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by Nisto at 2:31 PM EDT on September 18, 2017
@Infernus Animositas: as for Credits.bnk, you can use these GENH settings:

Header Skip: 0x3E0
Interleave: 0x5C5CA0
Channels: 2
Frequency: 44100

Hope that helps.
by marcusss at 11:37 PM EDT on September 18, 2017
Hi I have 2 games that I really want the music for as supposed to be good but not having luck.

The game Dungeon Hero apparently has 23 nice songs but it has a custom PAK. It runs on Esenthal Engine.

I have included the EXE and other files. I will really appreciate if someone can unpack it.

The other game is Devils and Demons. It is simpler as the archive can be opened and filenames viewed in 7zip but is password protected. I tried so many combos but no luck and inside the exe it mentions "password" but everything I tried doesn't work.



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by bnnm at 2:28 PM EDT on September 19, 2017
@marcuss - pass is "spu8ayapreKa". Dungeon Hero maybe encrypted?

how to:
strings2.exe DevilsAndDemons.exe > strings.txt
fcrackzip.exe -D -p strings.txt game_data.dnd

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by marcusss at 8:32 PM EDT on September 19, 2017
Ahh thanks.

I tried the dump proc method I read somewhere but had no luck lol Thanks for your help !

Actually damn the Pass is easily found in the exe. haha I was looking in a different area.

I guess with the 2nd one have to find out what type of PAK file it is hey.

Thanks for your help and the EXEs

Actually I didn't notice the game has a MAC app also and has lots of text and doesn't seem encrypted. Maybe helps with unpacking the PAKs?

Mac unencrypted App

Keeps mentioning OculusSDK 0.4 Maybe I am talking nonesense ;-)

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by vajuvaju at 3:43 PM EDT on September 20, 2017
Here are full rips of Spider-Man (The Movie) for PS2 and GC if anyone wants to take a crack at them.
by soneek at 10:48 AM EDT on September 21, 2017
Are we able to to add .pos support for AAC audio? At least the type that we've been finding in 3DS and Wii U (potentially Switch) games? Mainly to avoid the step of decoding to WAV ourselves.
by bnnm at 1:03 PM EDT on September 21, 2017
You can make a GENH/TXTH with the FFmpeg codec to play AAC, for now.
by soneek at 6:10 PM EDT on September 21, 2017
GENH works, but I'd prefer TXTH for released sets. Here's what I attempted for my TXTH file.

codec = FFMPEG
channels = 2
sample_rate = 48000
loop_start_sample = 2255055
num_samples = data_size
loop_end_sample = 3940909

It fails when trying to open the original aac file with vgmstream though. I have the txth named as bgm_xy_ajito.aac.txth. Any suggestions?

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by bnnm at 6:28 PM EDT on September 21, 2017
Oh right. There is no bytes-to-samples for FFMPEG or AAC I'm afraid, so num_samples = data_size won't work. But I think it's a bit complex to add quickly, so you'll need to manually fill the num_samples for now.

Also .aac isn't accepted in foobar/winamp (like .wav), you could rename to .laac (or .vgmstream, or any other) as a compromise.
by punk7890-2 at 7:54 AM EDT on September 23, 2017
Does anyone happen to know how to play these files? They appear to be PCM little endian but have a lowish static to them.
by Nisto at 7:42 PM EDT on September 23, 2017
@punk7890-2: Try these GENH settings:

Format: PCM RAW (Little Endian)
Header Skip: 0
Interleave: 0x200
Channels: 2
Frequency: 44100

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by punk7890-2 at 9:59 PM EDT on September 23, 2017
Thanks! That worked perfect.
by marcusss at 7:32 AM EDT on September 24, 2017
Silly question but tried to access Dungeon Hero PAK file but it is encrypted or unknown as myself and bnnm knows, so tried dumping memory while in-game. SOme sound and music is there in the dumps like End of level etc.. I wanted to ask is there any recommended method for this or program for duping game memory to be ripped by RAvioli/VGMTB etc..?Obviously the dumps will have other stuff besides music but figured I'd try to get some music this way rather than just recording the audio.

Pity I can't grab any of the level music I have been playing it quite a lot recently.

Perhaps the small pieces I found like Level up etc. can be found but the music is in a format not native so cannot be found I guess..

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Dungeon Hero and others by marcusss at 4:35 AM EDT on September 25, 2017
Anyway I chose to disable SE and just record as that way is peasy easy an is the only alternative. If games are encrypted can one upload their ingame rip? I'm guessing no since it is not original data but if it cannot be ripped the usual way?? I almost have all songs from Dungeon Hero I will listen for my own pleasure as it has some nice music, but would like to share :-)

DH - A couple examples

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by furrybob at 1:20 PM EDT on September 25, 2017
Is it just me, or does the Foobar component since at least version "r1050-670-g165cda2 Sep 16 2017" crash Foobar when adding HCA files to the playlist?
by mariofan12ify at 1:41 PM EDT on September 25, 2017
I noticed in the latest update that the Mario + Rabbids music if playable now. Thanks a lot!
by bnnm at 1:53 PM EDT on September 25, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Fix some XNB [Dragon's Blade (Android)] + .DA [The Great Battle VI (PS)]
- Add Wwise Opus [Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)]
- Add EA-XMA for EA SNU [Dante's Inferno (X360)]
* only 1/2ch works correctly as multichannel layout need to be investigated
- (dev) Add FFmpeg custom IO callbacks for data transmogrifiers
- Ogg Opus support (renamed to ~.logg or such) [Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth (PC)]
- Add some HCA keys

Note that there is a new DLL (for winamp/xmplay, foobar should include it).

