Extracting ROMs from Namco Museum Archives by Vague Rant at 1:12 PM EDT on June 20, 2020
Recently, a two-volume compilation of Namco's NES/Famicom games was released on Switch and Steam. Volume 1 includes a brand new port of Pac-Man: Championship Edition to the NES, and Volume 2 includes a new port of uh, Gaplus or something, I don't remember because I don't care.

I wanted to play Pac-Man: Championship Edition NES outside of the compilation, so I figured out how to extract the ROMs from the alldata.bin package that contains the game's files.

For the most part, you can follow this guide which covers extracting M2's Castlevania Anniversary Collection:

But you need a different value for the "codec" used by M2ArchiveBatchTool. That value is "+6ZU4rBUftNHH" (without quotes). So the command you need is:

MArchiveBatchTool.exe fullunpack --keep alldata.psb.m zlib +6ZU4rBUftNHH 64

./MArchiveBatchTool fullunpack --keep alldata.psb.m zlib +6ZU4rBUftNHH 64

After extraction, you can navigate to the /system/roms/ directory to find all the extracted games, including "pacman_ce.nes". This is a normal, headered NES ROM, so it should work on any half decent NES emulator.
by hcs at 8:21 PM EDT on June 20, 2020
Neat, thanks for the info! I see that it's a wiki, could you add your notes there?
by Vague Rant at 10:37 PM EDT on June 20, 2020
Unfortunately, that project only allows collaborators to edit its wiki, so randoms can't contribute directly. I filed an issue on their tracker with this information, though.

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