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by Nisto at 2:50 PM EDT on June 17, 2015
I don't think so, it's too distorted..

Just to make sure, since my tracks are unlabeled (doesn't have "Electronic" in it, just "Track 31"), this is the same track right?
by Can of Nothing at 8:18 AM EDT on June 18, 2015
Hot dang, that is quite the extensive find, midiman.
The Roland D-50 was used for Super Mario World? I don't think we've seen it ever in Kondo's gear lineups - is it possible that similar patches might be in other equipment he has (like the Roland JD-990, iirc)?

There's probably some sample packs of the Kurzweil K2500 out there if you're interested in that - although it probably won't help you too much seeing as I'm pretty sure they don't have everything from them. I looked for them a while back when a friend of mine brought up that they were used in the soundtracks for Spyro 1~3, alongside Distorted Reality Vol. 2.

Never would've guessed the SMK orchestra hit came from a Fairlight of all things. Are there any synths that sample that hit? I'm not sure if Soyo Oka would have had one.
by peronmls at 10:17 AM EDT on June 18, 2015
@nisto. I feel like it is. Check the samples from game. too lazy... =P
by Enclave123 at 4:25 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
I was enable to contract Graeme Norgate in email about the equipment he used.

The wind sweep from goldeneye which he confirm is called metal vpr
by Enclave123 at 4:28 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
He said he might use it in the roland jv 1080 or 2080 or Emu proteus FX.

He also used expansion boards in the roland jv80 series he use.

orchestral, world, pop, Vintage,

edited 9:41 PM EDT June 19, 2015
by Enclave123 at 4:29 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
other equipment he used will be mention here.

Yamaha SY77, Ensoniq TS12, AKAI S3000 for sampling instruments
by Enclave123 at 4:31 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
That all of the equipment he use between Goldeneye to time splitters.

edited 9:41 PM EDT June 19, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 5:37 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
I thought it was known already that mostly everything from Goldeneye/PD (some dance expansion board)/JFG (some, not all)/Banjo Kazooie/Tooie/Donkey Kong 64. The later two were done by Grant Kirkhope though. They mostly share some JV1080 samples through all Rare games.

Good find on the other equipment.

edited 10:47 PM EDT June 19, 2015
by Enclave123 at 6:30 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
Glad to help!

When i get those boards i will likely list the presets that were used in those games.
by bobbyK at 8:01 PM EDT on June 19, 2015
any of you guys have Northstar New Gold Volume 1 library and can upload it? Im interested in old libraries, thx :)

by Master_E at 10:42 AM EDT on June 22, 2015
Holy cow, Midiman.

You sure know how to deliver.

I'm quite honestly surprised to see SO much usage of Kurzweil gear in Japanese video games. For a country who usually likes things "in house", I'd expect an almost complete saturation of Yamaha and especially Roland gear.

As an old pal of mine tssf uncovered to me recently, even Square used it in their most prolific games of the day!

I mean, I guess they'd want a wider palate of sounds. But don't a few Roland synths borrow sounds from Kurzweil?

EDIT: Wait a goddamn second... Midiman...? Did you play Team Fortress 2 back in the day? I think I might have played with you about 5 or so years ago.

edited 4:14 PM EDT June 22, 2015
by Benjamin at 10:46 AM EDT on June 22, 2015
Which games in question would be some of the examples?
by Master_E at 10:50 AM EDT on June 22, 2015
I think he said FF7?

He tells you all about it in the vids I linked.
by midiman at 5:06 AM EDT on June 23, 2015
must've been another midiman
by Master_E at 12:13 PM EDT on June 23, 2015
Well shucks.

