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by bnnm at 4:53 PM EDT on July 16, 2017
@Knurek - I guess I'll add Siren14 and L/R support to GENH/TXTH next.

@Ultrafighter - .wip if you post a toWav version that decodes them or example wavs I'll check.

If you put the TXTH like this it works for me, winamp at least.
Do note the "." in front of the filename (if you have trouble renaming in Windows, put one dot at the end: ".whatever."). That's merely my preference (makes them first in folder) and could change by popular demand tho.
by Ultrafighter at 12:26 AM EDT on July 17, 2017
I'm sorry if I didn't make myself clear from the start, when I was talking about files decodable by ToWAV I only meant to say this about MX vs ATV: Unleashed. As for Colin McRae DiRT I found those sound specs by method of trial and error in audio editor.
BTW I think it's an appropriate moment to ask about this: has there been any progress in regards to 3-bit IMA samples from Psi-ops? I presume it turned out to be a hard task to implement that triad of files...
Edit: these are my settings, both replay tracks from DiRT sound OK in SF. It appears that general specifications in TXTH for VGMstream are the same but for some reason it just doesn't sound the same. I wonder what it could be...
Oh and I've just checked TXTHs on all Enter the matrix file types and it works perfectly, great work!

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by bxaimc at 12:41 AM EDT on July 17, 2017
@Knurek some are .sss too for the stereo tracks. Unfortunately no loop points since headerless although you could check out the Xbox version since most of the tracks come from there.
by bnnm at 4:26 PM EDT on July 17, 2017
@Ultrafighter - try this .wip TXTH, should work.

3-bit IMA I haven't checked it yet (low priority, right now I'm trying to decipher EALayer3) but probably isn't too hard. It's very unusual so it's hard to find info about it tho.
by Ultrafighter at 3:53 AM EDT on July 18, 2017
Yeah it worked flawlessly this time although both loc_*.WIP sounded a bit too fast with 32KHz (I guess I can make another TXTH for them anyway). Thanks for this version of .wip.txth, it's much appreciated!
See you!

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by mariofan12ify at 3:03 AM EDT on July 20, 2017
Have we figured out how to get the Super Mario Run files to play yet?
by Fawful at 10:23 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
Are Paper Mario TTYD files not supported yet?
by bxaimc at 3:22 AM EDT on July 22, 2017
Yet? They've been supported from the very beginning of time.
by Fawful at 5:43 AM EDT on July 22, 2017
I have this plugin and the files still say corrupt or unsupported format when I try to play them.
by Infernus Animositas at 6:58 AM EDT on July 22, 2017
It's been updated a lot. Get the latest version and try it out Fawful.


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by bxaimc at 12:23 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
Have you used vgmstream before? Make sure you also have the external dlls needed for vgmstream to work. Also what is your setup for? Winamp or Foobar2000?
by Ultrafighter at 1:25 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
Hi Bnnm, may I ask you to look into these bink streams? They all originate from Life is strange for X360 and don't play in VGMstream, I had to get back to that ancient method of converting all the tracks with binkconv.exe from RADTools suite.
See you!
by bxaimc at 3:45 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
Chill down a bit with having bnnm look at every piece you throw at him. He's godly and all I get it but please don't overwork him unless he doesn't mind. Coders have lives too ya know ;)

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by bnnm at 5:36 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
Nah it doesn't bother me, as long as people ask nicely. At worst they go to the to-do pile or are just ignored.
That said I'm putting less time than before so any request will take time, unless it's a quick fix.

@Ultrafighter - FFmpeg doesn't support this .BIK atm, so neither can vgmstream. Post this mysterious binkconv.exe (and maybe bink.exe/binkmix.exe if you have them) and I'll try to see if it's something fixable.
by Knurek at 5:44 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
@bnnm: speaking of things that VGMStream supports only half-assedly, how about taking a look at Vicarious Visions Alchemy streams?
DS sets with hwas files.
(Just do a search on for '(vicarious visions)' and 'DS' system - any set larger than 2 MB should have at least a few).
by Knurek at 5:44 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
@Bxaimc: IIRC Guitar Hero uses 3 OGG files per each song, each with different instrument section.
(Or was that Rock Band? I always mix those two up)

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by bxaimc at 7:43 PM EDT on July 22, 2017
Like hwas in Guitar Hero DS games.
by Ultrafighter at 12:04 AM EDT on July 23, 2017
@Bnnm: here's a link to everything needed to actually convert the files I uploaded and there you can DL complete pack. I hope this helps you solve the problem!
All the best!
by bxaimc at 12:36 AM EDT on July 23, 2017
@Knurek - That's Rock Band
by bnnm at 6:12 PM EDT on July 23, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Added EA BNK support
- Added EA SCHl fixed/old (PATl) support [NHL 97 (PC)]
- Fixed EAXA decoding defects
- Fixed XBOX-int decoding defects [Gauntlet Dark Legacy (Xbox), EA SCHl]
- Improved NDS HWAS [Vicarious Visions NDS games]
- (dev) fixed some EA doc (EA's MicroTalk isn't actually EAXA v1 but a VBR codec)


