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by manakoAT at 1:01 PM EDT on May 15, 2008
here you have a little list what's ripped and will be implemented to vgmstream ...


BTW: vgmstream_r125 is up :o)
by MarkGrass at 3:06 PM EDT on May 15, 2008
Awesome, you found your way here, manako!

Your presence is always welcome, informative and helpful. Cheers, mate!
by marcusss at 8:07 PM EDT on May 15, 2008
Hey Manako, thanks for that link.

All those sets you posted on your site.. any place to get the ones that are not on the hcs bonus section like castlevania CoD , LoI svag music and other ones etc..
on a roll by hcs at 10:17 PM EDT on May 15, 2008
vgmstream r130 now up.
added .mic, _lr.dsp (Bomberman Jetters), .mss, .gcm
by stahn1456 at 12:36 AM EDT on May 16, 2008
Does anybody here have some of these music files that they would be willing to host for download to prevent a long download of a rom?

I am mainly interested in Tales of Symphonia and Abyss, Baten Kaitos Origins, Sonic Adventure DX, 2, and Heroes, Disgaea, La Pucelle, and Legaia 2.

Great work by the way guys and thanks!

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by Mouser X at 5:47 AM EDT on May 16, 2008
Frist off, try checking the DSP Distribution thread. It's likely that you'll find some useful links in there. This forum also (thanks to joshw) has a search feature. Try searching for "bonus" or something... Yes I could give a direct link, but I'm avoiding doing so, in the hopes that HCS's bandwidth won't be raped. Both Tales games are available on this very site, as is most (all?) of the Sonic stuff. Baten Kaitos, Disgea, La Pcelle and Legaia 2 are probably not on this site (but could be, if certain someones upload them). Look around. You're not the first to ask for these sets. They've been linked to many times. Mouser X over and out.

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by marioman at 8:31 AM EDT on May 16, 2008
@hcs: Can't seem to get the .gcms from Monkey Ball Adventure to work in the new version of in_vgmstream. FYI.
by hcs at 9:03 AM EDT on May 16, 2008
Well, that might be because I didn't add the extensions to in_vgmstream, oops.

Here's r131, which at least recognizes the extension. I don't seem to have the files from the game you mention on hand, so let me know if they don't work (I'd only tested it with Lego Star Wars .gcms).

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by marioman at 6:07 PM EDT on May 16, 2008
Fixed. Thanks hcs.
by hcs at 7:27 PM EDT on May 16, 2008
r140 now up. Winamp plugin now has configuration and seeking, let me know of any issues.
I added the Super Paper Mario hack. Rename the files to .brstmspm and they will be played at the correct speed.
Also added mono Cstr.
by Franpa at 11:46 PM EDT on May 16, 2008
woot, customization! :P good job :)
by Franpa at 1:33 AM EDT on May 17, 2008
Manakoat, What is the DAT file for?

EDIT: "2-22 - The 13th Dilemma.psf2" does not play correctly :)

EDIT 2: "9-17 - Never Land Sky.psf2" and "9-18 - Guardando nel Buio.psf2" don't appear to be in KHII because well Never Land isn't in the game o_O and im not sure what the 2nd one is but it might be in it.

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by manakoAT at 4:52 AM EDT on May 17, 2008
the dat is for already ripped sets (only streaming)

please ask here about the dat, this thread is for vgmstream! ;o)

cU mana
by hcs at 3:39 PM EDT on May 17, 2008
vgmstream r155 up now.
Adds .raw support.
Has fixes to XA (mono XA works), MIC and MIB. Added the Ignore looping option; don't try to play unlooped files forever.
by hcs at 10:11 PM EDT on June 8, 2008
vgmstream r214 up now.
I copy and paste the changelog here:
Added .vag, .gms, .str+.sth, .ild, .pnb, .wavm, .xwav, .wp2, NGC .str, .sng, .asf, EA/XA .str, .eam, .cfn, .vpk, .genh support
XBox IMA decoder
EA/XA decoder
Audacious plugin (not included in test build)
Preliminary Foobar2000 plugin (not included in test build)
Winamp plugin uses user's data directory to store configuration
Winamp plugin will now play > 2 channel streams, though how that is supported depends on the output plugin
Cleaner stream reset code for seeking
by souma at 8:59 AM EDT on June 14, 2008
Can you support SAD which is our one of the music files of Wii?

I found an SAD file in "Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 3: Karakuri@Yashiki no Nemuri Hime".
by Knurek at 10:35 AM EDT on June 14, 2008
Is this the same SAD used in NDS games (Professor Layton, Soma Bringer)?
by souma at 11:12 AM EDT on June 14, 2008
I had only a Soma Bringer among the 2, but was different from SAD of Wii.

It was written down in the header of OPENING.SAD(Soma Bringer) with "sadl",
The header of BGM_DUN_XXXXXXX.SAD(Furai no Shiren 3) was written down with "sadb".
by hcs at 1:34 PM EDT on June 14, 2008
As is typical, I cannot say until I can see the file in question. This is not the thread to make requests for new support, though. Please upload the file somewhere, then create a new thread asking about it.


I've just put up vgmstream r225, which fixes a few bugs, including winamp crashing with > 4 channels. See change log for details.

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by souma at 3:14 PM EDT on June 14, 2008
Sorry,I forgot to prepare a file...

