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Street Fighter 6 (full game + demo) by J2023 at 9:05 PM EDT on June 11, 2023
Hasn't anyone extracted the music from the full version of "Street Fighter 6" yet (aside from the CBT)? It's recently been released a few days back, though I'd like a gamerip of that, and it's downloadable demo.

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Ripping music from arcade games using Midway/Williams' DCS system by MarioSonicU at 10:27 AM EDT on June 27, 2023
I haven't seen anyone bring this up, but has anyone found a way to extract music from arcade games using the Midway/Williams DCS2 sound system? (NFL Blitz, NHL Open Ice, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, etc.)

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Omikron: The Nomad Soul (Dreamcast) [1999] by defcon at 12:51 PM EDT on July 10, 2023
Hi all.
Did anyone here ever try to rip the Dreamcast version of Omikron?
2 CD-Audio bootlegs are available online and I'm curious what was the source for them? Dreamcast's (lossless?) files or original master recording?

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Request: Import Tuner Challenge [Shutokou Battle X] (2006-07-27)(Genki)[X360] by ThunderTHR at 9:23 PM EDT on July 15, 2023
Hi there!

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to the forums here, but have been using the site for several months as its been an amazing source for VG soundtracks.

Does anyone happen to have a ripped (or would be willing to rip) soundtrack from the game "Import Tuner Challenge" on the Xbox 360? A.K.A. Shutokou Battle X in Japan. Can't seem to find it around anywhere currently.

Looking for Derby Stallion 64 (N64) by Erico at 3:24 AM EDT on July 26, 2023
Heyo, I'm playing Derby Stallion 64. If anyone could please rip the files I will organise them ASAP for an album. It is a very good album by Koichi Sugiyama (RIP)
Pikmin 4 music rip by Catgame6555 at 11:50 AM EDT on July 31, 2023
Please rip pikmin 4 music
by hcs at 5:02 PM EDT on July 31, 2023
You already have the audio ripped here, and it seems to work in vgmstream. What are you asking for?

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Pikmin 4 by Catgame6555 at 8:43 AM EDT on August 3, 2023
Pikmin 4 audio is 2 GB of audio I need to rip the txtp files wem
by hcs at 9:35 AM EDT on August 3, 2023
A tool that will help you with this is wwiser. I don't know for sure if it will work with Pikmin 4, if you need help with specifics please start a new thread.

But please don't ask again for someone else to do the rip, as you can see it's a big project, and it's obnoxious to keep requesting it. If you're not going to do it yourself then I suggest waiting patiently. Someone will get to it eventually, they don't need you to remind them. If you must ask, ask somewhere else.
by PikpikPretzel at 5:30 PM EDT on August 11, 2023
There's something wrong either with the Banjo-Tooie files or with the plugin for N64 games. Many of the songs from the game play too fast.
Something I noticed by SoundGLSI at 9:41 PM EDT on August 24, 2023
I uploaded "Castle Fantasia 3 ~Erencia Senki~ Plus stories (2005-02-24)(Studio e.go!)(Kadokawa)[PS2]" back in May, but I didn't notice it was already here:[PS2].7z
My set should count as a duplicated set. Maybe the old one can be renamed since that's the complete name of the game and mine can be deleted.

edited 9:43 PM EDT August 24, 2023
Gran Turismo 1 and 2 by Katsur at 6:54 AM EDT on September 5, 2023
The Gran Turismo music archives haven't enough ripped music files from various regional versions. Those include: NTSC-U/C, NTSC-J, PAL. PSF (sequenced) and streamed music are both included. We just wish to listen those beautiful NTSC-U dealership songs in a raw, game-ripped glory. Be prepared.
Manhunt 1 PS2 and Xbox gamerips by Davedson at 1:57 PM EDT on September 29, 2023
btw, fun fact, the Manhunt 1 gamerips from PS2 and Xbox versions are actually broken, by default the amount of expected subsongs is always set to 4, which is wrong because there are always 6, which breaks music playback, which requires manual editing of the txth file to fix.

edited 2:00 PM EDT September 29, 2023
reply to Updated DSF rips of Skies of Arcadia [Eternal Arcadia] by Taikocuya at 7:28 PM EDT on September 4, 2020 by wren44 at 6:38 AM EDT on October 26, 2023
hello, i want to point out the rips by Taikocuya are actually incomplete, what i mean is these 3 tracks

