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by Elven Spellmaker at 6:03 PM EDT on August 23, 2008
If a BRSTM file isn't working try all of these things:

1.) Download libvorbis.dll ( and put the contents in the "/Winamp" directory and the /Winamp/plugins directory.

2.) Download the Companion Intel Math dll ( and extract it to the same directories specified above.

3.) Download libmpg123-0.dll ( and extract it to the directories above.

It worked for me with other BRSTM files.
If you have done this and it still doesn't work, it could be something to do with your soundcard, I had problems with BRSTM files with one soundcard. Try updating your soundcard drivers and see if that cures the problem.
by Gnac at 6:36 PM EDT on August 23, 2008
Thanks, but I got all the .DLLs before posting my issues (I'm one of those few people who looks at readmes before jumping into things). Anyway, I've given up on vgmstream for now due to all the bother, whereas in_cube works fine.

EDIT: cleared out my plugins folder and started from scratch. vgmstream is now working (though only partly on R:Racing), so I now begin the laborious process of identifying which plugin is being moody.

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by Elven Spellmaker at 7:54 PM EDT on August 23, 2008
I thought you would be but I had to say anyways.
by hcs at 7:57 PM EDT on August 23, 2008
Do you mean the GC R:Racing? It should work on all the music, I think there were just a few sfx that didn't clear the test.
by souma at 11:47 AM EDT on August 27, 2008
Is .PCM supported by vgmstream?

This is the .PCM file which was in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SegaSaturn)"
by manakoAT at 1:23 PM EDT on August 27, 2008
rename the files to .DVI
yes, it is supported :)
by souma at 1:57 PM EDT on August 27, 2008
Sorry I didn't notice.
.aud extension by Gedankenschild at 7:32 PM EDT on August 27, 2008
I noticed that the .aud extension has been added to vgmstream.
Is there any chance this will also include the .aud files from "Eternal Darkness" or is it a completely different format despite the extension?
by hcs at 7:41 PM EDT on August 27, 2008
I don't know anything about the .aud files in Eternal Darkness, the music was in .adp.
.aud in ED by Gedankenschild at 7:52 PM EDT on August 27, 2008
Oh yes there are!
Even the in_cube compatibility database on your site states: "ADP, DSP; AUD not supported" (tested by Mouser X)

There are a few in each "level" folder and the movies in the "fmv" folder are obviously split into separate aud/vid files.

Or did you mean you have no idea what they really are?
by hcs at 7:35 AM EDT on August 28, 2008
I mean I don't know anything about them. No one ever sent me any and it was my understanding that everything was handled ok with just the .adps. If there is other stuff involved well that's news to me.

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by Gedankenschild at 8:56 AM EDT on August 28, 2008
The majority of music is indeed there in adp and separate stereo dsp files (which you have to rename).
But there are a few pieces (like stuff that is played during cutscenes) that I couldn't find - and would be nice to have... :)
I just figured those would probably be the .aud files - because of the extension.

I could provide you with a few small ones if you're interested. How about emailing them? I haven't registered at any "uploading stuff" site yet...
by hcs at 10:32 AM EDT on August 28, 2008
Try, it's convenient and you don't have to register.
Uploaded by Gedankenschild at 11:35 AM EDT on August 28, 2008
Thanks, never heard of that before...

I uploaded a few files. Here's the link:
Updates? by hufman at 12:41 PM EDT on September 25, 2008
Are there any updates to vmgstream? I'm eagerly looking forward to its release, bringing proper Gamecube decoding and the glorious experience of Wii music in Foobar2000 :D
by hcs at 12:52 PM EDT on September 25, 2008
There have been many updates. The latest is r441. Can't summarize what's new right now.
by marioman at 10:17 AM EDT on September 27, 2008
Just tried out the latest version (r443) and I can now officially switch over from in_cube. Just a note, r443 supports kRAW files from Geometry Wars Galaxies. kRAW is not listed in the supported extensions, but it is in fact supported.

