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by Puterboy1 at 2:14 AM EDT on August 25, 2021
Could someone remove the .sfk file from this folder?

It was put there by accident.
by bnnm at 4:20 AM EDT on August 25, 2021
@SoundGLSI - there is no way to do it with txth but you can swap channels with txtp: song.ext#m1-2
by SoundGLSI at 11:23 AM EDT on August 25, 2021
Thanks for your help bnnm. BTW, how do I extract the audio stream from Sega FILM CPK files?
I've used FFmpeg to extract it by copying the audio stream, but don't know which container I could use to extract it (WAV doesn't work). AIF/AIFF works but the output file is unplayable. AFAIK the PCM is big endian.
However, I'd like to extract the audio stream without any container if possible (raw audio file).

Edit: I solved it! I used the following arguments in FFmpeg:
ffmpeg -i FILE.CPK -vn -f s16be -c:a copy FILE.RAW

Sweet!! I'll upload the rip soon then...

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by SoundGLSI at 6:05 PM EDT on August 25, 2021
OK, couldn't upload the rip directly through the contribute page, so I'll put the link here instead.

Astal [Kisuishou Densetsu Astal] (1995-04-28)(Sega CS, Tokyo Movie Shinsha)(Sega)[SAT].7z

Edit: I fixed something in the rip. If you've downloaded it, please redownload.

BTW, is it possible to add multiline comments in the !tags.m3u file? Because I tried it but you sure know a repeated tag overwrites the first.

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by bnnm at 12:47 PM EDT on August 26, 2021
Multiline comments aren't possible (forgot about them tbh), will need to think how to handle that.
by tetap3 at 1:06 PM EDT on August 30, 2021
I want to upload archives to hcs64, but the maximum size is limited to 300MB, so I can't upload them.
Why is there a size limit?
I would like to cooperate with you, so please ease the size limit.

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by SoundGLSI at 7:53 PM EDT on August 30, 2021
Just upload the rip to your Google Drive or something like that and put the link here. Eventually it will be reviewed and uploaded to the Josh W server. Not sure who does that though.
I say this because my rip size was 400 MB. When the rip appears in the index you can remove it to save space.
by vgs23 at 2:56 AM EDT on August 31, 2021
Kidou Senshi Gundam - EXTREME VS. MAXI BOOST ON (2020-07-30)(-)(Bandai Namco)[PS4].7z

Super Robot Taisen T (2019-3-20)(B.B. Studio)(Bandai Namco)[PS4].7z
by marcoxD95 at 9:22 AM EDT on September 7, 2021
I cannot download anything from Joshw anymore. Just nothing happens when I try to download. Are the servers down?
by hcs at 10:39 AM EDT on September 7, 2021
@marco you may be having issues with links from, the newest browsers will by default block an http download link from an https site. Chrome did this a few months ago, it was just enabled by default in Firefox in 92 which released today. If you check the downloads list you should be able to allow each file, if you want to disable that altogether there may still be other options.

On Chrome it looks like you have to right click a link and do "save as", or it will just fail silently. You'll still need to choose to keep the download from the downloads list, then.

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by Tsuellimac at 7:40 AM EDT on September 8, 2021
SCARLET NEXUS Demo Edition (2021-8-25)(TOSE)(BANDAI NAMCO)[PC]
by TimmyTurner at 9:51 PM EDT on September 12, 2021
.7z/file]Smol Ame (2021-08-31)(KevinCow)[PC]
Update for Lego Dimensions DLC music by Puterboy1 at 12:26 PM EDT on October 18, 2021
May I upload an update to the LEGO dimensions DLC music please? It has some additional tracks but I have a 300 MB limit.
by Puterboy1 at 2:05 PM EDT on October 18, 2021
Here is the link:!AomJkXUiAXQ4kma2OrzaHDMY6NSk?e=DFGkqA
by Basillica at 10:55 PM EDT on October 20, 2021
Recently uploaded the following:
Tasogare Sakaba ~Uwabami Breakers~ (PC)

(honestly, ZUN's track is fairly middling, but the OST is pretty decent overall at least)

edit: oh yeah, I also uploaded these not too long after my Touhou uploads:
Seihou 01 Shuusou Gyoku (PC)
Seihou 02 Kioh Gyoku (PC)

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by Puterboy1 at 10:50 AM EDT on October 21, 2021
And my Lego Dimensions DLC music update? Will you bring it onto the site?
DJ Hero DLC by Trogdorbad at 4:14 AM EDT on October 31, 2021
Is there any chance someone here can rip the files for DJ Hero 1's DLC? There's some big bangers there and it's criminal that they haven't been ripped
by EHT_shiniori at 6:48 PM EST on November 25, 2021
if you want to see what's inside the recent rips (starting with this 2021-11-23 date), prepare to see "faulty query" often.
seriously, what the hell?
by Erico at 6:12 AM EST on December 1, 2021
Is anyone able to rip Derby Stallion 64 if that's cool? I'm on a Sugiyama listening spree (RIP) and keen on arranging the songs together like an album.

