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by Enclave123 at 12:47 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
I wonder can it rip rareSPCs? like Donkey Kong Country 2 and all.
by Enclave123 at 1:03 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
Oh nevermind.
by Enclave123 at 2:36 PM EDT on August 3, 2015
Glad i did a midi for his theme. i did it by ear.
by dj4uk6cjm at 4:37 AM EDT on August 4, 2015
Any takers know what they used to make the soundtracks for both sonic and the secret rings & sonic and the black knight? Thanks.
by Enclave123 at 10:59 PM EDT on August 4, 2015
I wonder, what you guys what soundcard or sound module you guys prefer using in dos games?
by baggagelizard at 9:09 AM EDT on August 7, 2015
The World Ends With You uses Native Instruments FM8 a ton.

Also noticed that an acoustic guitar loop used in the song "Twister" comes from Zero-G Guitar Odyssey
by ArcenyHax at 12:38 PM EDT on August 8, 2015
@punk7890-2 It's this.

Rayman 2 (PS1)

Also, wassup? Long time, no see (type?...)
by punk7890-2 at 1:43 PM EDT on August 8, 2015
Well I guess that loops was used a few times before in various tracks. That also wasn't the one I was thinking of since I've never played/heard that soundtrack before.

Sorry, I cannot seem to remember you.
by ArcenyHax at 2:24 PM EDT on August 8, 2015
No matter. I'm a little obscure anyway. :P

I knew you from the old URA project, and even had a nice chat back in 2013(?).

Btw, I still have the Dark World Dungeon .flp. Worked on it a little.

I've been following this thread for 2 years, but decided to actually comment on this site.

Old samples really intrigue me, and I might be of some help to the community. Maybe.

by peronmls at 4:44 PM EDT on August 8, 2015

Yeah. It uses the guitar Sounding loop for Calling. There was also another that I couldnt remember what it went to.
by Enclave123 at 1:00 PM EDT on August 9, 2015

Hello i download one of your sounds but there was a sound, that i am so familiar with.

where did you get digi pad 32? like i heard this sound from goosebumps a lot.
by peronmls at 1:05 PM EDT on August 9, 2015
@Enclave Link to digi pad 32
by Enclave123 at 1:16 PM EDT on August 9, 2015
by Enclave123 at 2:43 PM EDT on August 9, 2015
That the sound i linked.
by Enclave123 at 4:23 PM EDT on August 9, 2015
I wonder if it in a roland synth or not.
by ArcenyHax at 6:06 PM EDT on August 9, 2015
I wonder what the mechanical hydraulic sound is from.

I notice it occurs onClubbed to Death from The Matrix Soundtrack and Red Hot Skull from Sonic Adventure.

It's sampled by many other artists as well, these two come to mind the most.

Any ideas?

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by bobbyK at 1:34 PM EDT on August 10, 2015
anyone knows what Frank Klepacki used for his command and conquer 1995 ost? I just love the instrumentation there and also what Mateo Pascual used for his commandos 2 ost? just epic stuff :))

by punk7890-2 at 3:13 PM EDT on August 10, 2015
Ah yeah. Vaguely remember something. I wouldn't bother with that flp. Was pretty bad anyway.

Sorry, can't quite remember where that was from.

I have one sound from C&C but that's it. It's that radio SFX thing in the song "Radio"

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by Master_E at 8:03 PM EDT on August 10, 2015
Hey Punk7890-2. Your post about that CD earlier has piqued my fancy.

Care to throw me a link?
by Nisto at 11:59 AM EDT on August 11, 2015
I've been hunting for this sample for the longest time, and it seems there's particular interest in synth samples here lately, so I hope someone here knows:

The sample was used in Besaid Island from FFX if anyone wonders. But this was taken from the CD library "Einstein" by German publisher "Music Store", which is quite rare and I doubt the CD was ever easily obtainable in Japan. It's under the volume "VINTAGESYNTH" on the library.

Does anyone know what synth it's from?

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by punk7890-2 at 3:43 PM EDT on August 11, 2015
@Master_E As I said before it comes from Spectrasonic's Distorted Reality 2.