OPENING.SAD in Soma Bringer,
BGM_THE_KAGUYA.SAD in Furai no Shiren 3.
Both SAD, but perhaps these will be different files
by hcs at 5:31 PM EDT on June 14, 2008
I assume sadl is for "little endian", and sadh is for "big endian". sadh seems to be DSP, sadl is probably NDS IMA ADPCM but I can't tell at a glance. I'll see if I can have 'em supported, I have a few other possible additions to vgmstream to work on today.

This is still the wrong thread for this request, oh well.
by hcs at 7:37 AM EDT on June 15, 2008
Ok, after poking at this all day (building the same code, with dynamic libraries, for Linux and Windows and also on Linux and Windows, isn't easy enough), here's vgmstream r247.
Supports sadh (at least the one that souma posted), which sounds pretty cool.
Also (and this is an IMPORTANT POINT) supports looped ogg vorbis. The loop point is read from a comment tag called loop_start or LOOP_START, which specifies the sample number of the loop start. The loop end is assumed to be the length of the stream.

Because of the addition of ogg vorbis, you may need to install some dlls in order for in_vgmstream and test.exe to load.



Regarding sadl, I still think it is ima adpcm, but I got as far as determining that I couldn't find a sample rate in the header before I gave up.

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by souma at 8:20 AM EDT on June 15, 2008
I feel glad just to listen to BGM of Shiren3.
Great job....!
by Gedankenschild at 4:11 PM EDT on June 25, 2008
I spent some time testing a few tracks with the latest vgmstream and encountered some issues:

1) Metroid Prime

- There's a click sound at the beginning of "over-worldL/R.dsp".
- Trying to play "sam_samusappear.dsp" crashes Winamp. Removing the "r" from the end of the track name solves this. Obviously vgmstream crashes when not finding the (nonexisting) L-file.

2) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This is not a serious issue, but I thought I'd mention it.

There are a number of tracks that aren't supposed to loop and are instead restarted from the beginning by vgmstream.
Two of these I noticed to also have click sounds when looping back to the beginning (and only then):
"sys_demo2_32k.stm" (the intro - when Peach gets the map) and "evt_ed4_32k.stm" (from the Ending)

Hope this helps.


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by nensondubois at 4:59 PM EDT on June 25, 2008
in_cube is better.
by bxaimc at 5:17 PM EDT on June 25, 2008
in_cube is only better right now because its a finished project. vgmstream is still under testing with updates being added constantly so its still not perfect. when it does support everything in_cube supports and more, it'll be better than in_cube :)
by Omochao at 6:14 PM EDT on June 25, 2008
I actually can't get the newest plugin to work for Winamp. I have the .DLLs, and can get test.exe to start.
by hcs at 9:05 PM EDT on June 25, 2008
regarding Metroid Prime overworld: that is a known issue, I had a specific hack in in_cube for that track. Maybe I should do it again, I don't know.
Regarding the other track crashing, that I did not know, thanks for the heads-up, I'll get it fixed.

For the PM2 tracks that aren't supposed to loop, did they loop in in_cube? If so then there isn't much I can do, to the best that the file tells me they loop.

Regarding not working: are the .dlls in the directory with winamp.exe? Are they the exact dlls that I link to in the readme?

Fixed dual file crashing as of r259, in my defense it was caused by an untested change made for the conversion to virtual STREAMFILE.

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by Gedankenschild at 7:50 AM EDT on June 26, 2008
This Metroid Prime overworld thing is interesting...
Is there a problem with figuring out something in the format or is the track recorded that way?

Concerning the Paper Mario 2 tracks:

The tracks loop the same way in in_cube, but I didn't really mean to complain about that.
I see that if the dsps aren't specified as non-looping tracks, there's nothing vgmstream can do about it.

But while testing them with in_cube again I realised something:

The problem I described about the two tracks clicking when looped back to the beginning isn't there in in_cube!
It seems to me that this affects only tracks that start really abruptly und loud, maybe that's interesting to note...
by hcs at 9:28 AM EDT on June 26, 2008
I think there must have been a problem with the Metroid Prime source file, as otherwise the .dsps in that game follow the spec precisely.

in_cube smooths over the transition when looping, vgmstream avoids doing so unless I have determined that a format was generally made in ignorance of proper looping. This forces me to do the looping carefully. Most of the Paper Mario 2 tracks loop properly without having to fudge things.
by Gedankenschild at 10:30 AM EDT on June 26, 2008
I had no idea in_cube smoothed loop points...
vgmstream being more precise in that area sounds like a serious advantage to me! So much for that "in_cube is better" theory... :)
Looping did indeed sound perfect in every file I heard (that is supposed to loop).
And the others weren't designed for looping anyway, so it's fine.

Thanks for the answers and fixing the mono/stereo confusion thing!
by Franpa at 3:45 AM EDT on June 27, 2008
Revision 247 doesnt register as a plugin in Winamp 5.531.
by hcs at 9:20 AM EDT on June 27, 2008
Did you read the readme, as suggested in the emphasized and underlined text a few posts back? You'll need ogg vorbis dlls in the same directory as winamp.exe, as vgmstream now has looping ogg support. The readme suggests some specifically.

