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by Knurek at 1:14 AM EDT on March 15, 2017
I'm pretty sure BFSTMs from Blaster Master Zero are the Switch version (Tegra is LE, while Espresso was BE).
The dev just 'forgot' to remove them from the 3DS version.
Thanks for adding support for them. :)
by Ultrafighter at 4:34 AM EDT on March 15, 2017
Hello Bnnm, can you please tell me if it is possible to add PS3 variant of Techland XWB? That company (or more precisely their own Chrome engine) uses that type of an audio bank even on PlayStation III and actual contained streams are AT3 (not plus).
For example Sniper: Ghost warrior has such system of storing its BGMs: there're no XSBs as filenames are in XWBs themselves and tracks extracted using XWBsplit can't be played because they're recognized as XMA2 encoded ones. I managed to get a few test files from one bank playable but it was quite a chore: unpack initial sound archive with unXWB, delete original headers with QuickBMS then add ATRAC3 ones using another script by Alpha23 (bitrate's figured out by method of trial & error but there're just 3 options anyway, 66, 105 or 132 kbps and the middle one worked).
Anyway this score is nothing special so I can definitely wait for proper implementation of such format variation into VGMstream if it can be done. It'd surely be neat to simply unpack contents of all XWBs with xwb_split then play them directly.

Also it might be useful for completeness sake to look at currently unplayable seq#.xwb files from Silent hill 4: The room, XBox version, what if they have some additional VGM in them? I remember unpacking individual streams out of 'em quite some time ago (unxwb was used as I recall) but I couldn't get them to play.
In any case XWBsplit chokes up on all of them (XWBs I mean) and gives me "Compact size found" & "Unexpected EOF" error.

BTW entire SH4:TR score plus cutscene tracks are in some probably unknown format with extension *.xmd, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at them whenever times allows (I heard those XMDs were found in XBox versions of one or two different Konami VGs but I don't remember their names). Right here I compiled a sample pack with examples of both aforementioned types of files.

PS. Thanks in advance for implementation of Timeshift tracks, I'm going to listen to those surround MP3 mixes right now! I guess they'll be played back just fine...
by bnnm at 6:43 PM EDT on March 15, 2017
Those PS3 XWB are fascinating, and easy to add.

Silent Hill 4 are fake XWB, which confuses xwb_split, don't have any format info. They seem to be sfx packs, but you can create GENH with: Xbox IMA codec, 2 ch, 24000hz(?), start offset between 0x18-0x60 (varies, try +4: 0x38,0x3c,etc)

XMD (also in Castlevania Curse of DarknessXbox) I'll check later.
by marcusss at 12:37 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
Hi bnnm.

A few PS3 games I extracted have files/archives I can't get music from

Black Knight Sword looks and sounds good but all files in the game have .xxx extension.
Black Knight Sword Stage 1

Dead Naton Audio.pck

Dead nation has music from Ari Pulkkinen :-) ;-)

Bejeweled 3 Main.rsb

I have given up as they seem to have proprietry compression or something..but thought you might have better luck ;)



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by ChillyBilly at 1:13 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
About the Black Knight Sword file... if it has an .xxx extension, then I'm pretty sure that means it's from an Unreal Engine game, for which in that case you can use something like Umodel to extract the sound. ;)

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by marcusss at 5:35 AM EDT on March 18, 2017
Ok i will give it a go.

by Ultrafighter at 1:03 PM EDT on March 18, 2017
Even if Gildor's unpacking tools work fine on this specific title you'll supposedly get *.SoundNodeWave files which are usually containers for FSB or MSF on PS3. You can drop each soundnodewave to FSBii to scan for contained FSBs or use this kind of batch:

for %%a in (*.SoundNodeWave) do (
md "%%~na"
cd "%%~na"
"..\fsbii" "..\%%a"
cd ..

Save it as "Extract all with FSBii.bat" and voila! You'll have to place EXE, BAT & SNWs in the same folder though.

As for MSFs you'll probably have to set a BMS script right but I guess you know how to specify needed strings to search for (it's codec identifier in most cases)? I presume it was required to rip both DLCs for TES5.
Well I think I can elaborate on the whole QuickBMS involvement issue if it's really needed and helps you in your quest.
Take care!
by marcusss at 10:36 PM EDT on March 18, 2017
Ok thanks ultrafighter. Will take a look and give it a try.

I just really started getting into the ripping of ps3 and xbox games so i try to help but I am not at an advanced level.

The games that the files are all a mess annoy me like they are compressed. Just give me a headache to sift through. Aha

I want to rip the game, nex machina the pc version as it will be released in a few days. It has great music by ari pulkkinen

Actually a game alienation was also done by him but hard to find so fingers crossed i can get it and rip it too :) but it is a 2016 PS4 GAME !! DOH

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Help by Sephirothkefka at 5:13 AM EDT on March 19, 2017
Can someone compile a dll for the latest version of in_vgmstream? I've tried to compile the dll my self with partial success (the text when viewing the info about the song is garbled characters as is when adjusting the settings)
by Knurek at 7:44 AM EDT on March 19, 2017
Anyone wants to take a look at GTAV AWC files?
There's a AWC->WAV converter available (OpenIV), I'm thinking whether to upload the original data (unplayable), converted WAVs (playable) or both... :)
by marcusss at 9:31 AM EDT on March 19, 2017
Hey Ultrafighter for BKS, the files were in unreal engine format and I got the music out of those .xxx archived files so thanks.