Nice job on your F-Zero X covers of F-Zero!
by Benjamin at 9:11 PM EDT on June 28, 2015
Should there be a Sound Effects Source Thread as well?
by dj4uk6cjm at 3:58 AM EDT on June 29, 2015
Yes, I agree a sound effects thread would be nice. Have a ton of sound effects from video games that I'd like to know where they came from, also is anyone down for a sequenced/midi thread here? We could use a global one as well.
by Benjamin at 5:34 AM EDT on June 29, 2015
K, I'll see what I can do.
by Enclave123 at 4:03 PM EDT on June 29, 2015
I think there should be a Sound Effects source thread because it kind of a interesting idea.

edited 9:13 PM EDT June 29, 2015
by Enclave123 at 4:04 PM EDT on June 29, 2015
I am very interested of a midi thread actually i been importing tunes in banjo tooie and kazooie lately.
by dj4uk6cjm at 4:59 PM EDT on June 29, 2015
Cool, I have a midi archive of midis ripped from various games here to check out if you'd like. I'll probably make a similar thread here on hcs64 soon because we need one and midis interest me so much and I have more midi rips from games I want to add.
by Nisto at 5:44 PM EDT on June 29, 2015
Yeah, I love the endless capabilities of having midis of something, or even just the original sequences and sample data in general. Here's a PSF mod I made a while ago of Shadow Forest from Chrono Cross without the vocals:

One of my favorite tracks of all time. With no vocals I can keep this on repeat forever basically <3

edited 10:55 PM EDT June 29, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 12:30 PM EDT on June 30, 2015
That really is a beautiful track. Seems we have similar taste in music.

edited 6:41 PM EDT June 30, 2015
by Master_E at 9:41 AM EDT on July 1, 2015
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure has a wide assortment of pretty interesting pads and samples for an action platformer.

Any idea where they come from?

Also, I find it pretty funny that something as fast paced as a platformer frequently uses instruments as slow as pads and slowed down music samples for most of it's OST.

edited 2:52 PM EDT July 1, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 9:50 AM EDT on July 1, 2015
I noticed the Pizzicato Strings in the track Fierce Windstorm come from a SC-88. Not sure where the pads come from though.
by Master_E at 10:12 AM EDT on July 1, 2015
That makes sense. They have that "Roland" clean-ness to them.

The pads in "The Guardian's Lair" sure are something, though. I'd love to know where most of the instruments in that track are from.
by Enclave123 at 4:04 PM EDT on July 1, 2015
I kind of been trying to found that string sample from Super Mario 64 i heard it was used one of the roland discs or something.
by alimu at 7:36 PM EDT on July 1, 2015
Does anyone know what was used in Pokemon XD? I know Kontakt Factory was used, but other than that, the orchestral instruments sound really cool.
by punk7890-2 at 8:18 PM EDT on July 1, 2015
@Enclave123 That's correct. They come from Roland-L.A Composer Vol 1 (Roland Sxx CD)/Prosonus Orchestral Strings (AKAI CD). I think there was also one more but I forgot which one.
by Enclave123 at 8:05 AM EDT on July 2, 2015
Alright thanks! i wonder if somebody can make a SF2 for those strings or a .wav
by Master_E at 1:25 PM EDT on July 9, 2015
Much like my Sexy Parodius question earlier in the thread, I get the feeling that this is a redundant one too.

Any idea what hardware they used for the Wario World OST? The drums alone give me a rock solid "Roland" vibe, but I'm not 100% sure if it's all, or at least partially, Sound Canvas.
by Benjamin at 1:28 PM EDT on July 9, 2015
Someone said earlier it was Roland Fantom and Korg Triton, so maybe you can check those out. I hear some SC-88 in there too.