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by Franpa at 9:57 PM EDT on June 27, 2008
Oh, no i wasnt following the thread.
by hcs at 1:27 AM EDT on June 28, 2008
Or reading the readme, apparently :)
by Franpa at 3:58 AM EDT on June 29, 2008
-_-" well I assumed it was the same as always! just a list of features and stuff.
by -FDM64- at 8:47 PM EDT on July 2, 2008
Recomendation for vgmstream:
Make it so that when you click ok it will change the blank textboxes to 0.00
it'd look something like this (pardon my vb style)

if txtLoopCount.text=""

if txtFadeLength.text=""

if txtFadeDelay.text=""

Reason: Most other programs do it this way. (when it is deleted and left blank, it's changed to 0)
by hcs at 10:38 PM EDT on July 2, 2008
Recommendation to users of vgmstream:
If you want 0, type 0.

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lol IRC by unknownfile at 10:57 PM EDT on July 2, 2008
[22:34] <hcs>
[22:34] <hcs> latest vgmstream, I've been adding something like two formats a day all week
[22:34] <unknownfile> good to see you're working too
[22:34] <unknownfile> so, what's new
[22:34] <hcs> 3DO suff
[22:34] <hcs> westwood aud
[22:35] <hcs> uh, .wsi (Alone in the Dark Wii)
[22:35] <hcs> bmdx
[22:35] <hcs> some bug fixes
[22:36] <hcs> a few new codings that go along with those
by DChronos at 4:09 PM EDT on July 4, 2008
What's this companion Intel math dll for? The readme says "If you need it". I just got it anyway, because I have no idea what that means. The only guess I have has to do with what processor you got, and I have an intel processor. Other than that, I got nothin'.
by hcs at 4:16 PM EDT on July 4, 2008
It's needed because the Vorbis .dlls that I recommend in the readme are generated by an Intel compiler. It contains some optimized math routines. I figured that some people might have it already.
by DChronos at 4:23 PM EDT on July 4, 2008
Alright, I just tried my own genh file with it, so the plugin is working fine. Thanks for the info, and happy 4th!
by SSGotenksUFO at 8:12 PM EDT on July 21, 2008
I have a request. Would it be possible to implement an additional extension to this plugin?

I have access to music files ripped from the arcade version of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA and they are in .VIG format. I can get these to play with VGMStream if I rename them to .vag, but there are about 300 songs.

Maybe there is a way to batch rename? I dunno.
by hcs at 8:24 PM EDT on July 21, 2008
You can batch rename from the command line, one of the strengths of the DOS prompt for many years:

ren *.vig *.vag

Cool that it works, though. I guess adding the extension wouldn't be a problem, I'll have a new build with it in a bit.
by SSGotenksUFO at 9:22 PM EDT on July 21, 2008
That worked great! :)
You're the man! Thanks.
by hcs at 12:13 AM EDT on July 22, 2008
Oh, well here's the version with .vig support anyway.
Well, not here, on sourceforge.

You may want to peruse the massive changelog to see what has changed since the last sourceforge release over a month ago. We've got manakoAT on board now, many welcomes to him.

edited 12:17 AM EDT July 22, 2008

I made some major improvements to ACM decoding (fixed some stupid mistakes), check out r368 (changelog). Sorry 'bout the screw-up.

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by SSGotenksUFO at 7:41 AM EDT on July 23, 2008
I don't think the .vig support is working. I still have to rename the files to .vag to get them to play.
Want a translation now? by Bugger at 7:57 AM EDT on July 23, 2008
It´s a long time ago that I posted...
Time goes by fast, and I see that the project is growing very fast.

So how about a translation of the help and the Copyright thing now?
by hcs at 7:26 PM EDT on July 23, 2008
@SSGotenksUFO: Hmm, that's odd, it seems to work here. The only reasoning I can see is that in_vgmstream isn't actually loaded, and that an old installation of in_cube is actually getting the .vag. See if "vgmstream plugin" appears in your plugins list, if not (and you have in_vgmstream.dll in the Winamp\Plugins directory properly) you may be missing one of the several other .dlls vgmstream now needs, check the readme.txt.
If none of this applies, I don't know what the issue could be. If you're running a vgmstream since r362 .vig should be supported as an alternative extension for VAG.

@Bugger: For the readme.txt, sure, go ahead and translate it. I'll run it by manakoAT and if he approves it'll go in as readme-de.txt (it was a German translation, right?)
For the copyright, though, as it is a legal document I don't think that a translation is appropriate, unless you also happen to be a volunteer lawyer.
by ugetab at 7:45 PM EDT on July 23, 2008
Here's a few suggestions that may help:
1. In the included Readme.txt, look under "--- needed files (for Windows) ---", and make sure to put them in the proper folder on your computer. The plugin probably won't be recognized without these in the proper spots.
2. Remove in_cube.dll from the plugins folder, so you can be sure if vgmstream is working.

Besides that, if you can play the files, but have to manually select that they be visible in the "Open File(s)" dialog box, look around for the 3000 other threads on the internet where the problem is explained in great detail.
by SSGotenksUFO at 10:24 PM EDT on July 23, 2008
I do believe I still have in_cube, and that may be the problem. I won't be able to check until tomorrow though.
by Mouser X at 11:26 PM EDT on July 23, 2008
In_cube itself isn't necessarily the problem. However, if you plan on having in_cube installed, with VGMstream at the same time, you need to rename in_cube to in_zube (or something). Winamp loads plugins alphabetically. In_cube is loaded before VGMstream, and as such, in_cube will be the default plugin for whatever format it and VMGstream support. If you rename in_cube to something starting with a "Z" though, it will be loaded after VGMstream, and thus VGMstream will take priority. Try that (renaming in_cube), and see if it helps. Of course, I also suggest removing in_cube completely, but that's just for testing purposes, to guarantee that VGMstream is installed and working, or not.