For reasons that escape me, Winamp + in_vgmstream won't play Opus, while Xmplay + in_vgmstream will.
Could you guys test if winamp works for you?


@furrybob - They work in test/winamp/etc, maybe some foobar build issue?

@marcusss - encrypted music may be loaded/decoded in chunks, so probably you won't find much in memory.
You could post your rip in the "streamed VGM distribution" thread I guess.

Some TXTHs, put into file dir:
- Cloudphobia (PC) .AO
- Charinko Hero (GC) .ITL
- Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge (Wii U) .MSF
(these can be added to vgmstream later, but for now this should be adequate)
by marcusss at 2:22 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

A good NDS game I tried ripping with VGMTB but no luck so used some well known hackerish explorers and the game uses Procyron music. The videos ?? use SAD format which works but the rest of the STREAMED folder are tiny SAD files which are SE.

The game has a DATA folder whivh has lots of ".iear" files which some, when opened in HEX editor mention BGM names . They compress very well so most are probably code but I am certain the BGM music has to be in there as it takes up most of the file size.

Can you when you get the chance or someone take a look? The game supposed to have good music??

Sands of Destruction

Particularly 01.iear is 19MB and mentions lots of BGM names e.g.


SWD.pQ..........swdl....pQ.... .........Ø....1..BGM_BATTLE_07.S




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by mariofan12ify at 7:05 PM EDT on September 25, 2017
I noticed that the Mario + Rabbids files don't loop. Are they supposed to not loop?
by Segtendo at 7:22 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

It's Wwwise, a format that's know to have its files split up into intro, looping section, etc.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed had a version of Wwise.
by mariofan12ify at 7:32 PM EDT on September 25, 2017

Ok, fair enough.

Also I nocticed with files such as sdf-B-1014_00000010, at the end of the song, The song just abruptly end with no extra timing to loop it manually. Is that normal?
by bnnm at 1:15 PM EDT on September 26, 2017
Wwise can include looping, and some of the Mario files do have it, like sdf-B-1012_0000001A.wem. Your file doesn't though.

The abrupt ending is a bug, after fixing it the file seems to do full repeat looping.
by mariofan12ify at 12:26 AM EDT on September 27, 2017
Do I just need to redownload the rip to fix it? Because most of the ones I have do that.

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by bnnm at 12:57 PM EDT on September 27, 2017
It's a bug in vgmstream, so you'll need to wait until I upload the fix, probably next weekend.

@ChillyBilly - Sands of Destruction is sequenced (SWD have instruments in IMA, and SMD code).
by marcusss at 2:37 AM EDT on September 28, 2017
Thanks for taking a look bnnm. Pity the music is sequenced
by ChillyBilly at 11:30 PM EDT on September 28, 2017
Uh.... so, I just updated to the latest version, and I now have the same issue that furrybob mentioned in the previous page: Foobar crashes whenever I try to load HCA files. If anyone can look into this issue, I'd greatly appreciate it....
by kode54 at 8:10 PM EDT on September 29, 2017
Bnnm done goof'd, and only allocated enough sample buffer for the key finder to work with mono files. And then I almost goof'd and released a version that didn't free the now malloc'd buffer on completion.

@bnnm: Did you even test this? I know I should have, but I didn't.
by bnnm at 4:12 AM EDT on September 30, 2017
As I said before, it didn't trigger in test/winamp (GCC) for me, I guess MSVC/foobar stack layout is more sensitive to buf overflows or something.

I actually checked and fixed it for foobar, but was in the middle of other changes and didn't upload. Oh well.

I do test anything I change, with a regression script even, but if it works in test.exe one would assume other plugins too, cut me some slack. :(
by marcusss at 12:03 AM EDT on October 1, 2017
@bnnm. I have 1 question if you or someone else can answer if you don't mind..

I want to add a game to VGMStream using txth but is there a list of supported extensions for txth (the codec field)? .

I want to add A-Law to my txth file. PLays in Audio editor as 16 Bit Stereo A-Law

Example file (7MB)


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by bnnm at 6:18 AM EDT on October 1, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Fix multichannel EA-XMA [Dante's Inferno (X360)]
- Fix Wwise Opus abrupt end
- Fix XWB split bug with certain codecs
- Add .opus [Lego City Undercover (Switch)]
- Disable Winamp unicode until details are sorted out
- Other minor tweaks
- Fix HCA crash bug when testing keys


@marcusss - TXTH info. No a-Law, post some samples and the name of the game and I'll see if I can add it.
by marcusss at 7:04 AM EDT on October 1, 2017
AHh these are from Conquest of Elysium 3 (A-Law) Audio



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by marcusss at 2:24 AM EDT on October 3, 2017
Hi bnnm, 1 game Siralim has OGGs but of course they abruptly stop at the end since they require loop points. The file included I believe has the loop points as I can see the song names and bits of data but cannot quite work it out. Could you help me in working the out or how to do it as I suck when it comes to loop points.

It has good music like Siralim 2. Old game but still music is good.



