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by marcusss at 7:12 PM EDT on November 2, 2018
@bnnm. Thanks for the reply. It just sounds all noisy as hell at the moment and I already have foo_adpcm an tried it also but no dice.. It is fine as it can wait in the meantime. I will just upload it or now. Cheers!

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by marcusss at 1:22 AM EDT on November 3, 2018
sorry double post.

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by bnnm at 7:35 PM EDT on November 3, 2018
@Nisto - don't worry, I have quite a bunch of console SDKs lying around.

I checked some random sound docs but didn't find anything particularly revelatory. Also checked PCSX2 and seems to use pitch*srate/4096 formula, but I doubt the emu is hw-accurate. Well, not super important, I'll make a note in the bug list.

For direct contact, check my commits via git for my email :3
by bnnm at 4:34 PM EST on November 5, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add ADX key [Lucky Star - Ryouou Gakuen Outousai (PS2)]
- Round .vs/svs pitch values
- Add option to disable default TITLE in foobar to allow custom formatting
* Exports STREAM_NUMBER/STREAM_COUNT/STREAM_NAME as tags for that config
- Add text/playlist tags in foobar/winamp/test
- (dev) update plugin stuff
(my builds are now compiled with GCC8)


Tags are loaded from a text/M3U-like file named "!tags.m3u" in the song folder. You don't have to load your songs with that M3U though (but you can, for pre-made ordering), the file itself just 'looks' like an M3U.

Format is:
# @GLOBAL_TAG value (applies to all following tracks)
# comment

# %LOCAL_TAG value (applies to next track only)
# %LOCAL_TAG value (applies to next track only)

Accepted tags depend on the player (foobar: any; winamp: see ATF config), typically ALBUM/ARTIST/TITLE/DISC/TRACK/COMPOSER/etc, lower or uppercase, separated by one or multiple spaces. Repeated tags overwrite previous (ex.- may define @COMPOSER for multiple tracks). It only reads up to current 'filename' though, so any @TAG below would be ignored.

Playlist formatting should follow player's config. ASCII or UTF-8 tags work.

For foobar remember you may need to force refresh tags: shift+right click > tagging > reload info

- Let It Die (PC)
- GrimGrimoire (PS2)

Bugs/config/features/performance/weirdness may be improved later.

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by Knurek at 5:30 PM EST on November 5, 2018
@bnnm: Good idea with the tags system, just letting you know the tags don't work at all with the native XMPlay plugin.
(Winamp plugin works though)
by Ultrafighter at 7:39 AM EST on November 7, 2018
Hi Bnnm, I'd like to think you don't mind looking into yet another bunch of samples... they're from 2 VGs this time.
The 1st one is The Bureau - XCOM Declassified (X360): I installed the latest update for FB2K but those unplayables still don't work with neither *.WAV nor *.WEM extension, that's why you can find numerous examples of such (cached) streams in my pack.

Title #2 is Twisted Metal (2012) for PS3: I encountered lots of fake (?) 6ch XVAGs there, they sound way too fast + filenames suggest they should be 4ch streams. I upped both faulty 6ch files & 2ch variants of the same tracks for reference.
To remain on the safe side I even included a few true (I suppose) 5.1 *.xvag plus a pair of quad BGMs, I presume you'd like to have them at hand so that any fixes in plugin won't affect playback of files from the 2nd group (the ones that are played back find ATM).

by Anterag at 2:10 PM EST on November 7, 2018
Hi Bnnm! Could the SXD2 format found in Gran Turismo Sport be supported by vgmstream? It's AT9 data but with SXD2 header. It seems the frequency is 48000Hz while the bitrate may be 192.

Samples (by MiToGen)

by VaanRatsbane at 8:08 PM EST on November 10, 2018
Been looking at the code for a modding project of mine, and noticed this line where the sp_r array is being set to the left array upon being modified by the left ratio. Is this an intentional asymmetry? Just thought to mention it
by bnnm at 6:37 PM EST on November 11, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix truncated XMA .wem [The Bureau - XCOM Declassified (X360)]
- Play as stereo MP3 Surround .xvag [Twisted Metal (PS3)]
- Add NWAV [Fuurai no Shiren Gaiden: Onnakenshi Asuka Kenzan! (PC)]
- Add PCM16LE/ADPCM .xpcm [Eternal Fantasy (PC)]
- Fix HEVAG Sony .bnk [Yuusha Shisu (Vita)]
- Improve external .sxd handling
- Fix SGXD loop end being off by 1 sample
- Fix subsong tags in winamp
- Relax HCA validation for rare bad frames

(.xpcm is missing 2 more codecs, many files won't work)


@Knurek - Notice I carefully avoided to mention XMPlay :) I suggest in_vgmstream for the time being.

@Anterag - see other thread.

@VaanRatsbane - Should be correct, but I don't know exactly how it works (I assume R's quantized values in sp_r are coded with less resolution than sp_l, then adjusted with L's and intensity ratios).

You can cross reference with another decoder (independently researched) here: VGAudio
by marcusss at 1:09 AM EST on November 12, 2018
@ bnnm: Thanks for the update on XPCM.

All songs work that use Raw-pcm and AD-XPCM but the rest that use vc-xpcm don't.. Good progress though so can't thank you enough.

Do you need any more samples btw??


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by Ultrafighter at 3:17 AM EST on November 12, 2018
@Bnnm - Thanks for fixing Bureau WEMs man, much appreciated!

"Play as stereo MP3 Surround .xvag [Twisted Metal (PS3)]"
I'm wondering if it means that you disabled some channel(s) which prevented the files from playing properly (IIRC you did something like that to GH2 PS2 VGS streams - a few of them played with static and you got rid of it "nullifying" 1 faulty channel, the 5th one to be exact) or those fake 6ch XVAGs (that's how I called them) were actually 2ch MP3s (despite those "quad" suffixes they had) inside XVAG containers?
Just curious because the latter theory makes some sense too: whenever real 4ch tracks are needed by the game its audio system automatically mixes 2 stereo files on fly (for example amb_theater_quad_01.xvag + amb_theater_01_st.xvag), puts result in RAM and voila! Am I making sense or wild guesses once again?
Anyway even if playback of such *.xvag tracks is going to be improved/tweaked in the future I'll have untouched streams in my set ready to be fiddled with at any moment. I mean I'm ready to upload my complete rip to JoshW to back it up.