Currently, VGMstream supports most, but not all, formats that in_cube does. Thus, it doesn't (usually) hurt to keep in_cube around (renamed of course) for those various formats that haven't yet been moved over.

Hope that helps. Mouser X over and out.
by MarkGrass at 10:23 AM EDT on July 24, 2008
I can get WinAmp to recognize the vgmstream plugin now, however, it does absolutely nothing with the supported files - I place them in the playlist, and it gives them a time of 0:00, and no vgmstream "file info" window when checked?

And yes, the original vorbis plugin was removed.

PS - Thanks to whoever added support for AUS and my modified RE: Dead Aim format! :D

edited 10:35 AM EDT July 24, 2008
by hcs at 5:13 PM EDT on July 24, 2008
If there is no file info window then they are not actually opening with vgmstream. You may just be getting the default useless recognition from the MP3 decoder (but then I'd expect its info window...). Note that the Winamp plugin does not report that it supports .ogg files, it uses the .logg extension precisely so that you don't need to remove the existing vorbis plugin. So if the only files you're having a problem with are .ogg a simple rename will help.
TO DO by hcs at 9:57 PM EDT on July 24, 2008
Here's my list of things I'd like to get into vgmstream, or at least try to, before 1.0.
- AIX 5.1 Surround (for DBZ Burst Limit and a few others)
- Super Monkey Ball iPhone
- Anything still missing from in_cube (THP and WAM/WAC/WAD/WAA come to mind)
- .fda AIFC files ("Relic", don't remember where this came from)
- EA Layer 3 (MP3 based?)
- Gurumin .de2
- NDS .sad (IMA?)
- Ultima 9 FLX (a degenerate IMA)
- degenerate Ultramarine modules, which just have one sample that loops
- F-Zero X streams, maybe other N64 stuff like Magical Tetris Challenge
- integrated ADX decryption (built in keys? external?)
- try to figure out Metroid Prime .rsd looping
- try to figure out looping for .sfl apparently missing this info

- installer
- format selection
- final logo

If anyone has any suggestions, or the other authors have anything specific in mind, let's list 'em. Better than holding all this in my head and hoping I don't forget something, and it gives a way to measure how close we get to 1.0 release.
by MarkGrass at 1:25 AM EDT on July 25, 2008
[QUOTE]So if the only files you're having a problem with are .ogg a simple rename will help.[/QUOTE]

I'm having problems with all files supported by vgmstream.

ADX, DSP, AUS, you name it, Winamp just simply will not recognize them. It always gives them a length of 0:00, and that's it. No playback whatsoever...

It's weird - WinAmp recognizes the vgmstream plugin, but simply doesn't utilize it?

WTF am I doing wrong!? :(
by hcs at 2:24 AM EDT on July 25, 2008
That is intensely bizarre. What version of winamp and windows are you running? Have you tried removing all other plugins in case one is causing a conflict?
Oh, and there is no [QUOTE] tag.

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by MarkGrass at 9:56 AM EDT on July 25, 2008
EDIT: I installed WinAmp Pro 5.54, and now everything is all good.

I guess that did the trick? o_O

PS - FILp (GEMp) support is broken. Here is a link to 3 FILp-type audio files, should I not get around to fixing the issue myself (probably not, because I never got around to adding support for them to vgmstream to begin with >.<)

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by Tanookirby at 11:12 AM EDT on July 25, 2008
Be sure to look at the readme file. There are three programs you need in the Winamp folder. I remember when the music files would not play when I installed a new version of vgmstream. The readme said it needed two .dll programs. Maybe you're missing the third one.
by manakoAT at 1:54 PM EDT on July 25, 2008
the tricky part on the RE-DA files is to set a loop, but i think the files are looped end-to-end

btw, filp isn't really supported, i implemented it with your files until i saw that the original files using a blocked format, this will be the final format, if i can fix it...

rename the files you linked to .filp <-- should work :o)

cU mana

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by MarkGrass at 2:37 PM EDT on July 25, 2008
@Tanookirby - Reading the "readme" and installing the necessary files needed was the very first thing I did before I even tried vgmstream. Thanks for trying to help, though. :)

@manako - Yeah, FILp (when not converted using my tool) is definitely tricky to handle. I tried for a good while to implement it into in_cube, to no avail (which led to the creation of my app to "fix" them, in the first place).

I tip my hat to you, should you find a way to deal with the original blocked format, and wish you good luck in doing so.

Oh, and one more thing - the REAL file extension for these is indeed ".FIL" (according to RE: DA's archives and EXE, but i'll add the extra "p" to make them work for now). ;P

If it's not a hassle, please change support to the true file extension (.FIL).

Thanks again. :)

edited 2:48 PM EDT July 25, 2008
by hcs at 4:09 PM EDT on July 25, 2008
Your "fixing" could probably be implemented in vgmstream as a blocked layout handler. Maybe have a look at how those work.