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by punk7890-2 at 3:32 AM EDT on October 6, 2017
Just curious, is there something wrong with the The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning PS2 set? There is a lot of popping, clicking, and abrupt endings to songs.
by bnnm at 9:01 PM EDT on October 6, 2017
@marcusss - didn't see anything, though one of the files loops if renamed to .logg

@punk7890-2 - set is fine. Ends/looping I can fix, but clicks I think it's doing something weird every 0x8000 (28672 samples), tried stuff but not sure what's wrong.
by ChillyBilly at 12:11 AM EDT on October 8, 2017
So, I just posted Chinese Paladin 4 in the joshw thread, but the problem is, I'm unable to play these .smp files. Can these files be made playable somehow? Thanks in advance to anyone who can look into it!
by bnnm at 12:10 PM EDT on October 8, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Tweak XMA1 and Wwise XWMA sample counts, XMA2 looping, XMA1 channels
- Fix MUSC looping [Spyro: A New Beginning (PS2), Ty (PS2)]
- Add AL2 meta + A-law decoder [Conquest of Elysium 3 (PC)]


@ChillyBilly - it's encrypted, use this tool (from here) to the mp3s.
CoE 3 by marcusss at 11:11 PM EDT on October 8, 2017
Thanks for the update.

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by marcusss at 12:26 PM EDT on October 12, 2017
The recent Dantes Inferno for x360 was uploaded here by someone but most files are unplayable it seems ;(. Some .sng play but most are .snu format and don't play while other use that xb ima 4bit adpcm that has ear bleeding scratching noises. Really interested in this game so maybe it can be supported one day :)

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by bnnm at 4:16 AM EDT on October 15, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add .CD wav extension
- Improve BNSF num_samples and cleanup
- Fix some S14/SSS (Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy)
- (ffmpeg) Fix true multichannel XMA [Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Devil May Cry 4 X360]
- Fix BNSF decode glitches


@marcuss - works for me, maybe you have some plugin conflict, none is Xbox IMA.
by Ultrafighter at 5:43 AM EDT on October 16, 2017
Hi Bnnm, big thanks for that long desired true multichannel XMA fix!

May I ask you to inspect these tracks from Hunter: The reckoning: Wayward for PS2 and add support for them if it's possible? They originally had some random extension but played more or less fine after I renamed them to *.mib (a few files included in my pack were played back way faster than needed but it's all manageable, at least the right interleave value was figured out automatically).
I've just checked if there're any SShd, FSB# or even WAV(E)\RIFF strings inside those tracks but alas! Anyway maybe they still have some kind of nonstandard or proprietary header which can be implemented into VGMstream? I hope so!

Bye and all the best!

PS. Maybe that old PS2 exclusive title Primal requires rerip? I checked out Alpha23's rip a week ago and found some help files and even scripts in it. Apparently there were CSTR streams inside a bigfile which he extracted using his generic splitter BMS and manipulated with another script, this time.
I guess addition of support for initial streamed files with original headers wouldn't hurt if someone ever wants to rerip the game. I believe all the sounds were originally that way, even VO or SFX files and even movies were in that huge archive to begin with.
by marcusss at 10:15 AM EDT on October 16, 2017
Hi guys I have ripped the music from another decent looking Android game from Rayark, Implosion as it has some nice music especially during battles.. Problem is every file has many pieces grouped together Some music files will have 30 secs of voice, then 1 min music, then 1 min voice, 3 mins music, then voice etc.. quite annoying.

Implosion example
Implosion Example 1
Implosion Example 2

Just the usual programs I use cannot separate the music. (Perhaps this how the mp3s ingame are designed, so wanted to know any vgmtb settings could split the music based on its LAME*** headers as I can't get it quite right (songs tend to have a lot of LAME mentioned of course so hard to automate it... or is it?? I try not to do it all manually as lots of Android games lately are very time consuming to rip and sit through the countless files

Some games in the past were one long mp3 stream which is easy to split with Hex but these kind of files are more annoying so asking for some advice :-)

FYI I also have the iOS version too so might give that version a look as well to see differences or if that is easier to rip. lol

The music is really good ! Reminds me of GI Joe which Ultrafighter pointed me to :-)

Pity every file has songs/voice all grouped together in an odd way.. Probably order of events or something WHy can't they just have separate files for god's sake hahah


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by bnnm at 7:13 PM EDT on October 16, 2017
@Ultrafighter - those tracks are headerless (needs GENH/TXTH, interleave is 0x4000). But note that in some PS2 games the header is in other files/exe.
PS2 rips using .ss2 uploaded in ~ april 2015 are likely transmogrified (why not GENH...? :S).

@marcusss - there is nothing you can use to split, the indexes must be in another file (if it's unity a companion file usually has the names and offsets).
by AceK at 1:09 AM EDT on October 17, 2017
Another question (may not be valid if other songs provides an exception to this request), is there a possibility of .MIB interleaved files to have a script that ignores any silence strings at EOF?

The example that came in mind was the rips for Tekken 4. There is leftover "0C020000000000000000000000000000" strings at the EOF on some files. If played continuously with another track just ahead, the next played song will have a barely noticeable silence played (where the silence is derived from the previous track) just before it plays. In the actual game, the silence is not present and flows appropriately. I am assuming that the driver used to playback the songs in-game has a detection for silence at the EOF and omits it per stream.

Unless another game does not follow this rule for headerless Sony ADPCM files, is there a possibility for this to be implemented?

