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by ryuzaki_mrl at 1:43 PM EDT on April 30, 2016
Sure, here it is:!30528&authkey=!AEWgnkHbz5bhcfo&ithint=file%2czip

I'm trying to build the lobby ball songs. I got all the notes and instruments, what's next?
by Kharaxel at 3:59 PM EDT on May 2, 2016
Hi. Could anyone pretty please rip the music from
"Kaitou Joker: Toki o Koeru Kaitou to Ushinawareta Houseki".
In fact, I would love somebody if they could also upload the decrypted files from the rom, or provide a xorpad for romfs of the game. Because aside from music I also want to take a look at sprites and the like.
Thank you.
(And no. Decrypted game is not available anywhere, hence why I resorted to bother you guys).
by robotortoise at 10:43 AM EDT on May 3, 2016
Thank you, ryuzaki_mrl!

Huh, it's funny that all the 8 bit songs have all their channels, even thought they're simplistic 8 bit renditions. Maybe they just copy and pasted from the original source MIDIs?

Either way; it's neat!
[Request] Ultimate Angler / Swapnote by MrMarowak at 7:53 PM EDT on May 5, 2016
Hi, all. I was wondering if someone would be able to get the song "Mysteria Deep Sea Cruise" from Ultimate Angler (StreetPass Fishing) as well as the main theme from Swapnote (Nintendo Letterbox) for me. Thanks! :)
by HelpTheWretched at 11:41 PM EDT on May 7, 2016
On the subject of Tri Force Heroes...

I've got all the streamed music extracted and the multi-tracks separated, but has anybody been able to find accurate info on the volume balance for the tracks in various totem positions?

I could do reconstruct them by doing in-line recordings and approximating the levels, but, accuracy and all that. :)
by Linkou at 2:52 AM EDT on May 8, 2016
@HelpTheWretched : You can see here

I've upload all the music with the different totem position in Solo gameplay.

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by HelpTheWretched at 4:16 PM EDT on May 8, 2016
@Linkou: Neat, thanks!

It sounds, to me, like this:
2-Link Carrier is the Normal song + Male Chorus
3-Link Carrier is Normal song + Male Chorus + Extra Drums
Middle of the Totem is the Female Chorus
Top of the Totem is 50% Normal song, 50% Female Chorus

Is that correct?
by The12thGripper at 6:43 PM EDT on May 8, 2016
The sound volumes for each variant are more complex then just that, I forget what they are exactly but I've already done the ones for Deku Forest myself.
by Linkou at 7:27 AM EDT on May 9, 2016
@HelpTheWretched : Yes. Middle of the totem is female choir and drums, but the drums volum is lower than the female choir.
by HelpTheWretched at 6:14 PM EDT on May 10, 2016
Thanks again, you two.

@The12thGripper: Those versions sound great. Gotta love LAME 320kbs, I can actually decode them and analyse the sound volumes. Did you have an official source for the volumes or were they approximated mixes?

It's not terribly important, since I'm just working with my personal soundtrack rips for personal use.
by The12thGripper at 8:05 PM EDT on May 10, 2016
I used the game to approximate the volumes. The audio levels for each variation might be consistent throughout the game but I never looked into it, might save you some time.

Also: if you haven't downloaded the music files that were included in the updates, MurraySkull extracted them a couple pages back.

EDIT: I found a document on my computer that might help you recreate each variant if each track uses the same volumes for the variants. I used Audacity so this would only help you if you use that.

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by HelpTheWretched at 6:37 PM EDT on May 11, 2016
I already ripped the updates' music, but thanks for the link!

And yes, I recently started using Audacity, so I assume those values in your document are decibels? Though something tells me the Base Song in Totem-Top shouldn't be 100%. :P

You've been a huge help. I'll try making my own recordings & approximations anyway, to see if they're consistent throughout the stages, and to see how closely they resemble what you found.
by The12thGripper at 6:05 PM EDT on May 12, 2016
Yeah, they're in decibels. I don't know if there's another way to adjust volume in Audacity but I use the gain function to adjust the volume. You can probably get it to be more precise by manually typing in an amount to raise or decrease but I only used the slider (which goes by whole numbers) for my rips.
by HelpTheWretched at 7:38 PM EDT on May 12, 2016
There probably is a more precise gain input, somewhere.

