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by kode54 at 7:57 PM EDT on May 9, 2020
It is likely to be added so that the rips don't have to be altered.
by bnnm at 11:01 AM EDT on May 17, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- EA SCHl: Fixed some EA MicroTalk samples (by Nicknine)
- Fix some .vxn [Asphalt Injection (Vita)]
- Fix XMPlay w/ Winamp plugin not saving settings
- Add HCA key
- Fix PtADPCM clicks when seeking
by JacintaB19 at 1:59 PM EDT on June 3, 2020
Could you try fixing the non-looping problem for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's music files in an future vgmstream update?

edited 1:59 PM EDT June 3, 2020
by bxaimc at 9:15 AM EDT on June 4, 2020
The oggs don’t have loop points.
by bnnm at 6:02 PM EDT on June 4, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some AIX with many segments [Sega Ages 2500 Vol 28 (PS2)]
- Add .ktsl2asbin KTSR [Atelier Ryza (PC/Switch), Attack on Titan (PC/Vita)]
- Workaround for some FSB5 .bank [Guacamelee 2 (Switch)]
- Add .mups [Pier Solar and the Great Architects (PC), Ghost Blade HD (PC/Switch)]
- Fix some Ubi .bnm [The Jungle Book: Rhythm N'Groove (PC), F1 Racing Simulation (PC)]
- Tweak sadf extensions and check
- Fix .acb names segfault, improve performance [SK Burst Re:Newal (PC)]
(by Nicknine:)
- Ubi SB/BNM: Fixes
- EA MPF: Added more name pairs
- Fixed Ubi alt IMA decoding [Splinter Cell: Essentials (PSP)]
- Added Sega KAT format
- Added Ubi DAT bank format
- Added Ubi PS2 BNM format
by Brandondorf9999 at 11:59 AM EDT on June 21, 2020
The ilg from Spyro ETD isn't on the ripping formats list, but here's a sample.

Also, could you @bnnm figure out a way to rip sounds from this sfx archive.
by bnnm at 5:59 PM EDT on June 30, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix FSB3 using XMA2 instead of XMA1 (no diffs) [Guitar Hero III (X360)]
- Fix some Ubi SB [Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (X360/PS3)]
- Use get metadata function to hide FFmpeg internals and parser cleanup
- Add BNSF key [The iDOLM@STER: One For All (PS3)]
- Add HCA key [22/7 Ongaku no Jikan (Android)]
- Fix some RIFF AICA [Rayman 2 (DC)]
- Add Success PCM [Metal Saga (PS2), Duel Masters: Rebirth of Super Dragon (PS2)]
- Fix some .ikm [Legend of Galactic Heroes (PC)]
- Add TXTH loop_behavior=inverted where 0 is loop [Bloody Roar 4 (PS2)]
- Add TXTP e/L options to alter loop config, tweak priority/consistency
- Fix some FSB5 .bank [Transistor (iOS)]
- Fix some .wav [Asphalt 6 (iOS)]
- Fix SWAV .adpcm [Merlin: A Servant of Two Masters (DS)]
(by Nicknine:)
- KAT: Fixed PCM8 (should be signed)
- Ubi SB: Fixes
- Ubi SB: Fixed external RAM sounds
- TXTH: Added EA-XA support
- Ubi DAT: Fixed data size for raw PCM
- Ubi SB: Unified checking for project files
- Ubi BAO: Fixed layers with varying sample rate
- Ubi SB: Added sequence configs for Splinter Cell: Double Agent
- XMA: Added .wav extension [Super Meat Boy (X360)]
(by bxaimc:)
- Add looping for Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour


@Brandondorf9999 first is headerless, other can't help you.
by Puterboy1 at 1:41 PM EDT on July 9, 2020
Can I request support for the .bwavs from the Xbox version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone?:
by Kirishima at 9:12 PM EDT on July 11, 2020
Did something break the SVAG format playback? I'm using foobar and made sure to update VGMSTREAM, but svag don't play no more.
by bnnm at 4:53 PM EDT on July 12, 2020
I added a check a while back to catch bad rips. What game is giving you trouble?
by Kirishima at 9:22 AM EDT on July 13, 2020
Silent Scope 2, ps2 version.
by Uikri at 10:42 AM EDT on July 23, 2020
I'm using vgmstream with Droidsound-e to play various times, including .bfstm files, and one thing that would really be great is if we could choose which channel(s) to play instead of having to listen to all of them at the same time. Specifically, Pikmin 3 and Splatoon 1 & 2 would benefit from this, as well as others, I'm sure.
by bnnm at 11:20 AM EDT on July 23, 2020
@Kirishima - I added a fix, get it from the latest build page here.

@Uikri - you should be be able to do that using "TXTP". Make a file named song.btstm#C1,2.txtp and open that to play only first 2 channels (see link for more info). For a global setting you'd need to ask Droidsound-e's author, which is a separate project.


Q TO DEVS: is anybody still using Visual Studio 2010 to build vgmstream and has a good reason for that? (if not, support may be dropped in the future)
by Uikri at 8:08 PM EDT on July 25, 2020
EDIT: I just figured out that doesn't work.

@bnnm - How do I make a file like that? Can I just make a .txt file and edit the file extension afterward so that it's a .txtp instead of a .txt?

edited 8:09 PM EDT July 25, 2020
by despycl at 12:05 AM EDT on July 26, 2020
Hello! I need a bit of help. I recently installed winamp and downloaded the vgmatream plugin for it. I moved it into the plugina folder as stated on the github instructions but now i want to play mini2sf files of ds gamea and the plugin doesnt recognize them (the file extension isnt even listed on the supported file types).

Is there something i'm missing?

Thanks in advance.
by hcs at 2:16 AM EDT on July 26, 2020
You need a different plugin for mini2sf, last I checked vio2sf was the best, but I don't think the Winamp version is as up to date as the Foobar2000 version. You can find the Winamp version here.
by despycl at 3:04 AM EDT on July 26, 2020
Grabbed the plugin and the player now recognizes the files metadata, but it still dont play any of the files. Is there an specific version of winamp i should install? or an specific vgmstream plugin?