Blue Rogues' Ship
The Little Jack

are missing other versions, in the ost they include in the same song,
(Nasrad, Ixataka, Valua, Yafutoma, Ice Continent, Temple Island)
as you pass by, in the game, it slowly changes to a theme for that region, but the ripped versions only have the song based on normal open skies away from these regions, is it possible to get both (Nasrad, Ixataka, Valua, Yafutoma, Ice Continent, Temple Island) as separate tracks and length, as it would actually complete it then

edited 8:12 AM EDT October 26, 2023

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by defcon at 10:04 AM EDT on October 29, 2023
Hi all.
Does anybody know if Bully -Canis Canem Edit- (PS4 port) has better audio then old pc/ps2/xbox versions?

edited 10:04 AM EDT October 29, 2023
by mouds-ks7258 at 5:30 PM EDT on October 29, 2023
Bully PS4 ver is based on PS2 ver and is similar to each other in terms of data so no, it has no "better audio then old pc/ps2/xbox versions"
by defcon at 9:07 AM EDT on October 30, 2023
mouds-ks7258, thank you for the answer.
Assassin's Creed II (USA, Asia) (En,Fr,Es,It) by defcon at 1:04 PM EST on November 8, 2023

Can someone check sounds_sfx.pck from PS3?

It's larger (526 mb) than pc, xbox360, mac versions.

edited 1:06 PM EST November 8, 2023
by LouieG at 11:03 PM EST on December 12, 2023
I put together a rip of Library of Ruina (PC). There's a couple of files in here I'm not sure should stay in, so I figured I might as well just dump it here and get some feedback.

Additionally, I'd like to make a minor request for the music from Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom's DLC, since both the PC and PS4 rips were done before the DLC came around.
SF6: Type Arcade by J2023 at 9:16 PM EST on December 14, 2023
I'm requesting a gamerip of Street Fighter 6: Type Arcade (the Japan-exclusive arcade version of SF6 that lacks the World Tour and Battle Hub modes), as it had just released today and seems to use the same engine as the PC and console ports of the game. Also, the first two Year 1 DLC characters (Rashid and A.K.I.) are in the roster of this port.

edited 9:33 PM EST December 14, 2023
Persona 2 IC PSP Tagged, Infernax PC rip and tags by K.Z.Mallardo at 2:15 AM EST on December 24, 2023
I've tagged/sorted the music files of the PSP edition of Persona 2 Innocent Sin. Hopefully I haven't gotten anything mixed up, as there are technically two versions of the soundtrack with over a hundred tunes in each.
In case, if I did mess-up, fixing the file-names will be much less of a hassle.
The few non-tagged melodies, as well as the pos files were placed in three separate folders.
Here's an Infernax fsb rip I've made a while ago.
I've already shared the non-tagged version on the Squidboards forum, so the one here is tagged.
There is one single track, that I didn't recognize titled MUSIC_DANGER, which sounds like either a demo, variation or an unused intro for Feel the Power.
Deatshmiles sequal arcade by charles at 5:24 AM EST on December 28, 2023
I tried the following script but it does only work kinda on some files (files are extracted but corrupt): Script

Data is available from here:
Game data. Data is in .\res folder.

Anyone have tips on how to modify the script to work better?
by mouds-ks7258 at 11:59 AM EST on December 28, 2023
define "tips"
by charles at 1:31 PM EST on December 28, 2023
I should have said help :) I have no experience in bms-scripting.
by mouds-ks7258 at 5:54 PM EST on December 28, 2023
just don't touch it

that script is unsupported

abandoned, old, very old, ways of contacting the original author of the script just for that one file gives way to a dead end

oh, and as for "modifying the script" to "work better" with this one file, you'd be well-advised not to do that, seriously, just trust me on this one

edited 5:57 PM EST December 28, 2023
by charles at 9:28 AM EST on December 29, 2023
all right. I will look at some tutorials and see if I can figure it out.
by charles at 3:19 PM EST on December 29, 2023
figure it out to make a new script that is. not modififying the old one :)
by bnnm at 10:30 AM EST on January 2, 2024
@charles -

Most files are compressed with an unknown scheme though.
by charles at 2:10 PM EST on January 2, 2024
@bnnm thank you, much appreciated!
by Franpa at 8:53 AM EST on January 12, 2024
1) Can the Alwa's Awakening/Legacy PC audio dumps be updated to include the NSF copies they freely distribute on their website?

