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by wwehero1 at 12:39 PM EST on November 27, 2011
On page 126 there are instructions on how to extract music files for Smackdown vs raw 2011!

I am doing it exactly how it says but it dosen;t work, even for any other of the sound .pck files!

Can anyone teach me how to do it or teach me how to ripl .pck files from WWE 12 so I can extract sounds to use in my youtube videos

credits will be given and whoever answers if they give me their paypal information I will send them $10
by SmartOne at 7:29 PM EST on November 27, 2011
Anyone mind sharing Kirby's Epic Yarn? Please?

I only have part of the set.
by Infernus Animositas at 11:45 PM EST on November 27, 2011
wwehero1, cut the first 10MB of the .pck archive with the music in it and upload it. Then maybe someone can give you more of an idea of what to do :)

EDIT: What platform are you trying to rip the music from? Xbox 360? PS3? Wii?

edited 11:57 PM EST November 27, 2011
by bxaimc at 8:45 AM EST on November 28, 2011
It should be MPEG.

(Also, don't offer money. Then this whole operation gets closer to being piracy, which equals a no no because of $$ for something we don't own.)

edited 8:49 AM EST November 28, 2011
by Hotcakes at 3:58 PM EST on November 28, 2011
People own their personal time :) It's $$ for time. But it still seems a bit 'wrong' in any case...
by Knurek at 5:46 PM EST on November 28, 2011
2 new PSP sets, one a new score by Yuzo Koshiro (which is forkin' amazing IMO), the other a conversion of a PC game with music by C64 legends, Thomas "Drax" Mogensen, Thomas "Laxity" Petersen and Jeroen Tel:

7th Dragon 2020 (2011)(ImageEpoch)(Sega)[PSP][Atrac3+]
BreakQuest (2009)(Red Marble)(Beatshapers)[PSP][Atrac3+]

Enjoy. More PSP incoming.
by Knurek at 3:04 PM EST on November 29, 2011
Three new PSP sets:

Cladun - This is an RPG! [Classic Dungeon - Fuyoku no Masoujin] (2010)(System Prisma)(Nippon Ichi Software)[PSP][Atrac3+]
Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days [Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable] (2009)(Nippon Ichi Software)[PSP][Atrac3+]
Phantom Brave - The Hermuda Triangle [Phantom Brave Portable] (2010)(Nippon Ichi Software)[PSP][Atrac3+]
by Mouser X at 11:06 PM EST on November 29, 2011
I just got my first paycheck, and in celebration, I went to GameStop (only to look. I have no hope of affording any games for awhile yet...). There, I saw a game I hadn't heard of (no surprise...), Hyperdimension Neptunia. When I got home, I looked it up to discover that it's on the tracker. Would someone mind seeding it?

And, since I was on the tracker, I looked at some of my torrents, and realized I have a number of other, currently non-seeded, torrents I'd like to request as well.... I can't download most of these right now (I don't have the HDD space), but I'd like to request seeds for a hopefully near future download. They are:

Hyperdimension Neptunia
Eternal Sonata (PS3) (I have the X360 version. Perhaps the PS3 version has more playable files, instead of XMA? If not, then don't bother seeding this, but do let me know)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (tagged)

I think the rest currently have seeds, so I shouldn't need to worry about them. Thanks in advance, and sorry I had to request.... I don't like seeing my ratio decrease.... Mouser X over and out.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 11:15 PM EST on November 29, 2011
I'm still a little confused about torrents. How does someone download a torrent in the first place to seed it? Or am I still confused? It appears you need to seed it for others to download it, yet you need to download it to seed it. I mean, say I was to upload a torrent... how do you seed it if you don't have it, and how do you download it, if it's not seeded? I hate torrents.

edited 11:17 PM EST November 29, 2011
by Mouser X at 12:19 AM EST on November 30, 2011
I once saw it compared this way:

You own a book, that's 10,000 pages long. Obviously, if you give this book to only one person, it's going to take weeks (most likely longer) for the book to get passed around to other people.