I just realized that this must have sounded stupid, sorry.

edited 4:16 PM EDT July 25, 2008
by MarkGrass at 7:42 PM EDT on July 25, 2008
Nah, I know exactly what you were trying to say. :D
Translation by Bugger at 6:30 PM EDT on July 26, 2008
That´s it, yes, it is German, and no I´m not from Germany -.- (Austria is the way to go^^)

Also another question, do you also plan to support as many filetypes as you can, or only the "new" ones? For example .gbs and so on...
Would be great to do a batch convert with vgmstream.



Das ist vgmstream, eine Bibliothek um Streams (Audiodateien) von Videospielen abzuspielen.
Es wird permanent weiterentwickelt. Es gibt zwei Endbenutzerprogramme: Ein
Kommandozeilendeocder mit dem Namen "test" und einem einfachen Winamp Plugin "in_vgmstream".

--- Benötigte Dateien (für Windows) ---
Da Ogg Vorbis und MPEG Audio jetzt unterstützt werden, benötigt man
libvorbis.dll und libmpg123-0.dll.
Die libvorbis.dll bekommt ihr hier:
und die benötigte Intel math dll:
Und libmpg123-0.dll von diesem Archiv:

Gebt die libvorbis.dll, libmmd.dll und libmpg123-0.dll irgendwohin wo Windows sie
findet. Für in_vgmstream heißt das, das sie in den Ordner mit der winamp.exe gehören, oder
in den System Ordner (X:/WINDOWS/system32/). Für die test.exe gilt, die dll´s einfach in den gleichen
Ordner wie die exe oder in das Systemverzeichnis geben.

--- test.exe ---
Benützung: test.exe [-o outfile.wav] [-l Anz. der Wiederholungen]
[-f Ausklingzeit] [-d Delay der Ausklingzeit] [-ipPcmxeE] Eingabedatei
-o outfile.wav: Name der auszugebenden Datei .wav Datei; Wenn nicht angegeben: dump.wav
-l loop count: Anzahl der Wiederholungen; Wenn nicht angegeben 2.0
-f fade time: Ausklingzeit (Sekunden); Wenn nicht angegeben 10.0
-d fade delay: Delay der Ausklingzeit (Sekunden); Wenn nicht angegeben 0.0
-i: Ignoriere Loop Informationen und spiele die Datei von vorne bis hinten einmal ab
-p: Ausgabe nach stdout (Zum pipen in ein anderes Programm)
-P: Ausgabe nach stdout auch falls stdout ein Terminal ist
-c: Für immer wiederholen (Ohne Unterbrechnung)
-m: Ausgabe von Metadaten, kein Decode
-x: Decoden und anschließend adxencd Kommandozeile ausgeben um es als ADX zu encoden
-e: Erzwungenes end-to-end looping
-E: Erzwungenes end-to-end looping auch wenn die Datei Loop Punkte hat
-r outfile2.wav: Zweite Ausgabe nach Reset der Einstellungen

test -o happy.wav happy.adx
um happy.adx nach happy.wav zu konvertieren.

--- in_vgmstream ---
Die Daten "in_vgmstream.dll" in den Plugins Ordner von Winamp kopieren.

Dateientypen die bei dieser Version von vgmstream unterstützt werden:
- .adx (CRI ADX ADPCM)
- .brstm (RSTM: GC/Wii DSP ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .strm (STRM: NDS IMA ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .adp (GC DTK ADPCM)
- .agsc (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .rsf (CCITT G.721 ADPCM)
- .afc (GC AFC ADPCM)
- .ast (GC/Wii AFC ADPCM, 16 bit PCM)
- .hps (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .dsp (GC DSP ADPCM)
- Standard, mit dual file Stereo
- RS03
- Cstr
- .stm
- _lr.dsp
- .gcsw (16 bit PCM)
- .ads/.ss2 (PSX ADPCM)
- .npsf (PSX ADPCM)
- .rwsd (Wii DSP ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .xa (CD-ROM XA Audio)
- .rxw (PSX ADPCM)
- .int (16 bit PCM)
- .stm/.dsp (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .sts (PSX ADPCM)
- .svag (PSX ADPCM)
- .mib, .mi4 (w/ or w/o .mih) (PSX ADPCM)
- .mpdsp (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .mic (PSX ADPCM)
- .mss (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .gcm (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .raw (16 bit PCM)
- .vag (PSX ADPCM)
- .gms (PSX ADPCM)
- .str+.sth (PSX ADPCM)
- .ild (PSX APDCM)
- .pnb (PSX ADPCM)
- .wavm (XBOX IMA ADPCM)
- .xwav (XBOX IMA ADPCM)
- .wp2 (PSX ADPCM)
- .str (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .sng, .asf, .str, .eam (EA/XA ADPCM or PSX ADPCM)
- .cfn (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .vpk (PSX ADPCM)
- .ogg, .logg (Ogg Vorbis)
- .sad (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .bmdx (PSX ADPCM)
- .wsi (Wii DSP ADPCM)
- .aiff (8/16 bit PCM)
- .str (SDX2 DPCM)
- .ahx (MPEG-2 Layer II)
- .ivb (PS2 ADPCM)
- .amts (GC DSP ADPCM)
- .svs (PS2 ADPCM)
- .wav (8/16 bit PCM)
- .lwav (8/16 bit PCM)
- .pos (Loop Info für .wav)
- .nwa (16 bit PCM)
- .xss (16 bit PCM)
- .sl3 (PS2 ADPCM)
- .hgc1 (PS2 ADPCM)
- .aus (PS2 ADPCM)
- .rws (PS2 ADPCM)
- .rsd (PS2 ADPCM, 16 bit PCM)
- .rwx (16 bit PCM)
- .xwb (16 bit PCM)
- .asf, .as4 (8/16 bit PCM, EACS IMA ADPCM)
- .cnk (PS2 ADPCM)
- .xa30 (PS2 ADPCM)
- .musc (PS2 ADPCM)
- .leg (PS2 ADPCM)
- .filp (PS2 ADPCM)
- .ikm (PS2 ADPCM)
- .musx (PS2 ADPCM)
- .sfs (PS2 ADPCM)
- .bg00 (PS2 ADPCM)
- .dvi (DVI IMA ADPCM)
- .kcey (EACS IMA ADPCM)
- .rstm (PS2 ADPCM)
- .acm (InterPlay ACM)
- .sli (Loop Info für .ogg)
- .psh (PS2 ADPCM)
- .vig (PS2 ADPCM)
- .sfl (Loop Info für .ogg);