Edit: I've just realized something I didn't get many days ago - those unplayable files from XCOM Declassified are indeed optional preloading versions of some complete streams because they have the same names (the same can be said about those modern WWE VGs).
I also grasped why I didn't find it out much earlier - there're 2 PCKs and lots of BNKs within both PCKs, I put WEMs found in the 1st PCK in the 1st folder, all the *.wem tracks from the 2nd PCK in the 2nd directory and everything found in BNKs in the 3rd folder. Those prefetch streams I'm talking about were obviously contained in *.bnk bigfiles.
I believe this concludes it and proves that my rerip is a proper one and it's pretty safe to replace older Timo's ver. with mine I guess.

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by marcusss at 10:21 AM EST on November 13, 2018
Whoever uploaded Wipeout, there is some junk at the beginning of Cairodrome.raw resulting in a click before the song starts.. Just a heads up.not that it really matters

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by bnnm at 3:34 PM EST on November 13, 2018
@marcusss - other .XPCM tracks are much harder to add (zip compression + complex algorithm), dunno when/if

@Ultrafighter - *_st.xvag are simply 2ch, probably would play if your audio setup selects stereo

Other .xvag used "MP3 Surround". It's a 2ch MP3 that sounds perfectly as stereo, but can be re-routed to 6ch somehow (notice it sounds a bit 'wider'). No public decoders know how "MP3 Surround" does 2ch > 6ch, so stereo it is for now, not too important.

None were 4ch/quad though, no idea why they were named as such.
by marcusss at 11:27 AM EST on November 14, 2018
@bnnm : Thanks for the help. You can only do what is possible so if you never get around to figuring out the rest of those XPCM songs then it's not the end of the world. Cheers! (Sounds like they really put some voodoo over those unplayable songs hey. They sure went to a lot of trouble protecting the music.

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by Sir-Sabin at 4:05 PM EST on November 14, 2018
@bnnm: GTA V for PC doesn't work, just want to put that out

by Ultrafighter at 6:37 AM EST on November 15, 2018
"GTA V for PC doesn't work"
Well to tell the truth a few hundreds of AWCs work, it's just that they're not the most important stuff (mostly DJ speech or radio shows).
All in all I doubt that Rockstar containers on PC or X360 are gonna be implemented and fully supported anytime soon, I remember Bnnm saying something like this: <<it's definitely the owner of "the worst header of the year" award>> and so on.

Is there even a good reason to have GTA V for PC playable in VGMstream when we already have PS3 rip which is more complete (PC ver. obviously misses all the cutscenes as well as audio from prerendered movies) + 100% playable (via VGMstream to be precise)? If memory serves there should be a new radio station or two in Windows port but that's about it...

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by nothingtosay at 9:10 PM EST on November 18, 2018
So PlayStation 3 SCD files are just looping MP3s, right? That means they should actually be 32-bit floating point, but vgmstream decodes to 16 bits fixed point, causing clipping when the waveform exceeds 100% volume. Is that something someone can fix?
by bnnm at 2:36 PM EST on November 19, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix bad loops in pce2p_bgm_ajurika_*.fsb [Pac-Man CE2 Plus (Switch)]
- Add HCA/ADX keys
- Fix some AKB AAC issues, add doc (from lib)
- Add TamaSoft .msf [Abandoner: The Severed Dreams (PC)]
- Add !tags.m3u $AUTOTRACK command for auto %TRACK% tag
- Fix XMA gapless/looping/samples
fixes: standard, wem, xwc, xwb, xnb, xwx, rak, pk, txth, genh, seg, rsd, past, p3d, nub-xma, gtd, gsp, fsb, eaac, cxs, awc, aac
- Add PONA .sxd extension [Policenauts Pilot Disc (3DO)]
- Add RIFF duck3/4 via FFmpeg [Saturn videos]


@Sir-Sabin - GTA V PC is encrypted, use the PS3 (or X360, if somebody rips it) version instead

@nothingtosay - that would be fairly time consuming to fix. What games would benefit? Also keep in mind most console encoders take 16b wavs to begin with.
by Knurek at 5:38 PM EST on November 19, 2018
@bnnm: Could you maybe take a look at Vicarious Visions .ZSS format (ZSNDPS2 at 0x00) used in PSP games?
I managed to GENH one of the sets using it
X-Men Legends II - Rise of Apocalypse (2005-10-18)(Raven)(Vicarious Visions)(Activision), but Marvel - Ultimate Alliance (2006-10-24)(Vicarious Visions)(Activision)_unplayable seems to treat each file as a subsong bank - with some speech samples at beginning/end. Music is in the middle of each file. Not something easily doable in GENH/.txth, I think.
Both rips should be up on server, if you need source files to look through - I'll clean the X-Men rip if you manage to have the format supported in VGMStream.
by marcusss at 9:08 AM EST on November 20, 2018
Thx for the update

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by Ultrafighter at 9:25 AM EST on November 20, 2018
Well I'd not say that such formats should be added to plugin directly because they're sound-banks and can hold lots of unneeded stuff. For example ZSS bigfiles from MUA1 PC/X360 contained BGM, VO & ambience while ZSM files stored mostly SFX & stingers / jingles.
I believe that splitting such audio archives with some script (a BMS is required I guess) then playing resulting streams (with a TXTH probably) is the best solution.
Of course if dividing these *.zs* troublemakers proves to be difficult / impossible it'd be better to have original bigfiles playable than having nothing playable at all. For example RWS (banks) sometimes hold multiple tracks within a single file & there's no dedicated RWS splitter, we have to dump select tracks to PCM or re-encode them to lossy codecs. It's still better than nothing, right?

PS. It'd be very nice if some research of those ZSS / ZSM files was done & some rips were made for VGM archives.
For example towav.exe seems to be the only way to rip MUA1 for PC but it decodes ADPCM (?) to PCM WAV; EksBox-ABX can open & extract *.zs* bigfiles from MUA1 or X-Men Legends II for Xbox but the tool is quite buggy. Finally there's X-men - The official game which uses these formats on numerous platforms (and each time new codecs are utilized)...
by marcusss at 12:16 PM EST on November 20, 2018
Can someone take a look at this encrypted FSB5? It is from the game Chessaria which seems to have nice music. This file is taking me forever to decrypt. Thought I'd ask some FSB decrypting gods here?

