 9, 2015
Re-arranging/remastering same thing! XD I guess the word remastering can generally be assumed 90% of the time as a remake with different samples but yeah I'm talking about a remake with the original samples or so a full on full remake with the samples and the midis and technically if I've learned anything from doing this stuff myself, I can say that you can remake music with just using the samples alone without a soundfont. You can really do a lot with samples and don't need soundfonts for everything, check out the stuff on my channel for example haha anyways if you feel like it share with us what you have done so far @CAN and maybe we all should collaborate?

I think if we all work together we can do this much faster and more efficiently, that is if you guys are willing to...

And punk what more samples do you need? Maybe we could try to find them if you have a pretty good idea of where to look? Also what about your OoT HD soundfont, hows that coming along?
by punk7890-2 at 10:16 AM EDT on May 9, 2015
It's coming really slowly. I mostly need all the woodwinds, 90% of the percussion and such, stuff from the Market song, that one pad from the Deku Tree , and yeah lots. I can always send you a preliminary sf on GK if you want.
by Nisto at 11:26 AM EDT on May 9, 2015
Been looking for that Deku Tree pad myself for some time...
by dj4uk6cjm at 2:12 PM EDT on May 9, 2015 the Deku Tree pad the synth that plays in the first sequence of the song Inside The Deku Tree? Take your time with the soundfont though, punk but if you want to release one to edit and stuff that would be okay.

Also I made a quick tinychat audio group for anyone to join if interested.

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by Benjamin at 2:21 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
I don't know if this is a necessary post or if you've noticed this already, but the group link leads to the same link (heh, I said link...) as the link to the Inside the Deku Tree song you linked. You might wanna fix that.
by Nisto at 2:55 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
Yes, that's the one we're talking about dj4uk6cjm. There's only one sample in "Inside the Deku Tree".
by baggagelizard at 3:45 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
instead of a tinychat, why not just go full irc?
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:20 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
I fixed that link guys, my bad lol I just noticed @benjamin

@baggagelizard well tinychat is like an IRC, you can chat in it and skype at the same time so I thought this would be good for now since everyone can join and share, collaborate or just discuss about music or whatever.
by Benjamin at 6:44 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
There's nothing wrong with a backup IRC, just in case.

Also, does anyone want to look into an E-MU Emulator to see which games use that? I think I might have found a few Paper Mario sounds in E-MU Emulator II. A few, but still. I'm probably annoying you with that question aren't I?

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by baggagelizard at 9:13 PM EDT on May 9, 2015
@dj4uk6cjm fair enough.

I'm starting to think some stuff from TTYD and SPM might be Korg Triton or something mid-late 90s korg

I think that Paper Mario 64 is mostly SC-55, but there could indeed be some emu samples in there.

I'm pretty sure "Innocent Life: A futuristic Harvest Moon" uses alot of E-mu stuff

by Can of Nothing at 8:28 AM EDT on May 10, 2015
I haven't noticed anything from TTYD or SPM from my Triton, but I'm not very familiar with their soundtracks to begin with. Oh well.

Paper Mario and Mario Kart 64 both use a lot of SC-55 as far as I'm aware. I'd imagine it's especially noticeable with the percussion, though stuff like Mario Raceway's organ and whatnot also give it away.
by peronmls at 1:17 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
Does anyone know what choir Yoko Shimomura used in Kingdom Hearts II?
by punk7890-2 at 2:24 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
Send a YT link with them in it and I'll have a listen.
by peronmls at 4:07 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
by baggagelizard at 4:31 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
Danganronpa sample from Korg M1 MPC-01 M03 92 P S G 1

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by punk7890-2 at 4:54 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
@peronmls Sorry I don't think I've ever heard those. The choir in the 13 Refection seem to sound similar to EWQL's Voices of the Apocalypse. I don't think they are it though.
by peronmls at 5:26 PM EDT on May 10, 2015
I thought it could have been Symphonic Choirs but i don't have a copy to test myself. I know she used Stormdrums 1 by Eastwest.
by Benjamin at 8:45 AM EDT on May 16, 2015
@baggagelizard: I found a Korg Triton soundfont online, couldn't find anything from PM2 or SPM.
by baggagelizard at 6:37 AM EDT on May 17, 2015

yeah.. I think it might be related to E-MU Emulator 4 now
by dj4uk6cjm at 7:26 AM EDT on May 17, 2015 I think it's been already asked here before but does anyone know where the samples came from these main songs?