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by LucianoTheWindowsFan at 5:35 PM EST on December 1, 2021
I uploaded updates to the Othello World and Super Mario World sets and even though the uploads succeeded, it didn't appear on the list.php page.
by Nisto at 4:46 PM EST on December 12, 2021
Just wanted to share a little heads-up on Star Ocean - Till the End of Time:

As it turns out, the file "1035" is not in fact the stream used for the opening sequence, as one might think. I haven't figured out where it's hiding on disc, but I did get the actual stream dumped via RAM back when I wrote pk3dec. So I thought I would post the Cheat Engine Lua script and the stream for posterity's sake.

Real intro stream
Lua dumper
by Franpa at 10:32 AM EST on January 22, 2022
No link to nintendo Switch archive in the first post?
by Nyarlathotep at 11:45 PM EST on January 22, 2022
Would anyone be willing to do a rip of the Japan exclusive game, .hack//Link for the PSP? I recently got around to finally playing it with the fan translation, but I've noticed that there's a whole lot of unreleased music in it. The official soundtrack only covers around half of it unfortunately.
by Nyarlathotep at 11:45 PM EST on January 22, 2022
Would anyone be willing to do a rip of the Japan exclusive game, .hack//Link for the PSP? I recently got around to finally playing it with the fan translation, but I've noticed that there's a whole lot of unreleased music in it. The official soundtrack only covers around half of it unfortunately.
by Knurek at 6:55 AM EST on January 23, 2022
It was ripped, but server didn't like the name of the set. Fixed
by EHT_shiniori at 10:33 AM EST on January 23, 2022
here is my Art of Balance PS4 rip.
Art Of Balance (2016-06-03)(Shin'en Multimedia)[PS4].7z
by Franpa at 1:05 AM EST on January 25, 2022
Can someone please rip the music from the Astalon: Tears of the Earth Demo? I'm unsure if it still works but this URL used to install it: steam://install/1535070

The demo has different music from the full version game.
by SoundGLSI at 7:42 AM EST on January 31, 2022
Well here's something: Minna no Joushiki Ryoku TV (2008-03-06)(Hal Laboratory)(Nintendo)[Wii].7z

Edit: Please redownload - I forgot to delete voices and some SFXs.

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by Lazlo52 at 2:55 AM EST on February 21, 2022
I see a Spy Fiction rip has appeared in the list. That's pretty cool, though it seems to be missing non-backrooms versions of certain music. I couldn't figure out a way past that, either, when l had tried several years ago. Also, it seems the current rip is from the Japanese version, which had a different main theme. I don't know how to extract the streams from the game, but l at least have the PSF2 version (or, one of them, since there are two slight variations???). So, here:

Spy Fiction Theme (US) psf2

edited 4:21 AM EST February 21, 2022
by punk7890-2 at 6:48 AM EST on February 21, 2022

I haven't played the game before so I'm not sure what "non-backrooms" is referring to. All that was extracted were all of the sequences and streams the game had. It's possible there's a lone .BD stream that the game plays or something. Regardless, here's the USA version's files if you want to sort through them.

edited 6:49 AM EST February 21, 2022
by Lazlo52 at 2:28 PM EST on February 21, 2022
Blaeh! I just looked up some gameplay and l guess l just imagined it. Thought the game did some instrument muting, but clearly that's not the case. Played the game half a dozen times, but my memory still fails me! Oh, well, nevermind me, then.

Thanks for the USA stream files, though. That was the only major thing missing.

edited 2:34 PM EST February 21, 2022
by punk7890-2 at 7:28 PM EST on February 21, 2022

Turns out there was 4 exclusive songs in the USA version. I've updated the set over here for now.

edited 7:29 PM EST February 21, 2022
by Nyarlathotep at 2:55 AM EDT on April 2, 2022
Would anyone be able to rip the music from the PC game, "Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos?" There are three versions of the game "Yugi the Destiny," "Kaiba the Revenge" & "Joey the Passion." Each version only has about 10 tracks, but said tracks are unique to each version of the game.
by bnnm at 10:06 AM EDT on April 10, 2022
Some notes for people uploading sets using the frontend (

- Don't upload split archives (7z.001 7z.002...) as the uploader always breaks these (notice the filesizes get bloated) and we can't control this.
If you need to upload files bigger than max, upload to some decent hosting and post the link here or preferably on hcs64's discord as it may get overlooked in the forums.
It may also work if you manually split files into N sets (Blah blah[PC](part1).7z, Blah blah[PC](part2).7z) and use the uploader.