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by Sir-Sabin at 2:45 PM EDT on March 19, 2017
Can someone check if battlefield 1943 is dumped right as it doesn't play in vgmstream
by Ultrafighter at 3:05 PM EDT on March 19, 2017
Hey Bnnm, can there be any MSFs with not just "MSF0" or "MSFC" at file start? I have suspicions some PS3 bigfiles use those containers for audio and store quite a few of them but I've found very few aforementioned strings in archives I'm dealing with.However there're quite a few mentions of "msf" in plain text in these streamed.resources banks but they rarely look like actual file starts.
Keeping frequent mentions of "LAME 3.97" in mind I can speculate about codec being mere MP3 (not in *.msf type of container but the most widespread one) but I want to be sure about lack or absence (?) of MSFs in my bigfiles. Can you give me a hand here?

@Marcusss: Yeah it totally sucks XBone & PS4 are still unrippable although they don't have too many worthy exclusives... ATM I guess.
As for fresh score by Ari Pulkkinen I can only hope the game itself will use WWise sound engine just as most Trine installments and is going to be easily rippable.

Bye all!

To Sir-Sabin: my guess is that once again it's some stuff which has been "transmogrified" (as bnnm calls it) by Alpha23 so rerip of the title is more than welcome. You should still be able to decode XMAs with ToWAV I guess.

PS. I found out today that one can extract erroneous XWBs from Silent hill 4: The room for Xbox with help of UnXWB but individual streams should be unpacked in raw form (-R option of unxwb.exe). Then GENH headers can be added with VGMToolBox, this way there's no real need to try and figure out correct offsets for *.xwb banks themselves if one wants to apply GENeric Headers to original sound archives.
I hope this info can be useful for someone, best regards!

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by bnnm at 7:03 PM EDT on March 19, 2017
@Ultrafighter - For MSF the last "letter" is the version number (I've seen MSF 01, 02, "5"=35 and "C"=43). MSF do use LAME MP3s, in fact Sony's MSF tools kindly ask you to get lame.dll from the interwebs due to licensing and stuff.
I wasn't able to identify the codec used by XMDs (probably some IMA variant). But I found a way to convert them to wav: xmd2wav. Seems Silent Hill 3 Xbox has XMD too.

@marcusss - For Dead Nation use this bms (looks like wwise OGG).
Bejeweled 3 has a table at the beginning pointing to music but not sure how it works.

@Sephirothkefka - vgmstream builds

@Sir-Sabin - EA games use a special form of XMA2 that currently need this tool by hcs. Then, those in joshw were "transmogrified" to XMA1.
But the actual problem is that the RIFF/data chunks have wrong sizes, easily fixable by hex editting or some quickbms script.

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by Ultrafighter at 4:01 AM EDT on March 20, 2017
Huge thnx for the tool bnnm, it worked on all SH4 files and I've just started listening to WAVs. BTW I'm not sure it'd work on SH3 files as the utility couldn't convert a single track from Castlevania: Curse of darkness XBox rip.
If you ever stumble upon some other version (v1.1 or something) feel free to post it here but it's no big deal to me anyway. I mean I can try googling for newer XMD2WAV myself whenever I feel like revisiting CV:CoD original score.

And marcusss, can I ask you one more question in regards to BKS: what program did you use to extract MP3s out of Soundnodewaves or XXXs themselves? I guess you could simply change extensions of SNW or XXX files to *.mp3 and all the tracks would still play in Winamp or XMPLay.
Maybe my solution is slightly better when it comes to making streamed rips as "preserving original data as long as possible but keeping it playable"? For example Alpha23 did the same in his gamerip of Aliens versus predator (2010) for PS3; then whoever did Shadows of the damned on PS3 (the set that's currently hosted on left SoundNodeWaves as they're; finally I originally listened through all BGMs from Twisted metal (2012) that way: I believe I didn't even change *.xvag to *.mp3 but simply loaded all stereo tracks in playlist and started listening to them.

Best regards!
by marcusss at 8:13 AM EDT on March 20, 2017
@ Ultrafighter

I used only umodel and I was able to extract the music.

Each .xxx file had a folder SoundNodeWave which luckily inside had a bunch of MP3s so no need for any other program in this instance :-)

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by bxaimc at 9:41 AM EDT on March 20, 2017
So, I made a thing.

It's a really nice thing.

Wrote support for tri-Ace sound data (XMA and ATRAC3 variants (up to 6 channels):

Star Ocean 4 (Xbox 360) <- Reripped it to include original headers and to have direct support into vgmstream
Star Ocean 4 (PS3) <- finally got around to getting this ripped and supported.
End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate (Xbox 360 & PS3)
Infinite Undiscovery (Xbox 360) <- another rerip I did to include full original headers

I'll be releasing the sets this week. Hopefully I can finalize the code and send it bnnm or kode's way to be released.
by bnnm at 11:29 AM EDT on March 20, 2017
UE's .xxx are a file system of sorts, inside may have .SoundNodeWave with an audio header and (I think) more subfiles, so renaming won't work well.

