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by Ultrafighter at 3:01 PM EDT on April 17, 2017
Big thanks for status report AnonRunzes, I'm truly grateful for this! It would be nice if you posted some updates whenever there're some major breakthroughs in ripping the game the right way.
Of course there's no real rush in making the set and releasing it here, I'm sure it'd be way better to wait a bit and have high quality gamerip instead of treating PC & X360 versions the same way I ripped PS3 port of the title (original filenames are a must for any future rerips, don't you agree to that?). I wish you the best of luck in figuring out the format of both sound archives and actual audio files!

And Knurek, if you have any natively encoded music from Cannon fodder 3 please post it here, I'd absolutely love to have such a set! BTW movies also shouldn't be any problem, they're OGM if memory serves and audio track can be easily extracted out of actual video file (or maybe sound itself is stored outside of the movie and there're 2 files per a scene: Vid1.ogg &, then Vid2.ogg & and so on?).
BTW Thnx for the most recent (re)rips, most importantly Darksiders: Warmastered edition & NieR: Automata!

Best wishes!

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Question... by Bonboon228 at 7:51 PM EDT on April 17, 2017
I am wondering if the music from the pc version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can be ripped.

Is it possible?
All Atrac3 files should be supported by RetroFanatic at 12:24 AM EDT on April 18, 2017
Yeah, I don't know what's up with that. Winamp just won't play them. I don't even get a timer on the songs. I even have AT3 added in the DirectShow Decoder.

Someone said they don't work because vgmstream might use AT3Plus and not AT3.

Maybe that was you, I don't know.
by kode54 at 7:41 PM EDT on April 18, 2017
AT3/AT3Plus has nothing to do with DirectShow decoders when using VGMStream. VGMStream uses its own internal decoders. Upload some non-working files so they may be examined.
by Knurek at 1:29 AM EDT on April 20, 2017
@bnnm: I have two FSB5 rips that don't seem to play with the latest VGMStream:

Full Bore


Not sure what's up with them. I'd appreciate if you could give them a look.
by bnnm at 1:25 PM EDT on April 20, 2017
Both use the elusive CELT codec.

List of currently unsupported FSBs:
- FSB5 PCM8/PCM24/PCM32/PCMFLOAT/VAG: easy to add, but never seen any games using them (samples needed)
- FSB5 XWMA: easy too. Some odd X360 game, I guess
- FSB5 ATRAC9: no decoder; most Vita games (PS4 too?)
- FSB5 FADPCM: ~2015+, prob SFXs. Looks like some IMA variation ADPCM experts could figure out (I have one Forza Horizon 3 sample)
- FSB4/5 CELT: used here and there. Decoder exists. The main problem is that the CELT format was never finalized and docs are scarce; needs research of which CELT version is and how it was adapted by FMOD.
by Ultrafighter at 2:26 PM EDT on April 20, 2017
Hey Bnnm, which exact decoder were you talking about when you mentioned FSB4/5 CELT? I quickly discovered FB2K plugin (via Google as it's not here) and installed it but apparently it doesn't work correctly on newer versions of Foobar2000 (it shows up in component list but all *.CELT files I add to playlist are empty IE not recognized as playable ones at all).
Maybe program you mentioned was developed for some specific VG? As you can guess I'm still trying to play or convert most tracks from Styx: Master of shadows so this title is my main aim. I'll be very grateful for any directions you can give!

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by bnnm at 3:07 PM EDT on April 20, 2017
By decoder I meant open source (

Programs to decode FSB CELTs to WAVs exist, but all simply use FMOD's DLLs so they are not useful for vgmstream.

I haven't tried myself tho: FMOD extractor

If that doesn't work, maybe this will (for FSB4 CELT from The Witcher 2, probably works with others): tw2unfsb (for FSB4 CELT from The Witcher 2, probably works with others)
by marcusss at 5:44 PM EDT on April 20, 2017
@bnnm the only game I have come across that uses 32 bit float is Rain world on pc for sound effects. Not sure about the ps4 version.. i know you are talking specifically formats inside fsb5. But yeah it is good to see some games using good clean sound effects ;-)

Intersting formats you posted. Hopefully we can find these formats so you can add them

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by ChillyBilly at 12:10 AM EDT on April 21, 2017
Well, guess this is the most fitting thread to post this.... So anyway, I recently ripped Mr. Driller: Drill Land for the Gamecube, but I'm having trouble playing the streamed audio. Looking through a hex editor, I notice that this game's DSP files have a "Cstr" header. I looked further into this, and almost thought I struck gold through this very site... For on hcs's VGM tools page, he linked to a program called "CDEU" that seemed to be the answer to my problems. Unfortunately, the link on that page is long dead. :( So I ask if anyone happens to have a mirror to that program (maybe hcs, if you're reading this?), or knows of an alternate way to decode these .cstr DSPs? I've got a sample file right here, if it helps:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can look into this!
by Ultrafighter at 2:58 AM EDT on April 21, 2017
Thanks for recommending me these 3 utilities Bnnm but as I originally expected they didn't work on any *.celt file from Styx: Master of shadows. I guess it's because all those tracks have already been extracted out of their native FSB bigfiles and not with FSBii but with FSBext. Or did devs of that VG not use FMOD at all? It's pretty much possible they chose plain CELT instead of CELT inside FSB sound banks.
by bnnm at 6:24 PM EDT on April 22, 2017
** latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmp)
- Added OGL Vorbis decoder/meta [Jett Rocket (Wii), FAST Racing NEO (WiiU)]
- Added basic SXD support [Gravity Rush SFX, Freedom Wars SFX (PSV)]
- Added XWB v1 [Silent Hill 4, Project Gotham Racing 2]
- Fixed RIFF/Wwise detection rejecting some valid lwav [Cave PC games]
- Fixed Wwise XWMA v2 num samples
- Relaxed Cstr loop checks [Mr. Driller Drill Land (GC)]
- (dev) XMA cleanup
- Added AKB2 MSADPCM [The Irregular at Magic High School Lost Zero (Android)] (by nine)

Also updated xwb_split to handle XWB v1.