EDIT: I'm sorry I keep asking where PM2/SPM's samples come from, and I'm not sure anyone has the answer, but I'm still curious as to where these sounds come from:

-The choir sound here

-The music box sound used here -

-That weird 'yaaah' sound used at 0:02 here

-The demonic voices used here

-That beep sound used at 0:22

-The drums used here or or or or or

edited 10:19 PM EDT July 9, 2015
by peronmls at 5:43 PM EDT on July 9, 2015
I have heard that demonic voice thing on a gaming youtube channel. IDK if it was gametrailers or TheSw1tcher
by punk7890-2 at 8:56 AM EDT on July 10, 2015
Everything in that song you linked is from a Roland SC-88. Excitement Central, Greenhorn Forest, In a Pit, Reptilian Goliath are also all SC-88. Haven't went through it all but safe to say at least 80% of the soundtrack is SC-88.
by Enclave123 at 5:08 PM EDT on July 10, 2015

I always wonder what was that warm pad sound in the beginning of killer instinct theme?

Like it kind of a pretty sound.

I meant in the arcade version of the track

edited 10:19 PM EDT July 10, 2015
by Enclave123 at 8:36 PM EDT on July 10, 2015
Well, i wonder if in one of the roland jv synths?

I kind of curious about the preset name.
by Enclave123 at 1:03 PM EDT on July 11, 2015
I heard a korg wavestation sound i once heard before in a Killer instinct track maya (remix)

It known as Marscape so likely i think they used the wavestation for music in the game.
by Enclave123 at 1:28 PM EDT on July 11, 2015
I'll do a recording of the preset that was in the track. as a .wav
by Enclave123 at 1:49 PM EDT on July 11, 2015
Here the preset i recorded.
by dj4uk6cjm at 9:04 AM EDT on July 12, 2015
Wario World is the reason why I want the SC-88, really good sounds. Maybe the other 20% are from a fantom X/G or a korg M1/M3 like CAN said earlier in the thread?

Punk listen to the songs Ironsider, Captain Skull's Showdown, The Mean Emcee, Red-Brief J's Showdown, Spideraticus, Beanstalk Way 1 & 2, Winter Windster, Treasure Challenge in The Sky, Clown-a-Round and Underground Treasure Challenge just to confirm.

I already believe Pecan Sands is full SC-88.

edited 3:18 PM EDT July 12, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 2:13 PM EDT on July 12, 2015
Yeah those are all SC-88 also. Red-Brief J's Showdown seems to be a slight mix of SC-88 french horns, timpani and the others I'm not sure. It could be SC-88 stuff I'm not familiar with.
by dj4uk6cjm at 11:18 AM EDT on July 13, 2015
Thanks, by the way does anyone happen to know what Jeff Van Dyck used to make the soundtrack for Spartan Total Warrior game? Listen to Talos and Military Funk.
by baggagelizard at 6:11 PM EDT on July 13, 2015
@dj4uk6cjm I guess you can possibly ask him on twitter or something
by dj4uk6cjm at 7:49 PM EDT on July 13, 2015
Yeah I already asked him before and he never responded.
by Can of Nothing at 8:57 AM EDT on July 14, 2015
I don't remember if the Fantoms use samples from the SC modules, but I'd imagine they do. If they did, it's possible Wario World used the Fantom for the SC sounds, anyway. Either way, a Korg Triton was definitely involved, though not by very much, evidently.

Speaking of the Korg Triton I've noticed its usage in the first Ace Attorney game; I've known for a while now that it was used quite a bit in Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies, but only now did I notice the Triton samples under the horrendous compression of the GBA.
Examples include Motion Raver (C098 on my Le, but it's definitely different in other models) in Pursuit - Cornered, and Acoustic Piano (should be either A000 or A001 in all models) in Age, Regret, Retribution.
I'm starting to wonder just how much Triton there was in the DS Pokemon soundtracks, too...

EDIT: I noticed Undake 30: Same Game Mario Version has lots of familiar-sounding samples, particularly its bass, which heavily reminds me of Yoshi's Island. Would anyone happen to know where these come from?

edited 10:25 PM EDT July 14, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 11:51 AM EDT on July 22, 2015
I found that cool bell like sample used in Chrono Trigger's song, Corridors of Time. It comes from Back in Time Records - Big Bang. Partition I: INST.WAVES1 - T METALWAVLO/T METALWAVHI

Would be cool to know what sound module it came from.
by Enclave123 at 1:25 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
I also found a French Horn sound that sounded so familiar.