Inside may have: .wav, .ogg, .fsb, .msf (UModel renames as .mp3), raw XMA (UModel adds a RIFF header), etc.

Ex. Shadow of the Damned uses MSF, probably Black Night Sword too. The quality of those MSF MP3s is poor (80 kbps), so you want the XMAs instead.
by Ultrafighter at 1:21 PM EDT on March 20, 2017
I wan't really proposing to casually rename XXX files to MP3s, FSBs or MSFs, I was mostly talking about single-track SoundNodeWaves or XVAGs. In any case I agree that extraction of actual audio container is better than leaving some redundant data (like header of SNW or XXX) in tracks. The only problem is that methods of extraction may vary a bit so it can lead to slightly different files in different rips. And I was also talking about this set, Alpha has exactly the same files in his PS3 rip but with changed extensions: *.msf=>*.mp3.

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by Sir-Sabin at 1:21 PM EDT on March 20, 2017
@bnnm - might need to to be reriped as i did it long ago with old maybe broken tools
by bnnm at 2:40 PM EDT on March 21, 2017
latest vgmstream changes
- Added Techland's ATRAC3 XWB [nail'd, Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PS3)]
- Added Capcom .ast [Dead Rising (X360)]
- Fixed some .vag variations [Ukiyo no Roushi (PSVita)]
- Fixed some .msf looping [Malicious (PS3)]
- (dev) meta description cleanup and file renames
by AnonRunzes at 9:23 PM EDT on March 23, 2017
It seems that apparently vgmstream doesn`t detect a .smpl chunk in a .xwav file(let alone a .wav file unless you rename it to .lwav if there`s a PCM codec in it). Not to mention that just by the .wav extension the XBOX ADPCM RIFF files doesn`t work with that extension so they also need to be renamed to .xwav to make it work.

Here are the samples.

Yes, these samples were made by using some XDK tool for testing purposes.

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by kode54 at 9:42 PM EDT on March 23, 2017
Yeah, and most players that have VGMStream plugins also have native .wav support that can't be extended by other plugins, so VGMStream needs them to have a different extension.

And if you'll look at the meta handler that processes RIFF files, it handles "lwav" but not "xwav".
by AnonRunzes at 9:53 PM EDT on March 23, 2017
That`s interesting... So you`re saying that .xwav loop support is pointless?
by kode54 at 12:05 AM EDT on March 24, 2017
What I'm actually saying is that the current .xwav handler is probably even redundant, and that the .lwav/.at3/etc generic RIFF input probably already handles Xbox IMA just fine.
by AnonRunzes at 5:12 AM EDT on March 24, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 11:46 AM EDT on March 24, 2017
Hi Bnnm, do you have plans for implementation of such quad XBOX (or actually IMA?) ADPCM RIFF files? Here's complete set and there're mostly 4ch tracks in it. They were all extracted using FSBext I presume but it's not too important.
I guess the best way would be to rerip this VG (extract original FSBs out of XXXs?) since multichannel XVAGs & FSBs are playable now but until that playback of such WAVs would surely suffice. I can understand it and won't insist if you don't see real need in implementing those files, I just thought it'd not hurt to ask since you've also added AA3s & OMAs to VGMstream.
by bnnm at 12:39 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
@Ultrafighter - As they come from FSBs they must be reripped I'm afraid.

FSB use a special variant of multichannel IMA (only for >2ch, just to annoy everybody) which I added a while back, but can't be detected in plain WAVs.

(for the record, AA3/OMA support fully comes from FFmpeg, and Kode54 by extension)

@Knurek - those AWCs are a little annoying to figure out. I think OpenIV creates XML or JSON-like files when extracting the AWCs, but as you need the full game I can't get them. Could you throw in a few examples?
It's a multi-stream format though.
by Knurek at 12:50 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
@bnnm: Do you need the AWCs? I uploaded all of them to JoshW server.
Or is that archive too large for you? If so, how many of them should I upload?
by bnnm at 1:06 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
I mean these .OAC helper files, seen here (maybe they aren't auto-created)

A few of those (plus their AWCs, of varying sizes, if possible) would be most helpful.
I can get the .AWC from joshw but I don't think I can create the .OAC, seem to contain useful info about codec, offsets and stuff.
by Knurek at 1:17 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
Ah, okay, here you go.
by AnonRunzes at 10:24 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
Okay, this just in.

I just found another format from an Ubisoft game: Just Dance 4. And this time, it`s the WiiU version. I have a sample here if you(bnnm) or anyone can take a look.


It uses the Nintendo ADPCM codec, and that`s all I have to say about this ".wav" format.

EDIT: I forgot vgmstream supported the "LyN" RIFF format, and you have to play it by renaming it to .sns. Oh well, I`ll probably bring up an unsupported format some time to avoid this mistake.