In an effort to get this book to more people, quicker, you create a copy, 1 page at a time (though, considering it's computers you're dealing with, making a copy is much faster than it would be if you used a copy machine). You give 1 page to you friend, who then also makes a copy of the page you've just given them, and gives *that* copy to a different friend, who *also* makes a copy of that page. Within a few minutes, 1 page (the same page, yes) of the book is copied hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, you're still making copies of other pages, and giving these pages to other friends, who are making copies of the pages you've given them, and giving them to their friends. Using this method, the 10,000 page book can be copied hundreds (if not thousands) of times, in the amount of time it takes to create 1 copy. And, it spreads the work among a group of people, so that 1 person isn't responsible for creating thousands of copies (aka, the original owner only has to produce 10,000 pages, which creates innumerable copies (so long as people copy/share the pages they've received), instead of 10,000 pages per copy).

To compare to a file hosting site:

One person owns a 10,000 page book. To give this book to someone, they must create a copy of the book, page by page, for every person that wants a copy. If 10 people want a copy, that's 100,000 pages that must be made, instead of 10,000 in the above example.

Not only do file hosting sites have that limitation, but there's an even bigger one. If there is no "original owner" (aka, the original seed, and no downloads), then no one can download it. Even if there IS no seed at all, you can still download part of the book, because people are still making copies of the pages they have. And, since someone might have pages 1-2,000, and someone else has pages 1,950-5,634, and someone else has 5,000-7,002, and someone else has 6,500-9,000, and someone else has 8,000-10,000, then, among the entire group, the book is still available. As opposed to a file hosting site. If the site is offline, then no one can get the book, at all, even partially.

To answer your question ("How does someone download a torrent in the first place to seed it?"):

You can't seed anything, without having some data to seed. Thus, when you very first get on a torrent, you are "leeching" it (that's the term they use). Once you've generously been given 1 page, now you can seed that 1 single page. Congratulations! You're seeding a torrent. Even if you don't download *any* more pages, you can still seed that 1 single page for as long as you want. However, it's unlikely that you want only 1 page to a book, so it's in your best interest to download more pages. The more pages you download, the more pages you'll be able to seed. The more you seed, the faster the torrent, as a whole, can go, because there's more people, with more pages, to share the load.

Honestly, my experience has been that people make this *way* harder to understand than it needs to be. Basically, if there's 0 seeds, and 0 peers/leeches, and you get on the torrent, then you'll never download anything, because there's no data available. If there's 0 seeds, and 2 peers, then as long as each peer has a different 50%, you can still download the entire file, as among the 2 of them, they have the whole file (that's *really* unlikely, but theoretically, it can happen). As for someone who has yet to download anything - the other peers (seeds/leeches), are copying their pages, and sharing them out. Someone will eventually give you a copy of their page. Just start making copies of that page, and giving it to people. Eventually, you'll get another page, and you can share out that one as well. As time goes on, you'll eventually get the entire 10,000 page book. Often, the more pages you share (and the faster you share them) the higher priority you (or your client/program) will be given, when people (or their clients/programs) decided who to give their next copied page to. This is incentive for you to share out more pages, as the more you share, the faster others will give you pages to share, thus helping you to get the entire book faster.

The idea is, if someone can successfully create, and share, 100 pages at a time (as opposed to someone who can only copy and share 10 at a time), they'll be more able to share more pages to more people, more quickly. And, as stated above, it's an incentive to get people to be less stingy with what they share (aka, increase their upload, and keep it going longer).

Final answer: You can't seed anything, without downloading something first. Once you've downloaded something (any part of the torrent, no matter how little it may be), you are able to seed that data. You're still leeching (you don't have all the data), but for the data you do have, you're now a seed.

"say I was to upload a torrent... how do you seed it if you don't have it" - they can't, until *you*, who uploaded the torrent, give them something to seed.

"how do you download it, if it's not seeded?" - Obviously, you can't, since there's no data available. Someone has to hand out the data first (with no expectations of getting anything back). That "someone" would be the person who uploaded the torrent originally (in the above example, that'd be you). If you don't share enough, then no one will be able to download it (which is why most sites have a ratio rule. If no one has a ratio of 1:1, then no torrents will ever be completed. Even 1:1 isn't enough, realistically, due to most people having a ratio significantly less than 1:1).

I've tried to simplify this as much as possible. You're spending too much time seeing what you consider a contradiction, and not enough time realizing that people need to be generous (handing out the data, with no little hope of return) for this to work initially. Once a few people share what they have, others will soon follow, thus increasing the overall amount shared (and the amount able to be shared). I hope you understand it now.... If not... what did I miss? Mouser X over and out.

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