I heard this Banjo Tooie and Kazooie.
by baggagelizard at 5:59 PM EDT on July 22, 2015

as close as I could get to it, courtesy of our friend the Korg M1
by punk7890-2 at 6:26 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
Ah interesting, I guess they do come from a M1. Nice. What is the patch number on the M1? Funny I didn't recognize it.
by baggagelizard at 6:27 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
M02 15 Gamelan
by punk7890-2 at 7:35 PM EDT on July 22, 2015

@Enclave123 Nice find. I guess Grant mixed in some other sound module samples other than a 1080. I read somewhere that Kazooie/Tooie is mostly comprised of Roland JV 1080 instruments. Would love to know where this french horn sample comes from. It is mostly used in Jet Force Gemini/Perfect Dark. I think it was in Goldeneye also.

edited 12:45 AM EDT July 23, 2015
by Enclave123 at 9:08 PM EDT on July 22, 2015

I did ask grant about how he used those theremin like sounds from BK.

According to him it was used in sine wave from the 1080 and i did found some sounds from the proteus and i think that sound can be from the orchestral board JV 1080.

I also found another sound from the emu proteus that was used in Goldeneye,

and a bass sound that was used in Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64.

i also noticed that the sound Wissler was used in Banjo Tooie and Dk64 the same sound that was used in the x files theme.
by Enclave123 at 9:13 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
I also noticed another familiar sound from the JV 1080.
by Enclave123 at 9:18 PM EDT on July 22, 2015

I think this is the French Horn that you were talking about.
by Enclave123 at 9:20 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
When you listen to the beginning of the uncompressed track it sounded kind of familiar.

edited 2:30 AM EDT July 23, 2015
by Enclave123 at 9:51 PM EDT on July 22, 2015
I also got one more thing.

I heard this sound from goldeneye since it and another sound i found.
by punk7890-2 at 1:34 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
Hmm that french horn doesn't seem to be it.
by Enclave123 at 2:42 PM EDT on July 23, 2015

Hmm maybe it was included in the Roland jv 1080 banks.

I'll look for more familiar sounds.
by Enclave123 at 4:11 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
I think found a demo of the actual french horn.
by punk7890-2 at 5:17 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
Ah nice find! That is indeed them.

I've added your findings to my master list if you don't mind, along with credit.
by Enclave123 at 5:22 PM EDT on July 23, 2015

I won't mind actually i am happy to help.
by Enclave123 at 5:33 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
I once saw a forum about people talking about what the instruments from Killer Instinct.

And it might be the equipment i already listed from Norgate.

But Robin Beanland was mentioned on that forum and according to the guy that Norgate reply to in email.

He said that Beanland used a boss drum machine and Korg Wavestation but i do have a VST of the Wavestation and all of it presets.

And a Ensoniq TS12 and Ensoniq ASR10 with 16 meg.

It interesting enough that Norgate is a Yamaha SY77 user.
by Enclave123 at 5:35 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
I also heard a pan flute from the 1080 demo i linked, that sound just like the one from Super Mario 64.
by Enclave123 at 5:40 PM EDT on July 23, 2015
I also owned a actual Yahama DX7
by Enclave123 at 1:10 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
Hmm, i wonder, when somebody is making a actual SC 88 soundfont.
by Nisto at 1:15 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
Yeah, been looking forever myself...
by punk7890-2 at 2:32 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
Yeah. I only have a few in original form myself. Mostly ones just packed in Roland's sxx CDs. Only have a few brass/woodwinds. I have a lot of percussion also but that would take forever to sort out for General Midi order.
by baggagelizard at 3:00 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
well, there is a SC 88 soundfont.!soundfont-demo/cf02

It's $90 USD and is apparently not edited that well, but it is indeed a SC-88 soundfont.