@Knurek/bxaimc - HWAS is listenable now (needed resetting ADPCM hist every block) but not 100% correct.
Looks like an IMA variation (table?) so even silence deviates a bit. Good enough but could be better.
Note that I removed stereo HWAS as I couldn't find any.
by Kurausukun at 8:40 PM EDT on July 30, 2017
The foobar plugin is currently in an infinite update loop, not sure what's going on there--if I check for updated components, it says there's one available for vgmstream, so I update it, hit apply, restart the program, check again, and it still says the same update is available.
by kode54 at 10:09 PM EDT on July 30, 2017
This should be fixed now.
by Kurausukun at 3:16 AM EDT on July 31, 2017
Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot, works fine now.
by bnnm at 7:05 PM EDT on August 5, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- (dev) Unified fsb/wwise/ogl Vorbis decoders into a single decoder with subtypes
- (dev) Updated MPEG "interleaved" decoder: now "custom", restructured, added AHX
- Added AHX 0x10 and encryption 0x08 + .AHXKEY [Sonic Adventure 2 (DC), Amagami (PS2)]
- Added Silicon Knights .AUD + SK Vorbis [Eternal Darkness (GC)]
- Added P3D MPEG decoder [Prototype 1/2 (PS3)]
- Added EALayer3 v1 decoder for SCHl [EA games for PS2/Wii/X360/PS3]


EALayer3 turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself, but output is not exact vs EA's decoder yet (nasty PCM block/bit reservoir stuff), good enough tho.

AHX notes:
- can decrypt using .AHXKEY (format like ADXKEYs, 16b*3 start/mult/add), very rare though. Seen in Amagami voices (key 0x5a17509f5bfd). No keystring derivation for now.

EA's SCHl support is mostly complete except:
- missing MicroTalk (FIFA 2001/2002 PS2) --unknown algorithm (similar to Westwood VBR ADPCM?)
- missing ATRAC3plus (MOH Heroes 2 PSP) --maybe will fix later
- missing N64 ADPCM --no real need
- untested EALayer3 MPEG2 mode --sfx?
- non-demuxed movies have wonky audio --could fix, samples needed
- some files could loop or multitracks with .MAP companion files (to be tested)

If you know of unplayable EA SCHl (.MUS/ASF/EAM/SNG/AUD/etc, *not* .SNS/SPS/SNU as that's for another day) now is the time.


@Ultrafighter - you posted some unconvertible Battlefield 2 EALayer3 some time ago. Those convert now, but seem to be truncated (that's why other tools didn't work) so you may need to re-rip.

Note that often EA SCHl songs concatenate many little SCHls. You don't need to split them, they work together just fine.
by kode54 at 12:12 AM EDT on August 6, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 12:20 AM EDT on August 6, 2017
Big thanks for an update Bnnm! Yes Battlefield 2: Modern combat might be reripped now (maybe even without splitting of audio banks at all) probably using Alpha's generic splitter script (I saw a preset for "SCHl" headers there but never actually used it). I don't see real urgency though, of course there're also MP BGM packed in XWBs that require reripping with XWB_split but still... Possibly Mark will rerip it rather soon.
Once again huge thnx for P3D MPEG decoder, I'm really eager to listen to Prototype 1 score now! I got familiar with it a few years ago but I'm still sure it's way better than P2 obscure audio fodder. I hope this revising of Sascha Dikiciyan's work will be good!
by Mygoshi at 5:55 AM EDT on August 6, 2017
Is there any way that The Great Escape for PC & Xbox can be supported by vgmstream ? Apparently (bnnm helped me), it's PS ADPCM with bad flags. Thanks in advance
Also, is there a chance we could remove all the pops and silences from HWAS streams? It's really better, but I can still hear some pops. I know that, when playing DS games that uses HWAS, we can hear very tiny silences, but no pops. So, I'm asking.


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by AnonRunzes at 8:52 PM EDT on August 6, 2017
So, I have one sample from the PSP version of The Sims 2 Castaway. Since this is related to the "missing ATRAC3plus" case, this is the sample:

If you(bnnm) need more files, let me know.

EDIT: Oh, and on a sidenote if you want to research FSB CELT files, maybe downloading the CELT sourcecode will be useful for research purposes. Here you go:

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by kode54 at 6:47 PM EDT on August 8, 2017
Noting that the CELT codec was an incomplete, in development codec that changed rapidly until it was folded into the Opus codec. You'd be hard pressed to find the exact bitstream version that FMOD adopted and probably already dropped from their SDK and possibly already replaced with Opus.
by AnonRunzes at 9:41 PM EDT on August 8, 2017
@kode54 - Well, that's no good. Perhaps it should be left unsupported?

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by bnnm at 11:28 AM EDT on August 9, 2017
FSB4/5 CELT are like this: 0x17C30DF3 + fixed packet size(32b) + CELT data (superficially the same for both).
I don't think FMOD changes 'official' bitstreams, so with some luck should match some libcelt version.

Seems FSB CELT was implemented around nov 2009, so probably close to CELT 0.6/7.0, assuming they sticked with one.
Now the quickest way would be compiling libcelt's encoder EXE for a bunch of versions and generate some .celt, then compare to FSB's celt.
If some version somewhat matches it, compile libcelt .dll decoder, read the source code to understand the API (as there are no official docs), program vgmstream to feed FSB CELT packets to the DLL and hope.