- Issues with your set may be notified in the pending upload list (by adding a comment) so keep an eye on that:

- Sets are irregularly uploaded so don't fret if it takes a week or more.
by bnnm at 11:00 AM EDT on April 10, 2022
Also some guidelines when ripping sets.

- Set format:
Must be .7z (not .zip/.rar). Preferably high compression but not "solid" type (either is accepted).

Filename: "[uploader name]Game name in English [optional, phonetic name of original release] (Release date YYYY-MM-DD)(Developer)(Publisher)[Platform][other tags].7z"

If dev and publisher are the same put it just once. "Tags" are any text that help us understand what is your file about: [re-rip/rr] = newly done, [upd] added some files, [unplayable] if the set can't actually play but you still think it should be added, etc.

- Set contents:
Don't make a base folder with the set name: DON'T "Game-name (dev)[PC].7z/Game-name (dev)[PC]/01.adx"
Instead: "Game-name (dev)[PC].7z/01.adx"

Sets should start with base files, so avoid "Game-name (dev)[PC].7z/bgm/01.adx" for no reason (there are exceptions, like a set containing multiple sub-games or too much music that is easier to use in subdirs). You can add subdirs for non-base music like DLC, movies, etc. If you use .txtp in the base folder you can move

Generally only add SFX/voices for jingles/musical stuff, unless you have a good reason to preserve them.

Movie audio is ok to include but try to avoid videos that are just sfx.

You may add a !playlist.m3u to play certain files in order, or !tags.m3u instead (see below). For rip info put a text file like !info.txt, and extra stuff (like helper .bms or interesting files that aren't directly used) preferably put them into a !extra.7z so they don't clutter the music.

- Data *must* be original audio format, unmodified as extracted from the games:
* If vgmstream plays the file as-is, don't change it to another format (even if data is somewhat preserved). For example, don't transform .fsb to .ogg.
* If you are using UnityAssetStudio be aware to uncheck "Convert audio to WAV", so original .fsb are extracted.
* If you have a custom .vag/dsp/etc (PS2 audio), don't transmogrify to .ss2/dsp/etc via .bms (use TXTH).
* Generic containers can be extracted to get audio, but audio containers preferably keep as-is:
* If you have .ogg, don't change the files to add tags (see below)
* EA formats like .mus are playable if you have the corresponding .mpf, don't extract (that way it's much easier to setup full songs with .txtp)
* CD-DA audio can be changed to .flac. If game has actual .wav preferably avoid .flac though, as it may delete metadata
* Movie audio can be extracted into the original format (no .usm to .wav, but .usm to .hca), using tools like VGMToolbox or ffmpeg or custom bms
* There are some exceptions accepted case by case.

The proper way to play unsupported formats is using a .txth that tells vgmstream how to play the file, so original data is preserved. If you want to modify it for your personal use that's cool, but please upload the original data.

- Don't rename files. Some exceptions are:
* Special extensions .lwav/logg/etc may be used (see below)
* If there aren't filenames to begin with in extracted files you can use anything, but typically should be (original bigfile)_(0-padded number).(ext)
* If files are scattered across directories you may use (dirname)~(filename).ext for clarity
* may add prefixes like "(movie) filename.ext" too but consider adding a /movie dir instead
* you may name TXTP, *SF and other fake formats you create anything

- Extensions:
You may change common extensions that get hijacked by players to our designated fake ones if necessary: .wav > .lwav, .ogg > .logg, etc. But NOT .wav > .xwav (use .lwav).

Also don't change extensions just to force files into vgmstream (unless you have a *very* good reason). Instead notify so it can be fixed. For example don't .xms > .lwav. Once fixed in code, any game using original extension (.xms) will work.

Exception of this are clearly fake extensions, or incorrectly made up by some faulty .bms (like .wav instead of proper .at3, use the latter).

- Tagging:
If you want to tag streamed/extracted music consider using !tags.m3u:

This doesn't apply to *sf formats that have their own tagging.

Also you can make .txtp can be renamed to anything you want (being a fake format) then point to some original filename.

In rare cases we may have an original set then a [tagged] variation with renamed files, but consider just updating the original set with !tags.m3u.