@Ultrafighter - you need the original FSBs, yes. Those raw .celt are useless, as the header is in the FSB, and the data is custom.
by Ultrafighter at 2:24 AM EDT on April 23, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I'm truly thankful for explanation of CELT issue, I think I can wait for rerip of Styx as well as new improved set for Far cry 2.
Hmm, maybe you'd like to look into FC2 *.sbao files and see if you can understand them? My guess is that Zench, author of DecUbiSnd, is unreachable via XeNTaX forum now so contacting him is currently troublesome.
I checked with the latest DecUbiSndGUI and can tell you that those SBAOs are recognized as 2-layered "interleaved 9 stream" files but nothing except static can be heard when attempting to play them. I also tried opening them (both original SBAOs & both extracted untouched *.layer files) as PCM RAW in Sony Sound forge and experimenting with number of bits and sample type but couldn't get anything besides horrible loud static.
Do you think you can assist me somehow?

BTW I've just checked a few BGMs from "Mission: Impossible. Operation Surma" & Terminator 3: The redemption from GC (those MDS tracks which are in fact DSP without needed coeffs) and they sounded way better than I expected! I was afraid it'd be some huge static with slight traces of music in the background but audio quality appeared to be much better. Of course it'd be cooler if there wasn't some light static / hissing accompanying playback but at least you can hear actual VGM while playing these *.mds files!

Goodbye, thanks in advance for any help you can give! So long!
by bnnm at 9:35 AM EDT on April 23, 2017
@Ultrafighter - I'll take a look to the Ubi ADPCM later, but I need more samples from various games, or at least the names.
I suspect the only way is to add them to GENH.

MDS I'm guessing it's missing only a few coefs so it sounds mostly ok. Maybe they are in the header, as there are some unknown/unsused bytes, but I don't know enough about DSP to understand what's going on.
by Ultrafighter at 2:32 AM EDT on April 24, 2017
As I said I still have quite a few samples from Open season for PC so here they are. You see it's mostly segmented dynamic stuff but there're also numerous relatively long 1+ min. tracks. BTW Prince of Persia: Sands of time & Warrior within, PC versions, used the same BGM system and probably similar codec but I don't have example files from those titles anymore.
I can also offer you some bits and pieces from my old PS3 rips, I did them using just DecUbiSndGUI too (first scanning STREAM.ss6 or something for contained streams, then figuring out sample rates & number of channels and finally decoding to PCM). This is the 2nd pack of mine, it might be way too small but it's better than just names of games, am I right?
by kode54 at 7:28 PM EDT on April 24, 2017
How about another unsupported stream format? I dunno what's up with Croc 2 for PC (available on, bunch of .ASF files that obviously aren't Microsoft's format.
by AnonRunzes at 9:07 PM EDT on April 24, 2017
@kode54 - Or the .ess format that has been used in Eugen Systems` games.
by Knurek at 4:42 PM EDT on April 26, 2017
@bnnm: Some XWB files from BlazBlue CentralFiction don't play with VGMStream.


000_btl_rg.xwb, 003_btl_rc.xwb - playable. Rest of the files isn't.

Let me know if you need more samples.

//EDIT: Weirdly enough, they play fine when I use xwb_split on them...

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by Ultrafighter at 7:57 PM EDT on April 26, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I found some MDS files that don't play even with the latest version of plugin, here they are. I'm talking about Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma & Terminator 3: The redemption for GC of course.
Can you take a look at those tracks? Player identifies them as 0 Hz, 0 channel ones but maybe they actually have valid headers and can be implemented into VGMstream?

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by bnnm at 3:30 PM EDT on April 27, 2017
@Kode54 - Looks kinda like MS-ADPCM? There is a decoder here, maybe somebody could reverse engineer it.

@Knurek - they have some unexpected padding, I'll relax the validation. xwb_split reconstructs the file without the padding so it works.
Do they come from an archive, could it be an extractor problem?

@Ultrafighter - they are fixable, MDS with data I didn't expect. They make me think that the coefs are somehow in the header, but don't follow the usual format (explained here).
I noticed MDS only use coefs 0..7, I wonder why.
by kode54 at 9:58 PM EDT on April 27, 2017
@bnnm: Appears to be a Quick Macros compiled executable, too bad they didn't post the source code.
by AnonRunzes at 11:31 PM EDT on April 27, 2017
@kode54 - "too bad they didn't post the source code."
Well, unless one knows how to decompile that executable somehow, it seems like reverse-engineering the format from scratch(and I mean anything that uses an codec that vgmstream doesn`t cover, not just Croc 2 .ASF files) is the only solution.

If any of you were even capable of that, that is.

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by kode54 at 11:56 PM EDT on April 27, 2017
It's an executable compiled from a scripting language, whose documentation even goes so far as to report not being able to decompile the scripts. Lots of people even use it for random lazy ass shit.
by AnonRunzes at 12:37 AM EDT on April 28, 2017
@kode54 - Yeah, so what? That`s why I said that reverse-engineering the audio format(and the codec with it if it doesn`t use an already-covered audio codec on vgmstream) from scratch - as in, not "borrowing" from any "source-code" files whatsoever - is the only solution.
by Ultrafighter at 4:17 AM EDT on April 28, 2017
@Bnnm - would you like to get all BGMs from those 2 VGs? For example in Terminator 3 a few tracks sound almost crystal clear but some other ones are played back with quite a bit of static. Maybe comparing the former to the latter can help you improve support of the codec (or MDS variant of DSP to be entirely correct)?
by bnnm at 11:45 AM EDT on April 28, 2017
@Ultrafighter - sure, I could take a look. Similary sized files that sound roughly the same (like 2 variations of the same song/sfx) also help.
by Ultrafighter at 12:10 PM EDT on April 28, 2017
This is Mission Impossible & this is Terminator 3. The former has bonus SFX which I'd not normally call music (like whistling or belling) and the latter contains only BGM (there're pairs of tracks with the same play lengths so they may have roughly the same file sizes).