As you can see that's a lot of research to do.
by AnonRunzes at 2:22 PM EDT on August 9, 2017
by RetroFanatic at 3:19 AM EDT on August 11, 2017
Probably the same old issue with AT3 & AT3+ but...vgmstream version r1050 won't play the files from the Dissidia Final Fantasy archive.

What do I do about that?

Edit: Suppose I'll just have to use HiMD Rendered and convert it to flac. Sucks that I can't loop the tracks in there, though.

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by datschge at 7:06 PM EDT on August 11, 2017
Did you update vgmstream? Works perfectly fine for me using r1050-609-g1195045.
by marcusss at 8:59 AM EDT on August 13, 2017
Hi bnnm and everyone else,

Could you please take a look at this?

This FSB5 won't work in VGMStream. Plays with fmod player built into the Unity Studio program I use to rip music but vgmsteam says it is corrupt. It says it is PCM within the FSB so not sure what the issue is.

It is FSB5 btw with a similar header to the rest of the music. Most FSBs play fine..but 5-10 are like this and won't play. The header is similar to the playable FSB5 music but different enough not to work.

Example 'ERE

Recently some new games Im ripping that use Unity are using OGV audio for videos and some musics. So far nothing can play them
They are vorbis 2.0 but even ogv demux cannot extract the audio. I will upload later as example.

I only care as have an intro or outro as ogv so is only for completeness sake.


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by bnnm at 3:15 PM EDT on August 13, 2017
That's the elusive FSB5 PCMFLOAT. Can you upload more and post the name of the game?
by marcusss at 6:34 PM EDT on August 13, 2017
Hi bnnm. THANKS for taking a look.

Now that you mention it a few games are using pcm float as their wav files which is fine but yeah this one uses it inside fsb which is what you are looking for.

It is from Anima_Gate_of_Memories.

I ripped all music from the game..except those remaining pcmfloat FSBs so would be great if they were eventually supported ;)

I noticed somethng odd when most music plays but a few fsb some even 100mb for 8 mins audio (according to the fmod player), wouldn't play...well that must be the answer !

Later I can upload more samples. Music is not bad from this game.


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by marcusss at 8:07 AM EDT on August 14, 2017
Here are some PCMFLOAT FSB5s for you bnnm to test


Each song is large in size



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by bnnm at 2:53 PM EDT on August 14, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- (dev) plugin cleanup in preparation of future changes
- Make substream selectable for some formats
- Read internal filename for some formats
- test.exe: Add stream selector flag "-s N"
- winamp: add unicode support (for names/dual files)
- Redo Angel STM: add PCM, adjust looping, unify code, add .lstm [Red Dead Revolver, Spy Hunter 2]


@marcuss - thanks, will fix.

@Ultrafighter - unplayable .stm files from Spy Hunter 2 should work now.

.STM is their actual ext, but it's common, so .PS2STM/STMA/AMTS were used instead as fake exts.
I've added .LSTM as I feel "L + common ext" is a simpler 'standard'.
by Ultrafighter at 3:56 PM EDT on August 14, 2017
@Bnnm - Thank you so much! BTW are you gonna add RDR set to VGM archives or were those files someone else's samples?
@Marcuss - I forgot to point it out: you can use either FSBext or WinHex to find out what actual track names are for your favorite *.fsb files from my PS2 rip of Rainbow six: Lockdown. I suppose I should have even renamed most of them or all BGM ones myself but somehow didn't do it.
So long!
by bnnm at 6:20 PM EDT on August 14, 2017
I'll upload RDR soon. Btw, vgmstream now shows the internal name if found (for FSB and such formats) in the properties dialog.
by marcusss at 9:19 PM EDT on August 14, 2017
Thanks bnnm

Here are the OGV examples. These were in the StreamingAssets folder for Great Whale Road. Most unity games lately however have them inside resource files and Unity programs have issues extracting them.

Seems to be Theora video and vorbis 2.0.

Foobar or any media player cannot play it other than vlc which plays in silence. Seems to be a variation of vorbis. Would be good if it was supported or the audio could be demuxed as games with opening/endings are using it so rips will be more complete ;)

ogv examples

Ogg demuxing programs wont work. Same for vgmtoolbox etc. Would be great if they were supported ;)


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by bnnm at 5:52 AM EDT on August 15, 2017
You can demux them with FFmpeg using this command:
ffmpeg.exe -i name.ogv -vn -acodec copy name.ogg

Actually you can even play them with vgmstream as-is. Rename to something like .logg or .vgmstream (the video part is auto-ignored).

The Ogg is indeed silent, no music at all.
by marcusss at 6:44 AM EDT on August 15, 2017
Thanks for the tip. I don't use FFmpeg normally so I just want the audio in movies..if there ever is any.