If you have a compatible ios device, getting Sound Canvas for ios is most likely a much better deal, though it would be a bit more difficult to use.
by punk7890-2 at 5:38 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
I'd never buy any sound module soundfont. They are all generally poorly edited or contain very little sounds as to the original sound module. Those types of sf2's are never worth the money, unless its official. Roland's never put out any soundfonts.
by Enclave123 at 6:35 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
Roland sort of rarely do VST plug ins based on there old hardware.
by Enclave123 at 9:52 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
I really hope Roland, can do VSTs based on the SC 88 and the SC 55 in the future.
by baggagelizard at 11:26 PM EDT on July 25, 2015
We can always contact them. We'll get a non-answer, but if enough people ask, they might be interested?
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:41 AM EDT on July 26, 2015
I always thought edidrol or cakewalk music creator TTS-1 was based on SC-88, was I mistaken? Anyways from the soundclound demos of that SC-88 soundfont on jazzygm site it sounds like the real deal to me. I can hear Wario World sounds...
by punk7890-2 at 8:53 AM EDT on July 26, 2015
Yeah, TTS-1 and Hyper Canvas are a VST based SC-88. Still not sure if they have all SC-88 instruments though. They only have its GM mode instruments.
by baggagelizard at 9:21 AM EDT on July 26, 2015
TTS-1 is missing alot, but it does have a good chunk of its sounds. I got it when the cakewalk creator was on sale on steam, and It's gots loads of nice and usable stuff. I can render you some instruments/midis if you want.
by alimu at 12:29 AM EDT on July 27, 2015
I noticed a few presets from Stylus RMX were used in Pokemon B2W2 and XY. Will add more as I look through the library.

The EvilEcho drum preset was used in Team Flare Grunt battle.
War of the Thips is the very amen break used in Colress' battle theme.
Yellow funk is the amen break from the Hoenn Gym leader theme (B2W2)
Edit: Caravan percussion - Expert stage Pokemon Shuffle

edited 7:19 AM EDT July 27, 2015
by peronmls at 3:40 AM EDT on July 27, 2015
Final Fantasy 13 also used a lot of loops from stylus RMX including Kingdom Hearts 2.
by alimu at 4:51 AM EDT on July 27, 2015
Here are a few others I found:

scorched earth - Pokemon XY secret super training
particles - Pokemon ORAS countdown to destruction
chemicalizer - Pokemon XD theme of suspense
by Can of Nothing at 5:46 PM EDT on July 28, 2015
I've also got TTS-1 from Sonar. Also available for rendering stuff, in other words.
Speaking of Pokemon OR/AS I remember mentioning about Battery 3 usage in it, but I'll just throw it out here again since it's relevant, kind of.

I'm still looking for the samples from Undake 30: Same Game Mario Version and Yoshi's Island on the sidelines, but I'm having trouble, in no small part thanks to SPC700 compression, I'd imagine. Pity, since I'd really like to use them sans compression.

edited 10:57 PM EDT July 28, 2015
by baggagelizard at 11:47 PM EDT on July 28, 2015
to compare with the spc700 compression, you could try sampling samples into this!
by punk7890-2 at 9:32 AM EDT on July 29, 2015
Oh that's a nice little VST! Thanks for linking that. Going to give it a whirl soon.

Not sure if you guys were aiming the rending at me or dj, but I do have it also. I can't remember where I got it as I've had it for quite sometime now. I did a render of a song from Aero Fighters Assault last year using Hyper Canvas. I think its the same as TTS-1, though I do not have it. If you need the midi for comparing to TTS-1 let me know.
by Can of Nothing at 10:05 AM EDT on July 29, 2015
I'd had C700 for a while now, but I didn't know it could actually do BRR compression. That's got to be handy to know.