@Nisto It may come from a SC-88 since that game uses it a ton.
by Enclave123 at 5:54 PM EDT on August 11, 2015
Well i have listen to a soundtrack from grabbed by the ghoulies, i heard some Emu Proteus FX presets as well some JV 1080 ones in there.

It actually one preset i remember a lot from the Emu Proteus FX in the soundtrack it a english horn preset i heard in grant tracks.

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by Master_E at 1:09 PM EDT on August 12, 2015
OH I didn't know that you were answering my question right there. That, and I thought you were gonna provide a download link or something when you brought up the point.

Sorry for asking twice.
by Enclave123 at 4:44 PM EDT on August 12, 2015
I was looking through some research with some instruments.

Well i got the English Horn Sound which i found.

Also i found out that Grant Kirkhope used the Vienna Symphonic Library, while scoring Grabbed by the Ghoulies and it really pricey.
by dj4uk6cjm at 6:16 PM EDT on August 15, 2015
Though not a tekken fan, I do wish to know what was used to make this song. It sounds epic.
by Nisto at 6:27 PM EDT on August 15, 2015
I wouldn't be surprised if the distorted guitar loop came from Methods of Mayhem.

edited 11:38 PM EDT August 15, 2015
by Enclave123 at 11:53 AM EDT on August 17, 2015
I found a sync wave sample that was in the killer instinct 2 soundbank i have ripped.

It loop sound kind of better then the one from Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

edited 5:04 PM EDT August 17, 2015

edited 5:04 PM EDT August 17, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 12:46 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
While listening to the Super Mario World 3D soundtrack I noticed a few from a SC-88
Pan Flute: Roland SC-88
Banjo: Roland SC-88
Harpsichord: Roland SC-88
Flute (Caption Toad Goes Forth): Roland SC-88
Recorder (Caption Toad Goes Forth): Roland SC-88
by Enclave123 at 2:32 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
I did not know that Super Mario World 3D used a SC 88? i am pretty surprised it looks like it still used in modern VG music.
by punk7890-2 at 2:46 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
Most of it is 80% orchestral instruments. I just happened to hear these in the background in a few tracks. Mainly World 1 and 2 songs.
by Benjamin at 3:08 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
I did hear something about it using Korg Triton. I don't have that so I'm not 100% sure what sounds would be from there. I heard the Captain Toad Goes Forth recorder sound from a sample pack I've found though.

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by peronmls at 5:31 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
Anyone know the sounds that could have been used in Kingdom Hearts 1? Especially the choir parts?

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by Can of Nothing at 7:42 PM EDT on August 17, 2015
I imagine the Roland Fantom G reuses a lot of Sound Canvas samples. I'm convinced Mahito Yokota uses one. There's even less documentation about Yokota than there is Kondo, though. We may never find out until we get a dedicated interview to him the same way Kondo has gotten some.

The only two hardware synths I've heard from the 3D World soundtrack are the KORG Triton and the Roland Fantom G. Aside from that, there's a lot of live instruments, as well as some from Logic Pro, as someone's pointed out.
by Master_E at 10:05 AM EDT on August 20, 2015
Gotta hand it to Roland.

The SC-55 and 88 may have been romplers, but they were affordable enough to be a prolific part of video game history.

As for a request, what instruments do you think Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando use?

I mean, we can already say that the signature "vox lead" used since the SNES days is a modified sample of the Fairlight vox. And Jun likes whipping out the TR-808 for general use. But what of his other instruments, primarily ones used in Super Star Ultra?
by ArcenyHax at 7:52 PM EDT on August 21, 2015

I used to think these were just clarinets warming up. I found out it's actually foreign singing.

Sounds like a European Woman


What are they saying? The girl voice is most likely intelligible- the latter may be scrambled. It seems Toru just remixed that vocal.

Nonsensical Japanese (at least for me)

Both of these are from Twilight Princess.

by baggagelizard at 9:01 PM EDT on August 21, 2015
reverse the nonsensical japanese, there's something in the male voice, not sure what exactly
by punk7890-2 at 11:13 AM EDT on August 22, 2015
I can only make out the word "honjitsu" by reversing that Japanese clip. But I also hear "minasai" forward. Quite a odd one.