I'm reading that 75% volume is a gain of almost exactly -2.5 dB, and 50% is almost exactly -6 dB. Some of your numbers are close to those, so that might have been what they were going for.

The snare drum seems to be present in the Middle-of-Totem variation, since I can hear a hint of rhythm. Sounds pretty close to -14 dB (20%).
8-bit musics by Linkou at 9:28 AM EDT on May 14, 2016
Does anyone have managed to get the sound effects and MIDI partitions for the 8-bit music? It would have someone who knows make soundfont or .dls files to get music!
by HelpTheWretched at 2:27 AM EDT on May 15, 2016
Linkou: MIDIs are in this thread, top of page 90. :) The "instruments" are in the .bcsar along with all the other samples, but I'm not sure if anyone's worked on those yet.
by dj4uk6cjm at 2:42 AM EDT on May 15, 2016
It would be awesome and really helpful if someone could make a soundfont for Triforce Heroes to pair with those midis, good for remaking/remastering those songs if anyone has attempted to.
by Linkou at 5:44 AM EDT on May 15, 2016
What has been extracted, it is the MIDI files to normal music, but with this STRG_Text file I got with extracting "Alice.bcsar" there is a MIDI file to normal music AND for the musics in 8- bit.But I don't understand anything ... How to extract MIDI files? All I get, they are .CSEQ files I could convert with cseq2mid.exe but the problem is that it's wrong and I can not open them. Then, how identify with the text file, what files are located instruments for use MIDI files? It's complicated to extract this file BCSAR! It's the same for the ball melodies, they are the MIDI files but where are the instruments?

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by The12thGripper at 3:47 PM EDT on May 15, 2016
The instruments for the chiptune music are located in the "BANK_BGM_FAMICON" and "BANK_BGM_FAMICON_SKY" files.

Someone had compiled soundfonts to play back the music from sequenced games but they never shared the tools and we also can't playback any additional effects that may have been added to the song during playback. (though, I doubt any effects were applied to the chiptune songs)
by Linkou at 3:40 AM EDT on May 16, 2016
How did you extract and convert the CBNK files ?
by The12thGripper at 3:40 PM EDT on May 16, 2016
I didn't and I don't know how, sorry.
by soneek at 4:01 PM EDT on May 16, 2016
The tool was shared, a while ago. No one followed through with learning how to use it though (I thought I mentioned how to use it). It's somewhat complicated since I didn't implement a soundfont writer. I did it as a class project.


You need SF2Comp, decoded lwavs from every bcwav for a wave archive, and the template files in each bank folder.
by AnonRunzes at 9:30 PM EDT on May 16, 2016
@soneek - You forgot to mention that before you do these steps, you also need to compile the tool from github, therefore making the process more complicated for those who haven`t been used to compiling code stuff.
by Koto at 9:37 AM EDT on May 17, 2016
Nintendo Badge Arcade has AAC files which don't have loop info at all. Could someone get it from the game data? Thanks

See ya
by Linkou at 11:24 AM EDT on May 17, 2016
@soneek : It's nice to offer full of useful tools like this, but I don't have programming skills to compile these tools, I find myself each time in impossibility forward as the only tools available are source and not compiled! A compiled version of this software does it exist? :(

@Koto : You can loop this manually with Audacity, copy and paste at the end of the sound to create a loop.

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by Koto at 12:10 PM EDT on May 17, 2016
@Linkou: I know, but I want the samples used in the game to make perfect loops :)

See ya
by The12thGripper at 4:26 PM EDT on May 17, 2016
I...don't know why I forgot that you did, sorry about that.

