Neon64 Remarks

"Thats just cool. ;)" - LaC
"Neon64 is amazing!" - PCJason
"It's one of the tightest and most elegant emulators I've ever seen as far as the code goes." - Sweater Fish Deluxe
"it's a good work" - DarkDragon
"MAJOR props to you for doing "the impossible"." - SJoS
"That's one hell of a job you did" - CrowTRobo
"N64 EMULATION LIVES!!!!!!" - k1114
"emulation in a console it's a kickass work" - Leo
"There will be always time to test things like your lovely emu :)" - SPR
"God please, allow this project to complete" - Hectic
"i think its cool" - Lemmy
"GODDAMMIT! For the love of Satan, why the fuck did I sell my N64? Why Satan? Why?" - dlong
"Great work" - Destop
"Great to see you still working on it." - Onnichiwa
"it's still good to see N64 related stuff being done." - Bomberchops
"you are a talented man and I really hope that you do something on the XBOX." - MtaMIMI2000
"Good job!" - runderwo
"cool" - Aenima1724
"the only Nintendo64 emulator that actually works" - 64scener
"Ahora funciona mejor" (Now it works better) -
"Muss ich mal ausprobieren" (I must try out times (blame Babel Fish)) - KR155E
"dopotutto c' ancora qualcuno interessato allemulazione sul N64" (after all there is still someone interested in emulation on the N64) - Infrid
"?????" (DIFFERENT) - DimOK
"We need updates to Neon64 more often than once a year." - Anonymous
"it work great [ THX ]" - Atryda
"I haven't used Neon64 yet, but I have a hard drive with its name on it ready to stick in my Z64! " - Spht
"Thanks for writing something to feed my strange needs!" - Drew
"man, this is one kick-ass emulator!" - ThePhantom
"Very interesting idea they have there." - SubDrag
"this sounds pretty wicked" - Wreck
"All hail hcs the mighty fish of gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - SHIEK
"Works great thanks amazing to play nes on the n64 :))" - stallion
"I love the nes and hope that you guys can make the neon able to play all nes roms and bring back the past." - JAMIED