Anyone know what library this sound comes from?
by Can of Nothing at 11:30 AM EDT on August 22, 2015
I'm fairly convinced that Ishikawa and Ando use some Roland gear, but I'm not entirely sure as to which. If that's the case though, it could mean that they use the TR-808 samples from whatever Roland synth they have, as opposed to having a physical TR-808.

Super Mario 3D Land's Airship and Kirby Super Star Ultra's Masked Dedede themes have similar French Horns - similar enough to be based off the same sample, in my opinion - which also fuels my suspicions; anyone mind looking into this? If my memory's correct, I've heard a similar sample in the HyperCanvas, too...
by punk7890-2 at 12:04 PM EDT on August 22, 2015
Those French Horns originated from a SC-88, though likely they don't use that exact module. They also are on the L.A Composer Roland library. They also are in HyperCanvas. No idea about that other samples.
by baggagelizard at 2:26 PM EDT on August 22, 2015
I may or may not have messaged Mahito Yokota on facebook with some not very good japanese asking him what Midi sound sources he uses. May not get a response, but hey, why not ask?
by peronmls at 3:46 PM EDT on August 22, 2015

That first one is from the sample CD by Zero-G "Ethnic Vol 1". (1994) It's most likely and Indian or easterner women whos voice has been processed. Sounds like a mix between auto-tune and stutter effect.
by Benjamin at 4:21 PM EDT on August 22, 2015
@baggagelizard: I didn't know he had a Facebook. Does he respond to people?
by baggagelizard at 4:48 PM EDT on August 22, 2015
@Benjamin I have no idea.

It's definitely him, I think..

by Master_E at 10:12 AM EDT on August 24, 2015
Looks like him when you compare the Iwata Asks photographs to the facial features in that one.

That and he's friends with Noriyuki Iwadare and Maki Kirioka, two other Video Game musicians.
by punk7890-2 at 1:40 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
Found where those cool guitar riffs/samples from Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon come from, specifically in Goe Goe Spark! They come from a AKAI S3000XL. There is a few other guitar samples that I believe come from a Roland JV-1080 also.
by Enclave123 at 1:53 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
I was enable to record a Emu Proteus FX french horn sound, in a midi but i found it as a .wav
by Enclave123 at 1:54 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
It sounds exactly the same actually but more in high quality.

edited 7:05 PM EDT August 29, 2015
by Benjamin at 1:56 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
The link's asking me to request access.
by Enclave123 at 2:33 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
Ohh.. how do i fix that?
by Enclave123 at 2:36 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
I put something in the settings that won't allow people to download i don't know where is it.
by Enclave123 at 2:39 PM EDT on August 29, 2015
I have fixed it, is it working?
by Enclave123 at 12:20 PM EDT on August 30, 2015
Also here a link to the french horn sample.
by punk7890-2 at 1:09 PM EDT on August 30, 2015
Nice. Did you sample it from a Proteus?
by Enclave123 at 1:34 PM EDT on August 30, 2015
I found it on a site where they have free samples and it also include infinite.
by Enclave123 at 4:55 PM EDT on August 30, 2015
Well a very clean sample of it i will upload it later.
by peronmls at 4:34 PM EDT on August 31, 2015
Anyone know where that marimba sound comes from in Zelda OOT Goron area?
by Enclave123 at 11:25 AM EDT on September 1, 2015
I think it might be one of the roland jv2080 generial midi presets.
by Master_E at 1:49 PM EDT on September 1, 2015
Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast was likely composed with a Roland SC-88, based on the track "Sailor Town".
by peronmls at 5:28 PM EDT on September 1, 2015
Could this possibly be the organ used in megaman legends?
by Enclave123 at 9:39 PM EDT on September 1, 2015
They do sound kind of similar.
by peronmls at 1:31 AM EDT on September 2, 2015
Could you link me to that marimba from the Roland JV2080? Can't find it on synthmania or YouTube.
by Master_E at 7:41 AM EDT on September 2, 2015

The SNR makes it sound sharper in the source, but it wouldn't be far fetched to say that it was likely the source.
by Enclave123 at 9:07 AM EDT on September 2, 2015
Well, there no GM recordings of the jv2080 sadly.