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by Ultrafighter at 2:26 AM EDT on March 25, 2017
@Bnnm - OK, I got it, thanks for quick reply and some new rips too!
BTW I only mentioned AA3 & OMA because they can also be classified as kind of inferior unneeded format as well as those 4ch IMA WAVs coming from FSBs. Back in the day Knurek rejected all PSP rips by Alpha23 just 'cause they were mostly AT3+ => AA3 transcodes (or was it actually simple header manipulation?) and ATRAC3+ was already supported by VGMstream. I understood it from the start that the very best option would be to reacquire original FSB containers from the game and play them directly but I also thought that playback of those incorrectly extracted wave tracks would be a decent alternative too (at least for me).
by marcusss at 9:40 AM EDT on March 26, 2017
Sorry to bother you guys. Is someone able to convert this file. It apparently is wwise but not standard ogg which works with ww2ogg. Wav?? I haven't had any lucky converting this file. I tried all kinds of programs scripts etc..

It is from the XBOX360 game Divinity II - Dragon Knight Saga .. aka Flames of Vengeance since the version up on joshw is supposedly only Divinity II i thought I might give it a try :P

The file is here --> .wwise_a

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by bnnm at 5:36 PM EDT on March 26, 2017
latest vgmstream changes
- Added FSB5 Ogg/Vorbis decoder [many games]
- Improved FSB5 num_samples parsing
- Fixed some MSF looping [Castlevania HoD (PS3)]
- Fixed FSBs with encryption flag set [Double Fine games]


FSB5 Ogg notes:
- libvorbis.dll was updated
- Needs FMOD's vorbis setup/codebooks but all are pre-packed with vgmstream
- If a song doesn't find the proper setup/codebooks it will not play
- setup can be added externally using a .fvs or .fvs_{id/crc32} external files in the song.fsb folder
- In case FMOD changes setup/codebooks: to generate .fvs files you can study this and this if I'm not around
by hcs at 8:39 PM EDT on March 26, 2017
@marcusss: That's wwise IMA ADPCM, decode with ima_rejigger5 or wwise_ima_adpcm.

@bnnm: Whoa, FSB5 Vorbis! Awesome!

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by AnonRunzes at 8:47 PM EDT on March 26, 2017
If only I had FSB5 Vorbis sets to post around...
by marcusss at 12:41 AM EDT on March 27, 2017

Thanks for that and great vgmstream update bnnm !!
by marcusss at 10:21 AM EDT on March 27, 2017

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by AnonRunzes at 1:59 PM EDT on March 27, 2017
Seems like Bioshock 2 isn`t the only game that has inconsistent padding.

This file came from the PS3 version of Stacking, and when I use fsbii for these files and then I play them on vgmstream... only a few of them even play at all.
vgmstream error by D-Reaper at 7:23 PM EDT on March 27, 2017
I'm getting this error with the new version:

Failed to load DLL: foo_input_vgmstream.dll
Reason: The specified procedure could not be found.

I never had any problem before with this plugin.

(well it seem reinstalling Foobar fix the problem)

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by marcusss at 8:42 PM EDT on March 27, 2017
Ahh i had the same error but you need to read the readme as there are some dependency updates which you overwrite them..

Anyhow you got it working now :)

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by kode54 at 11:39 PM EDT on March 27, 2017
You *don't* put the dependencies in the application directory. It bundles them itself, updates will pull fresh copies every time.
by marcusss at 9:58 AM EDT on March 28, 2017
For me that didn't work. my foobar vgmstream update didn't work. kept getting procedure not loaded and failed to load the vgmstream dll but doing it MANUALLY worked.. Its beena lo9ng time of updates since I had an issue updating vgmstream until today but eventually got it working thank god :-)
by bnnm at 3:28 PM EDT on March 28, 2017
@AnonRunzes - that looks corrupt.
by AnonRunzes at 3:30 PM EDT on March 28, 2017
@bnnm - This was how I got the content, after all.
Still can't load foo_input_vgmstream.dll by supermann at 1:47 AM EDT on March 29, 2017
I have updated the player to 1.3.15 beta 1. I have also put Put libvorbis.dll, libmpg123-0.dll, libg7221_decode.dll, libg719_decode.dll,
at3plusdecoder.dll, avcodec-vgmstream-57.dll, avformat-vgmstream-57.dll, and
avutil-vgmstream-55.dll into C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000, but the error persists. I don't recall having this issue in the previous updates.

Meanwhile, would Kode54 be interested in updating the component to support .M music files from Japan's PC98 system? Right now, with the help of foo_input_fmpmd.dll, PMDWin.dll and WinFMP.dll, foobar2000 could play back the music files, but I am just afraid that the support could lose in the future since the Japanese are behind these dlls and they could be gone forever. For example, the URLs where I got those dlls are unable to open these days Thanks,
by punk7890-2 at 4:00 AM EDT on March 29, 2017
For me I removed all of those .dlls and it worked. For some reason nobody tells you this in that update.
by marcusss at 6:07 PM EDT on March 29, 2017

edited 8:01 PM EDT March 29, 2017
by kode54 at 7:16 PM EDT on March 29, 2017
None of those dependencies should have been in foobar2000's main directory. And the one update I released where the dependencies were a separate package was a huge mistake.
by marcusss at 9:51 PM EDT on March 30, 2017