I have zero knowledge of compiling programs but I wouldn't mind looking into it once I'm done with school in a few weeks.
by robotortoise at 12:11 AM EDT on May 18, 2016

Here's a compiled version:!Y0Zh1LxK!1f-7sN6G-7Y5mu23Vw3JWCJsCwAvKPW-L_PHjTjEcG4

Compiling is rather easy if you have Microsoft Visual Studio; you just select the project, and "Build Solution" with the menu. The Community version is free.
by Linkou at 6:30 AM EDT on May 18, 2016
@robotortoise Thanks but your compiled version not work... :(

Edit : I got this error after I trying to compiled the tool...

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My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess by Vulcam at 12:04 PM EDT on May 18, 2016

Link is dead. :'(

edited 12:12 PM EDT May 18, 2016
by hcs at 2:10 PM EDT on May 18, 2016
@Vulcam, link seems to work for me, he separated out the encryption key from the link.

But anyway here's an IPFS mirror: My Nintendo Picross - Twilight Princess.7z

edited 2:13 PM EDT May 18, 2016
by Vulcam at 3:25 PM EDT on May 18, 2016

Thanks, I'm probably no talent, sorry. x)
by BtEO at 5:54 PM EDT on May 19, 2016
Hyrule Warriors Legends 1.3.0

Just the one new track.

Messed up the sharing, should be fixed now.

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by Linkou at 12:48 PM EDT on May 23, 2016
No one to my problem with 3DSUSoundArchiveTool? :c
by ChillyBilly at 10:38 PM EDT on May 24, 2016
Hey guys, I recently learned how to rip 3DS games, so I'd like to contribute to the thread:

Final Fantasy Explorers (REALLY surprised a rip of this wasn't posted yet)

Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure

Naruto Powerful Shippuden

Ninja Jajamaru-kun: Sakura-hime to Karyu no Himitsu

I'll post more uploads soon!

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3DSUSoundArchiveTool by Linkou at 2:50 PM EDT on May 25, 2016
Can anyone help me to make this stupid software?
by iloveyou at 10:16 PM EDT on May 25, 2016
ChillyBilly ~ Thank you!
Has anyone tried ripping LANGRISSER ~RE INCARNATION~ yet?
by AnonRunzes at 10:24 PM EDT on May 25, 2016
What about Linkou's problem?
by ChillyBilly at 11:27 PM EDT on May 25, 2016
Here's a few more:

Game Center CX3: 3-Choume no Arino

E.X. Troopers

Kaitou Joker: Toki o Koeru Kaitou to Ushinawareta Houseki (Funny coincidence that I JUST noticed someone requesting this right before I made this post, lol)

Even more uploads will be along soon!
by Vector Harbor at 5:44 AM EDT on May 26, 2016
ChillyBilly ~

Can i request Tales of the World ? Pretty please

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by Linkou at 11:52 AM EDT on May 26, 2016
@AnonRunzes : Have you tried to compile the software too? What have you got as a result?

I'm just interested in extracting the 8-bit music from Tri Force Heroes, nothing more. They are in "Alice.bcsar" but I understand nothing by means of extracting. And now this software, 3DSUSoundArchiveTool, is unusable, removing me hope... ahahah
by AnonRunzes at 12:04 PM EDT on May 26, 2016
^ I did absolutely nothing with it.
by Linkou at 1:06 PM EDT on May 26, 2016
It left at the same point...
Soneek is the creator of the software, no? He can't help us?
by ChillyBilly at 11:50 PM EDT on May 26, 2016
Here's the next round:

Hero Bank

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Shinobi 3D (Yeah, the music files were in MP3 format to begin with)

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter: Albatross no Tsubasa

Should be able to churn out a few more before I'm out for the weekend. I'll see if I can handle any of those earlier requests...
by AceK at 8:27 AM EDT on May 27, 2016
Did anyone ever looked into ripping Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final?
by Kharaxel at 10:28 AM EDT on May 27, 2016
Holy crap! Thank you ChillyBilly for ripping Kaitou Joker! Now if only I could get my hands on all the other files from the rom. Either way, thank you once again!
by banshiryuu at 6:34 PM EDT on May 27, 2016
Oh yeah, I forgot I did some things.