I'm pretty sure TTS-1 and HyperCanvas are almost exactly the same, except TTS-1's a DXi, and saves the patches you'd loaded. I don't have HyperCanvas anymore so I can't check, though.
by Enclave123 at 8:58 AM EDT on July 30, 2015
I wonder if the hypercanvas is free or not?
by Master_E at 9:53 AM EDT on July 30, 2015
Another one of my redundant questions coming up!

The OST for Lunar - Dragon Song sounds like it's made of SC-88 and Kurzweil, but I'd just like to make sure. If anything, it's got that classic "JRPG" sound to everything.
by Enclave123 at 11:17 AM EDT on July 30, 2015
Does anyone know this sound?

It has that sfx brass sound i heard in Conker Bad Fur Day a lot.
by Enclave123 at 9:26 AM EDT on August 1, 2015
Well... i wonder is there any way to rip midis in a SNES rom?
by Can of Nothing at 9:01 PM EDT on August 1, 2015
I think some Googling might have helped you.
To answer your question without the jab, no, HyperCanvas isn't free. TTS-1 comes with some Cakewalk products, though, and is almost identical to the HyperCanvas.

I use nintspc to convert SPCs to MIDIs - I couldn't find a download, so I uploaded it here.

I'd been listening to the Gen 4 Pokemon soundtracks again lately, and I think I just might have an idea as to where some of the instruments are from... I'd check right away, but I can't get Kontakt to work again just yet.
by Enclave123 at 7:27 AM EDT on August 2, 2015
Thanks! :)
by Enclave123 at 1:29 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
I can't download the roland jv2080 soundfont for some reason, does anyone have a spare copy?
by Enclave123 at 1:30 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Like it the free soundfont i am kind of talking about.
by punk7890-2 at 1:31 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Anyone know where this sound comes from? I've heard it in a game before, though I cannot seem to remember what game.

edited 6:42 PM EDT August 2, 2015
by Enclave123 at 3:31 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
@punk7890-2 that sounds so familiar to be honest.
by Nisto at 4:19 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Maybe you are thinking of the Combat theme from FF7CC? Or... Black Water from... FF7AC? Which is similarly confusing by the way...

I don't think that is the AC sample actually; I'm pretty sure I documented the drumloop from Black Water on VGMdb but I didn't find anything under "BLASTINGCA".

I thought it sounded more familiar too actually, but I guess this is all I could find..
by peronmls at 5:27 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
@punk7890-2 I know that plays in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I'm sure that's not what you are thinking of. I know that sample but I have never heard it in any VGM but that.

@nisto The FFAC "Black Water" beat is from Distorted Reality 2 "FUZZPOCKET" along with "BLASTINGCA". I also think that FFCC combat beat is in Stylus/Distorted Reality 2/Metamorphosis library. I have heard it before. I know it's a Spectrasonics sound.
edited 10:42 PM EDT August 2, 2015

edited 10:44 PM EDT August 2, 2015
by Master_E at 6:10 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Hey Punk7890-2. Your post about that CD earlier has piqued my fancy.

Care to throw me a link?
by punk7890-2 at 7:25 PM EDT on August 2, 2015
Yeah, it's as peronmls said. The sample I linked comes from Spectrasonics Distorted Reality 2. That wasn't the song I was thinking of hmm... Kinda bothering me now.

edited 1:28 AM EDT August 3, 2015
by Enclave123 at 11:31 AM EDT on August 3, 2015
I am a bit confused how do you use the SNES MIDI converter thing, i really wanted to rip a midi for Spinal theme from Killer Instinct.
by Can of Nothing at 12:04 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
It's in the bin directory. Just put a SPC file of the song you want (without any spaces in its file name) in the folder, and run nintspc.exe.
by Enclave123 at 12:27 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
Ohh.. thank you hmmm i am pretty new to this midi ripping thing for the SNES, i did found ripping midis for N64 games to be simple i did in fact rip a lot for Blast Corps and Conker Bad Fur Day.
by Enclave123 at 12:39 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
I also forgot perfect Dark and Goldeneye.

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