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by Ultrafighter at 5:40 AM EDT on October 18, 2017
@Bnnm - I'm sure it isn't the case with MIB+MIH pairs when it comes to Hunter: The reckoning - Wayward so probably headers or file specs were in EXE (if there're any to begin with).

Also I presume I can explain a bit why he often transmogrified stuff in the past and rarely made *.genh files. Actually I managed to get an explanation from him via PM years ago: he only resorts to GENH when other means don't work because any PS2 is able to play back SS2 or VAG files (he's written some BMS code to add such headers to headerless streams you know), any X360 can play XMA (XMA1 streams to be specific, the ones created using his scripts) but no console will ever be able to play GENH tracks (as it seems). I didn't quite get why he should even think about such backwards compatibility since he doesn't make VGM mods, he simply creates streams that are playable on any device which supports VGMstream but anyway, I believe it's up to him to decide how to process tracks if needed and what makes a rip streamed one.
I guess everyone has his own methods so that he's fine as long as his gamerips are still streamed (I still consider his sets streamed ones and don't think that each and every header-manipulated rip by him has to be reripped but it's just my opinion, I'm not any kind of BGM ripping purist). I don't see any huge flaws in his older rips as I use looping very rarely and I wouldn't mind even if his methods removed loop info from resulting files.

PS. You should take my word for that Alpha's quote because I deleted that original PM long time ago.
by bnnm at 2:02 PM EDT on October 18, 2017
@AceK - while it could be implemented I'd first check if any other .mib would benefit or break with that.

@Ultrafighter - don't misunderstand me, if you get your music playing that's cool in my book.
But when I get a set I hope it's "reliable", instead of me having to guess if it doesn't loop or play ok because the files are like that or somebody was tinkering too much. At least put some warning :S
by AceK at 9:16 PM EDT on October 19, 2017

Some tests done with Devil May Cry (BGM01.mib & BGM28.mib) which contains loop pointers:

*Removal of all "0C020000000000000000000000000000" strings at EOF in a .mib file containing loop properties will result in unfavorable results, in which it discards looping information entirely.

*However, leaving one remainder of "0C020000000000000000000000000000" at the EOF (while omitting the other instances at the EOF) in a .mib file containing loop properties will leave the loop information intact, resulting the stream total samples to have a decrease in value (not having any effect with the loop itself).

Will update soon (maybe make a new post) to mention how other files handle the change. Might need to also cross-compare Tekken 4 tracks from the .mib in playlist form with how it plays in-game "indefinitely". Silences weren't there by ear, but who knows if even a small msec of silence is present...

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by marcusss at 10:40 PM EDT on October 21, 2017
Hi bnnm.

Are you able to help me out a little with these wwise files. I etracted them from the game Heroes of Ark on iOS. I thought like other games, it was the usual .wem vorbis but doesn't play quite right.

They all start with the header

52 49 46 46 4A RIFFJ

3 x Wwise Examples



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by Ultrafighter at 11:10 AM EDT on October 26, 2017
Hi Bnnm! I'm wondering if mex_song_02.awc from interactive_music folder in your Red dead redemption PS3 rip can be fixed at some point. For some reason it's identified as mono ATM while I'm almost sure it should be multi-track 14ch. or even 16ch. file as all other mex_song_0*.awc (or ftr_song_0*.awc and nrt_song_0*.awc for that matter).
Here it is (mex_song_02.awc obviously) just in case. I hope this will be solved somehow.

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by AnonRunzes at 3:12 PM EDT on October 26, 2017
So, apparently the latest vgmstream version can't play these .ADP files from Omikron The Nomad Soul anymore. I can post samples if needed.
iOS ADPCM inside uasset by marcusss at 1:17 PM EDT on October 27, 2017
Actually bnnm, another game has a similar problem decoding. Unreal Engine game...Inside the uassets are WEM files with an unknown ADPCM? Well in a He editor it does mention ADPCM in the header info.

Deinitely sounds ADPCM'ish as microsot adpcm has music playing, but very scratchy and bad for the ears. lol . An iOS ADPCM variant I guess.

Samples from the game Angels in the Sky iOS
3 BGM themes

I guess it is probably all new to you as well. When I ran the uasset in Raviolli it shows as WEM file but using the ADPCM variant as its codec and results in scratchy audio. If I cut header to RIFF it results in the same Audio so must be correct?

Cheers, Mark

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by bnnm at 7:36 AM EDT on October 29, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add ASTL [Dead Rising PC] (by bxaimc)
- Fix some AWC [Red Dead Redemption PS3]
- Fix some ADP [Omikron: the Nomad Soul]
- Fix XWB WMA, leaks [Prince of Persia 2 Xbox]
- Add/fix SAB+SOB [Worms 4 PC/PS2/Xb]
- Add encrypted BGW ATRAC3 [Final Fantasy XI PC]
- Add extra HCA keys
- Add extra ADX keys and key verifier
- (dev) Code cleanup