Still unsure what i might be doing wrong :(
by hcs at 9:07 AM EDT on July 26, 2020
You have to extract all the files, the .mini2sf and the .2sflib, into the same directory, that might be your problem.
by MiToGen at 1:09 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
How does vgmstream playback SXD2 files? Sometime ago I ripped Gran Turismo Sport and someone submitted a tags archive, with each track having a .sxd1 file accompanying its .sxd2 file. A new version was dumped and more tracks have been found, but I'm trying to figure out how to play them.

The SXD2 files won't play by themselves, but the previous version rip with SXD1 files as well as SDX2 files plays the tracks. How do you go about making these SXD1 files? Or is there another way to playback the tracks? They're ATRAC9 if that matters.

edited 1:10 PM EDT July 26, 2020
by bnnm at 2:18 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
@Uikri - first create an empty .txt file. If you have mario.bfstm, rename the .txt (both name and extension) to mario.bfstm#C1,2.txtp. Now play that .txtp (not bfstm) with latest vgmstream.

If you want to play luigi.bfstm, make other file name, luigi.bfstm#C1,2.txtp, if you want channels 3 and 4 make other named luigi.bfstm#C3,4.txtp, and so on. Note its a "#C" before channels, not "#c".

That's the most basic way to do it, more info here:

@MiToGen - normally SXD1 are needed, maybe they are in other bigfile, or upload some examples.
by MiToGen at 3:12 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
@bnnm Here's a few examples; if you need me to reupload then just post again as it's a temp filehost:

There's only SXD2 files in the game data. The previous rip I uploaded, someone made SXD1 files to accompany all of the tracks, with metadata obtained from the .lib files, which that needs to be ripped from this new dump.
by bnnm at 5:45 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
The files are just data so they need SXD1. Try to find and rip/post the corresponding .lib so SXD1 can be extracted (that "someone" would be me).
by MiToGen at 6:01 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
Right, here's the library files:

I would assume that GT7SP is the one used by the game but there's also two others.
by bnnm at 6:19 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
Extracted SXD1, work with the SXD2 you posted (used those in GT7SP)
by MiToGen at 7:25 PM EDT on July 26, 2020
@bnnm works great, thanks for your work! Also thanks for including the BMS script inside the archive; will make future dumps easier if they have more tracks. Will update the submitted rip on joshw when I get the time.
Psf channels by FlyingGrayson at 12:14 AM EDT on August 5, 2020
Hey everyone, is there any way to extract all 24 channels from a psf and export them to individual wav files? maybe using txtp commands? I'm new to this program so apologies.
Psf Channels Update by FlyingGrayson at 6:08 PM EDT on August 6, 2020
UPDATE: nevermind, found a great solution by Nisto for using foobar and viopsf to do it, thanks!
by bnnm at 9:09 AM EDT on August 9, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Add HCA key for Cardcaptor Sakura: Happiness Memories (Android) (by bxaimc)
- Fix .mul IMA glitches [Tomb Raider Underworld (PC), TR Anniversary (PC)]
- Fix PTADPCM segfault on bad data
- Ignore .wmid subsongs in BKHD .bnk [Ninjala (Switch)]
- Fix some Ubi SB [Surf's Up (GC)]
- Add HCA key for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (PC)
- Add RSP ext. for The Simpsons: Road Rage (PS2)
- Add KTSC [Atelier Ryza (PC)]
- Fix TXTP edge case when trimming samples
- Fix SVAG detection bug [Silent Scope 2 (PS2)]
- Add Konami Viper .adp [ParaParaParadise 2ndMIX]
- NWA cleanup and improve performance
- Moved .dat to common extensions list (by Nicknine)
- RIFF: Fixed size check for .mvw [Dragon Quest VIII (PS2), Rogue Galaxy (PS2)] (by Nicknine)
- Added .wlv extension [ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (DC)] (by Nicknine)
- Removed fake .khv extension (by Nicknine)
- meta/brstm.c: Parse ADPCM header offset for each channel instead of skipping a fixed distance (by chenxiaolong)
- Move plugin parts to internal vgmstream code to simplify plugin code
- Use internal plugin settings in CLI/Winamp/foobar/xmplay/audacious
- Add trim/pad/body play config for TXTP and per-segment/layer config
- Ignore incorrectly ripped FSB5
- Improve seeking speed
- Add CLI -o wildcards "?s" (subsong), "?n" (name), "?f" (infile)
- Fix CLI -L generating looping .wav with loop end off by +1
- Improve Wwise Vorbis performance a bit
- Improve EALayer performance a bit
- Improve Level 5 0x555 codec performance
- Add CLI -D for downmixing testing
- Add .zwv [THE iDOLM@STER Shiny TV (PS3)]
- Add .dsb [Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Dororon! Yokai Daikessen!! (DS)]
- Add .bsf [Reign of Fire ((PS2/GC/Xbox)]
- Use internal plugin settings in vgmstream123, add play forever, fix getopt
- Fix .awb with RIFF (ATRAC3/ATRAC9)
- Fix EOF frame in early ADX [Baroque (SAT)]
- Fix PTADPCM missing samples
- Add TXTP group auto-positions and layer-x macro auto-channels
- Tweak description for mixed layouts
- Add TXTP pseudo-random groups

There isn't an official release ATM so get it from the latest compilations here


DEV NOTE AGAIN: if nobody is using Visual Studio 2010 to build vgmstream there is a good change support will be dropped in the near future.
by Puterboy1 at 12:40 PM EDT on August 9, 2020
Can you have vgmstream support these sound files?:

edited 5:40 PM EDT August 9, 2020
by almendaz at 2:57 AM EDT on August 10, 2020
Excuse me, what does the "PT" in PTADPCM stand for? Some "group/co." name?
by bnnm at 12:59 PM EDT on August 10, 2020
PT = Platinum Games
by dkx at 1:03 PM EDT on August 10, 2020
Huge thanks for .zwv support guys, working nicely! :)
by JFD62780 at 5:03 AM EDT on August 21, 2020
Y'know what this plugin needs?

Proper support for the Nuclear Sleeper Hit, FALL GUYS! (which just happened to sneak its way here!)