Thanks and sorry to bother you

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by Bonboon228 at 4:37 PM EDT on August 15, 2017
For some reason, even if I have "Loop Forever" Ticked in Vgmstream's settings, it'll fade out...
My version is r1050-628-gc6e2577
by RetroFanatic at 12:04 PM EDT on August 16, 2017
@bnnm - Thanks for the updated vgmstream files. Hmm. Seems it can't loop XA files. I know I've asked about that before, though.
by kode54 at 6:44 PM EDT on August 17, 2017
"Loop Forever" fixed due to forced recompilation of the library and the plugin.

XA cannot loop without performing loop detection on every open, as the files themselves convey zero loop information.
by Ultrafighter at 6:23 AM EDT on August 18, 2017
@Bnnm - "about Life is strange unsupported .bik. can you post a couple of small original, non-demuxed vids?"
Unfortunately neither me nor Marcusss (it was his rip to begin with) have those ATM, this is all I can offer you right now. I guess it's better than nothing because my pack contains all isolated audio from videos which hasn't been demuxed into multitude of mono tracks yet. It's more convenient to grab my package instead of getting full one from here I presume.

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by bnnm at 5:03 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add FSB5 PCMFLOAT + decoder [Anima Gate of Memories (PC)]
- Add BINK multi-stream support
- Add EA SNU + EA-XAS decoder + EA SNS blocks [Dead Space, The Godfather 2 (PC)]
- Fix infinite looping / loop_target stuff
- winamp/foobar: Add subsong splitter + names + config

winamp/foobar now splits sub-streams on the fly (configurable). So "music.fsb" may add "music#1 (name 1)" "music#2 (name 2)".

XMPlay w/ in_vgmstream.dll can't split, nor can detect next/prev track, due to limitations in Winamp's emulation.
And xmp-vgmstream's subsong API is too limited for vgmstream I think.
I tried stuff for XMPlay but other than rotating subsongs when replaying or adding a shortcut I'm not sure what else I could do. orz

EA's XAS is very similar to Metal Gear Solid 4's MTA2, I wonder why?


@Ultrafighter - thanks, got it working for the next release.
by Knurek at 6:25 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
@bnnm: Have you tried contacting xmp-sid author? That plugin has full subsong support, it's possible you could reuse the implementation...
by bnnm at 6:53 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
I'll try, but the main problem is that XMPlay subsong stuff seems to be made for CUEs.

Apparently expects you to know all subsong times on file open, and that channels/sample rate stay constant, which doesn't make sense for vgmstream's subsongs (completely separate streams).

If you guys know of xmp plugins with subsongs like this it would help.
by marcusss at 10:03 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
Thanks for the pcmfloat update bnnm. Haven't come across any other games using it but hopefully they work fine now :)

All FS5 music work in Anima except for 1 so figured you might want to look at it. Only 2 MB file so not much but maybe another FSB5 variation?


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by daddesio at 10:12 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
Hi, I'm responding to your earlier comment on August 5, 2017:

>EA's SCHl support is mostly complete except:
- missing MicroTalk (FIFA 2001/2002 PS2) --unknown algorithm (similar to Westwood VBR ADPCM?)
>If you know of unplayable EA SCHl (.MUS/ASF/EAM/SNG/AUD/etc, *not* .SNS/SPS/SNU as that's for another day) now is the time.

I reverse-engineered MicroTalk for The Sims Online back in 2012 (didn't know it was called EA MicroTalk at the time). It's a fairly simple linear-predictive speech codec. Yesterday, I cleaned up my documentation and code and wrote decoders for The Sims Online, Beasts & Bumpkins, and FIFA 2001/2002 PS2. All my code is public domain.


I'd be happy to write a decoder for vgmstream if you need any help, or I can help with bug-hunting if you run into any problems implementing it.

You can find me as daddesio on Freenode.

by bnnm at 10:41 AM EDT on August 20, 2017
Wow! Thanks a lot! Didn't think somebody would have already figured it out. The "MicroTalk" name sure didn't ring many bells. Interesting that sx.exe supports it for most platforms yet it's so rarely used.

I'll try to implement it based on your code (good to have something to do during boring times at work) though I don't actually know much about codec theory, I hope it isn't too complex.

Also note that there is a (probably unused) variety of MT10:1 that has PCM blocks (as generated by sx.exe v3.x, like MT5:1), and I suspect MT5:1 also had an early version without PCM blocks (if you try sx.exe -history you can see references to it being removed for a while).

Probably not needed anymore (didn't check your docs thoroughly yet) but I put my simple notes at the bottom of this file

@marcusss - that one is the even rarer FSB5 PCM8, them crazy indies. Very easy to add tho.

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by daddesio at 1:45 PM EDT on August 20, 2017
Oh, you're right, whether or not the PCM data is present is simply a matter of the codec revision (specified in the PT header), not whether it's MT10:1 or 5:1. (This means MT10:1 and 5:1 are *the same codec*, the encoder simply encodes with different parameters.)

In fact, the function 00411013 in sx.exe v3.01.01 returns 1 if the codec supports raw PCM (using the 0xee command) and 0 otherwise. If the codecid is not 0xa (EA XA ADPCM), 0x4 (MicroTalk 10:1), or 0x16 (MicroTalk 5:1), it returns 0 immediately. Otherwise, it checks the PT platform code (the two bytes after "PT") and the value of the 0x80 (Codec Version) field. If either the codec version is > 2 (unsigned comparison) or the platform is NOT one of the following values (0, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8), then it returns 1 (PCM data is supported), otherwise it returns 0 (PCM data is not supported).