But there is a full GM demo of the 1080.
by Enclave123 at 9:10 AM EDT on September 2, 2015

by peronmls at 11:12 AM EDT on September 2, 2015
Okay Cool. I hear a lot of MegaMan Legends sounds in there so there's that.
by Jasper at 11:23 PM EDT on September 2, 2015
does anybody know the source of this sound effect? I've heard it in so many game soundtracks.
by midiman at 2:50 AM EDT on September 3, 2015
Those yoooh sounds came from the SC-88's asia kit. I just sampled the entire ASIA and ETHNIC kit from the SC-8820 which also contains the same samples. SC-8820 Asia

A friend of mine sampled some more Asia kit samples from his INTEGRA-7 which contains extra samples from the Roland SR-JV80-14 Asia expansion board. INTEGRA-7 Asia

edited 8:12 AM EDT September 3, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 9:09 AM EDT on September 3, 2015
To add to what midiman said, those Yoos I believe originally came from a SC-55 as you can find it on its Asian kit also.

If you want the Asian kit from Roland Rhythm Section (which appears to carry the exact same kit from a SC-88, though in higher quality), let me know. Only thing is missing is the Yoos for some odd reason. Though, if you want that also I can sample it from a SC-55.
by Enclave123 at 8:30 PM EDT on September 3, 2015
I heard that sample from Jago theme from killer instinct.
by Master_E at 12:59 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
This instrument has always been in the back of my mind.

On tons of music made for the PC back when the audio processing was loaded towards the CPU (in other words, when .mod & .s3m files were cutting edge), I've noticed this really iconic "sawtooth" sound. It isn't quite a lead because it was usually used in the background, but it isn't a pad because it's has a rapid attack and isn't smooth.

I guess the best example I have is maybe musiklinjen (Or Hyperbased depending on where you first heard it). It comes in starting at the 19 second mark.

I can't be the only one who's noticed this sound, have I?
by Enclave123 at 2:17 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
I kind of heard that sound in turrican 2.
by Master_E at 2:22 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
I may be mistaken, but I think it's also used in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney soundtrack.

I likely am, though.

Anywho, I'm almost positive it shows up in Jazz Jackrabbit. IIRC, there was some sort of sample pack that was passed around all across the demoscene that contained lots of really signature sounds for PC music at the time. The name of the pack escapes me, though...

EDIT: What I was thinking of is the "ST-01" collection.

edited 7:54 PM EDT September 4, 2015
by baggagelizard at 4:15 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
remember, if you have a compatible ios device, get soundcanvas for ios. It's based on the SC-8820
by Jasper at 5:07 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
Out of curiosity, does anybody know what artists today use? I can't imagine everybody has a SC-88. Roland hasn't released a VST as far as I'm aware, outside of like VSC, which doesn't seem to have the Asia pack.

Just a bunch of bootlegged sample CDs?

I most recently heard it in

(I'd also be curious where that "hu" sample comes from, it's in a lot of trash eurobeat as well, but it's not from a video game, so I'll refrain)
by Rintron at 5:36 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
So... I really didn't want to ask here, since I actually had contributing this in mind myself, but ultimately I failed to find an answer.

For some time, i've been curious about the sources of samples used on Megaman Zero. I know that some loops used in couple of songs, are from Methods of Maygem sample library, but I'm actually interested in the general sounds. The strings, brass... those hits in "X, the Legend". And the choirs of course.
I see a lot of people are preeetty knowledgable about various sound canvases and whatnot. Does anybody recognize any of the sounds? Thank you.
by Enclave123 at 9:02 PM EDT on September 4, 2015
I also heard a rock organ sound that was in the J 1080 that was used in Banjo Tooie and other rareware games.
by baggagelizard at 4:18 PM EDT on September 5, 2015
looking into it, yeah, super mario 64 and 64 Zeldas are AKAI-all over the place. Many of the AKAI samples do indeed come from a variety of other sources, including our friends the sound canvas and the Korg M1, plus various samples here and there.