@marcusss - I'll try to fix those later, they aren't wwise/wem but WAV with full-interleave MS-ADPCM, detection may be problematic.
by Knurek at 8:07 AM EDT on October 29, 2017
@bnnm: Not trying to be pushy or anything, but do we have an ETA on AT9 support, or is that still ways off?
by marcusss at 8:34 AM EDT on October 29, 2017
Hey bnnm: Thanks for the explanation. No problems. Get to it whenever you can. No rush :-)

by bnnm at 8:40 AM EDT on October 29, 2017
@Knurek - roadmap:
- furrybob publishes the decoder, which I assume will do once he finishes his HCA encoder and gives last touches
- bugtest for a bit, maybe. A new version of at9tool was leaked so could have new stuff furrybob would need to investigate
- depending how it was coded it may need to be adapted to C. I think Durandal wanted to add it to FFmpeg, which would simplify much, but could take a while
- add decoder to vgmstream. Nothing too hard, but depends on the above (FFmpeg = least work)
- add main .AT9 format to vgmstream, easy enough
- add other formats using raw AT9 (FSB, XVAG, etc) for bonus points

So still a while but getting closer...
by Knurek at 3:36 PM EDT on November 3, 2017
This is because the GameCube was processing audio slightly faster than Dolphin was emulating it. In truth, the GameCube's sample rates are not 48,000Hz and 32,000Hz like on the Wii, but ~48,043Hz and ~32,029Hz.

Shouldn't we change stuff for GameCube formats to match the hardware?
by bnnm at 4:32 PM EDT on November 3, 2017
@Knurek - interesting info.
I wonder if some GC drivers don't already take this into account though? Like some games play sfx at 11025, how does that work?

Note that some games don't seem to expect this, I assume play "wrong" in real hardware (like the SNES ovals I guess).
Ex. I compared Killer7 PS2 vs GC, at ~32029Hz the music would desync.
by Knurek at 5:05 PM EDT on November 3, 2017
@bnnm: The article ventures a guess that everything is resampled by hardware to 48 kHz equivalent.
by furrybob at 5:41 PM EDT on November 3, 2017
I've left ATRAC9 alone for the past month while I was working on HCA stuff. I've shifted focus back to ATRAC9 now, so it's only a matter of when I have enough time.

If you're referring to at9tool that was posted here, that version's almost 3 years old. The latest version I have is from last year.
by AnonRunzes at 6:16 PM EDT on November 3, 2017
I have a sample to post. Basically, it's about these unsupported .vs files SquareSoft/SquareEnix used for their games.

Here's the link for those samples.
by marcusss at 3:34 PM EDT on November 4, 2017
Hi bnnm,

I have been trying to rip Transformers Fall of Cybertron on the PC but the FSB4 (Custom MPEG) plays but complete silence. In this case the example file is 6 Channel - named L03A_03_MX_STEALTH_SEWERS_LP_6CH_v1.fsb

Transformers 6 Ch FSB

Any help would be appreciated :P
Hopefully it is not just me


Actually tried more files and all play in silence so far.

Another example..

Example 2


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by bnnm at 1:50 PM EST on November 5, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add Ubisoft sb0..N + ss0/ls0..N banks + Ubisoft ADPCM [Ubi PoP trilogy]
- Fix some multichannel MPEG FSB4 [Transformers Fall of Cybertron (PC)]
- Fix some OPUS + looping [Ultra Street Fighter 2, Disgaea 5]

Ubi bank notes:
- .sb0 change per game+platform, meaning support is done case-by-case
- several .sb0 may use the same .ss0, don't rename the .ss0
- variations: sb0=PC sb1=PS2 sb2=Xbox sb3=GC sb4=PSP sb5=PSP sb6=PS3 sb7=Wii
- .sb0 can be empty (no sound data inside)
- .sb0 has a "multilayer" feature that combines small subsongs to make a looping/fading song, I don't know if the .sb0 has info to play them in order (you can play the layers seamlessly tho)
- has a sibling .sm0 map format (Splinter Cell)
- has a cousin .spk/sbao format (Assassin's Creed, PoP Forgotten Sands)
- has a parent .apm/.bnk format (Rayman 2, Tonic Trouble)
- Internally seem their "DARE engine" / "UbiSound_Driver" plays both sb0/sm0 but games only use either one
- UbiSndDec plays raw .ss0 by trying to autodetect, while vgmstream uses the .sb0 header


@AnonRunzes - I'll add it to the pile, or do you need a .txth meanwhile?
by AnonRunzes at 1:54 PM EST on November 5, 2017
@bnnm - No, I'll wait until the .vs format is supported on vgmstream. They don't really look like something you'd ".txth" out of.
by marcusss at 6:29 AM EST on November 6, 2017
Thanks for the upadte bnnm I will try to finish my rip of Transformers.
by marcusss at 3:35 PM EST on November 6, 2017
Hi again bnnm. I found another XWB type. It has header XWNB which we have seen before I believe, but being an iOS game this won't play.

From the Game ~ Oddworld: Strangers Wrath

Anyway here are a couple samples


I can see the vorbis header inside @ 22050Hz.

The vorbis don't loop so I could just strip the XWB header leaving the OggS, but I guess we should keep the original structure intact hey :D

I'm sure you have lots on your to-do list so anytime is fine


Also I noticed some Apple .caf files have lpcm. I'm guessing linear PCM in them... Albeit small in size interesting though. Maybe more will use for music next?