Dedede's Drum Dash Deluxe

Kirby Fighters Deluxe

Pocket Card Jockey / SolitiBa
by ChillyBilly at 12:03 AM EDT on May 28, 2016
Okay, here's the last round for this week:

The Legend of Dark Witch

The Legend of Dark Witch 2

Kenka Banchou 6: Soul & Blood

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X

Toriko: Ultimate Survival (Yeah, sorry this one is like 90% voice files.... In my rush to upload it I forgot to remove 'em at the last minute. Well, maybe some of you guys would prefer to have them anyway, lol)

Also, @Vector Harbor: I looked into Tales of the World: Reve Unitia (I assume that's the game you meant) and I managed to extract the sound files using VGMToolbox. However, I sort of hit a bottleneck.... I found what I think are the BGM files, but the problem is that they're all in .bin format. Now sadly, try as I might, I simply lack the know-how to extract/convert them. So perhaps you or someone else here can find a way to do so? I've even uploaded the files in case anyone else wants to take a crack at them (though again, I'm not 100% certain if these are the music files, but here it is anyway):

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll put up some more stuff next week! :)
by MurraySkull at 2:05 AM EDT on May 28, 2016
Seem to be simple .BCWAV.
by Vector Harbor at 6:07 AM EDT on May 28, 2016
Thank for the Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Rip I really appreciate :D...

So there in bin format huh...?

I'll see what i can do !

Thank MurraySkull now i just have to rename every files in BCWAV
All right last edit on this here the info :

Channel : 1
Sample Rate : 32728
Bitrate : 149 kbps
Encoding : lossless

edited 6:35 AM EDT May 28, 2016
Tri Force Heroes 8-bit musics by Linkou at 2:32 PM EDT on May 29, 2016
I finally starting to record 8-bit music in HD using an audio cable.You can use Youtube to MP3 converter to download music from my videos here.

edited 2:33 PM EDT May 29, 2016
by ryuzaki_mrl at 11:07 PM EDT on May 29, 2016
Nice work, Linkou!
Now we only need the lobby ball songs!
I was working on them, but stopped due to little free time. I might get back at it next week.

edited 11:08 PM EDT May 29, 2016
by ChillyBilly at 10:02 PM EDT on May 30, 2016
Hey, thanks for the help, MurraySkull! Geez, to think such a head-smackingly obvious solution was right in front of me all along, lol. With that being said, I should have a fresh batch of uploads ready by tomorrow!

Oh, and @Kharaxel: I'll see if I can grab the rest of the game data for Kaitou Joker if I can. Hopefully, I can get that done by tomorrow, as well...
by Kharaxel at 7:18 AM EDT on May 31, 2016
Yiisss. Thank you so much. I shall be waiting, no need to rush though.
by ChillyBilly at 12:13 AM EDT on June 1, 2016
So the good news: I've got new uploads to share!

But, the bad news: I didn't have enough time to upload the Kaitou Joker files. On the plus side though, I DO have the files on hand, so I'll be able to upload them tomorrow at the earliest. That being said, here's my first round of rips for this week:

Super Robot Taisen BX (I REALLY wanted to rip UX also, but unfortunately, outside of a couple vocal tracks, it seems to be all sequenced music.... a darn shame.)