2) Is anyone able to dump the music from Anno 1800? There is copies of the music included in a BONUS folder but it's:
* All in MP3 format
* Is missing several musical pieces
* Sounds like it's notably inferior quality to the copies you hear during gameplay.

edited 8:55 AM EST January 12, 2024
Tagged Rips of MegaMan X8 and its August Beta by K.Z.Mallardo2nd at 2:48 AM EST on January 16, 2024
Includes Audio from the cutscenes of both the Japanese and the English versions. Only the filenames were changed with no additional tagging.
The sorting is partially based on the official OST album, but I took several liberties.
The August beta includes some different variations of the finalized music as well as a completely different theme for Lumine's first form.
Even though music from this version has been on the web for a while, no-one bothered to upload a direct gamerip of it, for whatever reason.
Tagged and sorted in a similar fashion to the release version.
Notes: Sigma's cutscene for the JP and EN version of the game is pretty much the same, so there was no reason to make a duplicate. I didn't include it in the Preview beta because it was practically soundless.
Tools used: AdXtract2 and VGMToolbox
Also yes, I've made a second account because of authentication problems. Hopefully I wont screw up this one as-well.

edited 2:49 AM EST January 16, 2024

edited 2:50 AM EST January 16, 2024

edited 2:51 AM EST January 16, 2024
SF × Kashihara City Tour Android app gamerip by J2023 at 6:22 AM EST on January 24, 2024
Has anyone ripped the music from this japan-exclusive Street Fighter × Kashihara Sightseeing Tour app yet? It uses Unity, and I'd think there's some music themes from Street Fighter 6 (and previous games in the series) in that...

edited 6:23 AM EST January 24, 2024
Request: GRiD Legends (2022-02-25)(Codemasters) by ThunderTHR at 11:21 PM EST on February 21, 2024

First, I know I'm quite a number of months late on this, but thank you to the uploader who posted the Import Tuner Challenge soundtrack back in July of last year, its definitely helped out to expand my current music playlist. :)

I do have another request for a game that I haven't been able to properly track down its soundtrack for in original source, that being the 2022 game "GRiD Legends".

Compared to ITC, GRiD Legends is a multi-platform game (Xbox One/Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, Windows/Macintosh, and Meta Quest), so really just whichever version of the game has the soundtrack available for it in its highest quality source would be more than good enough for me.

Thanks again for the excellent work!
archive as txt? by Alpha23 at 12:13 PM EST on February 28, 2024
Hey folks!

Dumb question but is there a way to export the current file list on all of the sections? Trying to figure out where I can best contribute, i.e. where gaps can be filled.
by bnnm at 1:27 PM EST on February 28, 2024
You can use to search if the games you have in mind have been ripped, or if you really need the full list this is the closest thing:
by Alpha23 at 11:47 AM EST on March 3, 2024
Perfect, thanks a lot!
Working on a concise sheet to see which platform releases are missing in between.
by Alpha23 at 2:48 PM EST on March 5, 2024
Alright, so I've painstakingly gotten everything together, some final sorting and merging left to do.
Here are the general results:
- split between sequenced and streamed, focusing on the latter
- started out with 26,351 entries
- now at 22,184 entries
- started to mark missing platforms in between with the help of Mobygames
- did #/0-9 today, 248 games in that section
- missing platform versions so far: 126

Anyone want to help filling gaps? ;)

edited 2:50 PM EST March 5, 2024
by Alpha23 at 7:10 AM EST on March 9, 2024
Noticed that Ivolgamus used the same archive type for most of their games, quickly wrote a script and added as many of their games on all platforms as I could find.
Check if the format with root directory and playlist is okay like this.