Thanks for all of your hard work on this hcs.
by marcusss at 1:00 PM EDT on September 27, 2008
Baldur's Gate DA 2 (ps2) uses .va1 and vat files so figured somehow they can be played back. I have added a couple of each in the zip here (20 MB) &

Burnout 2 uses .ivs format so wonder if can be supported someday.. Cant be easy and also people are busy of course :-)

Burnout 2 (ps2) (3MB) (.ivs files)
by manakoAT at 1:33 PM EDT on September 27, 2008
marcusss, BG DA2's .va1 and vat files are container files, i didn't ripped them all for now, but it should be a combination of vag's and mib's... if you know how to make a clean rip use the GENH Creator..

Burnout 2 has multichannel tracks, i'm not sure if they have a header, it's a long time ago were i ripped the game, i'll take a look at it! :o)

The "fe_menu.ivs" is the only exception iirc

Test File
Frequency: 48000
Channels: 2
Interleave: 16

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by marcusss at 2:06 PM EDT on September 27, 2008
Ahh thats really cool.. Great work :P It has some pretty cool music in it and always b*tch to rip properly so glad it can be ripped :D

Thanks alot . Always appreciate it..

I never used it before.. genh.. but yeah I would rip them all if I could do it properly :) Will take a look at it

by Gedankenschild at 10:05 AM EDT on September 29, 2008
I reported a 'bug' a few months ago about the Paper Mario 2 DSPs 'clicking' when looping back to the beginning (those that weren't supposed to loop).

In the meantime I found out more:

When converting the files into waves (with looping disabled) I noticed there is actually a bit of distortion at the very end of the wave files - so it wasn't the looping at all!
Playing the same tracks with in_cube produces flawless waves (of the same size).

There are also a few tracks in Metroid Prime 2 Echoes which suffer from the same thing.

Does in_cube also smooth the end of files or could this be a vgmstream bug?

I can upload a few example files if requested.
by hcs at 11:06 AM EDT on September 29, 2008
All I can think of is that the sample count is actually a bit longer than the actual file length, but the loop end is set properly. With looping disabled vgmstream would then attempt to decode past the end of the file, whereas if you cut the (looped) in_cube output at that point it would have looped and look clean. I don't have the files to consider now, but I'll try to remember and take a look this evening.
by Gedankenschild at 12:44 PM EDT on September 29, 2008
That seems to make sense with Paper Mario 2.
In the case of Metroid Prime 2 the DSPs play correctly when it comes to looping - that is they're not supposed to and they don't. The plugin doesn't report loop points either.

All of the short 'Fanfare'-type tracks in MP2 seem affected except evt_x_event_00 & skytenkey-jin-short32.
by marcusss at 1:43 PM EDT on September 29, 2008
Hey ManakoAT. Yeah I tried and found Burnout 2 .ivs files use 48khz, 2 channel and interleave of 16.. Pretty useful program you have..

Some of the songs are using different interleave as song plays with static..but the intro and replay songs use IL 16.. but so far haven't gotten the track songs working yet. hmm

Some songs I ripped cut off a little at the end also..

test files

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by manakoAT at 1:46 PM EDT on September 29, 2008
i'm not really sure if those files were multichannel or container files, try to set the channel value higher than 2 in GENH, 4 or 6 iirc, interleave is the same!
by marcusss at 2:09 PM EDT on September 29, 2008
With Dark Alliance 2, the IL is 1024 and i Believe sample rate is 22050.. Plays fine but yeah seems voice and many dif songs are put in same file.

Aah I see.. Well I will try that then.. for Burnout and see how it goes. Thanks
by marcusss at 2:36 PM EDT on September 29, 2008
4 channels worked fine for the track songs.. THanks :) So the tracks use 4 channels and the replays use 2.. wonder if they loop.. I can't remember if they did or not when playing the game..

Off to bed now :P Will try to post some later

For now a track with both songs :P

Thanks for your help :)

Lego Star Wars GCM & Force Unleashed by lordskylark at 11:18 PM EDT on October 9, 2008
Two questions.

#1 - In_cube supports WII Lego Star Wars GCM, but it only seems to support the files in the "audio/cutscene" folder. It refuses to play the GCM files that are in the "audio/music" folder. Those actually are the ones I want to listen to the most.

I also had a request for WII Star Wars Force Unleashed files. To check out the .mus format.


by hcs at 5:13 PM EDT on October 10, 2008
#1 It is my understanding that vgmstream plays all the GCMs from Lego Star Wars. Why are you using in_cube?