edited 4:51 PM EDT March 31, 2017
Finally by ckcu at 4:02 AM EDT on April 2, 2017
After I totally uninstalled foobar2000 1.3.14 and re-install 1.3.15 beta 1, the vgm component is now normal. One can't just install 1.3.15 beta 1 over 1.3.14 if they have run into the "failed to load" situation.
by Ultrafighter at 2:57 AM EDT on April 3, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I'm wondering if Atrac9 codec can be implemented into vgmstream. I know there's at9tool for decoding ATRAC9 tracks to PCM but it's sometimes so embarrassing to convert a few hundred MBs worth of 96 kbps *.at9 files to 6 or 7 GBs of WAVs (it's the case with BlazBlue: Chrono phantasma extend)...
I've already listened to a dozen or so rips from Vita but only found some different audio format in a single one of them (OGG in The binding of Isaac: Rebirth). I guess that demand for easier way to listen to those AT9s should be pretty high, am I right? The best solution would be playback of such files with help of VGMstream, of course.
by AnonRunzes at 11:13 AM EDT on April 3, 2017
@Ultrafighter - To be honest though, I think ATRAC9 decoding through ffmpeg is more fitting considering it can handle tons of lossy codecs. Only then vgmstream support for the format is actually possible.

edited 11:29 AM EDT April 3, 2017
by bnnm at 1:45 PM EDT on April 3, 2017
latests vgmstream changes
- Added FSB5 HEVAG [PSVita sfx]
- Fixed some MCA v4 and relaxed looping checks [MH3U (3DS)]
- Added partial Wwise support (PCM/DSP/AAC/HEVAG)
- (dev) moved Wwise DSP parsing from riff.c to wwise.c


~2012+ Wwise files should be named .wem (even if your .bms/extractor outputs .wav), some files may not be properly detected otherwise as they deviate a bit from the WAV/RIFF spec.
They changed the exts/format from .ogg/.wav to .wem in the 2011.2 SDK (~July 2011), you can keep older games as wav/lwav or ogg/logg.

@Ultrafighter - It's technically possible, since they leaked Sony's decoder DLL.
But unless somebody actually reverse engineers it I wouldn't expect much...
(incidentally PS4 uses ATRAC9, while XBone still uses XMA)
by Knurek at 2:05 PM EDT on April 3, 2017
@bnnm: No build up yet? Last one on github is from 8 days ago, does not play WEM for me.
(Admittedly, I only tried WiiU ADPCM ones from The Wonderful 101, but still)
by bnnm at 2:08 PM EDT on April 3, 2017
I forgot to launch the uploader.bat, derp.

EDIT: seems like Bayo2 and W101 use Wwise IMA (not yet supported) rather than DSP. Most curious.

edited 4:12 PM EDT April 3, 2017
by kode54 at 11:37 PM EDT on April 3, 2017
The API of the Atrac9 DLL is already known, I think, but I will not be implementing it, because that would mean either bundling or expecting users to find a copy of it to use the component.
by Knurek at 12:17 AM EDT on April 4, 2017
@bnnm: Bayo2 has also ~30 files that use Vorbis.
And it has RIFF header with Big Endian values for some reason. :\
by AnonRunzes at 10:55 AM EDT on April 4, 2017
Wouldn`t coding the ATRAC9 codec from scratch be a more satisfactory solution?
by bnnm at 1:16 PM EDT on April 4, 2017
Yes, I meant that by reverse engineering. Hopefully by FFmpeg since they did ATRAC3/plus too.

I assume the DLL is linkable since it has a companion .h. One could probably make a bridge DLL that dynamic-loads libatrac9.dll, so vgmstream doesn't actually depend on it.
It's still pretty evil though so I hope FFmpeg does their thing.
by marcusss at 10:54 PM EDT on April 4, 2017
Hi guys. I extracted lots of music from Magrunner on the PS3. They are all in a soundnodewav folder since the game using the Unreal engine.

Problem is they are unplayable and I have no idea what type I couldn't rip any playable music from this game yet.

The file is named combatBossGrom01.ps3audio

The folder in this case was called "music_combatbossgrom01_xsa"

Magrunner PS3 example file


edited 11:19 PM EDT April 4, 2017
by bnnm at 1:54 PM EDT on April 5, 2017
Looks like some kind of truncated MSF.
Use this .bms to create GENHs.
by marcusss at 9:08 PM EDT on April 5, 2017
@bnnm Thanks ! will give it a whirl.

The script works but a few songs are either too fast too slow and have weird sample rates like 36000hz.

The music isn't that great as mainly atmoshperic stuff but was curious. It seems like the songs have different sample rates as the speed in some is faster/slower than the working ones

I will give you an example. Credits sounds too fast and kind of weird. example

Original File

Actually also a few music pieces had stuttering like they are interleaved or something?



Cheers. I heard the music from the game before and thought the music sounds alright though :/.


**** I saw the pc version was ripped and on joshw so that's good but curious about this weird music type and wanted to get it working

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by bnnm at 1:52 PM EDT on April 6, 2017
Those two files should be 2ch, open the .bms and change them in line 9.
There is nothing in the header that tells the channels so you'll have to experiment.
by durandal at 4:21 PM EDT on April 6, 2017
I plan to work on atrac9 decoder in near future.
by mariofan12ify at 12:40 AM EDT on April 7, 2017
Any plans on adding .wem support for the release of Yooka-Laylee?
by marcusss at 1:23 AM EDT on April 7, 2017
vgmstream version r1050 by RetroFanatic at 10:49 PM EDT on April 8, 2017
Ok, let's try this again.