Viel Spaß!

-Übersetzung von Markus P.
by hcs at 7:07 PM EDT on July 26, 2008
vgmstream is not an emulator, it is a decoder.

".gbs and so on" (GBS, NSF, SPC, PSF, VGM, etc. if I understand you correctly) are emulated formats, that is:
They contain both music data (in the form of MIDI-like sequences and instrument sample data) as well as a native (NES, SNES, Playstation, Gameboy, etc) program that plays them. Thus to play them you need an emulator for each system.

vgmstream is for playing strictly streamed audio, that is: audio files copied directly from game disks, which can be played back with external programs, completely bypassing any hardware emulation or sequencing. This is much simpler and more general, which is how vgmstream is able to support as many formats as it does with so much common code.

This does sharply limit its usefulness to games that use streamed audio, but in these days of hundreds of megabyte NDS games and several gigabyte optical discs it is becoming more and more often the rule. Older games, particularly for cartridge-based systems, rarely had space for streams, and thus unfortunately are beyond the scope of vgmstream.

edited 7:08 PM EDT July 26, 2008
by Bugger at 7:50 PM EDT on July 26, 2008
So you really want to make it a vgmstream
^^, I wrote before I thought, here (Austria) it´s 01:50 AM so not the best time^^. Sorry for that dumb question. I just googled around and I started thinking about a gbs to midi converter, it´s possible as you can read here:
(Under Gameboy)

But the only problem to make an easy toolchain is that it requires 2 Platforms, Win and Linux,
so you´ll need 2 Comps or 2 Bootups, I also don´t know if the quality is stable (will test it).

You sure ask, "Why, WHY do you want MIDI?"
Easy question, easy answer:
You can have timidty for HQ Rendering of the MIDIs (If you have a good Soundfont) which means, no Gameboysound but great MIDI Sound, normally you have to arrange it (much work)
and if you cannot do it it get´s worse^^

If you really read until here I´m impressed that somebody reads what I write ^^"

Now the question: Is it really worth doing that much for some gbs files? What do you think about it?

(If this post has to less information about vgmstream and needs a seperate thread just write it, I´ll edit it, but please don´t delete it in an instant)

Edit: Even if I can do it, I have no Idea how to rip a gbs file (but I have some, thanks to the Internet)

edited 7:52 PM EDT July 26, 2008
by hcs at 8:03 PM EDT on July 26, 2008
Yeah, that discussion does not belong in this thread. But for the record, I often prefer the "Gameboysound" to "great MIDI Sound".
by Bugger at 9:05 PM EDT on July 26, 2008
I also like it (the Paragon5 Tracker owns^^) but the little neat thing is that you want sometimes more, for example, if you really love a melody then there is no way to improve it, I give you an example:

The good old "Wario Land 3:The mysterious orgel" game had one of the best GBC Endings that I had heard so far, on the GBC there were no Problems with the sound, but the crappy emulation of all the Winamp Plugins destroyed the quality on my PC :-( So I made my MIDI, and hurray I got at least my melody(with a bit of bass xD) back, here is the example:

The ogg file and the gbs file for comparison
Track 21 in the gbs file
Sorry for the up on megaupload I was in hurry

(Yes I´m making a seperate thread right now, but I want to have a last response to this...)
by hcs at 7:17 AM EDT on August 2, 2008
Hasn't been long since the last test release, but I thought this was pretty cool so I'm pushing out a new one.

Notably added in this release is support for AIX. This is an interleaved format that I wrote an extractor for a few years back; it is pretty much a bunch of ADXs interleaved together. Games used to use it for alternate versions of tracks (like the _multi files in Mario Galaxy) to blend them realtime. But now, on a number of Xbox 360 games, it is being used to hold 5.1 channel surround sound audio. Apparently ADX can't support more than two channels, so they interleave together three stereo ADX streams into a single AIX. Additionally, AIX handles looping a bit oddly: there are (at least) two segments in the AIX, one for the intro and the other for the loop. These are each complete ADX files, all mixed together, so for a typical looped song you have 6 ADXs in the AIX.