As it is, the latest plugin won't even fully play the Main Menu tune (only to the intended loop point)! Unless that wasn't even a proper rip...

I mean, COME ON! This soundtrack is SO gameshow worthy! Jukio Kallio and Daniel Hagström are right GENIUSES!!!

(Also, XMPlay simply won't recognize the songs under the Winamp plugin if I leave Subsongs enabled; pity, because, apparently, the files have subsongs...)

edited 5:09 AM EDT August 21, 2020
by bnnm at 4:22 PM EDT on August 21, 2020
That set works fine, you just need a player capable of subsongs. Menu theme loop is a subsong.

If you must use XMPlay, try this: Download (needs python installed) and put it together with test.exe and its required DLLs in the same dir as the .bank files. Then drag and drop all the .bank to, that will create a bunch of .txtp files you can open to play missing subsongs.

You could ask the author of XMPlay for proper subsong support in the API too, but there doesn't seem to be much interest:
by almendaz at 1:26 AM EDT on August 22, 2020
Hello; I'm noticing that there are (increasingly more) PC games whose music is packed in a single file, for example, a *.resource file with many FSB's (no other formats of course). What would be the most efficient way to create a .m3u(8) playlist file for this single music pack? Also, how to create the proper .txth formatting parameters to be used by that playlist?
by Knurek at 2:23 AM EDT on August 22, 2020
use the python script in the post above yours and add the txtps to M3U.
by bnnm at 7:58 AM EDT on August 22, 2020
@almendaz If the pack is a generic data container (for example Unity .resource files or simple containers of sub-files) you should extract first with the appropriate tools/bms.

If the pack is a format actually made to store audio streams and there is no vgmstream support, you could create a .txth file with subsongs, see this, this and similar examples.

Then you open that directly or create .txtp per subsong with the script.
by almendaz at 10:11 PM EDT on August 22, 2020
Thanks both of you!
The .txth examples seem very useful!
My personal gripe is having to create MANY .txtp files instead of a "unified" .m3u(8)/.txth, sort of. Maybe in the future vgmstream could have the capability to direct-play raw bytes with only offsets, formats and sound data parameters as input for .txth/.txtp,. Then the user would "kickstart" the .txth/.txtp(s) with a (single) playlist.
by bnnm at 4:44 AM EDT on August 23, 2020
You can actually just write .txtp config in the m3u, in winamp/foobar:
by almendaz at 2:00 AM EDT on August 24, 2020
Thanks, I'll have that in mind, hopefully a single .txtp or config .txth will be enough.
by kode54 at 4:33 AM EDT on August 24, 2020
With the virtual txtp method, you won't even need any real .txtp files. Just playlist entries in the .m3u which get loaded when you add it to the player.

Of course, you can't use the virtual method when you're constructing multiple files together into a single .txtp. Which is what you'll be doing here when you assemble the intro segments together with their loops.

For a bonus, you can construct a !tags.m3u that contains the tag definitions for each track. Best done with the paired intro/loop sets. There are only a few of those, though. Most of the tracks just have a full loop of playing versus spectating.
by marcoxD95 at 7:23 AM EDT on August 25, 2020
Why cant I play bin files in Foobar2000 with the VGMStream plugin installed? I extracted music from a games files and end up with bin files but they cant play.

EDIT: Game is Matrix Path of Neo btw.

edited 1:57 PM EDT August 25, 2020
by bnnm at 3:58 PM EDT on August 25, 2020
If your files don't open that means your game isn't supported by vgmstream.
by almendaz at 10:17 PM EDT on August 25, 2020
Thanks kode54, I'll look more into combining .txtp with playlists in the future, I'll have the time to test/experiment to get a better hang on txtp commands.
by marcoxD95 at 5:18 AM EDT on August 26, 2020
Well guess bin files or the extracted files from Matrix Path of Neo arent supported then. Weirdly enough according to another post here it should work fine with XMPlay? So I guess this function just wasn't ported to Foobars VGMStream?
by kode54 at 8:24 PM EDT on August 26, 2020
If you don't rename the extensions, you have to enable support for "common" extensions, with the problems that come with doing that, such as taking over arbitrary files that other inputs with tagging support should be loading.
by bnnm at 5:03 PM EDT on September 5, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix .AT9 with wrong padding [F1 2011 (Vita)]
- Fix seeking issues in winamp
- Fix memory leak with dual file stereo
- txtp: Allow single groups and loop_mode auto for layers
- Fix some .bank [Fall Guys (PC)]
- Fix some decoding edge cases
- Add TXTP silence entry
- Fix truncated .wem with PTADPCM
- Highly improved ADPCM decoding algorithm (by SimonTime)
- EA MPF: Fixed empty tracks (by Nicknine)
- Fix some .ivaud sounds [GTA4 (X360/PS3)]
- Fix foobar convert to file
- Allow .txtp matching base files in !tags.m3u
- Fix seeking with "ignore fade" set
- Fix infinite loop with bad data in Wwise Vorbis
- Fix some .joe [Counter Terrorism Special Forces (PS2)]
- Add HCA keys
- Fix some .sab [Men of Valor (PC), Just Cause (PS2)]
- Fix some Ubi SB [Petz Sports (Wii), NCIS (Wii)]
- Fix some Ubi BAO [Avatar (Wii), Drawsome (Wii)]
- Fix some loop install issues with layers
- Fix some .mul [Tomb Raider 8 (PS3), Avengers (PC)]