7th Dragon III Code: VDF

Boku no Hero Academia: Battle for All

Magi: Hajimari no Meikyuu

Weapon Shop de Omasse

Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger (Wanted to rip the prequel too, but I ran into the same problem I mentioned above with the SRW game)

I'll have more ready tomorrow (hopefully along with the Kaitou Joker data). In the meantime, enjoy!
by iloveyou at 4:26 AM EDT on June 1, 2016
OoO Super Robot BX~ ChillyBilly~ Thank you!!
Can i request [LANGRISSER ~RE INCARNATION~] Please~ ^_^ ;)
by ChillyBilly at 7:15 PM EDT on June 1, 2016
Okay, time for today's round! For the first order of business, this is for you, Kharaxel: ;)

Kaitou Joker Game Data

And now for the rest (and boy, did I get busy with uploads today):

Witch & Hero

Witch & Hero 2

Radio Hammer

Monster Strike

MapleStory: The Girl's Fate (I couldn't find the Korean version, so I ripped the JP one instead. I don't think there should be any difference between the two content-wise, though (aside from the languages, that is))

Osawari Tantei Ozawa Risa Rising 3: Nameko wa Banana no Yume o Miru ka? (aka "Touch Detective 3" if this were ever localized)

Nanatsu no Taizai - The Seven Deadly Sins: Unjust Sin (These files are in .hca format, but I found using the HCA Decoder I found in these very boards are an effective way to convert them to .wav format. Credit goes to Infernus Animositas for the original link, BTW)

Gon: Baku Baku Baku Adventure

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Part 1

One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Part 2

Beast Saga: Saikyou Gekitotsu Coliseum

Rodea the Sky Soldier

And last, but not least:

Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-

Whew! That's it for today. I should have a few more rips ready tomorrow, but not as many as in today's post, I'm afraid. In the meantime, enjoy!
by iloveyou at 8:51 PM EDT on June 1, 2016
ChillyBilly !! Thank you very much!! :)
2 problem's I'd like to have solved– by P-Kong at 12:31 AM EDT on June 2, 2016
First of all, I found one build on /r/3dshacks, but it doesn't work (Or I'm using it wrongly).
There seems to be an "official" build by soneek on his "crap2keep"/page, but it's always down.
Is it only online when soneek is, or is it down for, like, forever now.

Creating a .sf2 soundfont of these small ACNL sounds to use them in the converted .mid s up there.
I heard there already is one somewhere; can't find it (and I don't want to visit shady web pages) so I would prefer doing one myself.

Thanks in advance!
by Linkou at 10:03 AM EDT on June 2, 2016
@P-Kong : Here is the compiled cseq2mid.exe I use, it works.
by P-Kong at 10:32 AM EDT on June 2, 2016

Woo! Thanks!
That's 1/2 things I needed, and the more important one as well.

How do I use it? =P
I'm using a Mac, by the way, but have a virtual Windows 8 installed.

Sorry, I'm not too active in the scene, really, and don't follow it too intensively.

edited 10:52 AM EDT June 2, 2016
by Linkou at 11:12 AM EDT on June 2, 2016
Open a command prompt and type "cseq2midi <file.cseq>" or drag the .cseq file to cseq2midi.exe to convert it.
by P-Kong at 12:01 PM EDT on June 2, 2016
Yay, it works!
That wasn't really so clear on a Mac, so I just did the extra steps of opening Win8 and everything went on as it should.
Finally, I got this.
It's like those java files you have to open a command prompt for, tbh, but I wasn't feeling too much like a pioneer, so I'm glad I've gotten help.


Now to the last question, .sf2–esque sound font stuff:
When there is a big array of .bcwav files that are just some sounds, I suspect that they are needed for the .cseq files to be played correctly, since ACNLs K.K. tracks and such are sequenced.
But, how could I open the .cseq MIDIs with the correct sounds? (I.e. .bcwav files)
by Linkou at 12:12 PM EDT on June 2, 2016
This is also what I want to do... I don't understand anything about how to create soundfont and even less extract sequence files of .bcsar ; The 3DSUSoundArchiveTool software allows to extract sequences files and soundfonts, but it does not work and the creator has abandoned this software... So I asked help here, but nobody seems to know help me...

edited 12:13 PM EDT June 2, 2016
Extracting 3DS .bcsar files by P-Kong at 2:44 PM EDT on June 2, 2016
3DS Audio Ripper.exe shall be your solution, then.
It's what I used, so I hope this is enough of an advice.
Usage is pretty self-explanatory.

