Chudah's Corner
VGM tracklistings, album covers, and reviews
Daryl's Library: All About Final Fantasy Music CDs
track listings, album covers
Fafnir's Den: Soundtrack Track Listings
Square Enix track listings
Game music base
"database of Games, Games music and soundtracks"
Game Music Images: OST Cover Museum
a substantial album cover collection
Game Music Revolution
user-updated database of VGM albums
Game Watch
articles on VGM every so often, with nice big cover images
another album database
Japanese site with album info
Koichi Sugiyama ~ Unofficial English Fan Page - Discography (Dragon Quest Albums)
Locke's Game Music Database
a large collection of albums with track lengths and listings
release group, BitTorrent
MIDI and MP3 from Rare games, HTTP (some offsite links)
Blue Laguna's Media Archive: Mp3 Selection
good selection of OSTs, HTTP
ChangeV World
Large album listing, occasionally some for download (by request, often)
C U B E D W O R L D / / G A M E R I P S
huge list of gamerips, many downloadable by HTTP
BitTorrent and FTP VGM album downloads
FF Shrine - Final Fantasy Media Soundtracks Mp3 Music Downloads
Instructions for using IRC fserves on #ffshrine at
Final Fantasy Advanced
Square Enix music
Final Fantasy Hybrid
No longer offers music for download - Groovin!
remixes and some official tracks via HTTP
Galbadia Hotel
RPG soundtracks, HTTP
Game music base MP3 links
a great list of offsite links, updated sporadically
release group, BitTorrent
release group
Gamer's Corner
HTTP album collection, HUGE list of links
a good sized HTTP hosted collection
Gamingforce Interactive Forums
My Stuff forum contains many FTP servers
GM-Realm Tracker
Gradius Home World ~ Multimedia
A few Gradius tunes, as well as CD sales
HCS Bonus
occasionally albums... >> VGM
small collection, HTTP
Legacy of Ys
A good selection of Ys albums, unfortunately you must go through Fileplanet
samples from the Lunar series, HTTP
The Protoman Homepage: Music
Mega Man music (and some others) via HTTP and BitTorrent
Rare: Downloads
Rare's official downloads section, some MP3s
RPGamers Network - Video Game Music
network of FTP servers
Slightly Dark
HTTP downloads of some very rare albums, updated weekly
VGM Central
Direct Connect hub, if you can't find it here it isn't online. READ THE RULES.
Chrono Symphonic
"A Cinematic Interpretaion" of Chrono Trigger
Dwelling of Duels (mirror)
live performances, themed competition each month
Overclocked Remix
judge-selected remixes
huge selection of peer-reviewed remixes
Sale (no endorsement implied):
Game Music Online
JUNGLE Special Collectors Shop
nice cover images, unfortunately watermarked
Sony Game Music
also a great source for track lists