#N That's nice. A good way to encourage people to look at these files would be to put them somewhere online and provide a link.
Reply by lordskylark at 10:02 PM EDT on October 10, 2008
#1 - I thought this was the support forum for in_cube, but I didn't realize that it had changed to a new project. Thanks for the heads-up.
Anyhow, I tried the gcm files with vgmstream and they too did not play for Lego Star Wars WII. The gcm files for the cutscenes do play, but gcm in the music folder does not. I have uploaded a sample.

#2 - Here is a sample of the .mus file format for the Force Unleashed WII version.


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by hcs at 12:02 AM EDT on October 11, 2008
That .gcm does indeed play with vgmstream. Did you remove in_cube before installing vgmstream? If not in_cube may still be grabbing control for all .gcm files. This should probably be in the readme.

As for the .mus, I took a crack at it, but it sounds really bad. It is supported in r450, let me know if the other tracks sound similarly lousy. I feel like I'm missing something.

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by lordskylark at 5:21 AM EDT on October 11, 2008
I think it was that I had downloaded an older version of vgmstream. When I downloaded the version that you had there the gcm files worked perfectly. The mus files work with this program. They play, but the sound quality seems a little shallow -- but I do not know if that was what was intended with the files to begin with.

Thanks for your help.
by hcs at 6:05 AM EDT on October 11, 2008
Hm, you may be right. It looks like GCM support was only added in August; from the commit log it looks like I thought it had been done earlier and it appears that I still have that illusion.

There is definitely something wrong with my handling of the mus files, sorry. I don't know what it is, though. They seem to be using standard dsp but the coefficient table looks very odd, so it may be stored in some other way. Or they may have tweaked the encoding itself, though I consider this unlikely.
It's an odd problem. I'm putting it on my list of things to work on, but know that this list is over 20 formats long at the moment and I've made almost no progress on it lately.
by lordskylark at 7:04 AM EDT on October 11, 2008
I was able to play all of the gcm files but this one. I'm not sure if it's a file corruption problem or something with the plug-in. If you could let me know, that would be great.

Thanks for your time!
by hcs at 5:48 PM EDT on October 11, 2008
Ok, looks like there was a variant on the theme that I had missed. Here's r451.
By the way, did you happen to have a file called "Act_AstChase_ABC.dsp"? It's the only one with a .dsp extension in the set I have, so I had to add a check for that as well, but I wondered if someone might have renamed it.
by lordskylark at 6:17 PM EDT on October 11, 2008
The one I have from the WII version is entitled


So I assume it is a rename (someone may have been trying to retitle tracks to see if they would work with alternate extensions)

Thanks for the work with that remaining file too!
by Gedankenschild at 7:43 AM EDT on October 17, 2008
I encountered a tiny problem listening to the Unlimited SaGa SVS set:

63.SVS (the short version of "Anxiety Towards a Wonder") is reported to loop at 15s, but fades out and crashes at 14s.

By the way, did you have a chance to look into the 'distortions at the end' problem in Metroid Prime 2 (and PM2) I posted?
Or were you unsuccessful in trying to remember? :D
by hcs at 1:14 PM EDT on October 17, 2008
It reported loop start and end as the same sample, which screwed up the windmill.
Fixed in r453.
And no, I haven't looked at MP2 and PM2 yet.
by Gedankenschild at 5:43 PM EDT on October 17, 2008
Didn't mean to bug you, of course.