The last time I tried installing vgmstream r1050, it refused to show up in Winamp's Plugin Input tab no matter what I did. I tried simply replacing the dll's and I tried uninstalling the old and installing the new one.

What am I doing wrong?

And also, it's not possible to loop XA-files with vgmstream? CD-ROM XA files to be precise. Castlevania: SotN to be even more so.
by bnnm at 4:14 AM EDT on April 9, 2017
latest vgmstream changes
- Added Wwise XMA/XWMA [Shadowrun, DmC, Halo 4 X360]
- Added Ubisoft RAKI (PCM/MSADPCM/DSP/MP3/XMA2) [Rayman Legends, Just Dance 2017 (multi)]
- Fixed mono/full-interleave CKD [Rayman Origins Wii SFX]
- Fixed some Moon Diver PS3 looping/sample issues
- (dev) Added pcm/dsp/ps/atrac3_bytes_to_samples helpers
- (dev) xma parsing tweaks


Older Wwise XMA (ex. Shadowrun X360) can be renamed from .wav to .lwav to play, while newer (~2012) should be .wem.
If somebody knows of Wwise XMA with a .xma ext (RIFX), please post some examples.

@durandal - awesome!

@mariofan12ify - if they are Ogg/IMA sure, but I would need examples to check.

@RetroFanatic - try the latests builds here. They work with an old Winamp 5.61 for me.
in_vgmstream.dll goes to the Winamp/Plugins folder and the rest of the DLLs to the Winamp folder, and check there aren't extra copies of the DLLs around.
AFAIK SOTN doesn't have any loop points and songs just go on repeat in the game.
by mariofan12ify at 5:16 AM EDT on April 9, 2017
Well, the Toybox's files were in .wem so I just assumed that they would be the same in the final game.
Here's the original streams:!5NVgAI5I!tZXBkqbPe4hHDWJCNRqRmtWbOM6xL_9eFuEPNebvrNk
by marcusss at 7:46 AM EDT on April 9, 2017
So wwise games that have extensions like _wwisea _wwisep _wwisev etc.. should probably work if renamed to .wem. will give it a try.

Sounds like great progress

Is there a link or direct link to the plugin to work with winamp and foobar

edited 7:49 AM EDT April 9, 2017
by Knurek at 9:46 AM EDT on April 9, 2017
@marcusss: Take note that most of WWise games (on PC) use Vorbis, which isn't currently supported yet.
by marcusss at 10:19 AM EDT on April 9, 2017
@Knurek: Thanks for the clarification.
by Ultrafighter at 4:59 AM EDT on April 10, 2017
Hey Bnnm, are you gonna release Halo 4 or DmC (2013) in near future? I'd be really glad if I had a chance to try out another rip of the newest Devil may cry (I just have ancient OGG gamerip from PC which was released a few years ago)! The 4th Halo would be cool too, I don't think any rip of that title has ever surfaced anywhere (not to mention streamed gamerip!).

BTW I'm sure TRON: Evolution has exactly this kind of XMAs: "Wwise XMA with a .xma ext (RIFX)". Unfortunately you can't get those from my old rip, you'll have to acquire an image of that game for X360 to find those files in root of sound folder. In any case I guess rerip of that platform is called for (if only to get descriptive BGM names from Music.txt, I left it out when I ripped VGM from the title)...

PS. Big thanks for demuxed audio from videos in Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate for PSV!
It's a pity though all demo~m*.xma tracks as well as some 5.1 files from DMC4 are still unplayable... But this time I'm sure I'll wait for proper implementation and not demultiplex 6 channel XMAs to 3 stereo ones to be able to listen to them right now. This time I can definitely wait.

PPS. It might be quite a longshot but can I propose old Ubisoft (mainly) ADPCM format to be implemented some day? I'm talking about those *.layer audio files which can be found with help of DecUbiSnd inside enormous *.ss# sound archives. You can usually decode them to PCM with DecUbiSnd itself but wouldn't normal playback of source files (not via decubisnd.exe) be more convenient? I can provide numerous samples from many PC or PS3 VGs I ripped myself, I guess there're lots of such files in a few rips by Alpha23 too.
So is it possible for you to do it? It'd be fantastic if one didn't have to convert those tracks to WAV every time he wants to listen to them!

edited 5:14 AM EDT April 10, 2017
by durandal at 2:25 PM EDT on April 10, 2017
Could you provide some files and exe that decodes them you mentioned?
by bnnm at 5:56 PM EDT on April 10, 2017
@mariofan12ify - I get an error Dl'ing that.

@Ultrafighter - Thanks, will check. Halo 4 and DmC I only have a few examples I'm afraid.
Unplayable DMC4 are true stereo/multichannel, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, that must be added to FFmpeg. I understand how to do it but it touches some fragile parts, so I asked richardpl (main XMA dev) a while back if he could take a look.
Ubisoft ADPCM I've never heard of that, you'd need to post examples/names (same with any other codecs).