LPCM example

Of course as with quite a few .caf files they play with VLC ( as in this case it is 8 bit 22100Hz Mono) but not vgmstream...except for the standard ones using AAC and some others which sound great in vgmstream


edited 11:46 PM EST November 6, 2017
by Knurek at 5:32 PM EST on November 6, 2017
@bnnm: There are three(?) PSP games using that Ubi format (Open Season, Splinter Cell Essentials and Star Wars: Lethal Alliance), but I'm only seeing SS4/5 and LS4/5 files there, neither of which seems to be playable.
For now I'll stick with my crappy GENH rips, since those seem to play something at least, but I'm open to upgrading to proper rips if you or anyone else provide them.
by AnonRunzes at 6:54 PM EST on November 6, 2017
@Krunek - Just to be sure, you should always provide untouched files. I learned this the hard way after that one vgmstream update in which it was actually possible to play an entire archive containing nothing but streamed sounds(basically subsong support). Not to mention that the vgmstream coding process won't go on without them.
by bnnm at 1:50 PM EST on November 7, 2017
@marcusss - fascinating hack, as Ogg is not officially supported by XWB.
There is a bug with vgmstream/FFmpeg that prevents some .caf to play, I'll see.

@Knurek - most Ubi games between 2000~2008 (and then some like Splinter Cell 3DS) use either sb0+ss0 or sm0+ss0 (or sb1/2/etc), the header being in the sb0/sm0. sm0 is not added yet, probably later.

I added it as I wanted to listed to some Prince of Persias but as usual I welcome samples (I'll upload a few games myself later), the format changes with every game+platform though (annoying but just a few lines).

sb0/sm0 often include many sfx, so I guess rips won't be very clean. ss0 is raw data but sometimes you may extract Ogg or AT3, or one could manually split + GENH instead.
by marcusss at 2:18 PM EST on November 7, 2017
@bnnm - Thanks for looking into it.

With Transformers (Thanks for adding support BTW), some tracks have a slight sound effect as they pause 1 sec just before/when they loop. It is a little odd as it seems to happem with the 6 channel tracks not the 2 channel ones. Anyway I'm sure it will up on the server when Knurek adds it so no rush.

* With Oddworld yes pretty weird indeed.



edited 2:22 PM EST November 7, 2017
by CyberMario at 4:30 PM EST on November 8, 2017
My group of devs and I are trying to get the IKEMEN fighting engine to work with in_vgmstream properly.

We know it works with IKEMEN because in_cube works flawlessly. However, using all the required dlls brings us an error message that reads:

The procedure entry points vorbis_synthesis_idheader could not be located in the dynamic link library [location of libvorbisfile.dll].

Now, if I use the libvorbis.dll that was linked in the readme from r1040, it works fine. Is there a reason why this happens? Is there an easier fix for this?
by kode54 at 11:25 PM EST on November 9, 2017
Where did you get your required DLL files package? The latest should be in my Github repository, or in a stand-alone package:
by Knurek at 4:29 PM EST on November 10, 2017
@bnnm: Is the HE-VAG support complete? I'm getting a lot of noise in some of the files. Might be caused by the fact that all of them seem to be mono, with VGMStream dialog stating they use interleave.
LMK if you need samples.
by kode54 at 11:39 PM EST on November 11, 2017
Whoops, I just updated the VGMStream Win32 deps pack, it still had an old libvorbis.dll.
by Ultrafighter at 2:53 AM EST on November 12, 2017
Hello Bnnm, I've got some interesting samples from a PC game and I'd be happy if you dedicated a bit of your time to inspecting those.
That title (Iron man: The game based on '08 film) used mostly headerless PCM for its sounds & BGM but a few files are pretty different (for example those 2 mu_int*.the ones which I provided in the above package) and I have suspicions they might be interleaved with orchestra in one layer and guitars in another one.
OGGs which you can find in my pack aren't only transcoded, they even come from PS2 instead but I'm almost sure they're the very same tracks I can't get to play on PC. Just compare their beginnings and you'll probably agree to me.
So if you think that these pesky *.THE files can be demuxed (into a pair of stereo streams I guess) or split with a script or made readily playable with .TXTH please let me know. I'm looking forward to hearing just any news!
by bnnm at 6:00 AM EST on November 12, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add GENH/TXTH AC3 (.lac3) for bytes_to_samples [Burnout (PS2)]
- Add XWB OGG [Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (iOS/Android)]
- Fix some HEVAG
- Fix some Ubi SB [Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Xbox)]
- Remove raw SS3/SS7 meta as it was inaccurate and ubi_sb supports it
- (dev) GENH/code cleanup
- (dev) Winamp/test/xmplay now compiled with GCC 7

NOTE: several DLL have changed names, for Winamp and co delete old + copy new


@marcusss - Transformers FSB have silence because the data is truncated (ex. l03a_03_mx_stealth_sewers_lp_6ch_v1 should be size 0x60ebe0 but is 0x60db18). I think you may need to rerip with some other tool, assuming it came from an archive.

@Knurek - dumb regression, should be ok now.

@Ultrafighter - there are two interleaved layers, demux every 0x9000 to get 2 files. Then you can play those with 32000hz, 2ch, PCM16LE, interleave 0x02. TXTH can't play layers ATM tho.
by Ultrafighter at 9:13 AM EST on November 13, 2017
Well thanks for this heads-up, I'll keep it in mind and try to deinterleave them somehow. I just hope it can be done automatically, for example with a BMS script like this one.
by Knurek at 12:25 PM EST on November 13, 2017
@bnnm: Thanks for fixing the HE-VAGs.
Since AT9 decoding is right around the corner, I took the liberty to upload a bunch of unplayable VITA sets (in the zzz_unplayable folder).
A mix of WWise (both WEMs and PCKs), FSB, and whatever NekoBuro and Rayman Legends use
by AnonRunzes at 12:37 PM EST on November 13, 2017
You can try to deinterleave these files through this script as well:

I actually wrote this script in response to AlphaTwentyThree's new deinterleaving script which had one too many errors for my taste.
by Ultrafighter at 1:19 PM EST on November 14, 2017
@AnonRunzes: Hi, I'm really thankful for the script as it's way easier to use & tweak than Timo's one! It worked as a charm on all files of that kind including both above samples.
Till next time!
by CyberMario at 9:23 PM EST on November 14, 2017
I can't believe my weeklong crash course of understanding plugins and dlls was solved by a simple fix. Going to try it out.