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by kode54 at 10:12 PM EDT on April 28, 2017
Hi, in case you were wondering, I have not actually performed any reverse engineering for this project. My work consists entirely of melding together existing source code. I leave that IDA shit to the bored.
by bxaimc at 10:18 AM EDT on May 3, 2017
lol, aye that was more of hcs' and fastelbja's department back in the day.
by AnonRunzes at 10:32 AM EDT on May 3, 2017
@kode54 - "I leave that IDA shit to the bored."
Guess you`re not up to the challenge?
by bnnm at 5:15 PM EDT on May 3, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmplay)
- Added MC3 decoder/meta [MX Rider, Spy Hunter, T3] (thanks to daemon1)
- Added AKB MSADPCM [Dragon Quest SFX (iOS)]
- Fixed some "short" MPDS
- Relaxed XWB size checks for padded files [BlazBlue Centralfiction PC]
- (dev) Adjusted EOF reads
- (dev) Block size now described for some codecs (MSADPCM, IMA)
- (dev) Makefile now finds all .o automatically
- (dev) vgmstream.c decoder cleanup, GENH validations, misc
- (dev) Updated Audacious plugin and added build instructions
- (dev) Plugin and other cleanup, renamed stuff for consistency

NOTE: foobar2000 isn't updated yet, probably sometime later when kode54 can.

Updated xwb_split too.

Also added a (the?) vgmstream bug list here, reports are welcome.
by AnonRunzes at 5:33 PM EDT on May 3, 2017
"EA XMA: unsupported "blocked" XMA variant (needs EA_XMA_STREAMFILE for FFmpeg) [Battlefield 1932, Dante's Inferno]"
The Xbox 360 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 uses this kind of codec.

Oh, and "Guerilla MSS XMA"? I don't remember Guerrila Games ever making games for the Xbox 360. There are also other wrong links on your bug list as well, such as the "raw S-E ATRAC3" part which below that part links to the "tri-ace ADPCM variant" thread.

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by Sir-Sabin at 1:27 AM EDT on May 4, 2017
I have a bunch of games that i can't extract or play wrong

Mega Man 9 and 10: they are xwb files but only one channel plays

Fable Pub Games: i got it to extract, dunno if there are loop points, i just want to make sure it's done right

Battlefield 1943: just recheck if the ones on hcs64 right

BC: Armed and TMNT: Turtles in Time RS: Can't extract them maybe you guys can

Link to the games
by bxaimc at 1:57 PM EDT on May 4, 2017
Cuz MM9 and 10 are more dynamic than they are streamed. It's trying to mimic the NES that plays sound effects instead of a musical note through one of its channels due to limitations. In this case it just mutes one of the mono streams to play whatever sound effect.

On Wii, on the other hand, the whole thing is sequenced.

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by Sir-Sabin at 4:49 PM EDT on May 4, 2017
xwb_split fails to split mm10 but mm9 works and can we add a special format for them? We did it for super paper mario
by bxaimc at 7:53 AM EDT on May 5, 2017
Paper mario was a speed hack and nothing more than just adding a new ext to recognize and play back with a lower sampling rate when it's parsed through. This on the other is a little more complicated as we'd probably need to have vgmstream read the file as some kind of forced pseudo-interleaving as long as no other data exists in the xwb and all the streams within are the same file length.
by Sir-Sabin at 6:08 AM EDT on May 6, 2017
So mm10 files is just mono? If so that is a big mono file for them, so what about the others is there a way to extract those?
by kode54 at 7:39 PM EDT on May 7, 2017
They are multiple mono streams, one for each NES channel, so they can selectively mute music playback as sound effects "occupy" channels.
by Sir-Sabin at 2:05 AM EDT on May 8, 2017
So it's using two mono files in each xwb file, if so then why isn't xwb_spilt not extracting them?

Also what about the other games, any luck with thm?
by AnonRunzes at 12:28 PM EDT on May 8, 2017
"Guerilla MSS IMA: not enough files to implement [Shellshock NAM 67 Xbox]"
These are literally all the files that were in the Xbox version of the game.

Renamed for your convenience.
by marcusss at 12:25 AM EDT on May 11, 2017
Hi Guys..

Was wondering if anyone knew this format to play in vgmstream

The game is Knight's Contract for the XB360. I didn't have much luck with the file.

Knight's Contract example .gtd file ~ 5 MB

It is the game's BGM folder with a bunch of other files totalling around 240MB



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by bxaimc at 8:15 AM EDT on May 11, 2017
Well, it's definitely XMA. shouldn't be too difficult to implement. If bnnm doesn't want it, I'll do it but I don't have direct access to vgmstream's new source so it may take a bit for me.
by marcusss at 10:49 AM EDT on May 11, 2017
Thanks bxaimc. I thought it possibly could be but no program or script i used could get it in a playable order. The beginning ofnthe file is different

Anyway thanks for your help as always


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by bnnm at 12:58 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
It looks simple enough but I need more examples.
by bxaimc at 2:31 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
Now that I have you here bnnm,


(just the c files)


an update to rsd.c for the xma variants
and support for all of tri-ace's AAC variants including Star Ocean PS3 ATRAC3. Note there are two metas within ta_aac.c such as ta_aac_x360 and ta_aac_ps3.
by bnnm at 3:26 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
No prob, but I see it uses .aac.
I'm not sure how foobar/winamp/etc react to vgmstream trying to play known extensions so maybe I should add an alt (.laac? .aace?).
by bxaimc at 3:53 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
by marcusss at 6:24 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
@ bxaimc Here are 4 example files. 2 for Knights contract and 2 for Islands of Wakfu here

Wakfu I could hardly find any music so possibly could be in the apm files? or just se??

I got the FTP working now stupid me was trying to use my own username and password lol

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by AnonRunzes at 7:54 PM EDT on May 11, 2017
So, I have this file from that Genji game...

I know anyone is going to complain that "there aren`t enough samples", but it turns out I do have a few PS2 games lying around my HDD that use this kind of paired .XWB/.XWH structure that has been present since Boku to Maou/Okage Shadow King. Or some SCEI game earlier than that.

However, I do plan on splitting an entire .XWB/.XWH file each into an individual .XWB/.XWH pair provided that that same pair comes from a single, big archive with dozens of files. Do keep in mind though that this was before the Microsoft .XWB format even existed around 2002/2003.