Chessaria encrypted FSB5


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by bnnm at 4:43 PM EST on November 21, 2018
Use this bms to extract multiple FSB5 inside:
by marcusss at 6:59 PM EST on November 21, 2018
Thanks bnnm. It worked well. I got some of the other stuff ripped so perhaps later I can upload the set

I guess it was just not readable as the structure was slightly different compared with the standard FSB5 but yes it had a table at the beginning, I had trouble extracting files so thanks

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by nothingtosay at 7:41 AM EST on November 22, 2018
@bnnm: I can't say I've really encountered audible distortion as a result, but I haven't listened to much SCD format music at all. I was just looking at the Drakengard 3 boss themes, which tend to constantly hit max volume at the peaks of the waves, and thought how there's actually extra clipping because it's fixed point.

I'm not a programmer; I figured I'd point it out and if it would just be something trivial like editing the bit depth value in the the code to have vgmstream decode to 32-bit floating point then maybe someone would do it for the sake of technically proper behavior. But if it would be hard and isn't worth the time, then I certainly won't be heartbroken about it.

Just floating an idea of a possible alternative solution: maybe something like halving the volume before truncating the bit depth and perhaps outputting at 24 bits to compensate would be more easily achievable?
by bnnm at 7:53 PM EST on November 24, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add TXTH dual file/bigfile/subsong/multiplier handling
- Can loading a separate header_file or body_file for dual files
- Can load from .txth directly while setting header_file/body_file for bigfiles
- Can set value_multiplier for use with sector and similar values that must be multiplied
- Can set subsong_count and subsong_offset for subsong headers suboffset
- Add TXTH operations (value_*/+-) and field values, ignore -1 loop flag

TXTH stuff: see doc or this as an example.


About Smash sounding bad, it's known and will be improved later.

@nothingtosay - I agree it'd be good (also for ATRAC3/XMA/Vorbis/AAC/etc), but it's a lot to change. I don't think it's necessarily more 'proper' though, pretty sure most audio libraries/consoles will downconvert from 32b float to 16b pcm before outputting anything and you would still get clips.
by Artur_Warios at 8:41 AM EST on November 28, 2018

I want to ask a question about the next game:

Platform: GAMECUBE
Game: Resident evil 4
Audio file: BIO4SND

I have been busy with sound files of the .BIO4SND format for a long time.
These files were extracted with a man named "MarkGrass", I think this person is known here.

I do not know how to make these files work, because the VGMGUI program refuses to work with these files.
I couldn’t turn to Mark myself, therefore I ask for help here
by ChillyBilly at 11:50 PM EST on November 30, 2018
Been a while, but a new issue rose up for me: I checked out Cytus Lambda for the Vita, but its audio files (MP3s/WAVs) don't play for me. I'm not sure if they're encrypted, since they contain a "PSSE" header, so maybe this is a case for the TXTH treatment or something like that? Already got the audio uploaded right here:

Cytus Lambda
by Knurek at 4:23 AM EST on December 1, 2018
Those PSSE files are encrypted, ChillyBilly
I've managed to decrypt them, rip will be up on server in few hours

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by ChillyBilly at 9:00 AM EST on December 1, 2018
Wow, that was quick. Thanks, Knurek!
by bnnm at 7:21 PM EST on December 1, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some GENH with small header_size and allow N channel DSPs
* "DSP coef right offset" becomes "DSP coef spacing" when channels is more than 2
- Fix some TXTH operator/body_file issues
- Add opus+sli looping [Sabbat of the Witch (PC)]
- Fix Winamp not showing default subsong title
- Add From Software .xps/.xps+dat [Metal Wolf Chaos (Xbox), Otogi (Xbox)]
- Remove custom Opus skip_samples for newer FFmpeg + libopus
* Fix some Opus glitches by using FFmpeg w/ libopus

NOTE: copy DLLs again (in Winamp, in_vgmstream.dll goes to plugins dir, rest in the winamp.exe dir)


@Ultrafighter - you asked before about Tribes Aerial Assault PKG, use this txth (open the .txth directly)

@Artur_Warios - upload some file examples I guess?

by Vector Harbor at 7:37 PM EST on December 1, 2018
So with this update. Smash will sound better ? Is that so ?
by kode54 at 8:08 PM EST on December 1, 2018
As good as 64kbps Opus can sound, which is Pretty Damn Good, considering the format.
by shockdude at 9:43 PM EST on December 1, 2018
The updated vgmstream with libopus is much better, but there might still be issues.
e.g. compare track N07 in SSBB with SSBU, the vocals are more garbled in SSBU.
Also track W06, there's a pop around 0:07 that shouldn't be there.
by Sephirothkefka at 9:54 PM EST on December 1, 2018
Are you sure that's the case? I'm running foobar plugin and both sound just fine. What plugin are you using? Also are you sure its the updated version?
by shockdude at 10:07 PM EST on December 1, 2018
foobar2000 v1.4.1, vgmstream plugin r1050-1857-g23a35175 Dec 1 2018

N07, W06, and also N12, all have audio glitches that weren't in previous games.

It is possible that these glitches are just part of the game, but that'd be extremely weird (and sad).
I even converted SSBB's N12 to 64kbps opus and it sounded totally fine.

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by Sephirothkefka at 10:18 PM EST on December 1, 2018
I tried all on my machine and they all sound perfectly fine. It must be either an audio output problem or something. My foobar is 1.4 vs 1.4.1.
by shockdude at 10:27 PM EST on December 1, 2018
I still hear the same glitches in v1.4, and the glitches are still there if I convert them to FLAC.

You can't hear any glitches at all? In W06 at 0:07 there's a pretty obvious pop.

edit: I should mention someone at another site also hears these glitches.

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by Sephirothkefka at 10:32 PM EST on December 1, 2018
That's your problem. Seems like it still uses FFMpeg if you CONVERT. Just don't convert and you'll be ok.
by shockdude at 10:51 PM EST on December 1, 2018
You misunderstood; both direct lopus playback and FLAC conversion sound identical (i.e. have the exact same glitches). It's not an audio driver problem, there's something weird in the output audio waveform. And again I'm not the only one hearing these glitches.

Are you able to convert the first 10 seconds of W06 or N12 to FLAC and upload it somewhere? I can tell you if your FLAC is glitched or not.

edit: actually here's the first 10 seconds of W06 from my end. If you still can't hear the pop at 0:07, then I don't know what to tell you.