- For wwise sets consider following this (basically: include .bnk, don't rename .wem):

Note that vgmstream has evolved by leaps and bounds and we aim for preservation, so if you are used to old ripping ways consider joining discord for some guidance.

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by TimmyTurner1 at 9:21 PM EDT on April 10, 2022
Quick question: was the tagged version of Final Fantasy VI's Pixel Remaster ever uploaded? I saw on the contribute page that it was submitted, but it's been in progress since the game was released.
by almendaz at 11:36 PM EDT on April 11, 2022


"Sets should start with base files, so avoid "Game-name (dev)[PC].7z/bgm/01.adx" for no reason (there are exceptions, like a set containing multiple sub-games or too much music that is easier to use in subdirs). You can add subdirs for non-base music like DLC, movies, etc. If you use .txtp in the base folder you can move"

>> What is the threshold for "too much music"? I think (just my opinion) that we should at least point out which source file each extracted audio comes from, if sound is spread out between many source files.

"Generally only add SFX/voices for jingles/musical stuff, unless you have a good reason to preserve them."

>> While ripping music data, rippers could upload their leftover(?) sfx audio to that other webpage which hosts sfx data, I don't remember its name. Two birds in one shot.
LEGO Dimensions (DLC) (2015-09-27)(TT Games)(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)[Wii U][update] by Puterboy1 at 11:14 AM EDT on April 12, 2022
LEGO Star Wars - The Skywalker Saga (2016-04-05) (TT Games) (Warner Bros.) [PC] by Puterboy1 at 11:21 AM EDT on April 12, 2022
Iruna Online OST by Danilo82 at 7:36 AM EDT on April 28, 2022
I've set it to 3 days, please download it before its too late
it is the original format file
by ChillyBilly at 2:10 PM EDT on April 29, 2022
@bnnm: Thanks for the notes! I've been using the frontend for a while now (hence my lack of posts around these parts), and was wondering why I still haven't seen my bigger sets included in the main page. Looks like I'll have to scrounge them back up and upload them through GDrive when I get the chance. Anyway, for something new:

Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness

^The original JP version was uploaded here many moons ago, but this set includes all the DLC tracks! Now you can enjoy that Yuzo Koshiro goodness in different sound chip variations! ;)

And while we're on the subject of DLC... I notice the Otomedius X set still hasn't been updated with its bonus tracks? I've still got them here, if anyone's interested.
by Danilo82 at 6:08 PM EDT on May 1, 2022
man i really don't want to upload the Naruto untimate ninja storm 4 again
this dude comes with "fix base dir"
and now "upload acb+awb"
there are the original files
ultimate ninja storm 4 isnt the same as 3
as the boruto version i think is different from the base version
so i don't care anymore
by ChillyBilly at 4:15 PM EDT on May 5, 2022
As promised, mirrors of the bigger sets, + a few new ones (all Switch):

Colossus Down

Cotton Fantasy (Brought this up in the vgmstream thread, but for now you're probably gonna need to split this one into WAV files with VGMToolbox's advanced cutter)


Jin Conception

Klang 2

Mayhem Brawler

Metal Tales: Overkill

Rise of the Third Power

Tempest 4000

Enjoy, y'all! :)
by EHT_shiniori at 8:19 PM EDT on May 5, 2022
i'm back.

i have already posted two "vgm" rips from two PS2 games. they can seen on the next post below this one, but don't expect them to be polished to your personal standards. i'm not here to satisfy any of you, and i won't try. i'm here to post unofficial sound tracks taken from the game files so i ask y'all to make this easier for me. if you have any hard feelings about this, be as concise as you can possibly be about it.

speaking of which, seems like Danilo82 is dissastified of something. do you have any suggestions on what can be done to improve your situation? seems like bnnm was disappointing you or something...

edited 8:58 PM EDT May 5, 2022
by EHT_shiniori at 8:31 PM EDT on May 5, 2022
double post, except this one is now reserved to said rips.

here they are, in no particular order.

all those .iec and .dat and .adx files you see in these packages are extracted files from bnd files that most FromSoft games used on their PS2 games. i wrote a quickBMS script just for them, and i intend to make them public. but now is not the time.
these .ss2 files came to be because i used VGMToolbox to extract individual tracks from .pss files.

they're otherwise unmodified, save for one ss2 file i had to mod using an hex editor because VGMToolbox generated three files (m2v, ss2, bin) out of an pss file instead of the expected two. the third generated file (bin) contained some FFA00000 value followed by some sort of (really small) PCM block. i figured that was related to that ss2 generated file in some way so i punched that into the end of said ss2 file in the hex editor and removed said value after that.

i needed to say all of this because bnnm is known (at least to me) to throw accusations of these files being "bad rips". that may have caused Danilo82 to lose trust in that person...

edited 9:28 PM EDT May 5, 2022
by bnnm at 9:07 AM EDT on May 6, 2022
@EHT_shiniori - I think you misunderstand. Rules I posted in the prev page aren't my personal preferences (I don't care for dev and dates, for example), but community-agreed standards that already existed.