EDIT: Here is the splitter I was talking about:
And another sample(different codec this time - came from Boku to Maou/Okage Shadow King):

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by ChillyBilly at 10:44 PM EDT on May 12, 2017
Once again, I think this thread is appropriate for my latest conundrum: So a while back, I posted a rip of Xanadu Next for the PC, but the music files come in this ",dec" extension that's unplayable for me. So, I'm wondering if these DEC files can be decoded? I checked and saw they contained RIFF headers, so I'm sure they're playable somehow. Got the files right here:

Xanadu Next

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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by bxaimc at 1:50 AM EDT on May 13, 2017

Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D - Space Recipe for Disaster (2017-02-23) (Tanukii Studios) (CIRCLE Entertainment) is inside that link


At a glance, wakfu is zlib compressed @ 0x13. Haven't really checked what kind of data is inside the uncompressed file but I'll keep ya posted in case I stumble upon something.

EDIT: ya know I don't really think this is any sound data that I can identify. Come to think of it, why would they zlib compress an already compressed (assumably XMA) sound file, let alone doing it for every file?


There's already a bms script for the XWH+XWB stuff on PS2.

and the RXW files it outputs are already supported by vgmstream (although we'll need to add support for the PCM variant found in THEMA 1 & 2, etc.)

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by ChillyBilly at 2:38 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
@bxaimc: Oops, my bad! I went ahead and fixed the link. Should definitely be the Xanadu files now!
by bxaimc at 2:55 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
Something funky is going on. the RIFF header tells me one story but the reality looks different. RIFF has a codec ID of PCM but this looks like more like ADPCM (IMA-ish but uncertain). In fact, this may or may not be related to the crap we found in Gurumin years ago which also had a bad RIFF header but also had some junk at the file beginning.

EDIT: HA! just as I suspected, it's the same thing but without the extra junk at the beginning like in Gurumin. So yes, this is MS ADPCM with a blocked layout. All I need to do now is ponder on how to add a switch to ignore checking for the junk at the beginning or maybe just write a new meta altogether.

Looping may be an issue unless this bgm.tbl has anything useful because to this day we haven't been able to figure out if gurumin stores loop points within the DE2, the exe, or some other external file. (This was about 9 years ago)

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by hcs at 3:13 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
The Gurumin junk I think was related to rhythm, though I never did look into it in detail.

Lossless compression on top of lossy does happen, particularly with constant bitrate stuff, as XMA is in its simplest form, or ADPCM which tends to be very susceptible to entropy coding.
by bxaimc at 3:19 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
I see yar pointe. Only issue is I'm not seeing any of the obvious flags that signal an xma coding.
by marcusss at 3:54 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
Thanks. For wakfu I extracted xwb files and a couple others but they are all short musics..but the from what i saw on youtube, being an rpg type game has plenty of music but can't find anything else. Its like 900mb ao i guess i could share it someday or something..

I will spend some more time searching for music
It is as if it is sequenced or something as i couldn't much music at all so far

Williams pinball is .rez and contaid the music but i cannot extract the music.i uploaded it in case you or anyone else was able to do.

Cheers and thanks

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by AnonRunzes at 8:02 AM EDT on May 13, 2017
@bxaimc - "There's already a bms script for the XWH+XWB stuff on PS2."
Except I actually wrote that script. Neither PCM nor ATRAC3 are supported, and I just can`t believe that the ".RXW" format actually existed in any of the SCEI games, let alone any game that was published by Sony in Japan for the PS2.

This is why I thought that splitting the files from that format while keeping it was a much better idea than "extracting" them as ".RXW".

EDIT#01: Here are the .XWS files.

EDIT#02: I updated that one script I posted lately to maintain ATRAC3`s messy size, which can be found here.

However, that doesn`t mean I messed the extraction up! I had to make sure the splitted .xwb/.xwh files from one of the .XWB/.XWH archives used on Bokura no Kazoku were splitted correctly, especially with .xwb files. After all, the offset of these files in a .xwh structure is stored sequentially, not in a scattered way.

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by bnnm at 8:14 PM EDT on May 13, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Added RXWS (.XWB+XWH/.XWS) with ADPCM/PCM/ATRAC3 support [Sony/SCEI PS2 games]
- Added partial support (as 2ch) for Xbox MSS [Shellshock Nam 67]
- Added GTD support [Knights Contract X360]
- Added RSD6XMA support (by bxaimc)
- Added tri-Ace's PS3/X360 games support [rename to .laac/.ace] (by bxaimc)
- Added rare ADXs: variable frame size, fixed coefs, exp scale; better rounding (by Thealexbarney)
- (dev) Fixed some Vorbis #ifdefs


I reimplemented RXWS (interesting predecessor of SGXD/SXD), plus tweaked AnonRunzes' splitter here (fixed sizes and XWS support).
I left the old rxw parser for those transmogrified .rxw files generated by the old BMS though.

@bxaimc - in case it helps, somebody did a Xanadu Next FFmpeg parser:

@Sir-Sabin -
Battlefield 1943 use fbrb .bms. It's all EA-XMA with no support for now.
DuckTales Remastered use fsb5_split
BC Rearmed packs plain Ogg, Crystal Defenders XWB, TMNT not sure. I don't know if .bms exists.
Fable Pub is fine.
Megaman 9/10 xwb_split worked for me. They are all mono single streams.
by AnonRunzes at 10:14 PM EDT on May 13, 2017
@bnnm - Aww, you actually improved my script.

Seriously, I`m grateful for that.

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by marcusss at 11:34 PM EDT on May 13, 2017

Thanks for the update !! Great work

Later i will upload knights contract wuth the set of .gtd files.

by furrybob at 12:44 AM EDT on May 14, 2017
I spent some time in IDA this week researching the ADX encoder and format. Adxencd can create all the different ADX types, but I don't know if any of the rarer types can be found in the wild.

Does anybody happen to know of any? Maybe some ADX files that vgmstream wasn't able to play.

Also, I've reverse engineered a good part of adxencd and some of the newer ADX encoder. If anyone wants me to answer something related to my ADX research, e.g. maybe there's something that's unknown about the format, feel free to ask.
by bnnm at 5:09 AM EDT on May 14, 2017
@furrybob - Very nice, minor things I noticed:
- adcencd adds some beginning padding so loop start is block-aligned, recorded in the header.
ex. loop start=12 will add 20 padding, shifted to 32 (more info in adx.c). Is this padding played or skipped?
- FFmpeg's implementation contains some minor diffs:
EOF packet check (scale 0x8000), and some shifting during nibble decoding. Are these correct?
- There is a Japanese "ADX Decoder" around (1.30 here / also, similar to "HCA Decoder").
It has code to derive start/add/mult keys from keyworks/16b keys (like HCA), is it accurate?
Would be interesting to document or add for posterity.
Also guesses keys differently from guessadx.