Although it probably wouldn't hurt to solely look at the codec version.

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by marcusss at 5:46 PM EDT on August 20, 2017
@bnnm. Yeah the game has pcm float, pcm8 pcm16 ,vorbis etc..crazy indies indeed !
So many types used in 1 game. Also some music is in both vorbis and pcmfloat..

Maybe 1 is ingame another is ending or soundtest or something.

Thanks as always


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by AnonRunzes at 1:39 PM EDT on August 21, 2017
So, I had to update my RXWS script today. It can now handle "MARK" chunks(never seen on .XWS format). I'll be uploading a new rip that reflects this change.
by bnnm at 1:46 PM EDT on August 21, 2017
@daddesio - just in case you didn't know, there is a also sx.exe 2.x in the wild, generates MTs closer to FIFA2001 (without PCM blocks).

There is also a MT variation with a flag every new SCDl block, but I think that's a version/quirk of the blocks, not the codec.

A minor nitpick though, I think calling 'MT with PCM blocks' MT Revision 3 is a bit misleading.
The 0x80 field should refer to the file/library itself, not the codecs, as the field is included even without MT/EA-XA.
For example with sx2 and sx3 you can create streams of different revisions that are byte-exact (like PCM, and the PCM codec clearly doesn't change).

FFmpeg also calls EA-XA with ADPCM history "EA ADPCM R1", and without it "EA ADPCM R2", but from my tests the logic to determine if history is used is more complex than just the revision field.
by Ultrafighter at 3:48 PM EDT on August 24, 2017
Hi Bnnm, big thanks for implementing multi-stream RWS banks into VGMstream! I decided it's finally time to listen to rips from both Burnout 2 platforms and it all went rather smoothly on GC.
When it comes to XBox version though there're currently some minor flaws in playback. Those bugs I'm talking about are mostly clicks in the end of most tracks but for some reason trk05stpl.rws & a few others doesn't produce such errors. I've only listened to a dozen or two files (out of 96 *.rws) yet so I don't have much to report.
Anyway can you check out these samples and either confirm or disprove my notion about those faults? Maybe I'm the only one getting them...

BTW may I ask you to look into example files coming from that old Kakuto chojin: Back alley brutal set and tell us all if STX tracks from the game can be added to our favorite VGM plugin? It'd be totally awesome if we were able to play these files directly without the need to use EkszBox-ABX to get usable ADPCM tracks!

Best regards!
by marcusss at 8:17 PM EDT on August 24, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter.

I get those issues as well in Burnout 2 XBOX but didn't think too much of it since it is early suport for them but yes woul be great to have them play perfectly or pop/cut out

btw I grabbed a few of the games you requested of me so will try to rip some. Sorry been busy with PC rips lately..

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by ChillyBilly at 10:47 PM EDT on August 25, 2017
I've got another little issue with a recent rip of mine.... I recently extracted the music for the Simpsons Wrestling for the PS1, which comes in .vag files. However, the files do not play properly for me.... if I had to describe it, the tracks sort of "echo", I suppose. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone (maybe bnnm, if you're reading this,) can check this out? Got the files right here:

Simpsons Wrestling

Thanks in advance!
by kode54 at 11:13 PM EDT on August 25, 2017
They likely need to be turned into GENH files, since they apparently interleave, and that's quite hard to magically detect properly when dealing with a raw format like that.
by bnnm at 4:04 AM EDT on August 26, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add FSB5 PCM8 [Anima Gate of Memories (PC)]
- Fix FSB5 subsongs in big offsets [Final Fantasy X HD (PC)]
- Fix some RWS num_samples [Burnout 2 (Xbox)]
- Adjust FSB4 looping so most jingles don't loop
- ffmpeg: Fix BIK v2 header [Life is Strange (X360)]
- ffmpeg: Fix some .CAF [Endless Fables 2] [EDIT: seems they still don't work]


@Ultrafighter - STX are a bit complex, I'll add later.

RWS is stuff of nightmares but I think it's ok now. still missing PCM16 (only seen in Spyro X360), and I believe they should (rarely) loop, though.

@ChillyBilly - those .vag seem similar to those in the Jak series, I think I can fix.

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by Vector Harbor at 7:43 PM EDT on August 26, 2017
I would like to report that the dsp. file of fire emblem - Path of radiance are no longer playable Is there a way to fix the issue ?

I download these a little while ago and it was fine.[Fire%20Emblem%20-%20Souen%20no%20Kiseki]%20(2005-04-20)(Intelligent%20Systems)(Nintendo).7z

by snakemeat at 12:41 AM EDT on August 27, 2017
Wow, just tested the XWB subsong support. So nice, no more splitting files with questionable accuracy! Thanks!
by marcusss at 12:45 AM EDT on August 27, 2017
Sounds great to have xwb sub song support. No need to split them now hey. maybe one day people might rip the single xwb or just leave it as it is as split xwbs
by Ultrafighter at 1:46 AM EDT on August 27, 2017
@Marcusss: it was like that for years until XWB_Split was introduced, just remember multiple XBLA or original Xbox rips from VGM Archives. Apparently you redid some of them yourself with Bnnm's tool (Kingdom under fire: The crusaders along with Heroes to name a few) but I'm definitely not saying you gotta redo them all once again right now!