There isn't an official release ATM so get it from the latest compilations here

edited 1:58 PM EDT September 6, 2020
by abuse of circ at 4:24 PM EDT on September 9, 2020
has vgmstream been used in any games/projects besides those Final Fantasy VII ports?
by bnnm at 4:19 PM EDT on September 27, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+xmplay (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some .ktsl2asbin [Atelier Ryza (PC)]
- Add subsongs and !tags.m3u support for Audacious
- Tweak .mul check
- Add fsbkey [SCP: Unity (PC), GH Metallica (X360)]
- Fix .bank with encrypted FSB5
- Add HCA keys [Kandagawa Jet Girls (PC), Re:Zero (Mobile)]
- Add ADX key [Mirai Nikki (PSP)]
- Fix some .awb/acb names
- Fix .txth subfiles with subsongs
- Fix some .xwb and cleanup [Crackdown (X360)]
- Fix subsongs in Winamp with some modern skins
- Fix FFmpeg subsongs always playing first
- Add old .xwv [Lost Odyssey (X360), Bullet Witch (X360)]
- Add old/new .xse [Lost Odyssey (X360), Mindjack (X360/PS3)]
- Fix some .xwb with DSP [Blossom Tales (Switch)]
by bnnm at 4:12 PM EST on November 6, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (web / builds / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some encrypted .ogg [Tobi Tsukihime (PC)]
- Added JSON dumping capabilities to the CLI on Linux (by kode54/kddlb)
- Ubi DAT: Fixed random resource type (by Nicknine)
- Fix some .bnk [Warhammer 40000 (PC)]
- Fix .bank with multiple FSB5 [Hades (Switch)]
- Fix some .nlsd [Disgaea 4 (PC)]
- Add .way bgm decoder/meta [Eien no Owari ni (PC)]
- Add .wav DSP/OPUS [Dragon Quest (Switch)]
- Fix some iMuse .wav [Grim Fandango (Vita)]
- Add CLI "-k -2" for loop testing
- Fix Enthusia PCM files and add .lp/ap/lep
- Fix multichannel/variable frame ASKA ADPCM [Resonance of Fate (PC)]
- Redo tri-Ace .aac w/ MSADPCM + subsongs [Star Ocean 4 (PC)]
- Remove Enthusia .enth fake extension (use .lbin/ap/lep/lp)
- Remove tri-Ace .ace fake extension (use .aac/laac)
- Fix .wem OPUSNX with original rate [MK Home Circuit (Switch) voices]
- Fix .rsd XMA cutting early [Crash of the Titans (X360)]
- Ubi DAT: Play silence if external file is not found (by Nicknine)
- EA SCHl: fixes (by Nicknine)
- Fix Wwise old IMA/PCM and new LE XMA [Shadowrun (PC)]
- Fix FSB5 .bank segfault when failing to open encrypted files
- Fix stereo VADPCM
- Add TXTP support for volume macro in decibels
- Add TXTP special value "all" in random groups
- Add TXTP loop anchors to simplify segment loops and multi-loop groups
- Unify plugin titles and improve TXTP handling
- Fix encrypted FSB5 .bank
- Fix .MSF sample counts with VBR MP3 [Asura's Wrath (PS3)]
- Add #v alias and fix dB decimals
- Add FSB key

(when no release is available see "builds" link)


Reminder, there is a tool now to handle Wwise rips, see:
by ChillyBilly at 10:54 AM EST on November 11, 2020
Hey, guys! It's been a while! Got a new set I'd like some help with! I just took a gander at Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin for the Switch and discovered that the sound seems to use a new Opus variant (called ".nsopus") that isn't quite playable at the moment (for me, at least). Any way to get this set supported? I also included the source .arc file for good measure, if it helps any. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
by bnnm at 4:19 PM EST on November 22, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (builds / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Improve XOpus handling + prepare Wwise Opus
- Add Wwise Opus (disabled)
- Fix buggy .at3 [E.X. Troopers (PS3)]
- Fix trailing samples not being cut when using pad end
- Rename TXTH subsong_offset to subsong_spacing for clarity
- Add TXTH name_offset_absolute for some subsong cases pointing to offset
- Fix some .sed [Fatal Frame 5 (WiiU)]
- Add WiiVoice dsp [Fatal Frame 5 (WiiU)]
- Add partial support for Koie Tecmo .xws with MSF
- Clean Wwise meta
- Add .awb+acb using CPK [MGS3 (3DS), SF vs TK (X360)]
- Fix some .nus3bank [Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (X360)]
- Add .nsopus [Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Switch)]
- Fix some Wwise .bnk SFX
- Fix some .acb names [Street Fighter vs Tekken(X360)]
- Fix segfault when applying trims, pads and body settings in edge cases
- Add HCA key
- Add .mwa extension [Fatal Frame (Xbox)]
- Fix some .xwb+xsb name issues [LocoCycle (X360)]
- Enable Wwise OPUS [Assassin's Creed Valhalla (PC)]
- Fix some .sad [Luminous Arc (DS)]
- Tweak layer-v mixing in some cases and improve performance
- Fix segfault when using pad end in some cases
- Fix some pad end issues with segmented layout
- Allow segments of different number of channels
- Fix multichannel Wwise Opus
- Add RIFF .ima [Baja: Edge of Control (PS3/X360)]
- Improve seeking speed in layered/segmented layout in some cases

(when no release is available see "builds" link)
by Tanookirby at 4:37 PM EST on December 5, 2020
Uh,oh. It appears this new version (r1050-3448-g77cc431b Nov 29 2020) is causing Foobar to crash when I play certain .txtp files from Paper Mario: The Origami King, i.e. the tunes that combine the battle themes and their intros.
by bnnm at 5:10 AM EST on December 6, 2020
latest vgmstream changes (builds / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Disable layout seeking for now due to bugs
- Fix Vorbis .wem with metadata [Gears of War 4 (PC)]
- Add HCA key
- Add .3do extension [Aqua World: Umimi Monogatari (3DO)]
- Fix info dialog sometimes showing minutes:seconds as N:60.000
- Minor Wwise doc
- Improve TXTP loop anchors and add #B for body time without fades
- Improve perfomance of some de-chunked .txtp
- Tweak DTK detection
- Fix SNDS with CBD2 [Battle Tryst (Arcade)]
- Allow TXTP groups selecting subfiles like random for testing
- Fix TXTP segfault when not using groups
- switch nibbles on OKI4s, add to TXTH (by ahigerd)
- EA MPF: Improved parser accuracy (by Nicknine)
- EA HDR: Fixed byte endianness detection (by Nicknine)
- EA HDR: Added VAG variation [Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (PS2)] (by Nicknine)
- Ubi SB: Added new version [Myst III: Exile (PS2)] (by Nicknine)
- Add support for AIFC loop comments [Battle Tryst (Arcade)]

(when no release is available see "builds" link)


