All you need to extract nearly every sound, song, and bit of dialog from Max Payne (the PS2 version, at least).
Max Payne Rip Kit

Some of my favorite lines:
Address Unknown (1.24 MB MP3) - "The flamingo speaks."
Season Finale of The Void (Captain's Log: Development Update 2001) (2.64 MB MP3) - "Let's give them some bump mapping to worry about." "Scott, give me everything you've got! Compensate with light map smoothing!"
Audio Report (756 KB MP3) - "The game Rocks." "I'll take famous titties for 200."
Valkyr Trip letter #1 (374 KB MP3) - "You're in a graphic novel."
Valkyr Trip letter #2 (423 KB MP3) - "You're in a computer game, Max."
Valkyr Trip phone call #1 (335 KB MP3) - "Bartender shiny stuff and dreams are made of stooped necromancers, he sings like a banana wrist having strained too close to the constellations on their shaved skulls."
Valkyr Trip phone call #2 (269 KB MP3) - "It was a bad line from a prank call."
It's never been this cold before... (208 KB MP3) - "It's the end of the world as we know it. And I don't feel fine. I don't feel anything."
Cold Steel Guard Banter #1 (320 KB MP3) - "I call it . . . Dick Justice"
Cold Steel Guard Banter #2 (297 KB MP3) - "I'm not a cold blooded killer. I'm a nice guy."
Get Painkillers (37.4 KB MP3) - "Pills would hold the pain back for a while."
Payne speaks to Bravoura (346 KB MP3) - "We come to you now live from the crime scene."
odd voice #1 (208 KB MP3) - "I could feel it stalking me now, like a chimera hidden from the storm clouds in a forbidden forest of glass and steel" (alternate voice for Max?)
odd voice #2 (50.4 KB MP3) - "The Valkyr case had more twists in it than a tornado." (alternate voice for Max?)
Frankie "The Bat" Niagra (351 KB MP3) - "Niagra, as in you cry a lot?"
Gimmie da Detonator (129 KB MP3)
Sinister, Cold & Cruel (42.5 KB MP3) - "Yeah, yeah."
License to Kill (336 KB MP3) - "Like James Bond."
I think he's dead already (18.5 KB MP3)
What do you mean he's unstoppable? (208 KB MP3) - "You outnumber him at least 20 to 1."

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