(I know the flute bit isn't right)
by punk7890-2 at 8:00 PM EDT on September 5, 2015
Doesn't sound like you're using the right strings/pizzicatos. The correct pizzicato's come from Best Service Giga Pack CD1 and the strings from Roland-L.A Composer Vol 1/Prosonus Orchestral Strings. The clarinet and bassoon sound probably correct. Where did they come from? I'm also interested in finding the remaining sounds from Zelda 64. Pretty much all the percussion, timpani, bass drum, trumpets/trombone/tubas and the stuff from the Spirit Temple remain a mystery.
SimCity 4 Terrain - Freelancer Omega Space Danger by rebooter23 at 6:48 AM EDT on September 6, 2015
This distinct noise/guitar/scream in the beginning of this track:

can also be heard in the Freelancer Omega Space Danger Music:

Where is it from?

edited 12:00 PM EDT September 6, 2015
by peronmls at 3:11 PM EDT on September 6, 2015
Its from Spectrasonics: Bizarre Guitars
by rebooter23 at 2:29 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
Many Thanks @peronmis
by RICE at 4:50 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
I have been following this thread for a very long time now and I am always really excited about the findings here.
I would like to talk about some of my own findings.

I recently got my hands on E-MU EIIIX sample CDs (1994) and I found that a lot of patches from volume 2 in particular were used in Klonoa 1 and 2.
Most notably the pizzicato patches.

Here's the original track.

This is my own recreation with the same samples.

There are also a lot of other patches from those CDs used in there, the solo violin from the credits theme also seems to be an exact match.

I got these CDs very recently, so I am still looking into finding out where those samples were used.

Another big library I got my hands on is the Peter Siedlaczek collection (1997). And oh boy, this thing was used EVERYWHERE in the late 90s and early 2000s! Every orchestral track by K. Tajima from Klonoa 2, the majority of Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Mr. Driller, Soul Calibur 2 and probably a lot more games.

The collection also has a number of pre-recorded orchestral performances (Orchestral Colours) which appeared often in video game soundtracks.
The one performance that caught my eye is called "A breath of Air".

It was used in these games: (Very obvious) (As a sound effect)

Also, Go Shiina did something clever and used this exact sample in a very subtle way. (At around 1:40)

I will probably pop in again if I find out about more things.

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by Nisto at 5:58 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
RICE, do you have the original release of the Siedlaczek library? I have had some Kontakt conversion of it for the longest time, but I never could find a CDDA rip of it. If you have it, would you mind sharing? Happy to return the favor if there's anything particular you're looking for that I have. I'm on VGMdb and FFShrine (same nick) if you want to send me a PM.

edited 11:10 AM EDT September 7, 2015
by RICE at 6:19 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
I bought the Kontakt version from here when it was on sale. I have none of the first versions from 1997.

One thing I forgot to mention:
The E-MU pizzicato strings also appear on Best Service's Gigapack, but only the violins and in mono only. For some reason they added a little bit of reverb on them as well.

edited 2:58 PM EDT September 7, 2015
by punk7890-2 at 10:44 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
@Nisto I happen to have Peter Siedlaczek's Classical Choirs (CDDA) and Advanced Orchestra in AKAI if you want those two. I couldn't find the rest in original format but I do have the complete Kontakt version. Send me a PM on Glitchkill if you do want those two.

@RICE What samples did you find on Soul Calibur 2 that were in Peter Siedlaczek's library's? I've wanted to know what that game uses for some time but didn't recognize any.
by RICE at 11:29 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
I have digged around the music of Soul Calibur 2 the least amount of time compared to the other games I mentioned but I know for certain that they used some of the orchestral percussion from Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra and some choir patches from Classical Choir. In "WINDSHADOW" right at the beginning they used a cymbal roll I recognized from the library. In "ORDINARY PAIN" also right at the beginning, they used a gran casa roll sample, which also comes from the Advanced Orchestra library. In "SLAVE OF DESIRE" they used the "FAH" patch from the Classical Choir library, the choir cluster later on might just as well be from the same library.