@Tanookirby - in cases like that always try downloading from the "build" link first, since it contains the latest fixes, and since releases are posted irregularly.
by ChillyBilly at 1:33 AM EST on December 28, 2020
Brought this up in the Switch thread, but I think some of the audio for Clan N may be encrypted. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance, as always!
by bnnm at 6:51 AM EST on January 5, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / releases (MSVC) / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Ubi SB: Added more versions (by Nicknine)
- Added Team17 SBK format [Addiction Pinball (PC)] (by Nicknine)
- Fix some .NAAC looping issues
- Fix TXTP with UTF-8 BOM
- Add .awc with Vorbis in sfx mode [Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)]
- Add HCA key
- Ubi SB: Fixed Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (PS2) (by Nicknine)
- Fix some .smp [Guilty Party (Wii)]
- Add mutant OPUS .wem [Cyberpunk 2077 (PC)]
- Fix .sm1+ss1 with garbage streams [Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (PS2)]
- Add .nxa looping + Fixed Opus [Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope (Switch)]
- Fix some EALayer3 [FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil (PS3)]
- Add .adpcm WIIADPCM [Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii)]
- Add CWAC .dsp [Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (WiiU)]
- Add .ifs with bgm subsongs [drummania (AC), GITADORA (AC)]
- Fix TXTH subfiles + subsongs when subfiles only have 1 subsong
- Add partial music .awc + Vorbis [Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)]
- Fix title segfault in Audacious
- Add streamed .xnb [Clan N (Switch), Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded (X360)]
- Fix some Wwise PCM [Army of Two: the 40th Day (PS3)]
- Fix some .sts [Gacharoku 2 (PS2)]
- Fix some .csb [Nights: Journey of Dreams (Wii)]
- Fix .xws with multibanks [Ninja Gaiden 3 RE (PS3), DOA 5 Last Round (PC)]
- Add Ubi SB variation [Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (X360)]
- Add Ubi BAO variation [Beowulf (X360/PS3)]
- Fix issues when getting extension affecting .mpf + cleanup
- Add fsb key [Bubble Fighter (PC)]
- Add .acx ADX container [Baroque (SAT), Persona 3 (PS2)]

(when no release is available see "builds" link)
by Puterboy1 at 11:42 PM EST on January 11, 2021
Could you add support for the .wav files of the PC and Xbox ports of Pac-Man World 3?:
by pantypan at 7:43 PM EST on January 19, 2021
Persona 5 Royal (US/EU) adx key


P5R JP adx key
by bnnm at 5:34 PM EST on January 24, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some broken DSP
- Add MUSX with SBNK [G-Force (PC), Dead Space Extraction (Wii)]
- Add Speex decoder
- Handle EASpeex for EAAC .sps/sbs/etc
- Fix PS4 tri-Ace .aac [Resonance of Fate (PS4)]
- Add more .str+wav variations [Pac-Man World 3 (PC/Xbox)]
- Add HCA/ADX key [Assault Lily Last Bullet (Android)]
- Fix .ao loops [Cloudphobia (PC)]
- Add .cwav + decoder [RADIO ZONDE (PC)]
- Add .KTAC [Kin'iro no Corda 3 (Vita), Atelier Ryza (PS4)]
- Add MJB+MJH [Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS2)]

**NOTE for Winamp users** you need to copy new libspeex.dll to winamp base/plugins folder (depending on version).
by skzm at 11:27 AM EST on February 20, 2021
Assault Lily Last Bullet seems to be using different ADX key for each ADX file. VGAudioTools is able to get all of their keys but how do I add multiple keys to one .adxkey file (or if it's possible)? Been doing it one by one but it's getting cumbersome.

edited 10:11 AM EST February 21, 2021
by skzm at 8:21 AM EST on February 22, 2021
Oh never mind me, I was being an idiot not knowing what to do with the assets and ended up trying to extract the .ADX files from them (when I could just add the .AWB extension to them).

Many thanks for the quick update, works perfectly!
by ChillyBilly at 3:54 PM EST on February 25, 2021
Got a new request for help! Cotton Reboot for the Switch has ".bgm" files that seem to be encrypted. Can anyone check them out? I included the executable, if it helps any. Thanks in advance!
by ChillyBilly at 10:45 PM EST on February 28, 2021
Pardon the bump, but I've got another teeny request: I've got the streamed audio for the Switch Aleste Collection here, but they come in .psb containers. Now, if I'm not mistaken, they seem to be containers for either opus or .wav files? Either way, I'd very much appreciate it if these were checked out, as well. Thanks in advance, as always!
by bnnm at 4:22 PM EDT on March 14, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Add id Tech 5 (.idmsf/bsnd) [Rage (PS3), Wolfenstein TNO (PS3/X360)]
- Fix some .nub
- Fix some Ubi BAO [Assassin's Creed (X360)]
- Fix Ubi HX with MP3 [Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat (PC)]
- Add tri-Ace Codec [Star Ocean 3 (PS2), Valkyrie Profile 2 (PS2)]
- Add HCA key [Sakura Kakumei (iOS/Android)]
- Add scramble key for .awb w/ ADX [Assault Lily Last Bullet (Android)]
- Add encrypted Ogg [Adventure Field 4 (PC)]
- Add XA 8-bit mode [Micro Machines (CD-i)]
- Add .xwb with ATRAC9 variation [Owlboy (PS4)]
- Add .bgm NXOpus [Cotton Reboot (Switch)]
- Fix broken .2pfs extension
- Fix tri-Ace codec joint stereo output
- Add KTSS .kno extension [Ciel Nosurge DX (Switch)]
- Add HCA key [Uma Musume (Android)]
- Add support for HCA v3.0 [Uma Musume (Android)]
- Improve HCA joint stereo
- Add FLAC loop tags [ZDoom (PC)]
- Fix Ogg looping with wrong granules [Aristear Remain (PC)]
- Greatly improve HCA key detection
Can't update vgmstream in Fb2k by Newbie2000 at 7:34 AM EDT on March 23, 2021
Apologies if this is not the correct place to report that I am unable to update vgmstream in Foobar2000. Additionally, the vgmstream component on foobar2000 says "no download available".
Latest builds by pooruser at 2:58 PM EDT on March 23, 2021
@newbie2000 Hello, in case nobody else told you already, please look at, always latest automated builds.
A note of gratitude by SquareTex at 6:39 PM EDT on April 4, 2021
I haven't been posting very often, but...the fact that the notorious Tri-Ace codec has finally been cracked, and I now have loopable music from Star Ocean 3 and Valkyrie Profile 2 brings me GREAT JOY. :)