@durandal - here and here

@hcs (or anybody that can help) - I'm trying to get older Wwise Vorbis examples, any files still around?
Some mentioned here, would be most helpful:
KetnetKick 2, Divinity II, EVE Online Apocrypha, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Rocksmith, The Old Republic beta, Army of Two: The 40th Day 12 multiplayer files
by Ultrafighter at 1:07 AM EDT on April 11, 2017
@Bnnm: I guess Durandal was requesting "some files and exe that decodes them" in regards to my point about "old Ubisoft (mainly) ADPCM format". But hey thanks for clarifying current status of DMC4 & giving more info about these Halo 4 and DmC example files!

@Durandal: This is my old personal selection of BGM from TMNT (2007), it includes a decoder BTW but for newer version look here. In case this is not enough I can also post loads of similar segmented sounds from Open season for PC. As for some other PC or most PS3 titles I was talking about I have much less samples at hand right now.

Anyway I suppose implementation of this Ubi format might be similar to PS2/PS3/PSP MUSX (or Eurocom DAT4 4-bit IMA ADPCM to be more precise): apparently there was no frequency spec in a header of a sample when the codec was added to VGMstream so all *.musx files were hardcoded to have sample rate of 32000 Hz. This is what Alpha23 assumed while he was ripping Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end for most platforms but it's possible that all MUSX tracks coming from that title simply had wrong freq specified in their headers. I've only had "VGM playing too fast" error in G-Force for PS3, this exact rip is still around here (on servers to be specific) if someone wants to take a look.
But don't let me stray way too far from Ubisoft format into offtopic field. So can someone more familiar with that old Ubi codec (ADPCM variation) confirm it doesn't have information about sample rate in its header?

Bye all!
by mariofan12ify at 2:12 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
@bnnm - Well, I discovered that the audio folder for Yooka-Laylee is actually full of .wem file and .bnk files. I'm guessing the .wem files are just sound effects but I'm pretty sure the .bnk files are the music and ambience.
by Knurek at 2:22 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
.wems are the music files, actually.
(Vorbis and PCM)
Rip up on JoshW mirror.
by mariofan12ify at 9:07 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
Oh, but are they playable with vgmstream?
by Vector Harbor at 9:50 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
There are few .wem files with loop data the rest are loopable but you have to do it yourself on the others hand for the .logg files it just a ogg vorbis in disguise BUT !!! They have loop data...most likely...seamless loop point but it a good thing.
by mariofan12ify at 10:57 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
I like how the .ogg files are the non-looped jingles and stuff.
by Vector Harbor at 11:23 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
There are loopable... but i do wonder if they do in-game...
by bnnm at 4:03 AM EDT on April 14, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmp)
- Added Wwise Ogg/Vorbis (.wem, .logg) [many games]
- Added Wwise IMA (.wem, .lwav) [many games]
- (dev) XMA/WAVs ignore Wwise as it's parsed now in wwise.c
- (dev) tweaked xmplay info; fixed subtle reset segfault


Some WIMA sfx are ridiculous btw (3ch, 750hz...?).

Wwise Vorbis notes
- much of the Worbis code comes from ww2ogg so thanks to hcs for deciphering this crazy format
- autodetection is different than ww2ogg's, most variations should work but not all
- old (~2009) variation with full headers will be added later
- for extracted Wwise .bnk with no filenames, >2012 games should be named .wem and <2012 games .logg/lwav, to help Worbis autodetection a bit
In rare cases .lwavs<>.wem could be misdetected so you can try to change to the other ext
- in the unlikely event that codebooks change they may be added externally with a ".wvc" file in the song folder (same as ww2ogg's .bin but renamed)
- codebooks are already pre-packaged into vgmstream (to convert them study this)
by Knurek at 10:45 AM EDT on April 14, 2017
bnnm, do we need rerips for all of old WWise sets?
Ones that have been ww2ogged, I mean?
(I know it's better to have original files, but are we missing anything with the currently available ogg files?)
by Knurek at 10:47 AM EDT on April 14, 2017
Sorry, dp. :\

edited 10:48 AM EDT April 14, 2017
by bnnm at 12:01 PM EDT on April 14, 2017
ww2ogg results in the exact same sound and looping than vgmstream now does, so there is no real need.

If you mean the sets I posted, I just had them around, no need to reupload if they are repeats.
Incidentally, there are a few sets in joshw with unconverted ogg wems (ex. Metal Gear Rising, infamous 2).
by RetroFanatic at 10:51 PM EDT on April 14, 2017

Using Winamp 5.58 here. I haven't updated it any further since it works for everything I play with it.

And I select the option to replace the dlls when I update vgmstream.

I may have made a mistake when trying to install it the times before because I put the other dlls in the plugin directory aswell. Removed those from there now and placed the new ones in winamp's directory.
by kode54 at 12:38 AM EDT on April 15, 2017
Not upgrading software because what you already have just works? Where's the fun in that? I suppose you'll also tell me you don't reformat to a completely different operating system every other week just on a whim. I can even get away with that now, as it's just a backup of the main OS VM, and reinstall later.