I'd like to make a suggestion as well:
Did you ever think about including smoothed loop points (the way in_cube handles loops) as an option?
vgmstream's more precise (perfect?) detection is of course preferable, but it might be useful here and there. There might even be files that weren't done very well by the original creators that could be improved this way...
by hcs at 6:40 PM EDT on October 17, 2008
by nensondubois at 8:50 PM EDT on October 17, 2008
That's a good idea.
by marcusss at 7:58 AM EST on November 4, 2008
Is it true that the vgmstream plugin may/might be able to support naomi/naomi2 dsf? sounds pretty cool :) Those dsfs dont work yet unless compile own version of ao or something... crap at compiling :( ahah so yeah was curious :P
by Knurek at 10:36 AM EST on November 4, 2008
No, you're mixing things up.
DSFs are sequenced and as such fail out of VGMStream's scope.
What VGMStream can play are Naomi/2 sets that use streamed formats for music (there are a few that use ADX, and a few more that use custom AM2 format).
by marcusss at 11:05 AM EST on November 4, 2008
Sorry thats what I meant :P thanks for clearing it up. Yeah i'd love to play the guilty gear music as some songs are different from the soundtracks / ps2 versions :-) Interesting tho .. Good some sets are already up in places.. is promising
by Knurek at 11:24 AM EST on November 4, 2008
If by different you mean downsampled to 22kHz, then yea, different. :D
by marcusss at 5:19 PM EST on November 4, 2008
yeah well that sucks :P
by manakoAT at 2:18 AM EST on November 7, 2008
vgmstream r465

latest updates:

RSD6WADP - Crash: Mind over Mutant (Wii)
.SPSD - common stream format in NAOMI arcade games
.BGW - stream Format in Final Fantasy XI (PC)

edited 2:19 AM EST November 7, 2008
by marcusss at 2:55 AM EST on November 7, 2008
Great update manakoAT :)
SIGE by Kawaii-e at 5:12 PM EST on November 16, 2008
I tried to play Space Invaders Get Even music in VGMstream.

the voice clips did work fine (standard ahx), but I struggle with the *.bin files, which could be anything.

They are all called *_24k_HUFF.bin, is there some huffman compression involved?

Location is in content2/sound/ (Also for the DLC-levels).

On another note, my Winamp installation does not recognize in_VGMstream.dll in any way (I just used test.exe).
by hcs at 5:27 PM EST on November 16, 2008
HUFF sort of suggests Huffman coding, yeah, but it's weird to see that used for streamed audio (besides of course in MP3 and Vorbis). If you could throw some of those files my way I could take a look.
Do you have the dependency dlls places in winamp's main directory (with winamp.exe)?
Latest build is r475.
by Kawaii-e at 10:02 AM EST on November 17, 2008
I uploaded you one here (opening).

Some more:
BGM 002, BGM 004, Boss, Ending, Lose, Win and Menu BGM.

edited 10:14 AM EST November 17, 2008
by hcs at 11:47 AM EST on November 17, 2008
That's pretty cool. I think from the patterns at the beginning and and end the relative positioning of the 0xff00 and 0x0001 entries in opening and ending (which both have runs of 0xbb and 0xdd, compare bgm002 which has a different pattern there and consequentially a longer repeating pattern for the opening and closing silence) it certainly does look like a prefix coding. Exactly how the tree is laid out I'll have to figure out (unless someone points it out, I'm not familiar with how these trees are typically stored as tables).

edited 11:54 AM EST November 17, 2008
by Kawaii-e at 4:47 AM EST on November 20, 2008
I can't help you there, I may comprehend some basic programming and encoding algorithms, but that's nowhere near enough to decode a Huffmann tree out of Hex.

There's a reason I aborted my studies.
by hcs at 2:27 PM EST on December 1, 2008
Gedankenschild, if you're still about, I tried to look into that bug you reported (Paper Mario 2 and Metroid Prime 2 file end distortion) but I can't tell if I'm reproducing it; there are no read errors and I'm not sure what distortion I should be looking for. If it's not too much trouble, do you think you could submit a bug report (the "Add new artifact" link) with precise steps for reproducing it (like what files)? That will at least keep it out in public until it gets solved, and hopefully will help me track it down better.
by Gedankenschild at 5:47 PM EST on December 2, 2008
Hey hcs,

Yes, I'm still here! I submitted the bug report as requested.
While going through the files again I thought I could record an example as well.
So I made a recording of one dsp with both in_cube and vgmstream and uploaded them - just in case...

by Dais! at 6:38 AM EST on December 6, 2008
maybe this has been covered, and if so I apologize, but is there any particular reason Winamp would fail to recognize vgmstream after it's been dumped in the plugins directory?
by manakoAT at 8:00 AM EST on December 6, 2008
--- needed files (for Windows) ---
Since Ogg Vorbis and MPEG audio are now supported, you will need to have
libvorbis.dll and libmpg123-0.dll.
I suggest getting libvorbis.dll here:
and the companion Intel math dll:
And libmpg123-0.dll from this archive:

Put libvorbis.dll, libmmd.dll, and libmpg123-0.dll somewhere Windows can find
them. For in_vgmstream this means in the directory with winamp.exe, or in a
system directory. For test.exe this means in the same directory as test.exe,
or in a system directory.
by Dais! at 3:09 PM EST on December 6, 2008
Ohhhhh, in the winamp folder proper. okay, now it works. Thanks.
by hcs at 4:38 PM EST on December 6, 2008
P.S. That was a direct quote from the readme.
by manakoAT at 12:14 AM EST on December 11, 2008
vgmstream r510

.emff added
.ss7 added
.wav+dcs added (Evil Twin [DC])
.smp added (Mushroom Men - The Spore Wars)
.vgs addded (some Guitar hero games)
some fixes in various formats...

don't remember all the other changes since the last version, but it covers now all old in_cube formats, except THP! :)

cU mana

by Dais! at 2:54 AM EST on December 11, 2008
"P.S. That was a direct quote from the readme."

which I read, and in fact even quoted to someone else having problems with test.exe, but apparently I missed that one sentence.
.ssd file by souma at 10:01 AM EST on December 11, 2008
Does vgmstream support .ssd?
These are from "Tatsunoko vs Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes".
There are .ssds in "Takarajima Z: Barbaros no Hihou (Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure)" too.
by hcs at 11:02 AM EST on December 11, 2008
.ssd isn't supported directly. zwsrt (found on the in_cube page) combines the .srt and .ssd into a .zwdsp per song, for Zack & Wiki. This had to be worked out manually, as I couldn't find an automatic way to match the headers in the .srt with each .ssd. I suppose the same can be done with the other game.

Also, Dais!, sorry about this being confusing. I really should put together an NSIS installer.

edited 1:19 PM EST December 11, 2008
by hcs at 7:05 PM EST on December 11, 2008
Okey dokey, this should be the final nail in in_cube's coffin:
vgmstream r513, with THP support.

Let us know if there remains anything missing that in_cube had supported.
by unknownfile at 9:16 AM EST on December 12, 2008
Now that in_cube's pretty much dead, you think it's time for a release of vgmstream?
by Elven Spellmaker at 9:48 AM EST on December 12, 2008
UF's right HCS, change the in_cube page to VGMStream instead, but keep the d/l link to in_cube just incase.
by hcs at 11:42 AM EST on December 12, 2008
I think it's time to update the readme and push a new build onto sourceforge, but it's still in development (I wouldn't even consider it beta). I'm not at all happy with the internal structure.
by hcs at 5:26 PM EST on December 12, 2008
Update with some new support and a thp fix:
vgmstream r516
by souma at 4:24 AM EST on December 13, 2008
I made batch file for Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

I converted zwdsp into wav, but I can play only one loop...


edited 7:15 AM EST December 13, 2008
by Sir-Sabin at 5:29 PM EST on December 15, 2008
will 360 games be added to? i might be able to help when i get a new pc (when ever that will be)
by hcs at 6:37 PM EST on December 15, 2008
Files from a few 360 games are supported, but mostly only those using cross-platform toolkits (those with ADX or PCM audio). Those using the native audio compression (XMA) are not supported and likely won't be for a good long time.
by Elven Spellmaker at 7:07 PM EST on December 15, 2008
Dunno whether this has anything to do with the recent updates, but this track is now really blurry, like it has been compressed really badly.

STRM_N_FACTORY_F.brstm from Mario Kart Wii, its one of the multiple channel ones. All the others play fine.

Both STRM_N_FACTORY_F.brstm and STRM_N_FACTORY_N.brstm are encoded differently to the rest of the multi_files in the same directory, but STRM_N_FACTORY_F.brstm is the only one to cause a problem.