Thank you!!! :D

edited 6:57 PM EDT April 4, 2021
by ChillyBilly at 7:12 PM EDT on April 30, 2021
Got another set that's giving me trouble: Shadow Gangs for the Switch. It looks like the audio is encrypted, but I'm not sure. So, I went and uploaded the whole sound folder! Thanks in advance to anyone who can look into this!
by bnnm at 4:34 PM EDT on May 5, 2021
It's encrypted
by bnnm at 6:05 PM EDT on May 5, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix TXTH name_table wildcard bugs and add subfile auto-loop end
- Small HCA optimization
- Fix new FSB5 w/ N-ch Vorbis [Just Cause 4 (PC), Invisible Inc. (SW)]
- Fix .nus3audio with dummy entries [Gundam Extreme Vs Maxi Boost ON (PS4)]
- Fix .xsew [Mega Man X Legacy Collection (PC)]
- Improve MSADPCM performance (~50%) + doc spec diffs
- Add partial .str+wav support for Zapper Beta (PS2)
- Add .idsp variation [Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (GC)]
- Add .kwa [Knight Wars (Wii)]
- Add HCA keys
- Fix TXTH/TXTM name table not reading filenames with spaces
- Add EXTS .sts_cp3+int_cp3 [Shadow of the Colossus (PS3)]
- Fix some .ogg looping from Astronauts games
- Add encrypted .bgm [Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (PC), Oyatsu no Jikan (PC)]
- Improve bitrate calculations for complex .txtp
- Add .ogv [Bloody Rondo (PC)]
- Add .wav/lwav extension for .gcub [Sega Soccer Slam (GC)]
- Split Winamp code
- Add ADX keys [Persona 5 Royal (PS4)]
- Add .vag variation [Gift (PS2)]
- Handle foobar2000 bug when reading paths with double slash
- Minor tweak in TXTP path handling
- Add ATRAC9 XVAG with layered subsongs [Days Gone (PS4)]
- Fix FSB key [Mortal Kombat X (PC)]
- Add NX Opus internal looping [Famicom Detective Club (Switch)]
- RIFF: Included PCM8_U and MSADPCM into cue chunk looping (by Nicknine)
- Add HCA key
- Fix Techland's .xwb [Nail'd (X360)]
- Added fake .x360audio extension (by Nicknine)
- Fix XMA sample counting in big files [Dead Island (X360)]
- Tweak .int validations
ADX Key Verification by cmahk at 10:04 AM EDT on May 7, 2021
I can confirm that the Persona 5 Royal US / EU ADX key functions properly for my personal dump of P5R. Is there anything I can provide to give further proof that it's the right key?
by bnnm at 11:14 AM EDT on May 7, 2021
Would be helpful if you could post the decrypted PS4 main executable and one .adx or two (I like to double check since multiple "unofficial" ADX keys decrypt the same, but the exe has the real key).

Or just confirm the key is in the exe (in a hex editor look for 0x015B4784 or 0x84475B01, LE) that works too.

This is the first game I've seen using different keys per regions, but why did they bother given ADX encryption is ancient and super broken?
New Ubisoft .sb1 version found by Droolie at 4:23 PM EDT on May 7, 2021

Would it be possible to add support for this version of Ubisoft .sb1?

.sb1 samples

It's from a PS2 horse game: Horsez/Champion Dreams: First to Ride/Pipa Funnell: Take the Reins/Alexandra Ledermann 6 (clearly a person with many names)

If that's useful to you, the game was released in 2006 and runs on a version of Jade engine somewhere between Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Warrior Within.

For context, I'm interested in it because it was developed by Phoenix Studio, whose previous game was a cancelled version of Rayman 4. The executable contains leftovers from that version, and the main soundbank file is still named rayman4.sp1 (I included it in the samples archive, probably not very useful though). I don't think there are any leftover sounds from that version of Rayman 4, but I can't be sure without checking all the audio. :)

edited 4:26 PM EDT May 7, 2021
x360audio by pooruser at 6:20 PM EDT on May 7, 2021
@nicknine and others possibly interested
Thank you very much for adding x360audio from Mirror's Edge to vgmstream, as well as for the upload. tags show Activision's Singularity on the Xbox 360 using the same extension, though probably a rather different format. As I can't find any progress in deciphering it since 2017, see and, I dare to ask can this be made playable after years, too?
Thanks in advance for any reply.
by ChillyBilly at 7:34 PM EDT on May 7, 2021
@bnnm: Well, thanks for letting me know about Shadow Gangs. I figured that was the case, sadly. Anyways, while I'm at it, can I ask if you'll check out the audio for R-Type Final 2 (also for NS)? It comes in .wav files (which even contain RIFF headers), but they still don't play for me. Maybe they're encoded differently or something? Thanks in advance again for looking into this!
by bnnm at 9:54 AM EDT on May 8, 2021
@ChillyBilly - how were those ripped?

@Droolie - added,

edited 4:55 PM EDT May 8, 2021
by Droolie at 3:36 PM EDT on May 8, 2021
@bnnm Thank you! :D
by ChillyBilly at 12:17 PM EDT on May 10, 2021
@bnnm: Extracted them using umodel. The source archive WAS encrypted, but I managed to gain access by locating the AES key. Was the ripping method itself faulty, by any chance?
by almendaz at 8:25 PM EDT on May 10, 2021
Hello, long time no see!

Asking for support, EA ADPCM .mpf/.mus pair (game: Need For Speed Most Wanted/Carbon - PC), .txtp cannot load more than 126 segments(subsongs) per play/track.