And I have to note that actually we've had Xbox ADPCM plugin 0.1.3 (in_xbadpcm) by Luigi Auriemma for quite some time now but of course it's not so useful as vgmstream nowadays as many codecs commonly used in *.xwb banks weren't supported.

BTW I'd like to ask a question regarding Dead space 1 for PS3. So are there identical audio files on PC & PS3? And so it turns out that Alpha23's PC gamerip I linked to wasn't transcoded rip, header manipulated set or something like that, am I correct? Also are there many 8+ channel multi-layered tracks on PS3 and are they all playable as-it-is?

edited 1:53 AM EDT August 27, 2017

edited 1:56 AM EDT August 27, 2017
by marcusss at 8:15 PM EDT on August 27, 2017
No problem Ultrafighter. I remember there were all kinds of issues reviously with XWB extraction.

Dungeonmans, a recent upload of mine has 3 separate xwb music files totalling 500+mb so left the xwb as it was and yes plays fine in vgmstream though 1 or 2 tracks have a strange sample rate (usually due to multiple streams and whatnot)but other than that it is ok.

For my mobile I have to split them though as I use droidsound e to play vgmstream and the most recent version doesnt support this feature yet..the developer has taken a well earned break. Lots of good music i can't play on it currently due to the recent updates which is a pity but will have to stick with my PC in the meantime.

Do you guys listen to vgm on your smartphones also? Is there any program that has the latest vgmstream update integrated into it? Curious. Cheers

Actually the xwb doesnt seem right so I ended up splitting it.. but still have the original xwb

edited 9:57 PM EDT August 27, 2017

edited 10:06 PM EDT August 27, 2017

edited 6:50 PM EDT August 28, 2017

edited 6:51 PM EDT August 28, 2017
by bnnm at 5:51 PM EDT on August 28, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Fix RWS PCM16BE [The Legend of Spyro (X360)]
- Add AWC MP3 [Red Dead Redemption (PS3), GTA5 (PS3)]
- Add AWC PCM/IMA (non-encrypted only) [GTA5 (PC)]
- Fix NGC STM regression [Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (GC)]
- Fix VAG interleave in rare cases [The Simpsons Wrestling (PS)]
- Improve Guitar Hero II weird multi-streams (fix partially by ignoring last stream)

Some RDR MP3 have a slight desync between channels and minor stuff at points, I'm investigating.


Technically xwb_split works much like vgmstream now does (I copy-pasted lots between them), so it's not too bad if you split.
That said the less modyfing and external tools I need the better, which is the motivation for these features.

@Ultrafighter - for once the rip isn't transmogrified. Actually, the PC and PS3 data is exactly the same, except for a few bytes in the header. You need to rename to .exa.snu (original ext) though.
There are a bunch of 4/6/8ch tracks, unsure if they are actually layered.
by AnonRunzes at 3:33 PM EDT on August 31, 2017
So, here I am with another sample:

These .MSB/.MSH files came from EyeToy Play(PS2). I could write a splitter for those, but since vgmstream allows for subsong stuff, I honestly couldn't bother doing any of that. The format itself is similar to these .MIB/.MIH files(what with the extra spacing at the end), the only difference being that .MSB/.MSH allows for more files than .MIB/.MIH in which only one file is allowed.

edited 3:35 PM EDT August 31, 2017
by mariofan12ify at 4:02 AM EDT on September 5, 2017
I heard from a forum post that the files for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are in .sdf format. Is there a chance of adding that in the next update?
by bnnm at 5:56 AM EDT on September 5, 2017
They are .wem, but are using Wwise Opus (joy) which seems they added this year and it's the main Switch codec.

On a quick glance it looks quite normal, so I think can be added, eventually.
by marcusss at 6:36 AM EDT on September 5, 2017
A game I uploaded recently was opus with ogg extension..not that extension means anything..but played fine in vgmstream. Must be I have coec installed already. I was surprised too with the use of that codec. It is royalty free also right so good for developers

edited 6:38 AM EDT September 5, 2017
by mariofan12ify at 6:49 AM EDT on September 5, 2017
Well I guess we have to wait a bit for these .wem files to be properly supported.
by bnnm at 7:29 AM EDT on September 5, 2017
@marcusss - what game was it? It would be useful for research.

.ogg is a container, so it can contain Vorbis, Opus, even Flac data, or whatever Xiph wants.
Conversely, you can have Vorbis/Opus without .ogg (like .wem does).
by marcusss at 1:22 PM EDT on September 5, 2017
@bnnm : I think it was my recent Desktop Dungeons rip?? that uses Opus.. Have to double check as I am not sure. Will check later and let you know..

Also I just ripped some android games which are using voxpack archives, inside containing lots of (.mpc) musepack music but also contain .vxn files..some kind of packed musepack file which I had to hexedit to strip the header to get to the musepack MSCPK header and save as .mpc to play
Didnt see this vxn file before. It could possibly contain loop info..i can upload the game in question. Music plays fine in vgmstream though. The game I Dungeon Hunter 5. Later I can upload for you.