I just wrote them for people not paying attention. If 99% of uploaded sets follow certain names and contents it's expected new uploaded sets also follow them.

You should enjoy your music and share your sets in any way you want, just they can't be uploaded to unless they follow some rules. If Danilo82 doesn't want to follow those that's ok, but I recommend posting a link here or the vgm distribution thread instead of uploading to the queue (that is used for sets going to the main site).

Also understand that managing the queue takes a lot of time and effort. There are +150 sets in the queue (plus a bunch posted here) and if we'd have to put a couple of minutes in fixing names/folders/reuploading/etc (and it takes a lot more), that'd be +5h hours of work. So the only manageable thing is to leave messages in hopes they guide people to the archive standards, minimizing time spent fixing sets.

edited 9:08 AM EDT May 6, 2022
by EHT_shiniori at 10:19 AM EDT on May 6, 2022

edited 10:20 AM EDT May 6, 2022
by EHT_shiniori at 2:58 PM EDT on May 6, 2022
OK, i may need to double-check my rips. the files themselves are techniclly untouched but as for "iec" and "dat" files i don't know how to make anything useful out of them. what i do know is that they look like standard "IECS"-ish files and i would need to make an PSF2 file out of them but i'd rather not touch that with a ten-foot pole.
by EHT_shiniori at 5:36 PM EDT on May 15, 2022
new rip today.

introducing the PS4 version of Nioh. these files you're about to download are sourced from the base game plus the 01.23 update. i don't have the Complete Edition PS4 files. and in the event that i did i would need the 01.23 files from said "edition" as well. i was very lucky here.

please note that the txtp files are not included in this pack. making even one of them would involve a deep dive into understanding the game files. alas, i don't think i can invest my time in this. maybe later though but don't count on it.

edited 5:38 PM EDT May 15, 2022
not a rip by elburg at 11:11 AM EDT on May 27, 2022
me when joshw gets updated:
by ChillyBilly at 12:46 AM EDT on May 28, 2022
Just a single bigger set for now:

Soundfall (NS)
by EHT_shiniori at 2:39 PM EDT on May 29, 2022
just a heads up.

the PlayStation 4 version of Tales of Berseria uses the ATRAC9 codec (with RIFF WAVE format no less) for just about every sound in the game. including music compositions, dialogue voices, ambient effects, battle sounds and even foley effects. not BNSF like the other (PS3, Steam) versions.

they all bear the SPSAT9 extension. current way to play them would be to rename their extensions to AT9.

alas, this is all i can share right now. see you later i guess.

edited 2:44 PM EDT May 29, 2022
me doing (re-)rips by Alpha23 at 12:38 PM EDT on June 21, 2022
In case you don't check the main forum all that often, here's what I wrote:

"I've recently started to check single platforms for gaps and updating existing rips.
Since the beginning I've included:
- !info.txt: basic info about the process, what's included, notes etc.
- !Extras.7z:
* every QuickBMS script I wrote/used
* sometimes an extractor
* config files (*.xml, *.cfg or similar) that contain info about the music
* the whole "nullified" game folders (i.e. a 7z file that includes the complete game files but substituted with zeros to compress it down to a few kbs)
Here's the script I wrote to nullify (just write to the disk root):

get SIZE asize
get NAME filename
get PATH filepath
string NAME p "%s\%s" PATH NAME

What do you think about this? I think it gives much more insight into the ripping process and might clear up some questions.
Especially interested in your thoughts about including the complete nullified game!"

If you look inside the upload directory you can see how many tracks I've added through my re-rip. It's amazing how much is still missing, especially videos. But also because old rips don't consider checking other archives of the game - there are often many additional tracks to discover when checking these. If I have the feeling that there could be other tracks lurking within archives, I ALWAYS try to write an extraction script. If I fail, I don't upload the rip until I've succeeded or got help on Zenhax.
Seeing that I can more or less easily add missing tracks to just about every rip I look at (at least in case of PSP), I've got the feeling that 50-75% of the rips are actually incomplete.
by bnnm at 5:23 PM EDT on June 21, 2022
I don't see an issue (I also add !extra.7z) but the nullified filesystem seems kind of odd and uncompresses into (potentially) GBs of empty data that most people don't expect or understand if uncompressed by mistake. You could get similar results with a simple .txt listing the original files/dir structure I think, I've added that into past into my rips too (when the structure was actually interesting).