If you can hear the pop, then we have something interesting.

edited 10:55 PM EST December 1, 2018

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by Sephirothkefka at 11:04 PM EST on December 1, 2018
The component must not have installed properly then. Uninstall and reinstall vgmstream.
by shockdude at 11:12 PM EST on December 1, 2018
i already have reinstalled vgmstream. In fact I frequently switched between ffmpeg & libopus vgmstream just to confirm that I'm using the right version.

Here's the first 10 seconds of W06 using ffmpeg vgmstream. The pop at 0:07 is much louder than with libopus vgmstream.
by marcusss at 3:25 AM EST on December 2, 2018
I can hear only music..
by bnnm at 5:00 AM EST on December 2, 2018
@shockdude - I do hear a not-too-loud "plock" at ~0:08. Here is W06 converted to .opus, try with opusdec.exe or foobar but sounds about the same to me:

Remember that Switch Opus are encoded using Nintendo's tools, which I don't think would be using the very latest libopus, so encoding oddities and bugs from older libopus could remain. (also note that Switch Opus uses --hard-cbr, not sure if quality would be affected vs opusenc's vbr 64kbps)

I assume those glitches are normal encoding artifacts that libopus handles/filters better than FFmpeg, but can't be eliminated.

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by Artur_Warios at 6:43 AM EST on December 2, 2018
Mr. bnnm

I downloaded the .BIO4SND files as you requested. Here is a link to several instances of these files.

My previous post text

Platform: GAMECUBE
Game: Resident evil 4
Audio file: BIO4SND

I have been busy with sound files of the .BIO4SND format for a long time.
These files were extracted with a man named "MarkGrass", I think this person is known here.

I do not know how to make these files work, because the VGMGUI program refuses to work with these files.
I couldn’t turn to Mark myself, therefore I ask for help here

by Artur_Warios at 6:53 AM EST on December 2, 2018
It is worth adding that these sound files were extracted by me with the help of the program written by MarkGrass. In the instructions for the program, he left information about these files, which may be useful.

Here is the description text:

Nintendo->SND Archive
    This option rips raw ADPCM audio samples and combines them with
    their appropriate header. Each output file is given an
    appropriate GameCube-Wii audio file extension, DSP.

    Data is ripped 'in order' from the input file like so:

        <INPUT>            <OUTPUT>
        [SAMPLE RATE]        0x00    2 Bytes
        [COEFF_DATA]        0x02    46 Bytes
        [UNKNOWN]        0x30    24 Bytes
        [PADDING]        0x48    8 Bytes
        [ADPCM]            0x50
by bnnm at 7:35 AM EST on December 2, 2018
@Artur_Warios - follow this to make them playable:
1 - rename all (file).bio4snd to (file).snd
2 - Download and extract this zip file:
3 - Copy the unzipped ".txth" file in the folder(s) with the .snd (that txth file starts with a "." dot, it's normal)
by Artur_Warios at 10:28 AM EST on December 2, 2018

Thank you bro

I have been working with these files for months now .. I extracted all the files from this game and only this last file didn’t want to give up.
by shockdude at 11:24 AM EST on December 2, 2018
@bnnm welp yeah the .opus still has that plock. Also played the .opus on an Android phone and that also has the plock.

Now I'm really interested in a direct line-out of W06, for comparison.

Curious, how did you convert the files to regular opus?
by bnnm at 2:21 PM EST on December 2, 2018
@shockdude - I did a quick, rudimentary version of vgmstream that converts/re-routes stuff to opus.

It's good to compare to the real thing (also keep in mind consoles tend to filter output) but don't expect miracles, remember this is from the makers of "32khz ADPCM is good enough" :P
by MoldyPond at 2:36 PM EST on December 2, 2018
32khz ADPCM seems to be good enough. I mean, it's not winning any awards or anything but at least has the decency to not sound like compressed MP3s.
by bnnm at 3:15 PM EST on December 2, 2018
It's that kind of mentality that got us those opus, just saying. "Everybody does 48khz ADPCM but why bother, we can go 32khz, it's good enough for the kidz!". Tomorrow it'll be good-enoughs 32kbps codecs, etcetera.
by MoldyPond at 3:46 PM EST on December 2, 2018
Well seeing as how keeping all the music at 48khz like Smash 4 would've only added an extra GB or two at most to an already smallish file size, I still believe there was absolutely no excuse for lowering the quality so far. Why not 128kbps? I'm sure that would've only added like an extra 500MB.

Unfortunately audiophile grade quality in video games is practically non-existant, and coming from a company that doesn't even believe in high quality graphics it should come as no surprise either, ESPECIALLY if Namco's involved (as in cutting corners to save file space isn't anything new to them).

My one hope is that if Ultimate is anything like Sm4sh was for modding, we can just mod in higher quality music and that there will be a fan made HD music pack eventually uploaded, which I already volunteer to start making once everything's figured out.
by shockdude at 11:13 PM EST on December 2, 2018
I tried to learn how vgmstream processes Switch OPUS by reading/editing the source code and by comparing the original W06 lopus with the converted W06 opus.
I can't say I fully understand how it all works, but I have convinced myself that vgmstream is processing the files ok. It's just copying the original raw OPUS data and building standard OggS packets & headers around that data.

Now I really want to hear a line-out of W06 (or N07/N12). Even if the output is filtered, I still think the audio artifacts would be audible (or inaudible!)

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by Ultrafighter at 1:41 AM EST on December 5, 2018
Hello Bnnm, thanks for Aerial assault TXTH!
Also may I kindly ask you to check out a bunch of samples? This time it's 2 thematic groups & 4 VG titles in total.

Category #1 is old UbiSoft banks, the games I'd like to see supported by plugin are original Splinter Cell + its followup Pandora Tomorrow (both for PC).
Regarding SC1 there're a few big Music_*.SS0 files & the same amount of smaller Music_*.LS0 files, should this be enough to add support for these to vgmstream? BTW there're also 2 more SS0 bigfiles which have multiple companion LS0 files, the latter seem to be language-specific.
As for SC2 its audio archives can be much more difficult to implement as file structure is more similar to later Ubi VGs - there're numerous *.SS0 files but no tiny accompanying index / list files, there's just 1 small *.SP0 file plus enormous MAPS.SM0 bigfile (I'm not even sure it has anything to do with SS0 banks).
So is it possible to somehow play those without help of decubisnd? It'd be great! And the reason why I haven't upped samples yet is because I have to hear if you're going to need any additional files to look into or not.