Android games are.starting to use .mpc (musepack) and I have come across some using Opus in my PC rips ;)

I will upload quite a few android rips in the next couple of days ;)


edited 1:51 PM EDT September 5, 2017

edited 6:49 PM EDT September 5, 2017

edited 6:50 PM EDT September 5, 2017
by marcusss at 1:08 AM EDT on September 6, 2017
@bnnm. Also..I uploaded Dungeon hunter 5 in my folder on joshw if you want to take a look at the mpc music.

edited 1:09 AM EDT September 6, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 1:42 AM EDT on September 6, 2017
Hi Bnnm, do you think something can be done to more than half tracks from this set? I have a few pairs of playable / unplayable (the latter have ! symbol in their names) files here.
I DLed this rip because there're so little compositions in PSN version, I hoped for many more tracks but apparently they're unusable as of now. Or are those currently unsupported files the very same music pieces but in different encoding? Only time can tell!
by bnnm at 5:08 AM EDT on September 6, 2017
.ddsp are "dual dsp" (=2 channels), and for example Boss_Track_1_Cute.ddsp has both channels, while Boss_Track_1_Cute_2!.ddsp has the exact second channel of Boss_Track_1_Cute.ddsp (so it's useless, and incorrectly formed alone by itself).

While Main_Theme_Track.ddsp only has the first channel, so you need to join with Main_Theme_Track_2.ddsp to play (ie. just add its data with a hex editor at the end of Main_Theme_Track.ddsp)

Check the file sizes of those paiss to see if they need to joined or not (double/half = no, equal=yes).
by mariofan12ify at 5:13 AM EDT on September 6, 2017
Do you think the .wem files that use Wwise Opus could be added in the next update?
by bnnm at 12:09 PM EDT on September 6, 2017
It'll take some weeks/months, depending on my motivation.
by marcusss at 12:53 PM EDT on September 6, 2017
Sorry bnnm the Game using OPUS is Ken Folletts The Pillars of the Earth (PC) which I ripped a while back.
by Nisto at 5:21 PM EDT on September 6, 2017
Hey guys, can I ask a quick (possibly dumb) question, mostly for GENH/PSXADPCM?

When setting a loop point, what exactly is that meant to represent; the last sample to be played, or the end of the loop data? I'm just reading through the SPU2 docs, and they say that the last sample of a block with the loop/end bit set becomes the final processed sample of a loop. So basically I'm wondering if I should set the loop end point to the last sample, or past the last sample..
by bnnm at 7:46 PM EDT on September 6, 2017
IIRC (somebody recheck):

loop_end_sample = "after decoding N samples, go back to right before loop_start_sample".
Say you want to loop 1 sec at 44100: loop_start = 0 (no samples decoded), loop_end = 44100 (all samples decoded) = decodes 44100 samples (not 44101)
(IOW loop_end 0 wouldn't mean "loop first sample", but "no samples", obviously not valid).

PS ADPCM flags are similar but in decoded 0x10 frames, ex:
- loop_start flag in the 1st frame: loop_start_sample = 0 (*before* frame 1
- loop_end flag in the 2nd frame: loop_end_sample = 28+28 (*after* frame 2).
So after decoding all 2 frames/56 samples it'll rewind right before frame 1.

Note that rarely the header's meaning of loop_end_sample varies to +-1 (ex some DSP, SGXD).

EDIT: now with proper math, 28+28 != 48, derp.

edited 4:28 AM EDT September 7, 2017
by Nisto at 8:26 PM EDT on September 6, 2017
Yeah, that's always how I've interpreted the loop start value. Makes total sense. Just never really knew how the loop end value was handled. Thanks, bnnm!

By the way, you mean "2 frames/56 samples", not 48 samples, right?
by Ultrafighter at 3:58 AM EDT on September 7, 2017
Big thanks for quick explanation Bnnm, I could have missed a few tracks if you hadn't helped me out! It's not just Main_Theme_Track but also UI_FX_Victory_Loop and numerous stingers.
Best wishes!
by Nisto at 2:14 PM EDT on September 7, 2017
@bnnm / vgmstream devs: Sorry to be a bother again. I ripped the audio now, according to the logic you explained, bnnm. Well, actually, I automated three rips, with sample offsets +0 (before first sample), +27 (before last sample), and +28 (after last sample), all relative to the start of the loop end block.

As you may guess, the +0 rip pops more frequently, so that's probably indeed not how it's supposed to work. But interestingly enough, that rip has some files that do not pop, whereas both the +27 and +28 rips do. I had a look at one particular stream, and I noticed that, at least there, the loop end block is the final block of the entire stream. So I'm wondering if there's a conflict there somehow when looping over?

Case in point:

Or do we just assume the composer wasn't really affected by it, thanks to the use of ADSR envelopes and stuff?
by bnnm at 5:50 PM EDT on September 7, 2017
@Nisto - interesting case. I did a quick test with Sony's vagconv tool and as far as I see what I posted is correct.
ie.- I converted 1 sec/44100 samples wav to .vag, loop_start = 0, loop_end = 44100. The resulting file is 0x6270 (+0x10 extra null "reset" frame at the start), and 0x6270 * 28 / 16 = exact 44100. Flag 0x06 in the first frame (loop starts right before it) and 0x03 in the last frame (must be fully decoded).