@Knurek - I forgot to add .laac, derp. Next upload it is.
(since we have wav>lwav, ogg>logg I think aac>laac is the natural progression one would try for common exts; even though tri-Ace's has nothing to do with the actual .aac).
by marcusss at 11:27 AM EDT on May 14, 2017
Hi bnnm.

I ripped a game on XB360 called Blood Knights. For music it has a single FSB5 file ~96MB. I couldn't extract it with any program other than FsbExtractor.

Well that part is proably obvious since apparently inside aren't fsb but XMA files.. Problem is they have RIFF2 / WAVEfmt in the header but are not playable in VGMStream. Here are some samples



by bnnm at 11:39 AM EDT on May 14, 2017
Upload the original FSB or try fsb5_split. All other tools I've seen are faulty.
by marcusss at 12:25 PM EDT on May 14, 2017
Ok thanks. I will give it a try..

** It worked as they were in fact fsb5 files. Of course previously renaming them to fsb didn't work but glad this tool extracts them properly.

Thanks :-)

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by furrybob at 1:36 PM EDT on May 14, 2017
adxencd doesn't actually contain an *.adx file decoder, so I couldn't tell you if the padding is skipped or not. It'll decode the encoded samples when encoding so it can use them as history samples, but that's mostly it.

I don't know what ffmpeg's doing with shifting the nibble there. I guess it's converting the unsigned nibble to a signed value somehow? The vgmstream decoder is accurate now, so you can use that as a reference.

Footer bytes:
This may be overly long, but here we go.
The 2 bytes at the beginning of each ADPCM frame contains two values. The first 3 bits specify which filter should be used for sample prediction. In standard type 3 encoding, this is always '0' because only one set of coefficients are used. In type 2 encoding, there are 4 predetermined filters that are hard-coded into the ADX format. Those first 3 bits specify which one to use. The remaining 13 bits contain the scale for that ADPCM frame. This is usually capped at 0x1000, giving the scale a range of 1 - 0x1000. The scale is decremented by one when it's stored in an ADX file, so the stored scale has a range of 0 - 0xFFF, leaving the 13th bit to be 0. However, the scale shouldn't be treated as a 12-bit value.

Adxencd has many hidden options that aren't displayed unless you send it the "-opt" argument. Even then, it has options that are completly undocumented. One of those is the "-G" flag. This flag will increase the max scale from 0x1000 to 0x1249(4681), or 0xFFFF / 14. With this scale, the entire range of 16-bit integers can be scaled to 4-bit signed nibbles. e.g. [-2340, 2340] will scale to '0', and each nibble could have originally represented any of 4681 different samples. Except for -7 and 7. Their range is cut in half and extends past the max 16-bit values. I don't know why they did it that way. It's also why you'll never see an '8' in the ADPCM data. It's just not used.

The ADX footer is marked by 0x8001 (Not 0x8000), followed by a 16-bit integer that specifies how many padding bytes there are past the footer. This should be a multiple of the frame size. Since the max possible filter is '3' (011b), a filter of '4' (100b or 0x80 extended to a byte) would be an invalid filter, and it would be invalid ADPCM data as well (I think). So it's used to mark the point where the audio data ends.

Back to the original question, technically FFmpeg's EOF check is not correct, although it works. This is assuming the 0x8001 marker doesn't change.

I haven't looked into ADX decryption yet, since it doesn't look like adxencd does it. However, I can help with verifying that the keys are correct. Due to the nature of ADX, an ADX file decoded and then reencoded will be extremely similar if the encoding and decoding implementations mirror each other and are correct. I've got an encoder here that matches adxencd's encoder. You could decrypt an ADX with a supected key, decode and reencode it, and compare the resulting ADPCM. If the key matches, the data should be very similar, but if the key is even slightly off, the reencoded audio should quickly diverge from the original audio. (I think)

Edit: I just tested verifying the xor keys. I used an ADX from Sonic and the Black Knight and decoded then reencoded the ADX using the key in vgmstream. The first few hundred bytes of the resulting ADX were 99% the same as the original ADX. Then I tried incrementing each element of the key individually. Each time the resulting ADX was vastly different from the original. So I guess that works, and the key for Sonic and the Black Knight is correct.

edited 2:22 PM EDT May 14, 2017
by AnonRunzes at 2:32 PM EDT on May 15, 2017
@furrybob - Now that you mention it, I have that ADX-like file(or rather, files stored inside one big .SM2 file) out of the Xbox version of Batman Vengeance. I`ll be digging one of its files up if you want to confirm my claims.

edited 3:39 PM EDT May 15, 2017
by Knurek at 2:37 PM EDT on May 16, 2017
Could anyone take a look at Steam versions of both New Tokyo Legacy games?

I'm guessing both games use OGG Vorbis, but the files are encrypted.
Given that the headers in both games are the same, it doesn't look like a very complicated encryption, probably some rolling xor type.
by Ultrafighter at 12:29 PM EDT on May 18, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I'm wondering if EALayer3 has already been implemented into VGMStream or not... Because if not it definitely wouldn't hurt to add such a codec to the plugin as numerous videogames use it, both really old ones and relatively new titles.
EA devs started using it more than 10 years ago (e.g. in Goldeneye: Rogue agent a.k.a. GoldenEye: Dark agent for GC or SSX: On tour from PS2, both sets are on Josh's servers BTW) and continued utilizing it in next-gen era (see Burnout: Paradise (PC/PS3) or Need for speed: Hot pursuit (PS3), these two rips can also be found in psf3 section of Older variants had "SCHl" codec identifier or better say container header. Such audio files IE with "SCHl" at start but using different codec (Electronic Arts 4-bit ADPCM (XA based) instead of non-standard MP3 (?)) were implemented years ago, those tracks can usually be played if you change given extension to *.asf, *.eam or *.sng. On the other hand newer EALayer3 files normally have *.snr or *.sns extensions.
Anyway here's decoder for EALayer3 files, it was made by author of DecUbiSnd. As expected it's a command-line based utility with a few options available, I once processed all aforementioned gamerips using just this tool and all resulting MP3s sounded fine.