The 2nd group are the latest Command & Conquer installments (C&C4 Tiberian twilight and C&C3 Tiberium wars, both for Windows OS) and they prove to be just as bothersome as Red alert 3 (which I didn't rip in the end although I tried 2 platforms).
Most (all?) sounds seem to be headerless or even compressed (their "cdata" extension might suggest precisely that) and very few files can be converted by ealayer3. I tried expecting some convertible streams via hex editor but I can seem to discover any special traits that make them different from inconvertible tracks, I'm not an expert though...
BTW sometimes output MP3s are a few times smaller than their respective CDATA files, those should be 6ch streams I presume.
I hope you'll be able to help me out with this, I believe in you man! And 1 more thing to keep in mind: I added (conv) prefix to the tracks which can be converted ATM, this might be useful I suppose.

Best wishes!

edit: Do you think it's possible to make !tags.m3u for bigfiles with multiple tracks in them, for example that MUSIC.PKG/txth from Tribes - Aerial assault? I experimented a bit and this is what I got: A or B. It can be me doing something wrong but neither FB2K nor xmplay doesn't want to add those M3Us to playlists.

edited 3:06 AM EST December 5, 2018
by bnnm at 3:02 PM EST on December 5, 2018
@Ultrafighter - SM0 see here.

C&C are normal EA stuff. Rename to .snr if file is small-ish (with a hex editor value at 0x02 is sample rate) otherwise rename to .sns and use snr-maker bms (those 'conv' files), may use EA-XAS or EALayer3. A few files don't look extracted correctly or may not be audio (ex. GlobalStream~166b084d.3107d99b.1a91be1f.296f1810)

!tags subsongs probably in the future, for now use TXTP to select subsongs (remember you can create an empty 0-byte file named: MUSIC.txth#2.txtp instead of a full TXTP).

edited 6:39 AM EST December 6, 2018
by bnnm at 12:38 PM EST on December 7, 2018
People seem confused by those mysterious bitrate numbers so let me explain. When possible (barring bugs) vgmstream calcs the average bitrate of the *stream*. This number is correct, but can be unexpectedly different compared to the bitrate of the *codec*.

By "codec bitrate" I mean raw data stripped from any of the container parts. Say you have a Nintendo Opus file. The Opus data may be 64kpbs (ex. size 0x32000), but Nintendo adds lots of extra data, thus the stream becomes ~5% bigger 67kbps (size 0x34800, but same quality).

Again, this isn't wrong per se, as what is part of the codec and part of the stream is debatable. For example, Wwise Vorbis removes many unnecessary codec parts, so a Ogg Vorbis of 100kbps (codec) may become a Wwise Vorbis of 95kbps (codec? stream?), with the same sound quality. Or, FSB MP3 have padded frames so 128kbps could become 130kbps.

Technically vgmstream could be modified to show the base codec bitrate but I think time is better used elsewhere.

ALSO: note that numbers going up or down don't necessarily imply upper or lower quality. Wasteful codecs could have higher bitrate, but actually worse quality than better codecs at the same or lower bitrate.

Smash crapdata
Adventurous users may notice SSBU's files have some unused garbage data at the end. This garbage seems to be part of the song at 96kbps, and the file plus garbage is ~96kbps.

A probable explanation is that all songs were originally 96kbps, but were changed to 64kbps later (for performance reasons?), and they didn't bother to redo the whole thing and just overwrote part of the file (now you can get depressed).

edited 1:39 PM EST December 7, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 4:44 AM EST on December 8, 2018
Hello Bnnm, thanks for advice as I've just begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to those C&C VGs! They all seem to be even more pesky & troublesome to rip than UE3 games though! Not only all the files are virtually nameless there're lots of cases when renaming to SNR doesn't work & I have to make SNRs by method of trial & error...
As for unpacking initial BIG4 archives - I hope it was done correctly, I tried 2 tools I know of and they output the same files so no malfunction occurred there I guess. Maybe BGM isn't just in "separate tracks" style among those *.cdata assets...

And getting back to SC1 & Pandora Tomorrow: let's say I've got only LS0 & SS0 files from the former and just SS0s from the latter (SP0 seems unimportant, there're no SB0s & SM0 is an entirely different story). Is it impossible to add them to plugin or you'll have to look into them to say for sure?

Best wishes!

edited 4:47 AM EST December 8, 2018
by bnnm at 5:25 AM EST on December 9, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add Vicarious Visions .zss/zsm/ens/enm [X-Men Legends II (multi)]
- Fix .fag num_samples/subsongs [Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PS1)]
- Add .opusx/adpcmx [Touhou Genso Wanderer -Reloaded- (Switch)]
- Add looping Ogg Opus [Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (Switch)]
- Fix audacious builds


@Ultrafighter - It is impossible to add SS0 without SM0, which has thousands of subsongs. I won't add it.
by Ultrafighter at 5:50 AM EST on December 10, 2018
I'm sorry then, I suppose I didn't get it right from here - I took it as info about specs of audio streams contained in SS0 or SM0 bigfiles can be found in (usually) tiny LS0 or SB0 files. I presumed that SM0 giants can/may store every single piece of audio used by a game while SS0s contain some big streams (that can probably be found in respective SM0s too).
When it comes to Splinter Cell 1 though it doesn't even look like this anymore, for example there's Sounds\ENGLISH\ folder and it holds a single big MAPS.LM0 + lots of rather big *.LS0, it looks like the latter contain actual sounds too. I guess I misunderstood the general structure when I was inspecting select assets with "Music" in their names.

So if it is possible to add SS0(s) with help of SM0(s), does it mean that if I post entire audio directory (not random files which might store BGM but everything) you might implement most/all SS0 files? Or is it always a game specific question and you can't tell before inspecting those files?
All in all it has to be a lot of work, I think I'll postpone ripping SC1 and hope that something can be done about SC2 archives. So may I ask you to look into Pandora tomorrow example files if I upload those? I can make a list of folder contents with file sizes if it helps (that way I won't have to up the whole directory).


edited 5:52 AM EST December 10, 2018
by bnnm at 4:52 PM EST on December 10, 2018
The answer it the same. I'm not adding support for Ubisoft games that use SM0+SS0/LS0 (map) format. I don't need samples, games using this format include:
- Beowulf (PSP)
- Disney's Donald Duck - Goin' Quackers (GC)
- Disney's Tarzan - Untamed (GC)
- Batman - Vengeance (GC)
- Batman - Vengeance (PS2)
- Batman - Rise of Sin Tzu (GC)
- Open Season (PS2)
- Open Season (PSP)
- Star Wars Lethal Alliance (PSP)
- Surfs Up (PSP)
- Michael Jackson - The Experience (PSP)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (PS2)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (PS2)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (PS2)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD (PS3)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HD (PS3)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HD (PS3)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D (3DS)
- Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials (PSP)

But somebody else could implement it if they want.
by Ultrafighter at 9:04 AM EST on December 11, 2018
OK, that's gonna be the end of SC & Ubi stuff discussion then, thanks for clarifying it all though.