While re-rips are always welcome and appreciated, please take a look to my latest posts in this thread, that explain some recent community-agreed standards (this in particular). vgmstream has advanced leaps and bounds in the latest +10 years so old stuff may not be needed anymore. In particular, we now value a lot more that data is as unmodified as possible.


Some more extra tips:
- try to not upload huge number of rips at once as it literally takes hours to check them (~140 rips * at least +3 min each = ~7 hours). Start lower so we can exchange feedback so further rips are streamlined and don't take that much time.

- please don't transform one format into other or paste newly made headers into raw data. If vgmstream can play a file no need to modify, and if it can't play it there is a very high change it can be easily supported with .txth (or report bug).

For example vgmstream can play EA's .mpf+.mus fine. That's a real audio format they use, so no need to split .mus into small files. With mpf+mus and .txtp it's easy to setup full songs, with split files loses original metada data in mpf. Same with .awb+acb.

Videos get more of a pass since you need to alter them a bit anyway to extract audio, but try to use formats closer to the original if possible. For example .mp4 is best transformed to .m4a, since it preserves correct sample counts and metadata, while .aac destroys them (file's samples will be slightly longer that should be, and players like foobar can't get total time from .aac) and modifies all the data (pastes new .aac frame headers to original data). So preferably:
ffmpeg.exe -i file.mp4 -vn -acodec copy file.m4a
VGMToolBox demuxers are ok too, some demuxer bms for odd formats here too.

- make clear when you are using a header id/fourcc (use full id) or a real extension for lesser known files.

Imagine if somebody posted a rip with a fake ".rif" extension from RIFF. That doesn't look very real but it's hard to discern just from the files. ".wav" or ".at3" or ".wem" are more likely extensions depending on several factors, we can fix that if we know it's just a fake extension.

If a game has a, say, real ".wave" extension that is just a ".at9" and vgmstream doesn't play it by default, just report and it'll be fixed, no need to rename to .at9 (so next person that rips that game or encounters a similar .wave will be able to play those by default without having to fiddle around with extensions).

If data is raw inside a bigfile and there is no known extension it's common to use ".vgmstream" (this signals no extension is known = easy to change later), vs using ".vag" that may or may not be the original ext (= hard to know / fix). Note sometimes extensions are in the executable as debug info, those are ok too.

Similarly old fake extensions like ".bika" aren't needed anymore, vgmstream can play ".bik" (original ext) in demuxed videos just fine.

- For regular .wav don't convert to .flac, as it destroys metadata (such as loop info) by default. We have tons of server space anyway for preservation. For CD-audio it's fine to use .flac (name files so it's clear it's CDDA). There are games that do use .flac, so this kind wav>flac obscures real cases.

- For DLC that are just a few tracks it's better to update and upload the existing rip (when DLing a rip it's expected to contain most audio). Put it in some "dlc" subfolder for example if not obvious from filenames. Saves us tons of time if new set is ready as-is.

If the DLC is some kind of standalone thing or is sizeable enough to be considered its own thing then can be added as a new set.

- Note that Wwise .wem and .bnk IDs are unsigned numbers (string NAME p= "%u" ID). Not a big deal since files can be renamed later but might as well :)

- Consider moving movie files (specially if mixed with audio) into some "movie" subfolder. Not a rule or anything but some people don't like them and that way it's easier to ignore, and having them in base dir tends to clutter rips. One can include a !playlist.m3u pointing to those subdirs too.

- Also consider learning a bit about .txth and .txtp (vgmstream functions) for even better rips. For example in La-Mulana EX, loop points are in the pack.dat file. Those can be "installed" using .txtp to get looped .at9 like the game does (example)

Remember, this is for uploading into the archive, one can do whatever with local files or shared in other threads, though the archive should be original data that one can change into anything at a later date (vs pre-modified data that can't be reversed).