I've long known it was possible to support this, but I didn't work up the courage to attack it until SoulCalibur IV was ripped. It is working, as is Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, and the audio tracks to SFD videos in Blue Dragon (probably Lost Odyssey as well).

It ought to work on the traditional AIXs as seen in Okami as well, though they are encrypted, and having the variants play at once is usually not desired.


edited 7:18 AM EDT August 2, 2008
AIX by Elven Spellmaker at 4:16 PM EDT on August 3, 2008
@hcs: Does that mean that you can choose which pieces to hear in the AIX files? (If you get what I mean)
What I mean is, can you turn seperate channels off on these files...

And does Mario Kart Wii have AIX files for tracks like Koopa Cape? If I renamed the *.brstm to *.aix for those would that work, or have they now been ripped differently.

If they have to be ripped as AIX where could I find (if I can) the AIX versions to the multi tracks in:

Mario Kart
Mario Galaxy

And thanks for the download help for Mario Galaxy =)

Many Thanks,

Elven Spellmaker
by hcs at 4:59 PM EDT on August 3, 2008
Um, don't confuse multi-track with AIX. AIX is a system that interleaves ADX files. vgmstream sees the whole AIX file as a single track with many channels; though it can be used for alternate tracks it was implemented so that 5.1 surround files can be supported.

Mario Galaxy is a different format altogether. I simply don't have support for > 2 channel AST.

Mario Kart Wii is yet a different format. It should work, though, however your output plugin probably doesn't support playing that many audio channels at once.

I provide no support for picking individual channels to play; though potentially this could be added to the plugin it is not a feature of the central decoding library, and I have no intention of bothering with it now.
by Elven Spellmaker at 7:50 PM EDT on August 3, 2008
@hcs: So in order to hear the multi tracks properly (with and without the extras) I would have to use test.exe to export the multi_0 and the multi_1 and line the two different samples up?
Also with Mario Kart Wii my ouput plugin does support multi channel. If I use test.exe it does export the multichannel BRSTM files properly because an editor like Audacity allows manipulation of the multiple channels, but it only plays the first two channels (stereo) in Winamp. Does VGMStream have multichannel BRSTM support then? If so is my codec set-up wrongly?

"I provide no support for picking individual channels to play; though potentially this could be added to the plugin it is not a feature of the central decoding library, and I have no intention of bothering with it now."

If that ever got put in that would be good =D

Many Thanks for explaining,

Elven Spellmaker
by hcs at 9:18 AM EDT on August 4, 2008
Yes, if you want those, which are now split into two files, mixed you will have to mix them yourself.

test.exe is just vgmstream with a command line interface and wav writer slapped on the front.
in_vgmstream is just vgmstream with a winamp plugin slapped on the front.

If only the first two channels play it is your output plugin's problem. While it may support multichannel up to 6 channels (for 5.1), it may not support the 8 channels in some Mario Kart Wii tracks.
Another Q... by Elven Spellmaker at 2:23 PM EDT on August 4, 2008
@hcs: Sorry... I have another question:

Does this mean that when the ST was ripped for Mario Galaxy, that the tracks were one, but someone manually split them, or are they seperate tracks in their own right? I'm assuming the second one, but if its the first, do you know if anyone has the unsplit multi_ files?

Many Thanks
by hcs at 9:23 PM EDT on August 4, 2008
They were single tracks, I split them. The tool that does this is ast_multi. I don't think I have the originals anymore. They don't play in in_cube (and probably vgmstream) anyway.

A few corrections: I found them, and they work in vgmstream.

edited 9:36 PM EDT August 4, 2008


edited 10:18 PM EDT August 4, 2008
by Elven Spellmaker at 6:12 AM EDT on August 5, 2008
Hi, thanks for these tracks, I am assuming that they won't play in the Winamp version of vgmstream - as they didn't work for me. I'm guessing then that text.exe needs to be used to extract these files, as the vgmstream only deals in stereo, correct?
by hcs at 8:46 AM EDT on August 5, 2008
See my previous comments regarding Winamp output plugins. It ought to work fine in in_vgmstream.

edited 8:54 AM EDT August 5, 2008
by Elven Spellmaker at 9:21 AM EDT on August 7, 2008
@hcs: Yeah, I downloaded the three files that vgmstream needed and they all play in winamp now. (I had them all but in the plugins folder, they are now in both the main Winamp directory and the plugins folder.)

Still the problem remains with the surround sound though. For the Mario Kart ones its understandable, they are 8 channels each. But for Mario Galaxy they are only 4 and still my Winamp insists on playing them stereo and chopping the other two channels off...
Is this a problem with my Winamp then in that case?

Or is it something to do with when I export them as *.wav, the first two channels are set to "left" and "right" but the other 2 are just "mono" and "mono..?
by hcs at 9:24 AM EDT on August 7, 2008
Audacity just doesn't know what to do with the extra channels so it just treats each as mono. Winamp doesn't know what to do with the extra channels so it just ignored them. Simple as that.
by Elven Spellmaker at 10:02 AM EDT on August 7, 2008
O.K., so Winamp is being silly then, as it should know what to do with them, being "able" to play surround sound... It says on Winamp ((Surround)), but its just ignoring them. I though it was simple but just wondering.

Even if I force mono and set my speaker setings to mono, it still ontly plays in stereo... It must be my drivers then, I seemed to remember having trouble installing them...

edited 10:11 AM EDT August 7, 2008
by Elven Spellmaker at 6:06 PM EDT on August 7, 2008
See previous post, then this one...