Always nice to return help to someone.

I got to extract around half of the .cseq files, K.K. Slider Songs sound somewhat confusing with the preset instruments..
Even more then I'd expect.
So creating a .sf2 would be really handy.
I might have opened the DJ K.K. versions of those, but yeah, still, no instrument can substitute the game sounds.
by dj4uk6cjm at 3:45 PM EDT on June 2, 2016
So theres no way to create a soundfont from the bcsar? Or is it just something that tedious? I really would love a soundfont for some of these 3ds games...even a universal one would be fantastic.
by The12thGripper at 9:32 PM EDT on June 2, 2016
Sweet, I got 3DSUSoundArchiveTool working. The game I tested it with wasn't sequenced so it's time to try it out with Dr. Mario.

EDIT: got a bunch of .bcseq files from Dr. Mario

very lost on what i do with them

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by ChillyBilly at 1:01 AM EDT on June 3, 2016
Here's tonight's round, all from the same series:

Bike Rider DX

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

Chari-Sou DX3: Time Rider

Chou Chari-Sou: Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter

^The latter two games haven't been released outside of Japan yet, hence me sticking with the original titles. Anyways, this series has a number of fun tunes, so check 'em out!
by Lunar at 11:12 AM EDT on June 3, 2016
Does anyone know if a tagged set for Kirby: Planet Robobot has surfaced yet?
by Linkou at 2:28 PM EDT on June 3, 2016
@P-Kong : Nice! This software is great! I got all .cseq files from 3DS Games.

Who can create or help us to create soundfonts... ??!!

@The12thGripper : Please, share your 3DSUSoundTool worked!
by ChillyBilly at 11:13 PM EDT on June 3, 2016
My bad, guys.... I didn't have enough time to upload anything new today. :( However, I assure you that I'll make up for today's lack of content with some neat stuff tomorrow! ;)
by P-Kong at 8:04 AM EDT on June 4, 2016
I saw a post by soneek somewhere, in which he roughly stated that he's creating them manually, and it's a chore.
Will edit when I find that post


That sf2comp thingy sounds neat.

edited 8:17 AM EDT June 4, 2016

EDIT2: Shoot, I forgot you cannot link to searches, not sure what I searched originally.
Sorry :/

edited 2:51 AM EDT June 5, 2016
by P-Kong at 8:04 AM EDT on June 4, 2016
<double post, sorry>

edited 8:16 AM EDT June 4, 2016
by MurraySkull at 6:47 PM EDT on June 4, 2016
Well, here's an upload from me.

Detective Pikachu:
by ChillyBilly at 12:27 AM EDT on June 5, 2016
As promised, here are my weekend uploads, starting with a focus on another particular series:

Medarot 7: Kabuto ver.

Medarot Dual: Kabuto ver.

Medarot 8: Kabuto ver.

Medarot 9: Kabuto ver.

Medarot Girls Mission: Kuwagata ver.

And the others:

Kirby: Planet Robobot (It's not tagged, but I believe someone asked for this, yes?)

LBX: Little Battlers eXperience

Ninja Battle Heroes

Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Akanekodan

Senran Kagura: Shoujoutachi no Shinei (I know someone upped Burst a while back, but I figured I'd rip the original for the heck of it)

Hero Bank 2

Kamen Rider: Travelers Senki (This is another one that uses HCA files, so use the decoder I mentioned earlier)

Enjoy, guys!