Note that the forums aren't that active so takes a some time to notice posts, don't fret if it takes a while. Check the discord thread for a more lively place too.
Fall guys by despycl at 10:12 PM EDT on July 3, 2022
Since the launch of the f2p update for fall guys, some new music pieces were introduced. Could anyone upload a new rip with all the current/new music files? Would be highly appreciated!
by SoundGLSI at 11:07 PM EDT on July 3, 2022
Oh boy, the entire ONGEKI game library is here. This will be a trip for me, as I love rhythm game music.
by PokemonTrainer at 10:30 AM EDT on August 26, 2022
I ripped the audio files form the J2ME ver of FINAL FANTASY I and FINAL FANTASY II.I want to upload them to this website,how can I do?
by PokemonTrainer at 10:34 AM EDT on August 26, 2022
I ripped some FMVs form FINAL FANTASY series,and some of the game music was included in the movie file.Should I upload the movie file,or separate the audio form the video file?
by EHT_shiniori at 8:59 PM EDT on August 27, 2022
post them here.
all of them.
Please post, but read the message... by threeblacknoises at 5:13 AM EDT on September 2, 2022
All music rips do have videos included, but you need to separate the audio and only include that.
A rip request. by threeblacknoises at 5:16 AM EDT on September 2, 2022
Now that it's all done, could someone please rip and post Kingdom hearts Union cross/Dark Road?
It hasn't been updated sense march of last year.
I don't mind adding stuff in from the older rip and removing dooplicates.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place...

edited 1:34 PM EDT September 2, 2022
by Franpa at 8:29 AM EDT on September 12, 2022
Is there a copy of the Astalon: Tears of the Earth music that isn't biased towards the left speaker?

The Switch and PC releases have this issue, unsure about other releases of the game. May affect all of them/simply be how it's recorded in the first place.
Rise of the Guardians (2012-11-20)(Torus)(D3 Publisher)[Wii] by DarkSolidSnake at 1:42 PM EDT on September 18, 2022
Today i ripped the music from Rise of the Guardians for the Wii. Unfortuanently, the 7z size when compressed and packaged is larger than 300MB. i've posted a link and it is set until the file is in the upload listing.
Re:Rise of the Guardians (2012-11-20)(Torus)(D3 Publisher)[Wii] by DarkSolidSnake at 3:33 PM EDT on September 21, 2022
The link has been deleted, as bxaimc published the file in the link.
txth Correction by Daedalus at 9:43 PM EDT on September 24, 2022
I've noticed what I believe is an error in the .txth file included with the Fatal Frame 1 PSF2 files. The following is a correction to ".STR.txth"

codec = PSX_bf
channels = 2
sample_rate = 48000
interleave = 0x800
num_samples = data_size

Without having this correction, the pitch of many songs is lower than it should be, which can be verified by comparing tracks to the Official OST included in the Fatal Frame 20th Anniversary Celebration DLC. A specific example which illustrates this very clearly is Track 7 - "Rope Mansion."
Editing Fatal Frame 2 & 3 .HXD files by Daedalus at 2:28 PM EDT on September 25, 2022
I've been looking at the PSF2 files for Fatal Frame 2 and 3 as well. In foobar2000, these music files produce many artifacts when played. I was going to try tweaking the settings file, but with these filesets, the settings appear to be stored in a series of ".hxd" files, which is some kind of binary format. Is there a way to edit these, or at least a converter so they are human readable/editable?
by Nyarlathotep at 1:57 PM EDT on September 26, 2022
Would anyone be able to rip the mobile game, "God Eater: Online?" The game shut down back in 2018 so it would be cool if the music could be archived like God Eater: Resonant Ops' audio was.
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (2008-09-16)(Krome)(LucasArts)[Wii] by DarkSolidSnake at 9:21 AM EDT on September 29, 2022
Today i have another link for my gamerip of the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. When i compressed my rip into a 7z file, again, the file size is larger than 300MB.

I posted a link and it is set until the file is published to by bxaimc
by J2023 at 12:34 PM EDT on October 7, 2022
I was wondering that if anyone signed-up, being involved participating for the Street Fighter 6 "Closed Beta Test" demo that just started yesterday (which runs until it's servers shut down on October 10) would extract the sounds, voices, and BGM from the PC (Steam) version for archiving? I'm unsure if the music from that would be preserved, as the full game (releasing next year) uses the RE Engine...

edited 1:01 PM EDT October 7, 2022
by J2023 at 1:35 PM EDT on October 8, 2022
Just noticed that the BGM from the SF6 CBT demo has been extracted at last on the site, and yes there's a lot of BGM files (except that they all don't have their proper wwise names yet).

Now, I'll be waiting for someone more experienced to extract all of the SFX and voices from the PC (Steam) version of the closed beta test before it's servers shut down after October 10th of the month...

edited 10:19 PM EDT October 8, 2022
A new rip by me. by DarkSolidSnake at 1:56 PM EDT on October 22, 2022
Today i have ripped the music from the 3DS version of Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue.

During the ripping process, i only extracted two tracks while digging deep into the packfile.dat file. Upon further investigation, these tracks are the only ones used in the game.

I also ripped the cutscene audio in multiple languages as well.