So a few ideas for your file:
- actually ignores the loop start/end flags and loops by exact sample stored somewhere
- may *not* need to preserve ADPCM history when looping (by default for PS ADPCM it doesn't reset the internal state). Very unlikely, and I did a quick test and I don't think this is the case.
- it actually pops in game too. But I'd think Sony's tools adjust looping by adding padding so loops are aligned to 28 samples (unless they used their own tools)
by Nisto at 8:52 PM EDT on September 7, 2017
Yeah, you know what. It seems like that sample actually does click in game too. Silly me. I hadn't noticed since it doesn't actually loop over until a few seconds in, and otherwise just cuts before reaching the loop point.

Also, just out of curiosity, mind telling me where I can find VagConv? Never heard of that tool before. I do have both the PS1 and PS2 SDKs, but I couldn't find it in either. All I could find was a blog post from the guy who supposedly developed the tool. I do see encvag.dll and VAGEdit in the SDKs though..
by bnnm at 5:21 AM EDT on September 8, 2017
Good(?) to know devs actually mess up their audio.

vagconv ([95] is actually from the PS3 SDKs. Nicer that the PS1/2 apps since it's command line.
The timestamp is from 2006 and creates .vag pretty much like PS1/PS2 so it shouldn't be matter much it's from PS3.
The SDK has other neat apps/docs for research too.
by Nisto at 3:48 PM EDT on September 8, 2017
Ahh, that more or less explains why I couldn't find it. Thanks.
by marcusss at 8:58 PM EDT on September 12, 2017
Hi bnnm

Another Android game this time is Dungeon Hunter 4 uses MPC again. 95% are playable but some music is packed inside VXN files. Last time I could just strip the junk data at the bginning to get to the MPC music but this time it isn't MPCPK header so perhaps something else but I am no master so would like to seek assistance.

The game does have some WAV too so I thought it might be WAV ut no luck so far as I have no idea where to strip the inital data to.

Can you take a look ?

VXN Example

Also I coun't find the ending but it has some android videos?? . bdae files that are large.

Hopefully there is audio in there !

BDAE vid


edited 9:04 PM EDT September 12, 2017
by bnnm at 10:58 AM EDT on September 15, 2017
That VXN looks like a proper sound format, very similar to RIFF. It contains playable MSADPCM data, but after ~3 secs (~1b194) it looks corrupted. Maybe a bad rip, some custom layout, or a prefetch file.

BDAE I think it's just game data.
by marcusss at 1:10 PM EDT on September 15, 2017
Ahh thanks for taking a look bnnm.

Ah yeah also finally got back to Burnout 2 and noticed a great improvement. Good job. Just gotta figure out the best audio version to keep (PR DD or STereo). I remember when I played the game I would stick with Plain Stereo as sounded cleaner and instruments more separated.

edited 12:21 AM EDT September 16, 2017
by ChillyBilly at 10:33 PM EDT on September 16, 2017
I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but is it possible to add support for the PS1's .DA streams? As far as I can tell, they're no different from .WAV files (especially since they play just fine when renamed as such), and it would certainly save us the trouble of having to rename them every time, heh. If examples are needed, then perhaps my latest rips would suffice....?

And while I'm at it... I asked this before, but is support for the Gamecube game Charinko Hero's .itl files possible, as well? Thanks in advance to anyone who can look into these!
by bnnm at 4:33 AM EDT on September 17, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Fix some SCD with MARK chunk [Lightning Returns X360]
- Fix Ogg leak
- Fix AWC MP3 channel desync in some songs [Red Read Redemption (PS3)]
- Add HCA key detection and key list
- winamp: Fix old bug when seeking past file

vgmstream now auto-detects known HCA keys see list here (mainly from 2ch/HCA Decoder), like it does with ADX. You can still use .hcakey tho.
If you have them HCA keys please post (+ game name) so we can all benefit.


@ChillyBilly - I'll add them later.
by mariofan12ify at 5:00 AM EDT on September 17, 2017
Is there a link to a list of files that are supported? I'd like to have a look before I ask questions in the future.
by bnnm at 7:27 AM EDT on September 17, 2017
The list of accepted extensions is here, also codecs and headers descriptions. Note that several different formats may use the same extension though.
The readme also has descriptions for the supported formats (not complete).
by marcusss at 12:03 PM EDT on September 17, 2017
Hi bnnm

I uploaded Dragon's Blade a few days ago for Android.. Interestingly, they used the XNB format which a few X360 games use..therefore is unplayable. Each song is large like typical music but so far it hasn't been figured out. Can you take a look at this game?



edited 12:19 PM EDT September 17, 2017
by Infernus Animositas at 11:03 AM EDT on September 18, 2017
I can't seem to work out how to make this play correctly in vgmstream. It is PS ADPCM.


This format (klBS) can also have more than one file. Is there a way to easily separate individual tracks from one another?


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