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by MurraySkull at 2:43 AM EDT on June 5, 2016
I believe they asked for it tagged.
by Lunar at 4:30 AM EDT on June 5, 2016
I did indeed, but in hindsight it was stupid to ask as it isn't out in English language territories yet. Been listening to the stream rip in work, some very nice new Kirby tunes (though imo too many songs reprised from previous games.)
by McStoat at 5:50 AM EDT on June 5, 2016
Cool, Ninja Battle Heroes! I think I tried extracting that with braindump but it wouldn't work, I don't remember anymore but I did want the music, so thanks for that! Any chance you could look into Pocket Card Jockey/Solitiba sometime, if possible, ChillyBilly? That is one of the games I tried that wouldn't work with it.
by ChillyBilly at 6:43 AM EDT on June 5, 2016
Whoopsie, noticed I accidentally linked to Medarot 9 twice! Well, that's fixed, now.

@McStoat: Someone else actually uploaded that already. Check a few pages back. ;)
by McStoat at 1:46 PM EDT on June 5, 2016
I missed that page entirely with a lot of other gems, how did that even happen? My bad. Thanks again!
by anusfest at 11:35 PM EDT on June 5, 2016
Elminage Gothic 3DS Remix GR

Elminage Ibun IBN
by ultramario1998 at 9:57 PM EDT on June 7, 2016
And now to start refreshing this page hourly until AA6 gets posted
by chaos_warchild at 7:13 PM EDT on June 8, 2016
Full Ace Attorney 6 MCA rip

From the Court Record forums
by ChillyBilly at 8:00 PM EDT on June 8, 2016
Hey guys, my bad for not posting any new rips lately.... unfortunately, life outside the 'net has kept me rather busy these past few days. Thankfully, I should have some new stuff up soon, possibly even tomorrow at the earliest (but definitely by this weekend if not)!
by Knurek at 1:18 AM EDT on June 9, 2016
Has anyone ripped Fire Emblem Fates yet?
by x3n0n at 3:14 AM EDT on June 9, 2016
.mca file rip for Ace Attorney 6 - Fixed for vgmstream


edited 3:15 AM EDT June 9, 2016

edited 3:16 AM EDT June 9, 2016
by soneek at 9:04 AM EDT on June 9, 2016
Thanks for doing the MCA fix.

Regarding Fates, I'll dump the Map Pack 2 DLC tonight, so we can have the English versions of the Shigure songs.
by ChillyBilly at 11:30 PM EDT on June 10, 2016
Okay, time for the next batch:

Lost Heroes (I know I uploaded the PSP version of this already, but I just said, "what the heck" and did the 3DS version, too)

Lost Heroes 2

Code of Princess (convert these with the aforementioned HCA decoder)

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Ride to Victory!!

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden (HCA)

Mushibugyou (HCA)

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters (HCA yet again)

Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur

Nano Assault

Toushin Toshi: Girls Gift RPG

Seisou no Amazones

Stella Glow

Might have some more stuff tomorrow, we'll see!
by Knurek at 11:08 AM EDT on June 11, 2016
Keep them coming. :)

Actually scratch that, managed to find some decrypted games

uploads for:

BOXBOY! [Hako Boy!] (2015-01-15)(HAL Laboratory)(Nintendo)
Crimson Shroud (2012-11-28)(Nex)(Level 5)
Dragon Quest Monsters - Joker 3 (2016-03-24)(Square Enix)
Dragon Quest VIII - Journey of the Cursed King [Dragon Quest VIII - Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi] (2015-08-27)(Level 5)(Cygames)(Square Enix)
Fire Emblem Fates [Fire Emblem If] (2015-06-25)(Intelligent Systems)(Nintendo)
Liberation Maiden (2012-10-04)(Grasshopper Manufacture)(Level 5)
New Love Plus+ (2014-03-27)(Konami)
Nikoli's Pencil Puzzle [Sudoku to 3-Tsu no Puzzle - Nikoli no Puzzle Variety] [Sudoku - The Puzzle Game Collection] (2011-06-02)(Natsume Atari)(Hudson)
Picross e (2011-07-27)(Jupiter)
Picross e2 (2011-12-28)(Jupiter)
Shovel Knight (2014-06-26)(Yacht Club)
SteamWorld Heist (2015-12-10)(Image & Form)

have been queued.