I'd also like to post some other samples, maybe they'd be very easy to add to vgmstream. If not then it's no big deal to me after all. So here they're:

XAU files coming from Beat down: Fists of vengeance for XBox.
PS2 counterparts had the same extension and could be played in VGMstream right away. All *.xau tracks on XBox had to be extracted though (you can see typical wave file start at 0x40), I scanned all original XAUs with NovaSoft Extractor and played back all found WAVs as *.lwav ones, that's the way I ripped the game on that exact platform.
Probably implementation of XBox XAUs isn't a hard task for you and possibly the very same format is used in some other VG titles; if you don't see the point of such an effort I can understand that too.

PC/XBox RWS containers holding Microsoft 4-bit IMA ADPCM.
PS2 *.rws with Playstation 4-bit ADPCM were added quite some time ago but this format is also used on other platforms and codec is obviously not the same. For example Jacked (PC&XBox versions) along with Super-bikes: Riding challenge (PC port) use RWSs + IMA ADPCM and such files are currently unplayable. I managed to rip those troublesome RWS files with help of EkszBox-ABX v1.4 though (it extracts contained stream and adds RIFF header with codec number "11" or "69" to output).

If you want more diverse example files feel free to ask, for example Beat down uses XAUs for all its BGM (both clean tracks & VGM suites with ambient sounds on the background), ambience & even VO clips IIRC. I can also upload some Super-bikes samples really soon if those RWSs from Jacked are not enough for you to understand the audio format.
All the best!
by AnonRunzes at 4:29 PM EDT on May 18, 2017
Here is another .rws file, straight from the Xbox version of Burnout 2:

edited 4:29 PM EDT May 18, 2017
by Therius Shulk at 6:22 PM EDT on May 18, 2017
Support for .SSD files from the Capcom Wii games would be nice.
by ChillyBilly at 10:58 PM EDT on May 18, 2017
Well, I'd like to make another inquiry here: I've been looking into the Scott Pilgrim game (PS3 version), and discovered that the audio comes in these .pk/.spk files that I think may be OGG containers (not 100% sure here). Anyway, I haven't been able to play them, so maybe you guys can look into them? Got a few sample files here:

Scott Pilgrim samples
by Ultrafighter at 12:14 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
Yeah, having a rip for Burnout 2: Point of impact from just any platform would be awesome, I was surprised not to find any set for the title in VGM Archives. This installment has the best score IMO (Burnout: Paradise remixes don't quite cut it) and there's still no set for this VG!
Now that you mentioned the whole series I remembered Burnout 1 for GC, there's a set on JoshW for that specific port but 100% files are unfortunately unplayable. Can you, be it AnonRunzes or Bnnm, take a look at those tracks too? It'd be highly appreciated!

edited 12:16 AM EDT May 19, 2017
by marcusss at 12:20 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
@Ultrafighter : I ripped burnout 2 gc i think..or was it long ago. From memory the music is inside the .idx files. I remember i had to use genh to get it playable. I have a rip somewhere around..only issue was the songs cut the last second of the song or something along that nature as its looking for loop point i'm guessing.

That game had great nusic but such a pain with those .idx .rws files.

I think each track folder had .idx .rws files. The music was in the .idx but somewhere lies the loop points which i never found.

edited 12:22 AM EDT May 19, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 7:26 AM EDT on May 20, 2017
Hello Bnnm, here are some more PC RWS samples, some may be of ADPCM nature and others can contain MPEG streams, a few select ones might not even have any music in them. I still hope that another pack of example files would prove useful... for science! I guess you are able to implement Super-bikes tracks or make some use out of Burnout / Hot rod sound files, I'm totally stuck with the latter ATM.
Best regards, Ultrafighter.
by bnnm at 4:10 AM EDT on May 21, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
! Added MTA2 decoder/meta support [Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)]
- Added simple MTAF block skip; meta cleanup [Metal Gear Solid 3 HD]
- Fixed Crackdown X360 XWB variation + xwb_split; adjusted XWB XMA looping
- Fixed .str XMA [Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing with Banjo X360]
- Fixed some PS2 .AST [Naval Ops Warship Gunner (PS2)]
- Added XPEC's .XAU IMA-ADPCM support [Beat Down (Xbox)] + looping (PS2)
- Fixed encoder delay/skip samples in: SCD/SGXD/RIFF/MSF ATRAC3/p, SGXD AC3
* except RIFF .AT3 in foobar
- test.exe: added "-F" option to loop + play stream's end instead of fading (for songs with proper endings)
- (dev) bad #ifdefs
- (dev) Updated and moved foobar's file types to .h to clarify/simplify; extra tags
- (dev) moved FFmpeg code from ffmpeg.c (meta) to ffmpeg_decoder.c for consistency
- Added multichannel .dsp/mdsp as generated by dspadpcm.exe (by Thealexbarney)
- Added multichannel .hsp (unofficial) and fixed mono looping (by Thealexbarney)

(foobar should update a bit later)


I think I've done a lot so far so I'll take a break for a while (do notice the mostly weekly releases).
I'll still keep an eye here and do emergency bugfixes though.

@Ultrafighter - EALayer3 seems easier to add than than Ubi's stuff. The EA parser is a bit outdated (ex. missing 3DS games) so I'd need to update that first.
RWS is a RenderWare stream; the format is a bit complex and I didn't see a way to quickly identify the codec (also PCM/DSP), plus the current PS2 parser is patchy (ex. fails for Max Payne 2), so I'll have to research first.
I'll fix them later, meanwhile the more unsupported .RWS/EA games you can tell me/post the merrier.
Hot Rod is not music but RW data, you can explore with this tool

.ULW is headerless μ/U-law (that's a very, uhm, creative extension), which IIRC EA used. Isn't there any companion file that may contain the header?
I could add this later to GENH, meanwhile you can use something like Audacious and "import raw" + μ-law, or maybe FFmpeg forcing the input codec (channels/sample rate vary, though Sxxxxx=2ch, D/Mxxxxx=1ch).