Freeze up
Burn away
Moat of Zarkhan
Stand in the way
Supply base

Yep, that's about it but if anyone can figure out the samples for the rest of soundtrack for that game that would be epic.
by baggagelizard at 10:04 AM EDT on May 17, 2015
Super DanganRonpa 2 - Spectrasonics Metamorphoses LAMALOO A-E
by Can of Nothing at 11:04 PM EDT on May 17, 2015
@Benjamin, how big was the soundfont? If it didn't have 371 instruments minimum, chances are you don't have even half of the Triton instruments. The only library I know that's this comprehensive is a ReFill that carelessly just samples each and every program, bloating it to six whole gigabytes.

This is a bit of a change from VGM (and should be obvious given Mugi's choice of keyboards), but a good chunk of instruments from K-On! are taken from the Korg Triton, most noticably its piano, pizz strings, "Monkey Skulls" and Digital Bells 1. I could ask a friend for some transcriptions of some songs and slap said instruments over them sometime if anyone would be interested.
I also have a pretty good hunch as to why Mugi uses the Triton Extreme 76 in particular but I'm just kind of leaking my power level like crazy here by now.
by Benjamin at 11:36 PM EDT on May 17, 2015
It was the EXS-FXP-NKI one that had like 368 instruemnts then a bunch of drum sets. Though baggagelizard said PM2/SPM was probably E-MU Emulator 4, which I couldn't find much information on.
by peronmls at 12:08 PM EDT on May 19, 2015
Can anyone get any info from this video?

I know he used omnisphere and Stutter edit.
by baggagelizard at 11:21 AM EDT on May 26, 2015
hm.. I'm finding some Warioware mega microgames stuff in proteus xtreme lead
by Benjamin at 12:17 PM EDT on May 26, 2015
Okay, I've been looking into Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, I think I MIGHT have heard some usage of Logic in it. Keyword being might. Though I still don't recognize every sound from it. Mostly the timpanis and maybe the other orchestral sounds, though I don't recognize the synth parts or any of the drums.

@baggagelizard: For PM2/SPM, I couldn't really find much info on E-MU Emulator 4. Not that much videos on it either, and didn't recognize any sounds from it. Which version of Emulator 4 were you thinking? I do remember having a soundfont version of Xtreme Lead so maybe I could take a look at the game you mentioned. Maybe.
by baggagelizard at 5:44 PM EDT on May 26, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 12:29 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Found that cool choir/male voice used in Perfect Dark.

Comes from Edirol-Club50 Foundation - Vox:*Scats/Choir - VOX:*Choir 3 Drk - VOX:*Choir2 C4
by Nisto at 12:36 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Is that the sample from "Deep Sea Nulify threat"? If so we've found it earlier from some other source.. If not, would you mind uploading it?
by punk7890-2 at 1:01 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
It's not it. I also found that myself. Here it is.

by Nisto at 1:16 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Hmm, don't really recognize it. Where was it used?
by punk7890-2 at 1:31 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Most notable on the track Villa. You can hear it come in around 0:37 mark. Also the training track at around 0:21. You can check out my Perfect Dark soundfont (used game samples from the game itself) at Goldeneyevault to take a listen also.

Forgot the add that the string staccato's from Perfect Dark/Jet Force Gemini come from Roland String Masters. Found that awhile ago also. This sample also comes from about 3-4 other library's. Here's a listen.
by Nisto at 1:57 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Nice. Couldn't quite place that one..
by punk7890-2 at 2:27 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Someone found those voice doh's Kondo used in SM64 awhile back on the Korg M1. They also come from Big Fish Audio's Synth City 1 CD 2. Big Fish Audio Synth City I CD2 - Partition I - 09-BASICWF#4 - VOICE WVNT 1. Here is the two samples: One. Two.
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:27 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Is that a really dry version of the doo sample used in Bob-omb Battlefield or a completely different sample from a different song in SM64? Pretty cool find either way.

Can someone tell me where the samples from Super Mario Sunshine come from? Just Ricco Harbor and Sirena Beach for now. Especially those hawaiian guitars used in Sirena Beach, I heard them somewhere before.