Might be my vgmstream install, but DQ8 sounds like it has some problems. How's our PCM16 decoder?

edited 4:53 PM EDT June 11, 2016
by Knurek at 11:47 AM EDT on June 12, 2016
And another batch, I think I'm done for now.

Inazuma Eleven Go (2011-12-15)(Level 5)
Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stones [Inazuma Eleven Go 2 - Chrono Stone] (2012-12-13)(Level 5)
Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy (2013-12-05)(Level 5)
Mega Man Legacy Collection [RockMan Classics Collection] (2016-02-23)(Capcom)(Digital Eclipse)(Capcom)
Rune Factory 4 (2012-07-19)(Neverland)(Marvelous)
SteamWorld Dig (2013-08-08)(Image & Form)
Style Savvy - Fashion Forward [Wagamama Fashion - GirlsMode - Yokubari Sengen! Tokimeki Up!] [Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward] (2014-04-17)(syn Sophia)(Nintendo)

Should be up in a few hours.
by Koto at 4:37 PM EDT on June 12, 2016
Are loop values for Shovel Knight avaliable?

Thanks in advance
by ChillyBilly at 6:32 PM EDT on June 13, 2016
Hey guys, just got one new upload for now:

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven

Dunno how busy I'll be this week, but I should hopefully have something else up by tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll probably just make one big update for the weekend like before. Once again, we'll see!
by Knurek at 10:45 AM EDT on June 14, 2016
2 new sets from me:

Harvest Moon 3D - The Lost Valley (2014-11-04)(Natsume)
Nintendogs + Cats (2011-02-26)(Nintendo)
by hcs at 12:47 PM EDT on June 14, 2016
Hi Knurek, glad to see you're picking these up on!
by Knurek at 1:16 PM EDT on June 14, 2016
@hcs: Since I have CFW N3DS, I could even do some decryption on my own, but... well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If something interesting comes out I might consider, provided other people don't beat me to the punch.

Thank you for fixing DQ83DS streams. :)
by hcs at 1:47 PM EDT on June 14, 2016
> Thank you for fixing DQ83DS streams.

Hm? Is this a "thank you in advance"?
by Knurek at 2:26 PM EDT on June 14, 2016
@hcs: I've upgraded to r1050 version you posted recently, and the streams work fine now.
by ChillyBilly at 7:40 PM EDT on June 15, 2016
Managed to get in a few uploads today:

1001 Spikes

Bloo Kid 2

Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive 2

Conveni Dream

Buddy Fight: Yuujou no Jounetsu Fight!

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

More to come by the weekend!
Rhythm Heaven Mega mix english songs. by threeblacknoises at 6:05 AM EDT on June 16, 2016
Hay all.
Rhyth Heaven Megamix just came out on eshop.
I'm going to buy it, but wonder if someone could rip the new English songs out of it.
I'm going to post a complete tagged set here once I can get the English songs.
No weird hacking would be required as the new stuff should be in the aac and strm folders that one can get without doing the weird extracking stuff that one person did to get all the practice bgms and the like.
Hope it's possible...

by ChillyBilly at 10:59 PM EDT on June 17, 2016
Time for the weekend blowout:


Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock On Victory!!

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory!!

Osawari Tantei Nameko Daihanshoku

Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina: Nameko Rhythm

Nano Assault EX

Parascientific Escape Cruise in the Distant Seas

Picdun 2: Witch's Curse

Toriko: Gourmet Battle!


Ultimate NES Remix

Choujin Ultra Baseball Action Card Battle

Chronus Arc

Justice Chronicles

Power Rangers Super Megaforce (HCA)

Magi: Aratanaru Sekai

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission

One Piece Unlimited World Red

That's it for now. But who knows, perhaps the weekend blowout isn't over just yet..... You'll just have to wait and see! ;)

Edit: Hey, I made the 1000th post for this thread!

edited 11:05 PM EDT June 17, 2016

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