@Therius Shulk - the .srt would need to be divided and manually matched to .ssd, basically what hcs' tool does.
(but maybe the split .srt could go to their own file so the .ssd is untouched)

@ChillyBilly - no clue what those are
by hcs at 6:03 AM EDT on May 21, 2017
Thanks bnnm for your efforts, enjoy your well-deserved break!
by marcusss at 10:27 AM EDT on May 21, 2017
Thanks for your updates bnnm and enjoy your well-deserved break !

edited 10:28 AM EDT May 21, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 10:32 AM EDT on May 21, 2017
Hi all, I'm with HCS on this one. I wish you a really nice and refreshing vacation Bnnm, you've already done so much and we can definitely cope with just emergency bugfixes for a while.
In regards to Burnout GC: there're only ULWs in the set, maybe some files giving any clue to sample rate were on game disc but were left out when compiling that rip; anyway thanks for identifying actual codec for me! If there's no breakthrough I can always change *.ulw to *.RAW, open tracks in an audio editor and try to guess required frequency value (I'm already sure it's between 22,050 & 48,000 Hz).
I'll also check contents of all those Hot rod RWS archives, what if they still have something of audio nature? Kudos for pointing out that tool too!
See you!
by Sir-Sabin at 2:38 PM EDT on May 21, 2017
I made a folder with stuff i can't be ripped or just be looked at

Unrippable Stuff

PS Ingore the Mega Mans
by mariofan12ify at 3:07 PM EDT on May 21, 2017
When does the update affect foobar?
by kode54 at 12:10 AM EDT on May 22, 2017
When I get around to building and releasing an update.
by marcusss at 9:01 AM EDT on May 22, 2017
@ ultrafighter.

A LONG time ago I ripped the PS2 version and have some music lying around

Sunrise Valley Downtown
Palm Bay Heights Intro
Palm Bay Replay
Crystal Summit Replay

Would be cool someday to get their native format playing !

edited 9:53 AM EDT May 22, 2017

edited 4:27 AM EDT May 23, 2017
Binary Domain ADX by marcusss at 11:47 AM EDT on May 22, 2017
The XBOX360 game Binary Domain contains unplayable ADX files.

VGMStream detects them as

CRI ADX header type 04

.some music can be heard.but music mostly consists of static.

A couple samples


edited 11:48 AM EDT May 22, 2017

edited 9:49 PM EDT May 22, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 3:27 AM EDT on May 23, 2017
@Marcusss: I'm not even sure those RWS bigfiles contain any sounds, there might be some level-specific SFX in them but that's about it.
You know the term "stream" in VG development does not always mean "an audio stream", it can be a streaming texture IE picture, a model loaded from a game archive to RAM and so on. That's why I suppose all that text data is mostly about map resources or better say some pre-build scripts which should have been deleted from final release.

And how did you get those unrecognized ADXs? Were they originally with *.adx extension and located in some folder or did you extract them out of an archive with VGMToolBox?
If the latter presumption of mine is right then I'd advise you to look for HCAs in the same audio bank / bigfile because PC ver. used CRI's Highly Compressed Audio codec and that's definitely a multi-platform solution. You can find a respective scanner in "Misc. tools -> Extraction tools -> Streams -> CRI HCA extractor". Resulting tracks (if you find any) should be playable in VGMStream from the very start, you don't have to do anything to them.

So long!
by marcusss at 4:23 AM EDT on May 23, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter

I was thinking it could possibly be adx or hca but i used vgmtoolbox to extract an archive as i saw reference to cri in the files and vgmtb extracted them as adx.. i guess they could be hca so i can give it another try. I didnt think to try again in case it wss hca. Lol i never came across hca yet

Btw Ultrafighter, I ripped amped 3 and uploaded it to the server. Close to 2gb. There were a couple hundred XWBs.

edited 10:17 AM EDT May 23, 2017
by Sir-Sabin at 6:21 AM EDT on May 23, 2017
I added some more games to link i posted earlier
by furrybob at 10:27 AM EDT on May 23, 2017
@Marcusss, Those are AIX files. All of the ones you posted each have 3 ADX streams in them. VGMToolbox must have been looking for ADX files in the archive, saw the ADX header in the AIX archive, and tried extracting the ADX from the doubly-nested archive.

Maybe there's an option to look for AIX files in VGMToolbox that you could try?

edited 10:30 AM EDT May 23, 2017
by AnonRunzes at 11:20 AM EDT on May 23, 2017
@furrybob - Perhaps aix2adx could be used.
by marcusss at 12:14 PM EDT on May 23, 2017
Yeah i have used aix2adx before as i remembee even okami used aix. I just figured it was plain adx. Anyways tomorrow i will extract all the adx from the aix files. Thanks
by Ultrafighter at 1:00 AM EDT on May 24, 2017
@Marcusss: I also forgot about another possibility in regards to CRI audio. If you demux USM videos with VGMToolBox and get unplayable ADXs try changing extension from *.adx to *.hca, it might work. In any case it worked with a movie or two from Yakuza 0.
And I'm glad to hear about Amped 3, neat work!

Edit: Hey Bnnm, I'm wondering if this falls into "emergency bugfixes" category... In any case this is not very urgent but getting rid of the problem would still be appreciated.
I've just remembered about Conan (2007) for X360 and its FSB multichannel 4-bit IMA ADPCM. There're mostly 4&6 channel BGMs and many of them play now. However some don't and I can't see a valid reason for that. For example an original audio bank holds 3 streams and the first 2 play fine while the last one doesn't (it's obvious I used FSBii to split given FSB file into multiple individual-track ones), you can hear loud static sounds but nothing remotely resembling VGM.
Maybe there's a pattern here? In smaller bank with 5 streams the first two also play fine but the 3rd and so on don't sound right at all (horrible static and nothing more). BTW I uploaded both to MEGA for your convenience.
Can you look at those samples? More can be found here, I included most sound archives (untouched *.fsb files) in my release because of that troublesome codec (listener was expected to drag & drop all FSBs into ToWAV.exe and get their music converted to PCM, 2 or 3 stereo layers per track. One could get original multi-layered ADPCM tracks with help of FSBext but such files couldn't be played back anyway, at least in VGMstream. ToWAV also wasn't able to dump such WAVs to PCM correctly, one had to process initial FSBs in order to acquire clean music without any static in it).
Thanks in advance! Best regards!