I've got a few samples which might be much easier to add: Tomb raider - Legend (PC) + Tomb raider - Underworld (PS2). I checked out the latter because I was expecting MUL tracks to play when renamed to EMFF (there're rips of Legend for PS2 and GC plus an Underworld Wii set @JoshW, all 3 use this extension and can be played in plugin) but I wasn't that lucky.
BTW AnonRunzes has examples from more platforms here and only half of them play right now.
He seems to mention Gibbed.DeusEx3.Demux.exe but obviously it's a game specific tool, it doesn't work on any samples but at least it appears to get the number of layers / channels right.
You see vgmstream seems to identify some basic specs of those streams and add 'em to list, it's just that they mostly play with static or distortion (even 1 GC samples isn't supported). I guess that general structure of those MULs isn't too different on all those consoles & you should mostly implement various codecs used in numerous ports & possibly add a tweak or two to an already existing format.

Till next time!
by Ultrafighter at 9:53 AM EST on December 15, 2018
Hi, this might be helpful in figuring out specs / codecs for Tomb Raider Legend + Underworld samples. Only half of *.mul files have such companions though.

So long!

PS. About Underworld: l1_get_them_loud, l2_cliffclimb_mus_02, etc. also had their own *.SAM files but they're all identical to l1_get_them.sam.
Regarding Legend: SAMs were just bunches of zeroes there, that's why I didn't include any.
by bnnm at 7:56 PM EST on December 15, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add .sps EAMP3 [Need for Speed (PS4)]
- Add .nus3audio [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)]


@Ultrafighter - I'll take a look later. Also post links and/or copies of the programs/bms used to extract that, it's easier for me to understand that way.
by Ultrafighter at 3:47 AM EST on December 16, 2018
Gibbed tools for Crystal dynamics engine, Tomb Raider 7 or Tomb Raider 8 (PS2) project name.

>Add .sps EAMP3 [Need for Speed (PS4)]
And I guess it might mean that Need for Speed 2015 rip is coming up? Or did you add support for an assortment of samples someone else provided?

by shockdude at 4:01 PM EST on December 16, 2018
This might be old news, but I've confirmed that the audio glitches in the SSBU rip are part of the actual game. You can hear the Gourmet Race plock and K.K. Slider's funky voice from the Switch's headphone out.

In other words, vgmstream+libopus is handling SSBU correctly. Nice.
by MoldyPond at 4:57 PM EST on December 16, 2018
Thanks, Sakurai...
by Ultrafighter at 4:14 PM EST on December 20, 2018
Hi Bnnm, mind if I throw a few more samples in the ever-cooking pot? There're not too many of them anyway.

1) Need for speed: The run for X360:
a) some SPS sound weird, could you check if they're indeed supposed to sound like this? Maybe it's a bug & it has something to do with ffmpeg;

b) unfortunately both by Luigi Auriemma and Python 2 with these scripts don't work too well on a bigfile storing VP6 vids (or could it be that data is indeed stored in such a way?).
Anyway both QuickBMS & Python extract bytewise identical video files and neither nor VGMToolbox can't process them: the 1st reports incomplete files ("can't read 4 bytes from offset...") while the 2nd one gives me this message - "Error received: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: startIndex".
If there's any way to properly unpack / treat those movies then I'd really like to hear about it; possibly we could dump our vids from initial archive with a special BMS or a tool that's able to scan for embedded *.vp6... if such a script can be made or such a program exists.

2) Metal Gear Solid 4 - I stumbled upon a track, a single stream (out of many hundreds!) which keeps crashing my players (it always happens at the same time - 1 or 2 seconds before track's end).
I tried processing this specific track with demux_dat_be.exe & by AnonBaiter but still I get this trouble. Can it be helped somehow?
I presumed this to be a bigfile-splitting malfunction and requested an update but newer versions of don't fix this, I keep getting the same faulty (?) stream which causes a crash.

by Knurek at 8:02 PM EST on December 22, 2018
@bnnm: SGD files with PS ADPCM instead of ATRAC3 don't seem to play correctly - I think you assume 44100 Hz sample rate, which isn't necessarily true.
Samples from Patapon.
Let me know if you need more.
by bnnm at 5:05 PM EST on December 23, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix MTA2 with empty frames
- Fix stereo .vs [All Star Pro-Wrestling 2/3 (PS2)]
- Fix some ZSND [Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS2)]
- Improve HCA key detection for small/silent HCA [Dragalia Lost (iOS)]
- Fix various PS2/GC/Wii/PC/Xbox/PSP .mul/emff [TR Legend, TR Underworld]
- Add iNiS .IMC [Gitaroo Man (PS2)]
- Add Dragalia Lost 1.3.0 subkeys (by slashiee)
- Ubi SB: New games support [Surf's Up (PS3, X360), TMNT (X360, PC)] (by Nicknine)
- Ubi SB: SMx format support [Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (PC/Xbox), Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PC)] (by Nicknine)

SMx is a single file with every sound in the game, divided into sections (level1, level2, etc). Try Nicknine's splitter to get more usable section maps: (must be updated per game though)


@Ultrafighter - Nicknine provided NFS2015 samples.
VP6 have extra 4 garbage bytes, remove them manually or edit the .bms, at line 9 put: "math FILE_SIZE -= 4". I think Nicknine posted a better python frostbite extractor?
SPS do sound strange but I can't see anything wrong and decode like that even with the official xma decoder, maybe partial encryption?
Some .mul contain video and could be demuxed (they'll play though), or could sound glitchy but seems normal.