For everybody else, these will be coming to the archive (all the updated ones were missing files):
101 in 1 Megamix (2010-09-21)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[PSP][PSN]_updated
5 Arcade Gems (2010-04-26)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[Wii][WiiWare]
Arcade Action - 30 Games (2006-07-28)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PS2]
Arcade Zone (2009-09-08)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[Wii]
Arcade, The (2005-0812)(Ivolgamus)(Liquid Games)[PS2]
Barbie as the Island Princess (2007-10-30)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[PC]
Barbie as the Island Princess (2007-10-30)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[PS2]
Barbie as the Island Princess (2007-10-30)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[Wii]
Block Party - 20 Games (2008-11-12)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[Wii][WiiWare]
Cindy's Caribbean Holiday (2004)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PSX]
Cindy's Fashion World (2004)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PC]
Cindy's Fashion World (2004)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PSX]
Clumsy Shumsy (2005-03-25)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PS2]
Extreme Sprint 3010 (2005)(Ivolgamus, Mere Mortals)(Phoenix Games)[PS2]
Extreme Sprint 3010 (2006)(Ivolgamus, Mere Mortals)(Phoenix Games)[PC]
Fading Shadows (2008-03-07)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[PSP]_updated
Falling Stars (2007-09-07)(Ivolgamus)(Agetec)[PC]
Falling Stars (2007-09-07)(Ivolgamus)(Agetec)[PS2]_updated
King of Pool (2009)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[PSP]
King of Pool (2009)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[Wii]
Monkey Mischief - Party Time (2008-11-18)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[Wii]
Rhythm Beat (2004)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PS1]
Robin Hood - The Siege (2004-03-02)(Ivolgamus)(Phoenix Games)[PS1]_updated
Santa Claus Saves the Earth (2002-10-30)(Ivolgamus)(Telegames)[PS1]_updated
Shrek's Carnival Craze - Party Games (2008-10-28)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[PC]
Shrek's Carnival Craze - Party Games (2008-10-28)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[PS2]_updated
Shrek's Carnival Craze - Party Games (2008-10-28)(Ivolgamus)(Activision)[Wii]_updated
Urbanix (2010-10-05)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[PSP][PSN]_updated
Urbanix (2010-10-05)(Ivolgamus)(Nordcurrent)[Wii][WiiWare]
by bnnm at 8:03 AM EST on March 9, 2024
@Alpha23 - I understand and appreciate you are eager to contribute, but please wait a bit until we can provide feedback for a few sets first.

There are some community guidelines that uploaded sets are expected to follow, to ensure some consistency. If there are a bunch of new/updated rips with a wildly different style vs the thousands of existing sets, they should conform the guidelines first before adding. However there is no humanly way we (I) can fix them manually (say there are 100 sets and takes +3 mins to download/fix/reupload; that's +5 hours of work) so everybody is expected to follow them to some degree.

Best would be you'd join the hcs64 discord (see pinned thread) so people can guide you in real time, but I've copied the basic ripping guidelines here:

In particular some general tips for your sets:

- main bgm files should generally be in root
It's fine to put video/, sfx/ or some special files in subdirs to provide some organization, but don't make deep trees and expect people to find files using m3u as not everybody uses m3us.

Ex. there is no real need to have "root/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/VFS/MUSIC/PSP/" for a handful of .at3 when you can move them to the base folder. If you feel original paths are useful for others I suggest making a text file with those paths and putting it in !scripts.7z, .extra.7z or !info.txt or such helper files (I do this sometimes).

Games with many files or special needs/usage may have extra bgm subdirs for organization purposes within reason (like DLC/ subdirs or per-area if filenames aren't helpful). But basically if one needs to hunt down audio files within a bunch of subfolders then probably the rip isn't too convenient for general listening purposes.

- m3u are generally named !playlist.m3u (or !tags.m3u for tags)

- don't use old fake extensions (such as .bika that may be removed in the future, as vgmstream can read .bik just fine) unless you have a very good reason (ex. using .lwav to force read loops in vgmstream is ok).

- Raw CD Audio tracks may be converted to .flac, but actual .wav/raw pcm shouldn't as we want to "document" formats we have enough server space to upload as-is anyway (raw pcm should have a helper .txth to make them playable with correct settings and not converted to other formats).

- Note how sets are named:
* set for games not officially released are usually like: "Blah (Beta/Prototype) (2001-01-01)(dev)(publisher-if-known)[platform]"
* [PSN], [WiiWare] and such shop names are not included anymore (one wouldn't use [Steam], [EpicStore] for PC games...).
* updated sets usually add [update] or [re-rip] after platform rather than _update, and notice we use [Android] rather than [And].
The latter 2 can be auto-handled by server tools automatically to some degree but note they'll be renamed before uploading.

- Not vital but it's better to use "non-solid" .7z archives, as solid doesn't save that much space + we have enough server space, yet solid are super slow.

- Make sure you don't convert one format to another. If a game has raw PS-ADPCM (vag) one should use .txth to make it playable, rather than changing to .vag/.ss2 via some conversion script. Partial exceptions are demuxed videos.

- Sets that have many mostly non-playable BGM (for example they have mostly sequenced audio but one can't make .psf) are usually marked like "Blah ... [platform][unplayable]" so people don't get their hopes up.
Request: Galaga Assault by wmd at 1:55 PM EDT on March 18, 2024
As per title, would love to get this OST.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Double Agent by defcon at 4:34 PM EDT on March 21, 2024
Hello guys.
Can someone rip PS2 and Wii versions of the game?
by dumbNugly at 11:26 AM EDT on April 17, 2024

these are purportedly neo geo gamerips.
DLing one as vgz & running wacup seem to run fine.
any reason not to include them here under neo geo archive?
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