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by punk7890-2 at 7:47 PM EDT on May 28, 2015
Hmm I can't be certain now that you said that. It sounds the same (#2 at least) but with sorta like a organ overlay to it. Here's the one from the game.
by Can of Nothing at 3:55 PM EDT on May 29, 2015
I'm still not sure if that doo sample really is the one Kondo used, honestly. I wouldn't expect him to edit samples that heavily, based off most of the other samples he's used... Then again, there's that bass guitar from Yoshi's Island. Speaking of which, just where on earth was that from? It's been driving me crazy.

I've definitely found Ricco Harbor's brass from the Roland Fantom X, so that's something you might want to look into. I haven't checked any other libraries I know he has for samples from Sunshine, though.
I'd imagine you've heard them from Delfino Plaza? Or New Super Mario Bros. U. I'm pretty sure they use the Fantom X and G's nylon guitar patches, respectively.
by Master_E at 4:47 PM EDT on May 30, 2015
Really good find on that WarioWare sound, baggagelizard.
by baggagelizard at 10:56 AM EDT on May 31, 2015
we have to remember that to sample the souds, they probably used an akai sampler or something to that extent, and that colored the sound. Reducing the quality of the sound to fit the cart also changes the sound
by baggagelizard at 4:45 PM EDT on June 2, 2015
looking through the soundfont, it appears that pokemon colloseum uses alot of e-mu proteus series samples
by midiman at 1:58 AM EDT on June 5, 2015
That one song from Splatoon sounds like Omnisphere's Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dows patch.
by baggagelizard at 6:29 PM EDT on June 5, 2015

cool! splatoon appears to have lots of samples in it, so i wonder what else from spectrasonics is in there
by Benjamin at 7:42 AM EDT on June 12, 2015
I know I've been talking about Paper Mario 2/Super Paper Mario for a while, but I found out that the timpanis they generally use might be from Peter Siedleczek's Advanced Orchestra.

Now I heard they also use E-MU Emulator 4, but I can't find any of the samples (except for some sound effects) in any of the CD-ROMs that I could find that E-MU Emulator 4 probably uses.
by baggagelizard at 5:28 PM EDT on June 12, 2015
I'm going back and forth on what I think it's using; it's probably a mix of things
by Benjamin at 5:49 PM EDT on June 12, 2015
Yeah, might be a mix. The real question when talking about a mix is what they're mixing.
by midiman at 9:43 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
I don't own the Kurzweil K2000 (1991) or its successor, the K2500 (1996), but listening to their demo songs and presets, I recognized a few of its samples.

Super Mario Kart's piano sample most likely came from the K2000.
K2000: 53 Piano-Cello
K2500: 001 Acoustic Piano
(Not every preset got recorded so I won't be able to link to the exact preset. I'll just link to whichever mp3 file I can hear the sample in.)

Here's a recording of KoopaBeach.spc with the other chanels muted:
Original SPC file of Koopa Beach

And here's a cover of it using just the sampled C4 note K2000:
K2000 piano (C4 note only)

Super Mario Kart's orchestra hit sample can be found in the Fairlight CMI IIx. Here's a UVI plug-in of that synth with that orchestra hit:
Classic Fair Hit 2

Super Mario World's Slap Bass sounds like the Roland D-50's slap bass. 73 Slap Bass n Brass / Example 2 / Example 3

I recognized a few other samples from the K2000 in games like Mortal Kombat 2 & 3, like this rhythmic loop compared with the 001 3rd World Order preset. But then again, Dan Forden listed all of the synths he used right in the soundtrack booklet itself.

I think Master_E asked about the samples used in F-Zero X like 2 years ago so I'll share my findings.

I also went through the K2500 (the K2000's successor) and recognized some samples from F-Zero X (mainly the tracks composed by Hajime Wakai)
You can tell which tracks Hajime Wakai wrote by the completely different sample set he used compared to the rest of the songs, which were mostly written by Taro Bando. According to Pony Canyon's web site, the publisher of the OST, Hajime Wakai only wrote 2 songs, All Need is 30 Deaths, and Staff roll. I'm guessing he also wrote the Track Edit and Car Edit music used in the 64DD version of the game since those songs use Kurzweil samples as well.

The snare drum in F-Zero X - Staff Roll sounds like K2500's 050 2 Live Kits MW preset.

And the bass in F-Zero X - Car Edit is probably the multi-layer velocity-switching bass preset: 071 Dual E Bass. I can't find a solo recording of that "cheap-sounding" distortion guitar at 0:18 seconds in but I can hear it in one of the K2500's demo songs around the 1:00 minute mark.