@Knurek - 44100 is correct. Those files are probably played as sound cues (RGND) with pitch applied rather than waves (that do have a header sample rate), I don't think I can fix.

edited 5:26 PM EST December 23, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 5:42 AM EST on December 25, 2018
>at line 9 put: "math FILE_SIZE -= 4"
Thanks, it worked but a few demuxed tracks don't play ATM. I included them here along with some sound from Medal of Honor Warfighter (PS3)*.vp6 vids, I'm sure the latter files are of the same nature and only require a small tweak to make them work in plugin.

>I think Nicknine posted a better python frostbite extractor?
He wrote some special code to extract audio streams from FB2 or FB3 files (when there're EBX companions that is) but he still recommends to use Frankelstner's scripts to deal with initial sb/toc archives.

Thnx for MGS fix!

edited 5:49 AM EST December 25, 2018
by Nicknine at 6:00 AM EST on December 26, 2018
@Ultrafighter - don't use raw chunks, use the scripts I've posted to extract the files. My parser supports SoundWaveAsset and MovieTextureAsset nodes, so you can use it to fetch both sounds and movies. Not sure about garbage at the end of VP6 files, though. BTW, NFS: The Run on X360 has some of SB files compressed with X360 LZX, you'll need to decompress them with xbdecompress.exe. They start with magic number: 0F F5 12 ED.

edited 6:00 AM EST December 26, 2018
by Ultrafighter at 12:01 PM EST on December 26, 2018
Well I remember you looking into NFS TR X360 a few months ago and even sending some samples to Bnnm (or better say him mentioning it in his plugin update list); do you mean to say that the game on Xbox and/or Playstation also has the kind of tracknames PC version uses? I sort of presumed that console ports might not use EBX files and folder structure for music streams at all & this is the sort of filenames I'll have to live with.

BTW I ripped MOH 2010 MP, the only VG of that kind, quite some time ago and don't recall too well whether I found EBXs in the same SB archives as actual chunks with audio (I don't even remember their extension, I'd have to look it up somewhere) so it played some rather significant role too.

Maybe I should have looked for any *.ebx assets harder but I guess it's too late now (this also applies to MOH:Warfighter, although I'm just in the middle of ripping it).
And if you think I could additionally extract some SPS files incorrectly (this shouldn't apply to NFS though, they used solely "1 chunk - 1 stinger/loop/song" system for The run music IIRC) then our VGM mods can devise some curator thing for upcoming rips OR any interested users can write some tutorials on the subject of "typical ripping procedure from 3D engine X or sound engine Y". Probably the latter is even more preferred but it'd be better to post such things in their own topics, not in some pretty long discussions like this one; such tutorials can be published here and/or on Discord channel but I remember seeing a whole forum section dedicated to such topics at XeNTaX - the more the merrier!


edited 12:05 PM EST December 26, 2018
by Nicknine at 4:18 AM EST on December 27, 2018
MOH 2010 runs on Frostbite 1 which has rather different structure from Frosbite 2 and on. I've briefly looked into it but haven't studied it in-depth.
by bnnm at 5:18 AM EST on December 29, 2018
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some SCHl multilanguage videos [MOH Warfighter, NFS The Run]
- Add PCFX for GENH/TXTH [Der Langrisser FX (PC-FX)]
- Add name_offset/name_size option for TXTH
- Add .csa extension [LEGO Racers 2 (PS2)]
- Fix AWC MPEG not seeking back correctly
- EA SCHl: Removed IDX/BIG parser (by Nicknine, use
- EA SCHl: Added MPF/MUS format (by Nicknine)
- EA SCHl: Added MAP/MUS format (by Nicknine)
- EAAC: Added MPF/MUS format (by Nicknine)
by ChillyBilly at 11:33 PM EST on December 29, 2018
Hey, @bnnm (or anyone else who can help), I've got a couple more recent issues on my end: The first is with Billion Road for the Switch. As I said in the respective thread, I believe the HCA files are encrypted, so they don't play correctly. The other issue lies with Dynasty Warriors 9 for the PS4. The music comes in an ".atsl" archive, but unfortunately I can't play or split it in any way. Thanks in advance to anyone who can look into these sets!
by Ultrafighter at 8:11 AM EST on December 31, 2018
>Fix some ZSND [Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS2)]
I think it would be nice to inspect PS3 too & add support for it if it's possible. PS3 should use plain MP2 everywhere but in music_definitions.zss and it'd be cool to have this platform supported too. You see NovaSoft Extractor doesn't always work well with these if one tries to extract individual MPEG streams out of those ZSS/ZSM files and I wouldn't mind having an alternative.
I remember encountering one huge ZSS (not music_definitions.zss) which Nova Extractor couldn't process properly - it found a gazillion of split-second MP2s there and they were simply unusable, I had to listen to that file as a whole (XMPlay was my default player at that time & I didn't even have to change extension from ZSS to MP2 for that bank to work).

>EA SCHl: Added MPF/MUS format (by Nicknine)
Does it mean that we should still split MUS bigfiles from later games with your Or is that variant of MPF/MUS is also being implemented in VGMStream & its support will be added soon?


edited 8:13 AM EST December 31, 2018
by Nicknine at 1:49 PM EST on December 31, 2018
@Ultrafighter - MPF/MUS from later EA games using SNR/SNS should be supported, NFS: ProStreet and NFS: Undercover work just fine.
by Ultrafighter at 3:29 AM EST on January 1, 2019
That's great! Have you tested it on numerous platforms?
So long!
by Nicknine at 8:09 AM EST on January 1, 2019
The parser works both for PC and PS3 versions of NFS: Undercover.
by ol2m at 2:08 PM EST on January 1, 2019
Hello everybody and happy new year.

I recently investigated the files of Outlast 2 on PS4 and understood the original names of the files with ID can be found inside a XML "SoundbanksInfo.xml". I'm asking here if it's possible please to make a script or something like that in order to rename all the files from the game. The SoundbanksInfo.xml can be downloaded here :


by Nicknine at 3:44 PM EST on January 1, 2019
It is certainly possible, I wrote some C# code to do just that but the program doesn't have any kind of interface so I can't release it.
I'll see if I can write a Python script to extract the files with proper names.
by ol2m at 4:28 PM EST on January 1, 2019
Wow that would be awesome. Thank you!!
by marcusss at 8:52 PM EST on January 1, 2019
There is a batch script on this website but it only works/worked on older?games as lately many games using wwise that have the xml file do not most of the time it has to be manually edited..