## example_track_file.txtp:
MW_Music.mpf#1~126    ## loads fine, with a little delay / loading segments into memory

## another_example_track_file.txtp:
MW_Music.mpf#1~127    ## does not play

## yet_another_example_track_file.txtp:
MW_Music.mpf#123~888    ## same

I do not think it's a regression (recently updated vgmstream since late last year).
Please fix this.

edited 8:26 PM EDT May 10, 2021
by bnnm at 11:45 AM EDT on May 11, 2021
@ChillyBilly - just trying to understand if the extension is correct.
Anyway rename to .adpcm and they should work.

@almendaz - there is an OS limit of max "files" open (including all programs, I think it's higher in Win 10).

b/c segments are internally pretty simple they just pre-open one file per segment, rather than reusing the same, so it may reach this limit.

I think it's fixable in the future but it's pretty complex given how vgmstream works.
by almendaz at 11:51 PM EDT on May 12, 2021
Thank you for your detailed answer.
I can see the OS limitation by memory i/o handles (?) - I could figure a way to circunvent this by "parsing" the adpcm directly (no segments) by customizing a .txth & combine with .txtp, as the segments use the same audio parameters afaict.
Granted - at least a limit of 255 could be very enough in the future.

I have another petition, if you don't mind (have I made in the past already?): use TXTP commands fuctionality in .m3u(8) files, to avoid/reduce multiple .txtp usage.
by bnnm at 5:11 PM EDT on May 13, 2021
by almendaz at 11:57 PM EDT on May 13, 2021
OK. Command syntax in .m3u(8) is a little different than in .txtp - I just assumed them as the same, my bad.
Will have to review this.

edited 11:59 PM EDT May 13, 2021
by almendaz at 1:06 PM EDT on May 17, 2021
Again, me!

I tested v-txtp in NFSMW extracts. For a sound data source with so many segments, v-txtp calls from m3u are slow, with no seamless transition between songs/gropup-of-segments, as if m3u would play them from disk, maybe due to the 128-ish filecount limit for playlist. Due to this, I prefer the standard non-v-txtp !tags playlist loading .txtp files.

But I found that !tags.m3u ' tags are shown/loaded in playlist ONLY if their .txtp are in the same folder as !tags.m3u.

Any plans to support/implement a sort-of "unified" !tags.m3u in base folder from where tags are loaded for .txtp files in diferent subfolders, to keep main/base folder uncluttered from .txtp files?

Otherwise, I would have to do with 4 .m3u playlists (base + inside folders) instead of just one (base) for the example described below.

/## Example (folder contains):

(...31 more .txtp files in subfolder)

(...another 29 ...)



(Note there's no .txtp files in the same folder as !tags.m3u)

/## Example (some .txtp in subfolder, text contains)

/## Example (!tags.m3u)
# @ARTIST BlackBox

# %TITLE Start
### .\folder1\01.txtp ### (works the same)
# %TITLE Following

### (etc.)
by bnnm at 6:04 PM EDT on May 17, 2021
Virtual or regular txtp are processed the same internally, so you are probably seeing some unrelated performance hiccup (like Windows caching files once).

As for loading tags, vgmstream only "sees" whatever file the player passes, and loads !tags.m3u based on current folder. Generally players just make a full path, and there is no concept of "original m3u", so can't tell where your !tags.m3u is and only current path is used.

So basically I can't do much about that (what you ask works in Winamp actually, due how it handles current folders, but not possible in foobar).

I don't think your example is very common though and most people would prefer .txtp in the base folder (pointing to subfolders), to have a clear view of total tracks.
by almendaz at 11:53 PM EDT on May 17, 2021
Thanks. Very informative.

>> ...and loads !tags.m3u based on *current* folder
>> I don't think your example is very common though and most people would prefer .txtp in the base folder (pointing to subfolders), to have a clear view of total tracks.

I figured this much. I ended using !tags.m3u for each subfolder in soundtrack, and created another m3u in basefolder to call them.

>> Virtual or regular txtp are processed the same internally, so you are probably seeing some unrelated performance hiccup (like Windows caching files once).

Yes, that's very possible, maybe just my low-spec setup; when loading m3u with txtp in winamp, songs start faster overall than as virtual txtp (v-txtp), at least on my side. Even as the !tags are called from one "main" m3u in base folder, songs are still loaded faster than as v-txtp, as per my above observation (mostly longer groups of segments, in case it was not understood from my latter post). It seems to be a RAM issue on my side, maybe a disk issue. I will safeguard just in case.
by EHT_shiniori at 7:06 PM EDT on May 30, 2021
OK, so i want to write out an txth file on an csb file.

however, said file uses an different format from CRI's "UTF" format. instead, it's a made-up format developed by Techland for use in Chrome Engine 6 games. Dying Light is one of those games.

said format is a quasi-archive format containing FSB5 files, and though i kinda have an idea of how to write an txth file for this i fear my efforts on doing so may result in an unplayable mess.

here's one such file. i had to pick up the smallest one because reasons.

edited 11:10 PM EDT May 30, 2021
by almendaz at 12:38 AM EDT on May 31, 2021
Could these .mus files be added to vgmstream? I posted some algorithm that could be of use, and some sample files.

edited 12:40 AM EDT May 31, 2021
by bnnm at 7:17 PM EDT on June 6, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Handle The Sims 2 XA header variant (by mbc07)
- Fix broken loops in Astronauts .ogg
- Add HCA keys
- Fix very small MP3 .msf [Mirror's Edge (PS3)]
- Fix some Sony .bnk subsongs [Neopets (PSP)]
- Add .sb1 variation [Horsez (PS2)]
- Allow multiple files in CLI
- Fix .isb with subfolders [Mass Effect (X360)]
- Improve .ogg loop tag handling in some cases
- Fix some CLI result code issues
- txtp_maker: improve dir handling, option to ignore repeats
- txtp_dumper: add tool to convert from virtual txtp to real txtp
- Fix Opus .wem with metadata [Gears 5 (PC)]
- Add Ogg .msa [Metal Slug Attack (Android)]
- Show .isb internal folder as stream name
- Add CRI's looping MP4 [Imperial SaGa Eclipse (Browser)]
- Fix .mpc/mp+ total samples and encoder delay
- Fix .vxn encoder delay / gapless [Asphalt 9 (Android)]
- Fix EA SWVR .stream sample rate in some cases [Nascar Rumble (PS1)]
- Fix .wem with fully truncated PCM [Metal Gear Solid V (PC)]
- Fix some .aac encoder delay/sample issues
- Remove unneeded .hca subkeys (use .acb/awb)
- Fix big endian .sps [Legasista (PS3)]
- Add HCA/ADX key [maimai DX Splash (AC)]
- EA SCHl tweaks