Please wait until the rip that i have uploaded is posted by bxaimc to

edited 2:09 PM EDT October 22, 2022
A new rip by me. 2/2 by DarkSolidSnake at 3:13 PM EDT on October 23, 2022
Today i ripped the music from the Wii version of Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue.

During the ripping process, i have a similar issue. i made a mistake, but however, i have rematched and fixed the mistake. I also found more tracks than the 3DS version, too.

Like i did with the 3DS version, i also ripped the cutscene audio in multiple languages as well.

The .mo files in the Wii version uses FastAudio/A3 codec instead of PCM audio (all .mo files)

Please wait until the rip that i have uploaded is posted by bxaimc to

edited 3:14 PM EDT October 23, 2022
by civ at 11:41 AM EST on November 7, 2022
Does anyboy have a rip of Dr. Mario World 2.4.0? The one on the archive is quite old.
by ChillyBilly at 8:36 PM EST on November 11, 2022
Goodness, it's been a while.... anyway, got some bigger sets to post here:

Aeon Must Die! (NS)

ANNO: Mutationem (NS)

Bullet Soul: Infinite Burst (NS)

Kamiwaze: Way of the Thief (NS)

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (PS4)
LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes (2012-06-19)(Traveller's Tales)(Warner Bros.)[Wii] by DarkSolidSnake at 9:48 AM EST on November 12, 2022
Today i ripped the music from the Wii version of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Nobody has ripped the music files from the console versions of the game. So i did it myself.

The music files and even cutscene audio are stored in .GCM files and the movie data are stored in unreadable .fmv files. The archive when packed is larger than 300MB which is almost 1GB.

I posted a link and it is set until the file is uploaded.

edited 9:48 AM EST November 12, 2022
by EHT_shiniori at 7:17 PM EST on November 23, 2022
managed to rip the TLA Wii game from 2010. and holy shit.

full set (fmod files plus bink audio files) coming soon! (if ever lol)
LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes (2012-06-19)(Traveller's Tales)(Warner Bros.)[Wii] by DarkSolidSnake at 8:31 PM EST on November 27, 2022
EDIT: The file has been uploaded, in addition, the .FMV files can actually be played via a TXTH!
by EHT_shiniori at 7:28 PM EST on November 29, 2022
so, the search function from is now basically useless to me. zero results to anything i'm trying to search through what is quite literally just a simple search bar.

edited 7:28 PM EST November 29, 2022
by hcs at 7:52 PM EST on November 29, 2022
The frontend at isn't being maintained, until we switch to a new one you might try

edited 7:53 PM EST November 29, 2022
by ChillyBilly at 2:29 AM EST on December 3, 2022
Just gonna leave this here: ;)

River City Girls 2 (NS)
by Nyarlathotep at 10:39 AM EST on December 11, 2022
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls (2021-09-17)(Konami)[iOS]

This is from the Apple Arcade re-release from 2021. This is from the latest update, Version 1.4.1.

edited 10:39 AM EST December 11, 2022
by SoundGLSI at 9:38 PM EST on December 30, 2022
Just discovered this thing called bemani2wav, it has Winamp and foobar2000 plugins too. I tested it with a beatmania IIDX game I downloaded from the server two years ago and it works!
The author says that (maybe) it will include support for Pop'n Music arcade as well.
by ChillyBilly at 3:26 PM EST on January 8, 2023
Hey guys, happy new year! So, I dunno if it's just me, but it seems that the new frontend still has trouble with uploads over 300MB. Whether or not that's the case, I figured I may as well play it safe and keep posting mirrors of my bigger sets here! So, here's a few to get the new year started (all Switch):

Celestian Tales
Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star

by bnnm at 6:09 PM EST on January 16, 2023
New uploader handles big files fine so far (max 1GB). More likely, you uploaded a file with a long name in a long path on Windows, and name got cut (Win issue). In those cases try moving file to a shorter path first.

In general it takes far more effort handling uploads here than from the uploader so please use that one if possible.
by ChillyBilly at 8:21 PM EST on January 20, 2023
@bnnm: Alright, I'll give it another shot when I make my next round of uploads. In the meantime, have a set that definitely goes way over limit, lol:

The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki Kai (PC)
by EHT_shiniori at 3:57 PM EST on January 24, 2023
so i'm currently sampling some music from the Forsaken Demo (got in on my Windows 10 machine through the Microsoft Store, and i made sure to add said demo to my Steam and Epic Games Store library just because) that just came out and... uhh, what the hell was that?

as the soundtrack is composed by Bear McCreary and Garry Schyman you'd think this would be an epic listen for the ages... right?

edited 4:08 PM EST January 24, 2023

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