[There was a long post here about just using r1040 dlls. It's been deleted now since I realize that there is a page 147]

edited 9:30 PM EST November 14, 2017
by Ultrafighter at 3:51 AM EST on November 17, 2017
Hi Bnnm, I've got one question about "Prince of Persia - The two thrones": is its BGM just so horrendously segmented as ingame tracks in Sands of time or Warrior within for PC? I'm moderately interested in this score but having most (all) compositions split into 3-4 sec. pieces doesn't excite me a little bit. In that case I might choose trilogy OST instead although it's gotta be incomplete as hell.

Also may you look into MK PSV port? I'd really like to listen to this soundtrack sooner or later so that I'd highly appreciate any kind of support for those nasty FSB5s!

All the best!

edited 3:54 AM EST November 17, 2017
by bnnm at 11:58 AM EST on November 18, 2017
@Ultrafighter - Afraid so, silly Ubisoft. Who devises those bizarro formats? .SB0 and .AWC get this year's "worst header" award, and .SM0 is even worse. Oh well, at least you can play them layers seamlessly.
In the future I think some formats could use some kind of internal playlist (like ACM) so they could play as a single stream.

All unplayable Vita FSB5 are ATRAC9, hopefully will be added in the coming months.
by Ultrafighter at 2:55 AM EST on November 19, 2017
Well thanks for informing me, I guess I'll simply listen to OSTs for Trilogy and add gamerips for the end of my pending list. BTW 1st Alpha's explanation in this case would be total lack of RAM on older consoles, that's why it mattered so much whether a 3-4 MB track in currently in memory or its snippet that's 15-20 times smaller (he gave such reasons when asked about some EA VG though).
Till next time!

edited 2:58 AM EST November 19, 2017
by bnnm at 7:32 AM EST on November 19, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Improve CD-XA detection and RIFF-less support
- Clean .dvi/.kcey and add proper .PCM extension, fix channel swap
- Clean .idvi and add proper .DVI extension
- Clean/separate PS2 .PCM and fix looping in some cases
- Clean EA 1SNh/EACS (ea_old) and fix some bugs/looping
- Clean DVI/IMA decoders, indirectly add DVI/IMA stereo to GENH/TXTH
- Fix old IMA regression (HWAS/SWAV/IVAUD/SAD/AUD/FFTA2/etc) and add 3DS IMA for bcstm
- Add some HCS keys

NOTE: post if you have some .BCWAV + IMA ADPCM that sounds a bit funny, as I couldn't find any to test.


@Ultrafighter - you asked about MX vs ATV Unleashed PC before, should be playable now with the TXTH I posted (here again)

SB0/AWC are weird, waste much RAM and are not well optimized for consoles, with little care in sound quality and I/O. I guess some non-audio programmer stitched together some framework and called it a day.
by bnnm at 7:13 AM EST on November 26, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Add Namco AAC (.naac) [Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (3DS)]
- Add/fix Falcom RIFF (.dec/de2) + looping [Xanadu Next, Gurumin (PC)]
- Fix Homura (PS2) stereo and add .v0 + dual extension
- Fix EA SNU looping not properly saving block state
- (dev) cleanup (text line reader, try_dual_file_stereo, naming, etc).
- Add EZW for EZ2DJ (Arcade) (by bxaimc)
by Sanadsk at 1:48 PM EST on November 28, 2017
Anyone has any luck with extracting .at9 files from .FSB files with their proper headers?
Here is a sample file if anyone is interested:

FSB File Sample
by AnonRunzes at 11:43 AM EST on December 2, 2017
So, I saw some (headerless) audio file that uses a similar ADPCM codec seen in Final Fantasy XI's .bgw format. Said file looks like this:

What I'm saying is, is there any way to add the "configurable" PlayStation ADPCM codec(as seen in SGXD, BGW, etc. files) into GENH/TXTH?

edited 11:44 AM EST December 2, 2017
by bnnm at 6:46 PM EST on December 3, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Musepack .MPC support [Mobile games]
- Add Gameloft .VXN (MS-IMA/MSADPCM/MPC) [Mobile games]
- Add EA .SNS+SNR / .SPS [Burnout Crash, NFS Hot Pursuit PS3]
* supported: PCM, EA-XMA, EA-XAS, EALayer3 (all variations)
- Fix EALayer3 SNS, multistream and bit reservoir
- Add Neversoft custom .OGG [Gun (GC)]
- Clean EA-XA and fix some subsongs
- Add Ultima IX .FLX (EA-XA/EA-MT/PCM)
- Add EA MicroTalk decoder [FIFA 2001 PS2, Ultima IX voices]
- Fix some .SB0 [TMNT GC/PS2]
- Fix 3DO STR SNDS and Audacious crashing on missing files (by kode54)
- (dev) Update libmpg123