All the others are 'Gamecube "DSP" 4-bit ADPCM' but the two mentioned above are in 'Big Endian 16-bit PCM'
by hcs at 9:44 PM EST on December 15, 2008
Is it also a different number of channels than the others had been? Your mixer might be doing weird things to it. Or is it a different sample rate? Did it not sound odd before?
by Omochao at 12:32 AM EST on December 16, 2008
When can I expect support for Raving Rabbids 2?
by hcs at 1:49 AM EST on December 16, 2008
No one expects the support for Raving Rabbids 2!

At least you shouldn't. I don't know that anyone is working on it.
by unknownfile at 9:07 AM EST on December 16, 2008


by Elven Spellmaker at 12:01 PM EST on December 16, 2008
If UF is referring to me, I don't know what the hell he's on about, if he's referring to Omochao then I still don't get his motive...

@hcs: They are the only 2 encoded differently out of the MULTI files, they ALL have more than 2 channels so its nothing to do with that. The normal version sounds fine, but the final lap version comes out blurry (compression sorta sounds), so if that is an extra channel doing that its odd its only on that one file out of all the multi ones.
by hcs at 1:27 PM EST on December 16, 2008
UF's motive is to be an ass.
I checked out the track, I really can't hear anything unusual at all. Considering that it is PCM, no real decoding is being done by vgmstream, so that must be how the audio sounds, and as I said I don't detect any odd sound at all. Have you actually heard this track in-game to claim that it is being played wrong?
by Omochao at 12:31 AM EST on December 17, 2008
How would I go about working on Raving Rabbids 2?
by hcs at 2:12 AM EST on December 17, 2008
If I could explain it I'd have done it when I looked at the game. I simply can't find anything that looks like coef tables, and without those you can't decode the audio (if it is indeed DSP as it looks). They must be somewhere in the game, but perhaps they are compressed, or stored in some unusual format, or generated at runtime. Unless I missed them and they were just laying somewhere, it is probably going to take debugging the game in an emulator to find what is going on. And I wouldn't even really know where to start there. I don't think there's anything you can do.
by :-) at 2:41 AM EST on December 18, 2008

edited 2:43 AM EST December 18, 2008
by hcs at 2:53 AM EST on December 19, 2008
vgmstream r526 is up on
by bxaimc at 4:05 PM EST on December 19, 2008
i don't have RRR2 so i can't really be much of a help right now :/
by Jackano at 8:11 AM EST on December 22, 2008
I don't konw if this has already be noticed, but I have the vgmstream.dll for winamp that I downloaded a few weeks ago in this thread and it plays the Super Paper Mario brstm very fast, maybe 5 or 10 times faster!

No problem with other formats like the Fire Emblem GC dsp's.

I'm on Windows Vista 64bits, with a dual core Athlon.
by hcs at 11:05 PM EST on December 22, 2008
Yes, this is a known issue, seemingly due to an oddity in the files themselves. Rename the .brstm files to .brstmspm and they will play correctly.
by hcs at 5:46 AM EST on December 24, 2008
A nice new feature, long sought but late coming, is real-time decryption of ADX. Introduced in r534 but should be stable in vgmstream r537.

Essentially uses the guessadx method, but with the set of keys I've collected in degod, so it can quickly find the appropriate key. This allows us to distribute unmodified ADXes. Also works with encrypted AIX, as in Okami.

If there is an ADX it doesn't work with, send it my way so I can work out the key and add it.

edited 5:52 AM EST December 24, 2008
by Athrador at 8:58 AM EST on December 24, 2008
Can I expect support for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?
by hcs at 9:02 AM EST on December 24, 2008
I thought someone posted a batch that converts it to .zwdsp, those files should work. I haven't tried it myself.

It was back here, 2nd to last post.

edited 9:06 AM EST December 24, 2008

Ah, about the broken looping, yeah that was broken, sorry.
Fixed in vgmstream r539. Also ADXes contianing mono ADX will work (as in Sonic Unleashed).

edited 9:24 AM EST December 24, 2008
by MarkGrass at 10:05 AM EST on December 24, 2008
I know this has probably been addressed before, but is there anything that can be done with output volume? It seems that I have to crank my system when listening to ADX audio...
by hcs at 10:11 AM EST on December 24, 2008
A lot of effort has gone into making the decoding as accurate as possible. That is how it is supposed to be played back. At some point in the future we could look into adding a preamp to the plugin.
So ADX behaves differently from other formats?
by MarkGrass at 11:12 AM EST on December 24, 2008
Ah, ok. Thanks for the brief explaination. :)

I couldn't tell you for sure if it's specifically ADX audio with the volume problem...