Would be cool for a script like what Nicknine said. Especially some games having hundred or thousands of files. Saves time

Basically reads the xml matching xxx.wem with its real name in a batch script which then can be used to rename said files.

The layout of soundbankinfo.xml has changed ?? Recently as the script rarely works.

edited 6:11 AM EST January 2, 2019
by ol2m at 5:34 AM EST on January 2, 2019
Somebody wrote a BMS script in order to do that but it didn't work for me. Maybe it only works for some games.

include ""
for i
    FindLoc SEARCH string "" 0 ""
    goto SEARCH
    getDstring DUMMY 6
    getCT FNAME string 0x3c
    string FNAME -= 4
    open FDSE DIDX 1 EXIST
    if EXIST == 1
        get SIZE asize 1
        log MEMORY_FILE 0 0
        log MEMORY_FILE 0 SIZE 1
        callfunction getTYPE 1
        string FNAME += EXT
next i
by Nicknine at 6:20 AM EST on January 2, 2019
The only soundbanksinfo.xml I've seen for myself is the one from Doom (2016). Which games does that script work on?
by ol2m at 6:21 AM EST on January 2, 2019
Sorry for the double post, but I found a script which seems to work, but not for all the files. I tested with Outlast 2 PS4.

edited 6:22 AM EST January 2, 2019
by Nicknine at 1:09 PM EST on January 2, 2019
Here we go:
Wwise Sound Extractor

This script loads soundbanksinfo.xml and uses it to extract the sound files with proper names. Tested with Doom (2016).

EDIT: Fixed some bugs in the script.

edited 3:15 PM EST January 2, 2019
by ol2m at 1:23 PM EST on January 2, 2019
How did you do this... I'm really impressed...

Thank you very much!!!
by bnnm at 8:10 PM EST on January 2, 2019
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add .wd RIFF [Genma Onimusha (Xbox)]
- Fix .sdt [Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance (GC)]
- Fix raw .xa validation [Toy Story 2 (PS1)]
- Improve Ubi BAO (.pk) parsing speed
- Improve Ubi SB/SM (.smN/sbN) parsing speed
- Add EA EACS banks [Need for Speed (PC)]
- Add SCHl .hab/gsf/abk and custom mpf+mus pairs, remove trj/trm map pair
- Add Dragalia Lost subkeys from Chapter 7, New Year's event and English voice clips (by slashiee)
- Ubi SB: More games support (by Nicknine)
- Added more EA MPF versions (by Nicknine)


@ChillyBilly - HCA keys try asking in this thread, ATSL is using an unsupported codec.

@Ultrafighter - I don't have PS3 .ZSS at hand, you know how this goes.
by ChillyBilly at 5:22 AM EST on January 5, 2019
@bnnm: Okay, I inquired about Billion Road in the HCA thread. And I guess I'll have to wait a bit on those DW9 files. Anyway, while I'm here, I'd just like to bring up one more curiosity: I recently looked into the music for the game Rikki & Vikki for the PC. Now, at a glance, I'm almost entirely certain that this game uses sequenced audio. However, I'd like a second opinion from the more tech-savvy folk around these parts. As always, I'll be grateful for any info provided on the matter!
by MurraySkull at 5:59 AM EST on January 5, 2019
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories PSH needs to needs to be fixed - no longer plays.
by bnnm at 7:02 PM EST on January 7, 2019
latest vgmstream changes (autobuilds (MSVC) / foobar / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Redo Infernal Engine .smp [Ghostbusters (multi)]
- Tweak Ubi sb/xmX for clarity and add more games
- Remove sps frostbite parser, use a good extractor instead
- Fix .vsv/psh decoding and mono files [Dawn of Mana (PS2)]
- Fix many Ubi SB bugs, add looping and more games
- Remove Ubi SB hacks now that it's correctly parsed, fixes
- EA SCHl: MPF fixes (by Nicknine)


Btw, I checked the KH Re:CoM iso and filenames are ok, but the extension should be .VSV (CAPS too), so, where did .PSH come from? :S
Also heads up I re-ripped Dawn of Mana with proper filenames (Romancing SaGa didn't had tho).
by shockdude at 10:25 PM EST on January 10, 2019
I think there's a bug in ffmpeg's XMA handling, which affects vgmstream.
The attached XMA file (from DJ Hero 2) decodes correctly with towav, but with ffmpeg/vgmstream there are artifacts in the right channel (the left channel seems ok).

Should I submit a bug report to ffmpeg, or is someone else here better suited to do that?
by Nicknine at 10:36 PM EST on January 10, 2019
This could be a problem with XMA file itself. I got some weird XMAs in Splinter Cell: Double Agent which also decode fine with ToWav but vgmstream/ffmpeg decodes them with skips and the official xmaencode.exe tool flat out rejects them.
by bnnm at 11:21 AM EST on January 11, 2019
I don't see anything clearly wrong, but I think this is a transmogrified XMA1 from .fsb XMA2. Try to get a proper rip first, this could matter a lot as FFmpeg error correction would be simpler than Microsoft/towav's.

Otherwise try to ask FFmpeg, good luck though.
by Anterag at 11:33 AM EST on January 11, 2019
Hi! I wanted to ask if it's possible to help me extracting the WAV files inside the *.XBS of Family Guy (Xbox version). The format is a variant of GCS from The Conduit (Wii), and even exists a decoder (by hcs).

32_05.XBS/32_05.XBM here: Family Guy (Xbox)

Thanks in advance!
by Nicknine at 11:50 PM EST on January 11, 2019
Re-posting this here for archiving purposes. I've put up a Github repo with Python scripts for extracting assets from Frostbite Engine games. Instructions inside.

edited 11:50 PM EST January 11, 2019
by shockdude at 3:42 AM EST on January 12, 2019
bnnm right on the money lol.

The proper XMA file isn't playable out of the box, since it includes 3 stereo XMAs. To get something that could feed into towav, I followed the procedure from

Someone else uploaded some example files here:
by bnnm at 4:39 AM EST on January 12, 2019
Oh, those 6ch XMA created by fsbext won't play since the header has the wrong size at 0x10 (change to 0x34). "3 stereo XMA" is normal and simply how XMA does 6ch.

Most "extractor" programs like fsbext or .bms around aren't very good and poorly transmogrify one format to another (they aren't "extracting" anything, at best pasting a new header other the original, in this case they did it wrong).

I suggest to simply use vgmstream to play the original .fsb, you don't even need to decrypt them.

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