The booklet for the F-Zero X OST had staff commentary and a small photo of the two composers in their studio. Upon closer inspection of Hajime Wakai's studio equipment, I see a synth rack that resembles either the Kurzweil K2000R or the K2500RS based on the layout of the display, knobs and buttons.

If you're wondering where the rest of the samples in F-Zero X music come from (the ones written by Taro Bando), I only recognize some of it, sadly.
The kick and snare and crash cymbals come from the Boss DR-660. Kick: 044_VbSldK, Snare: 076_Hard S. In fact, Boss and Roland sound modules share a lot of the same samples so you can probably find it on their other sound modules and drum machines as well. The toms sound very similar to the power kit on the Roland SC-88. I still have no idea where the ride cymbals and the open/closed/pedal hi-hats come from. If anyone knows, please tell.

Here's a recreation of the F-Zero X drum kit using Boss DR-660's kick/snare/crashes and Roland SC-88pro power kit toms.
Unfortunately, I don't know for sure where the rest of the samples come from. I don't own any synthesizers or sound modules so I can only rely on synthmania and youtube videos and sound libraries for reference.

As for the guitars, Taro Bando said, in an interview, that all of the guitars were performed live. The original sound track credits Sou Kimura as the guitarist for the Title BGM, Car Select, and Goal BGM music. The lead guitar tone on these tracks clearly differ from the rest. Also in that same interview, Taro Bando mentions those strange vocals you hear in Drivin' Through on Max, Devil's Call in Your Heart, or even Rendezvous of Ghost, is his own voice.

This is the distinct lead guitar sound used on the rest of the F-Zero X tracks. I tried to single out the sound as best I could. More can be heard here. I still cannot tell if that's a real guitar that's been sampled or a synth preset. Some parts of it sound like a real guitar and some don't. Listening closely, the pitchbends sound like the pitch wheel on a keyboard synth rather than an actual whammy bar on a guitar. Wakai did mention that they used external effects in the OST booklet so whatever the source sound was, it was run through an actual guitar effects processor.

Several years ago when trying to do a remix album in the style of F-Zero X, I tried running various distortion guitar soundfonts through Guitar Rig to see if i could recreate the tone. While not exactly the same, Creative's 4GMGSMT.sf2's distortion guitar patch (which was probably sampled from one of the E-MU Proteus synths) came surprisingly close. Here's a cover I did for comparison. I also made a demo video last year showing what the guitar sounds like before and after guitar effects are added.

As for the other instruments, I'm not too sure where they come from. I've found very similar-sound ones but not the ones. Some of the sounds have sort of a Roland sound to it. Not sure about the rest, probably E-MU or something. I wish Taro Bando had a twitter or facebook or something like many other Japanese composers these days. So until someone can get in contact with Taro Bando, we'll never know for sure. Unless someone here knows?

Visit the F-Zero directory on my website for samples and other random F-Zero stuff.

And lastly, the SNES F-Zero uses E-MU Proteus/1 drum samples. F-Zero's kick and snare followed by E-MU Proteus/1's kick and snare

Well, that went all over the place.

edited 3:00 PM EDT June 14, 2015
by Nisto at 11:34 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
Does anyone know where this sample is from? I extracted it from ChainDive (Japan-exclusive PS2 game from 2003), but I've heard it in so much other media.
by Benjamin at 11:44 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
Sounds like it might be an E-MU Proteus sound with edited effects in it. Forgot the name of the pad though.
by peronmls at 12:58 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
Any one know of the choir used in Demons Souls or Dark Souls games?
by Nisto at 2:44 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
Benjamin: I don't think it's there. But thanks anyway; I did find a sample from DMC on it!

Any other ideas for the source of the synth pad I uploaded?
by punk7890-2 at 3:09 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
@peronmls, I remember Dark Soul's The Ancient Dragon seemed like it had the choirs from Best Service Giga Pack. I can't be certain though. Sakuraba uses lots of different library's.
by Benjamin at 4:01 AM EDT on June 15, 2015
Someone at Glitchkill told me that Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario use Zero-G Ambient 2 for one sample (LORE DRONE is in a few songs) and I found a few from Ambient 2 in there (COMPUTER 1, DR WHO #3, INTERSPACE, etc.). Does anyone recognize any other Zero-G samples (not just Ambient 2)?
by peronmls at 11:59 AM EDT on June 17, 2015
in voice spectral 1 I think the giants vocal SFX from Zelda majoras mask is the first sample of 31 Electronic. Any body else think so?

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