Latest adventure involved setting up Ubuntu Linux on ESXi, and I had to hand configure an Xorg configuration file to tell it to use my PCIe passthrough video card instead of the VMware SVGA adapter. That was fun, until it turned out that Yooka-Laylee was too stuttery to be really playable.
vgmstream by RetroFanatic at 12:53 AM EDT on April 15, 2017
Hmm. At9 doesn't seem to work with this yet?

Downloaded the Ys - Memores of Celceta soundtrack and was hoping to rip some tracks.

Still have problems with regular at3 files, it seems.

edited 12:54 AM EDT April 15, 2017

edited 12:57 AM EDT April 15, 2017
by Knurek at 1:27 AM EDT on April 15, 2017
AT9 != AT3
All Atrac3 files should be supported, Atrac9 is completely another story.

edited 3:22 PM EDT April 15, 2017
by AnonRunzes at 3:00 PM EDT on April 15, 2017
bnnm, I`m sure you haven`t noticed this but...
xwb_split didn`t work with this file.

The .xwb file in question seems to be using an eariler version of the XACT archive. There was no corresponding .xsb file to speak of.

edited 7:55 PM EDT April 15, 2017
by bnnm at 6:48 AM EDT on April 16, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmp)
- Added early (~2009) Wwise Ogg/Vorbis
- Fixed ADX loop points in multichannel files [Okami HD]
- Added ADX header initial sample history
** not noticeable as most files start in silence due to loop padding and their effect in the stream ends after a few samples anyway
- (dev) fixed compiling without FFmpeg and utils cleanup
- (dev) ADX cleanup; documented ADX loop padding


@AnonRunzes - that's XWB v1 (the very first). Also used in Silent Hill 4 Xbox. Not playable in vgmstream either, I don't have enough samples to understand the format.

edited 6:49 AM EDT April 16, 2017
by AnonRunzes at 7:34 AM EDT on April 16, 2017
@bnnm - I`m just tryin` my best to find out any one of those Xbox games that uses XWB v1 archive files.

But I can post a whole load of XWB files used in Project Gotham Racing 2, if you wish.
by bnnm at 9:16 AM EDT on April 16, 2017
I they don't work, sure.
by AnonRunzes at 11:59 AM EDT on April 16, 2017
Okay, here are all the .xwb files from Project Gotham Racing 2:

See if you can try your luck at these formats.
by Ultrafighter at 8:32 AM EDT on April 17, 2017
@All - Has anyone except me ever thought about ripping Cannon fodder 3? I tried unpacking its XWBs many years ago but I couldn't play resulting WMAs (I'm sure I used UnXWB BTW).
Maybe that PC exclusive title used XWMA and ALuigi's tool simply wasn't able to add headers of required type to individual tracks? As far as I remember Music.xwb had a companion XSB file so extraction with original filenames was no problem, it was the codec which Burut CT (game developer) chose for the game that was the main trouble; I had no idea about actual audio format for years but I've just realized this: can sound banks from this title be similar to those coming from Bastion for PC? Who knows, maybe CF3 is now easily rippable with help of just XWBsplit & VGMstream...
And even if this game is still unrippable it's no big deal to me, I heard the VG in question has some neat BGM in the vein of Crimsonland soundtrack but I've never played Cannon fodder 3 so I can't confirm such a notion (and I'm definitely not going to dive into gameplay just to listen to the score). However if someone became interested enough to try and rip it himself I'd be more than happy to listen to his streamed set (if it's playable that is).

@AnonRunzes - I don't want to be a bother but how is that RAGE gamerip from 3 platforms going? If you're not going to release them all here could you at least post QuickBMS scripts for streamed.resources / english.streamed whenever they're ready? It'd be awesome if I was able to rip The scorchers DLC for PS3 myself and this time with proper track names!

Best regards, Ultrafighter.

Edit: @All - Does someone know who made this set and more importantly how he split initial audio archive into separate tracks & individual layers? I spent quite some time attempting to make some use out of these *.sbao files but I got nothing but static in DecUbiSndGUI by Zench: somehow that utility always recognizes codec as PCM instead of trademark UbiSoft ADPCM variant so one can't hear any clean music when trying to play or convert those SBAOs.
Anyone out there to help me out? I'd highly appreciate any assistance!
See you!

edited 8:43 AM EDT April 17, 2017
by Knurek at 10:06 AM EDT on April 17, 2017
@Ultrafighter: CW3 works fine with xwb_split
by AnonRunzes at 1:15 PM EDT on April 17, 2017
@Ultrafighter - Sorry man, I was already close to figuring out the format until the DLC archives came in. I haven't even prepared the script yet for the DLC archives(both the main game and the DLCs has the same "gameresources" filename, although I would like to work-around a way about this if I had just the right moment to send my free time on), hence the hiatus.

However the audio formats are another story. On the three platforms the game was released on, a .wav file would come out with a .idmsf/.idxma/.idmsa file that has all the information needed for the file to be played properly in the game.

So far I only managed to handle .wav/.idmsf files so they can be converted into plain .msf files. But since the .wav files are stored separately from the .idmsf/.idxma/.idmsa files, having two pairs together is always the first step.

In other words, I'm not done with the game just yet. I need to make sure my research with the archives and the audio files across all three platforms has found its conclusion. I hope you understand by now.

edited 8:23 PM EDT April 17, 2017

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