It is a lot more difficult to check if they also used the same strings, brass and woodwinds, but I think it is most likely that at least some of them were used. I am assuming that everyone at Namco has access to the same instruments since those are part of the company's property, not the individual composer's. I have yet to spend more time with this game's soundtrack before I can pinpoint more recognizable samples.
by punk7890-2 at 11:47 AM EDT on September 7, 2015
Thanks. I noticed those odd sounding trumpets in their that Hitoshi Sakimoto uses a lot. Sadly, they don't appear to be from those libraries.
by Nisto at 1:34 PM EDT on September 7, 2015
I apologize for being a fool. It seems I DO have Classical Choir in CDDA. It's just not in my "organized" library folder... Better get things organized I guess. In fact, this is peronmls' rip, hah. Anyway, sorry for wasting your time.
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:01 PM EDT on September 7, 2015
Thanks, been wanting to know the info on where the samples from SC2 came from lol I thought most of them where from edidrol.
by Enclave123 at 5:02 PM EDT on September 7, 2015
You got those samples? sadly i don't have account for Glitchkill i might get one.

Since i wanted those samples.
by Enclave123 at 5:22 PM EDT on September 7, 2015
Alright i have made a account.

by ArcenyHax at 8:51 PM EDT on September 7, 2015
@RICE Welcome to the conversation!

Awesome finds you have there!

Have I seen you before?
by punk7890-2 at 10:18 AM EDT on September 10, 2015
Found some stuff from Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. Some Roland goodness.

Brass Staccatos: Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co - BRS:Staccatos / BRS:Quintet stac
French Horns: Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co - BRS:F.Horns 1 / BRS:FHns Ambient
French Horn Rips: Roland-Brass Strings Hits and Co - BRS:F.Horns FX+/BRS:FHns Rips/BRS:F.HrnRipC_5A
Harp: Roland SC-88
Timpani: Roland SC-88
Snares: Roland L.A Composer Vol.1
Vocals: Qup Arts Voices of Native America - Partition C/ZUNI VOX/ZUNIVOX25 and ZUNIVOX8

Probably even more on these CDs that I missed.

by ArcenyHax at 9:30 AM EDT on September 12, 2015

I'm assuming Turok: Rage Wars uses a lot of samples from the 'Voices of Native America' sample bank.

I usually hear the vocals, flutes, and chants in a lot of 90's Native American documentaries.

Otherwise, nice find!
by ArcenyHax at 2:48 PM EDT on September 12, 2015
I'm still wondering what CD this is from, but after 4 years of searching, I found a hi quality source.


Its GROAN: MALE 6032-19-02. I first heard this in the Mission Impossible game for the n64.

Also, above it is the one used in Goldeneye.

Just sort it by the CD-TR-IN.

by Enclave123 at 3:30 PM EDT on September 12, 2015
I heard that sound from Metal Slug
by Enclave123 at 3:37 PM EDT on September 12, 2015
The Male grunt sound actually
by punk7890-2 at 3:59 PM EDT on September 12, 2015
More then likely comes from this:
by Benjamin at 2:53 PM EDT on September 13, 2015
I've noticed that Yoshi's Woolly World most likely uses Spectrasonics sounds for its music. I heard "Weaponized Alarmist" in Snifberg's battle theme, and I heard "Super Juice" in Vamoose the Lava Sluice.

I also heard "Anticipation" in Kirby's Epic Yarn's Tube Town.

I think I might've heard the Water Gamelan Juice sounds in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker's lava music as well.

Any other sounds from there that anyone else recognizes from those three games?

I'm also wondering where any of the Super Mario Maker sounds are.

edited 9:32 PM EDT September 13, 2015
by Can of Nothing at 10:03 PM EDT on September 14, 2015
I'm not too sure about everything else, but the Super Mario World Airship theme seems to be predominantly Roland (presumably a Fantom X or G). The brasses in particular are what gives it away.

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