edited 8:51 AM EDT May 24, 2017

edited 9:00 AM EDT May 24, 2017

Edit #2: Hi Bnnm, I found some XBox XAUs which are currently unplayable. Strangely enough I can't even play WAVs contained in them, for some reason they're identified as WWise ADPCM instead of expected IMA. I tried both *.lwav & *.wav extensions and still no dice.
All in all I don't remember having such problems with any BGM files back in the day when I originally ripped the game. Can you give me a hand here? I compiled all those tracks in one package and here it is. I hope this is not too much to ask...
Best wishes, Ultrafighter!

edited 1:20 PM EDT May 24, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 10:27 AM EDT on May 25, 2017
Excuse me for double-posting Knurek & pardon me Bnnm once again! I'm here with another batch of samples which should be easy or not so simple to implement, maybe it's really the last one and there's gonna be a long break.
Anyway here it is, a pack containing currently unsupported *.p3d files from Prototype (2009) [PS3/X360] & both convertible and not convertible ASFs/SNGs/EAMs/whatever from Battlefield 2 - Modern combat [X360].

When it comes to Prototype 1-2 only P3Ds from PC version are playable ATM, they hold "Radical 4-bit IMA ADPCM (mono)" encoded tracks but usually have 2 channels, at least they play as stereo files (maybe each container with "Prototype P3D header" has 2 mono ADPCM tracks in it, I don't really know).
Console ports use XMA & MP3, the former can be extracted out of a *.p3d file with Alpha23's BMS script but the latter is much more troublesome. One can change extension to *.mp3 & try to play those tracks but audio quality would be very bad in such scenario: all glitchy and stuttering. Also those troublemakers are always identified as mono MP3s while they should be stereo ones and it gives us twice more this garbled sound gibberish I was talking about.
Can it be something similar to (multichannel) MP3 XVAGs used by Naughty dog in The last of us or Uncharted 3? Some kind of untypical interleaved MPEG maybe?
What makes it worse is that sequel uses the very same audio format too! If we can't listen to Prototype 1 (PS3) streamed VGM properly then this also applies to the 2nd videogame. This is truly sad although sequel's score is much more blank and pale than original music from the 1st game.

BF2:MC for X360 utilizes both EAlayer3 & some unknown codec, I found a converter for the latter by accident (it outputs PCM wave forms of given tracks) but proper support by VGMStream wouldn't hurt either. Of course I included sx.exe (Sound eXchange) just in case, I can also upload entire "(Convertible) Interactive music (zones 01A - 02A, 03A - 04).7z" to Mega if you want me to do it, it's 252 MBs archive inside my rip.
BTW BF2: Modern combat for original XBox also utilizes EAlayer3, its dynamic BGM is partially encoded using that codec but I only put MP3 conversions in my final set for the game (that release is on JoshW servers too).

And the very last thing: here you can find ASFs from Burnout - Crash! [X360], those files are convertible with ealayer3.exe. I also suspect all MP3s from this gamerip were created using that tool too.
I even have suspicions that Skate 3 [PS3] & NBA Jam - On fire edition [PSN/XBLA] utilize the codec in question too but I haven't even attempted ripping those titles myself, Alpha has ripped them both though. Command & conquer 3 - Red alert 3 for most or all platforms should use ealayer3 too, it had been unrippable for quite some time and only line-in rips were possible at that time.

Take care!
by bnnm at 2:54 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
IIRC fsbii (FSB4) and fsb5_split (FSB5) can't split FSB IMAs correctly. I did tests before and seemed like with FSB IMAs the offsets should be aligned somehow, I'll try again later.
Happens with others FSB IMA sets at joshw too, ex.- Hard Corps PS3. They must be reripped once fsbii/split are fixed.

Those XAU are a bit funny but fixable.

For P3D, some samples/set from Prototype 2 PC would be more useful actually, since the rest are in joshw, to test I don't break anything.

That sx tool is useful (PRO-TIP for devs: try the hidden -history flag).

I'll fix eventually but I ask for your patience.
by AnonRunzes at 3:03 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
@bnnm - So, you`re getting back to work after a break, eh?
by bnnm at 3:25 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
Sure, sometime later though. This stuff is fun times but time-consuming so I'll relegate it to work breaks or so.
For now I'll do more productive things like gym stuff and clearing my backlog (GachiTora was great and pure GTO, Zelda ALBW disappointing, Siren 2 sucked though I loved the prequel and remake, Silent Hill 4 is terrible; SMT4 don't fail me...!).
by AnonRunzes at 4:35 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
@bnnm - My backlog has none of that unfortunately. In fact, it`s literally non-existent at this point.

To be perfectly honest, I`m more interested in data-mining games from across the sea rather than actually playing them, regardless if my copy is legitimately bought or not.

edited 4:36 PM EDT May 25, 2017
by marcusss at 10:31 PM EDT on May 25, 2017
Hi all..

I was ripping the game Dungeon Fighter LIVE and the game has a fair amount of OGG files as Background music as well as Scene music but NOT ONE works !!

Inside a hex editor I can see a mention of OGGS but looks a little different to the usual OGG.




edited 10:35 PM EDT May 25, 2017

edited 10:37 PM EDT May 25, 2017
by bxaimc at 7:12 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Binary Domain is AAX with hca streams instead of adx encoded streams.
by marcusss at 8:27 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Thanks bxaimc. I will get to it when i get home. Those oggs above in Dungeon Fighter look like wwise or these issues were like I had previously with IMA but nothing plays. Renamed to wem results in staticy music so is off a little... wondering how i get it working..Hmm

edited 11:10 AM EDT May 26, 2017
by AnonRunzes at 10:00 AM EDT on May 26, 2017
Here is one of these files that won`t play properly on vgmstream:

So, despite of all .ss2/.ads files being PCM, vgmstream instead detects them as PlayStation 4-bit ADPCM(except one). I can post a .ss2/.ads sample that has actual ADPCM data if you wish, since vgmstream has an odd codec detection with this one.

edited 10:06 AM EDT May 26, 2017

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