NOTE: DLLs changed, copy again for test.exe/winamp/xmplay


EA .SNS notes:
- .SNS needs .SNR (header, usually found in other files or compressed) but as they aren't the easiest to find and are simple I made this bms generator (needs manual adjustments).
- EALayer3 discard modes are not correct (not very noticeable)
- missing codecs:
* EASpeex (libspeex variant, for voices): common but probably not worth adding, there is a converter out there using EA's DLLs
* EAOpus (Opus variant, for voices?): rare, could be added once I get enough samples
* EATrax (ATRAC9 variant): maybe...
* other ids: not seen

@AnonRunzes - none ATM, guess I'll add the option later.
by AnonRunzes at 8:07 PM EST on December 3, 2017
@bnnm - "none ATM, guess I'll add the option later."
Okay then. Thanks for the answer.

Oh yeah, and I tried your script with these files(or at least one of them):
Beach_Music.7z(.sns files posed as .res)

But the generated .snr header that came out of these generated ".res" files(which are actually .sns files as far as I care) somehow came out as garbled for whatever reason.

edited 8:41 PM EST December 3, 2017
by kode54 at 8:31 PM EST on December 3, 2017
Why do we need Musepack, unless it supports looping through tags? I know it will probably confuse people who use foobar2000, who will randomly notice that their MPC tags are not loading any longer, depending on when they start the player. I'm surprised the same thing doesn't happen to .ogg .mp3 .mp4, if we take any of those.
by marcusss at 11:23 PM EST on December 3, 2017
Thanks for VXN support bnnm as so many good mobile games use that so really appreciate it.

Will check out my collection of vxn and have a listen ;)
by bnnm at 1:48 PM EST on December 4, 2017
@AnonRunzes - those .res (from some Battlefield game I presume) are EA-XMA 2ch, seem to work ok. Note that other .RES may contain a big .SNR inside (header+data) but some may crash due to stuff I need to rethink.

@kode54 - mp3/ogg/etc extension are commented (formats.c) to avoid that, I'll do the same with .mpc. Note that MPC is used inside vxn.
I never heard of musepack before so I didn't know foobar had support or even tags.

If its used in game music it's worth having IMO, even if it doesn't do looping. As one could use vgmstream with test.exe or other winamp-derived players without native musepack/mp3/whatever support I think it's good to have them around.
Maybe in the future I'll add some option to get the 'filtered' or full extension list, allowing the plugin to decide.
by punk7890-2 at 4:51 PM EST on December 4, 2017
Is there a way to play the .res from Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 version? Here are some examples.
by bnnm at 6:51 PM EST on December 4, 2017
Those pack several .sns, but the offsets would be in another file, unless found you'd need to manually edit every .res.

Ex. you can get something playable if you find the start (looks like 0000xxxx 0000xxxx, second usually 00000900) and remove the part before that. Then rename to .sns, use my .snr generator script (try 1ch/2ch, Ealayer3 v2), but some parts won't play ok.
by marcusss at 10:07 PM EST on December 4, 2017
About the mpc, even a few mobile games had packed mpc also which songs usually don't do. I remember from some rips, some mpc files were packed with multiple mpc files.

Although not all vxn work as I guess some are different formats besides mpc inside but most DO work which is great.

edited 10:08 PM EST December 4, 2017

edited 4:17 AM EST December 5, 2017
by isbndcaw at 2:01 PM EST on December 6, 2017
some mobile games .SNR contain sns and snr

edited 2:05 PM EST December 6, 2017

edited 2:27 PM EST December 6, 2017

edited 2:28 PM EST December 6, 2017
by kode54 at 9:19 PM EST on December 6, 2017
Incidentally, you can try implementing a single instance of the newer file type registration class. You just need to report how many extensions/types it will register, then programmatically generate the singular/plural file type description for each extension. The newer version takes extensions instead of file name masks. I may look into it as well.
VXN support by Alpha23 at 4:22 PM EST on December 7, 2017
Thanks for the long overdue vxn support guys! This really made my day! :)
I just found some files that are unplayable. They use some PCM variant that I've never seen before. Maybe somebody can look into this:
Thanks a lot in advance!
by ChillyBilly at 11:13 PM EST on December 8, 2017
I posted this in the joshw thread, but I'm unable to play the files for Elevator Action Deluxe. Is there way to make them play as-is, or do they need the GENH/TXTH treatment? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
by bnnm at 7:43 PM EST on December 9, 2017
latest vgmstream changes (foobar (may take a few days to update) / test+winamp+xmplay / bug list)
- Fix some SNR/SB0/RAKI/VXN
- Add TXTH "half_size" interleave + SDF/BD3 exts
- Add VAGp .vig [MX vs. ATV Untamed (PS2)]
- Fix some VAWX multichannel files
- (dev) remove byte_interleave and use a custom codec
- (dev) various code changes for clarity


@marcuss - unplayable vxn I saw looked incorrect (bad sizes etc), maybe try to rerip?

@ChillyBilly - latest vgmstream + Elevator Action Deluxe, Gummy Bears Mini Golf

@kode54 - If you mean automating the foo_filetypes list I hope you can take a look. I tried before but couldn't figure out how.
by kode54 at 8:49 PM EST on December 9, 2017
@bnnm: Done.

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