@myself: Try downgrading soundcard to the one that worked better. Install it and hope it works, and if it does (it does) then try playing out of Winamp. Lo and behold the channels now play, obviously not in Mario Kart however some more do play! =)

It was the fact my better soundcard was for some reason not working properly in this machine...

The soundcards are the Creative Live! 5.1 Digital and the worse one is the one with the chip with the X on the end. Both are called SB-200 but only the first supports full EAX. I never used it so a downgrade only made it better. =)

Another question though, is DSP supported by vgmstream or in_cube?
Because (Mario Kart again) the DSP files in that game do not work in test.exe or winamp.

edited 6:59 PM EDT August 7, 2008
by hcs at 8:18 PM EDT on August 7, 2008
Those "DSP" files are actually the sound portion ripped from THP video. They are a somewhat different format and are not yet supported.
by Elven Spellmaker at 8:35 PM EDT on August 7, 2008
O.K. Thanks, and thanks for answering my questions and giving me the multi files! =)
by SSGotenksUFO at 4:18 PM EDT on August 17, 2008
Sorry to bring this up again, but vgmstream in its current state still cannot play these DDR SuperNOVA .vig files. It also cannot play them when I convert the files to .vag or .vig.

The reason they were working before is because I had in_cube installed. When I deleted in_cube, the files wouldn't play at all. I removed in_vgmstream and tried it with just in_cube and they seem to work perfectly.

I can upload an original .vig file if you want to have a look. Where would be the best place to upload it?
by Elven Spellmaker at 5:31 PM EDT on August 17, 2008
Just one thing, if they work in in_cube, then that is ok for now isnt it? Just rename in_cube.dll to in_zube.dll, so that in_vgastream will take priority over it for other audio files. Also make sure you have the 3 things that are in the readme.txt, they help certain formats in VGAstream. For example I have multi files, and these didn't play until I had those files.

Try downloading them, if you already havn't and see if they work. If not then they are not supported yet...
by hcs at 6:12 PM EDT on August 17, 2008
Please do upload a sample. Preferably upload all of them :)
in_cube's extension recognition wasn't very precise, so a number of other PS ADPCM formats might have actually played it, besides the actual VAG parser.
When you play them with in_cube, what does Winamp the winamp info box ("View file info...") say under "type"?
by SSGotenksUFO at 9:19 AM EDT on August 19, 2008

Sample file here.

edited 9:19 AM EDT August 19, 2008
by hcs at 8:52 PM EDT on August 19, 2008
latest build, should work for ya.
by SSGotenksUFO at 9:51 PM EDT on August 19, 2008
It does. Thanks so much. *hi5*
by bxaimc at 12:03 AM EDT on August 21, 2008
hey SSGotenksUFO, would you mind uploading the DDR SuperNOVA .vig set? I would really appreciate it if you did :)
by SSGotenksUFO at 6:24 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
Give me your e-mail address and I'll give you a link.
by hcs at 6:52 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
Mine's (alternatively, I love that one :)
by bxaimc at 6:55 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
Kororinpa .BRSTM and vgmstream woes by Gnac at 9:45 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
I'm having issues with vgmstream and Kororinpa's .BRSTM files.

Using Winamp 5.531 and vgmstream-r420-test, each stream loads as though the metadata has been sucessfully read, but they all have zero track lengths and refuse to play. I checked the streams out in a hex editor, and was a little suprised to discover that they don't seem to share a common header; maybe this is a quirk of the format, I don't know.

Anyway, here's a sample .ZIP containing three streams for the purpose of testythings.
by hcs at 11:17 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
Are you sure you're using the Wii extraction tools correctly? These look like junk.
by Gnac at 11:26 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
I'm using WiiScrubber, and the only step is to right-click > save on whatever it is I want. I considered the possibility that my ISO was bad, but it matches the hashes on a few P2P programs (I ripped a retail disc using nitrotux / caitsith2's wiidumpsd 1.3), so I'm at a loss here.

edited 11:27 PM EDT August 22, 2008
by hcs at 11:46 PM EDT on August 22, 2008
Does it export anything else correctly? Try using the WiiTools (old versions but they've never steered me wrong). Note that this will be a two-step process, first you have to decrypt with wiied, then extract with wiiso (which means it's going to take up between 4 and 9 GB). If the files are still screwy after wiiso extracts them then we can start panicking.

edited 11:52 PM EDT August 22, 2008
by Gnac at 12:46 AM EDT on August 23, 2008

Well, sort of. Thanks to your recommendation to use WiiTools, the files now have headers, but vgmstream still refuses to show track lengths or play them.


in_cube 0.38 likes them, so I will be uploading the streams shortly to help rectify the /bonus/ situation.

For the sake of comparison, here are the same three streams I uploaded before, this time extracted via WiiTools.
by bxaimc at 1:01 AM EDT on August 23, 2008
Plays fine with vgmstream here
by hcs at 1:59 AM EDT on August 23, 2008
Indeed, seems to work fine here as well. brstm support hasn't changed at all in a while, so it's unlikely a problem caused by you using an old vgmstream, but you still might want to try a new version. Make sure it is actually showing up in the winamp input plugins list, if not you might have to check over the readme for some dlls.

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