I've listened to certain ADX files with CRI Middleware's ADX Player Ver.1.29, and the volume was perfect. Though when compared to vgmstream, it seemed that the volume was substantially lowered to the point where I had to increase system volume by atleast 25% to par ADX Player Ver.1.29.

It's not really a major issue with me, I was really just wondering if anyone else noticed...
by hcs at 11:34 AM EST on December 24, 2008
Well, if it's certain files and not others, it would be good to know, especially if CRI's player distinguishes between them somehow. Does it have a wav write function? Like I said, I'm fairly confident in vgmstream's ADX decoder, but I'm willing to consider other possibilities.
by MarkGrass at 1:14 PM EST on December 24, 2008
Sorry, I should have clarified - 'certain' should have been 'some' (eg, I listened to *some* ADX files with CRI Middleware's ADX Player Ver.1.29).

I'm sure it has nothing to do with any specific ADX. vgmstream may need preamp, as you had mentioned...

...but no, CRI's player doesn't have a WAV write function, though there was a program bundled with it called ADX Encoder. It will allow you to encode WAV/AIFF to ADX or AHX. They were obtained in this thread:

Which brings me to something else I stumbled upon when creating my own ADX audio files with ADX Encoder. I would set the loop points with ADX Encoder and test with vgmstream when I noticed that the loop points I had set with ADX encoder were different from the ones vgmstream was using (via the Stream info window). Their values weren't very far off, however (maybe by about 10-25 samples at most).
by hcs at 1:29 PM EST on December 24, 2008
An oddity of the ADX header format is that the loop values are specified twice, once as a byte offset and again as a sample number. vgmstream uses the sample number, while other programs I've checked use the byte offset. I haven't done a careful analysis of the relationship between these values as created by the encoder, but as vgmstream does looping by sample count that is the easier one to use.
I haven't used "ADX Encoder", but the sample numbers stored in the file are precisely those that are given to the adxencd.exe encoder. Maybe things have changed. Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of the sample count field. It is also possible that ADX Encoder is rounding down a frame (32 samples).

edited 1:47 PM EST December 24, 2008

I must correct myself, adxencd.exe itself rounds sample count to the >= 32 sample boundary. Interestingly the offset is absolute file offset, and it tries to adjust the empty space at the beginning so that the loop start occurs at particular addresses.

edited 1:56 PM EST December 24, 2008
by MarkGrass at 2:25 PM EST on December 24, 2008
Whoa, found something of huge interest.

There was another app included called 'adxainf'. I will let the screenshot speak for itsself.

ADX Additional Information Inserter Screenshot

... so it would appear that ADX files do contain volume information.

edited 2:31 PM EST December 24, 2008
by hcs at 5:11 PM EST on December 24, 2008
Aha, so that's what all that extra space in type 04 is for!
I don't think I'll be using this right away, as all the options are at a higher level than the basic decoding, which is all I'm doing now; likewise I don't look at all the extra info in brstm/rwsd. But thanks for pointing it out!

edited 5:20 PM EST December 24, 2008
by Athrador at 9:38 AM EST on December 26, 2008
[quote]I thought someone posted a batch that converts it to .zwdsp, those files should work. I haven't tried it myself.

It was back here, 2nd to last post.[/quote]

Thanks hcs, but this tool give to me only errors "open input failed".

I'm doing something wrong?
by souma at 10:05 AM EST on December 26, 2008

put zwsrt and .srt, .ssd, .bat in the same place -> run .bat.

dro_xx.zwdsp are Doronjo's voice
boy_xx.zwdsp are Boyacky's voice
ton_xx.zwdsp are Tonzra's voice
by Athrador at 11:38 AM EST on December 26, 2008
Ok souma, thanks a lot.
Now it works
by hcs at 1:36 AM EST on December 28, 2008
Woo, added support for the newer kind of NDS .sad, which uses a custom APDCM format.
vgmstream r542.
Not super-common, but nice to have.

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