@almendaz - not really possible at the moment, will need to think about it.
by almendaz at 12:58 AM EDT on June 8, 2021
Not in a hurry. Hopefully a better .mus implementation can be developed for vgms.
by JackTheRipper at 12:06 PM EDT on June 26, 2021
Shrek 2 by Activision and Luxoflux (GC, 2004) has buggy dsp - example: music_00.dsp

Mono .thp files seems to be buggy (seen in Ben10AF:VA, DtEJttPP, and some others).

Anyone can fix support the files from Blitz titles (Zapper - Xbox, Sneak King - Xbox, FOPBDR - GC/PS2 but on PS2 the file is named dance_beatmatch.wav.str, SB:Atlantis - Wii/PS2 files named level4 and level14)

edited 12:19 PM EDT June 26, 2021
by bnnm at 1:41 PM EDT on June 28, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Fix some .MSB+MSH
- Move .wma to common extensions list
- Tweak segmented bitrate
- Fix mono .thp [WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Game$! (GC)]
- Fix SQEX .scd XMA total samples + cleanup
- Fix some .ktsl2asbin [Samurai Warriors 5 Demo (Switch)]
- Support multi-awb .acb names using .txtm [Snack World (Switch)]
- Fix XMA2 .wbd+wbh [Bladestorm Nightmare (PC)]
- Improve MSADPCM accuracy
- Fix some .vgs [Ishikura Noboru no Igo Kouza: Chuukyuuhen (PS2)]
- Fix .wvs glitches [Metal Arms (GC)]
- Add ADX keycodes
- Enable .bfstm region subsongs for testing (via .txtp)
- Cleanup


@JackTheRipper - You need to upload multiple buggy or unplayable sample files (plus the game they correspond to) or there is no hope for those to be fixed/added.
by JackTheRipper at 9:30 PM EDT on June 28, 2021
Here is the Shrek 2 file

Here are the possibly known Blitz titles
1, this has level4 and level14
2, has dance_beatmatch.wav
3, it is supposed to play xbox ima instead of psx

Mono .thp issues but apparently screws on older versions
(update: thankfully, it worked on 06/28/21 build as these games seen on Ben10AF:VA, Dora Purple Planet, WarioWare GC, and some others)
Try testing these games:

edited 9:51 PM EDT June 28, 2021
by bnnm at 6:57 PM EDT on July 23, 2021
latest vgmstream changes (builds / test+winamp+etc (GCC) / bug list)
- Add TXTH multi txth, name table for subsongs, special subsong value
- Fix some .str+wav bugs [Sneak King (Xbox), Fairly OddParents: BTR (PS2)]
- Add CLI option to write multiple subsongs
- Add Capcom .sspr [Sengoku Basara 4 (PS3/PS4)]
- Add HCA key [Dragon Quest Tact (Android)]
- Add .d2 extension [Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou (PS2)]
- Fix some TXTH/TXTP + CLI path issues
- Optimize PSX padding finder
- Fix some auto L+R issues [Gift: Prism (PS2)]
- Fix some .at3 [Sengoku Basara 4 (PS3)]
- Add .sps new EA-OPUS [FIFA 21 (PC)]
- Ubi SB: Fixed PS2 subblock detection (by Nicknine)
- Ubi SB: Added a new version [Open Season (X360)] (by Nicknine)
- Fix clamped subfiles read bug
- Add TXTH first interleave, tweak dual stereo
- Fix some ATRAC9 .wem [DmC: Definitive Edition (PS4)]
- Fix FFmpeg 4.4 encoder delay issues and cleanup
- Ignore silence codec in bitrate and info
- ffmpeg: cleanup
- Allow wrong .AT3 again for old demuxed videos
- Fix some .spf [Hugo: Magic in the Trollwoods (DS)]
- Add Tantalus .tad decoder [House of the Dead (SAT)]
- vgmstream123: fix segfault with downmixed audio
I Know this is awful I apologise... by Elven Spellmaker at 7:57 PM EDT on July 26, 2021
But how on earth do I get VGMStream to be installed in Winamp in 2021.

(Maybe I just have to copy old installs of it?)

It says NOT LOADED, and I have all the DLLs I need I believe.

edited 7:02 AM EDT July 27, 2021
by bnnm at 5:49 PM EDT on July 27, 2021
Probably DLLs aren't in the right place. in_vgmstream.dll should go to the "Plugins" subfolder in the Winamp dir, while all other extra DLLs go near winamp.exe.

If you are using some kind of tweaked Winamp (WACUP or "leaked" versions after 5.666) maybe they go in the Plugins folder instead or something.
by Elven Spellmaker at 5:41 AM EDT on July 28, 2021
Thanks bnnm, I needed the DLLs in the same folder as winamp.exe. I remember doing that years ago but didn't this time.

Thanks again!
by MoldyPond at 3:24 AM EDT on July 30, 2021
I've noticed that with the most recent version of vgmstream, the PS4 files for Snake Pass (.at9) no longer work. Just wondering if this is a known issue at all :)
by bnnm at 4:32 PM EDT on August 2, 2021
@MoldyPond - wonky rip, re-download fixed version.

I made detection a bit tighter to reject those cases, since people kept uploading the darndest things.
msadpcm troubles by digital_noob at 8:00 AM EDT on August 3, 2021

I've been running into a lot of trouble trying to setup vgmstream.
(to avoid making this entire post unintelligible ive deleted my edits)
how do i set up vgmstream when used in CMD? i have difficulty understanding the instructions, particularly the phrase "after compiling with the build scripts".
- D.N.

edited 8:21 AM EDT August 3, 2021

edited 8:30 AM EDT August 3, 2021

edited 9:14 AM EDT August 3, 2021

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