SubjectUpdatedUpdated byPosts Music Archive thread of awesome (pin'd) (last page)12:31 AM EDT March 24, 2019ChillyBilly 3775
vgmstream (pin'd) (last page)4:39 AM EDT March 23, 2019bnnm 2258
Switch - Music (pin'd) (last page)12:01 AM EDT March 23, 2019ChillyBilly 677
3DS - Music (pin'd) (last page)10:40 PM EDT March 20, 2019ChillyBilly 1566
The VGM/Others Instrument Source Thread (pin'd) (last page)3:52 PM EDT March 16, 2019alanbodhi 2282
The Official Streamed VGM Distribution Thread (pin'd) (last page)10:09 AM EDT March 15, 2019Ultrafighter 2321
What's going on in other xsf formats (pin'd) (last page)7:04 AM EST January 6, 2019marcusss 2171
The Official VGMToolbox Thread (pin'd) (last page)7:39 PM EST December 18, 2018XaikuTheMaverickHunter 336
Pinned/sticky thread discussion (pin'd) (last page)9:31 PM EDT April 30, 2018bxaimc 34
How To Convert .dsp Files?11:22 AM EDT March 23, 2019bnnm 2
Ghidra - open-source decompiler5:51 AM EDT March 23, 2019Kurausukun 6
Extracting BRSAR from Wii shop channel title screen5:13 PM EDT March 22, 2019Kurausukun 6
COMPLETE Soundfont/MIDI Pack for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga! (last page)2:42 AM EDT March 21, 2019JFD62780 13
I can't extract music from Blaster Master Zero 22:09 AM EDT March 21, 2019pierippah 8
.WV5 audio1:30 AM EDT March 21, 2019sandmanfan98 1
MIDI exporting the Rare GBA driver?6:29 PM EDT March 19, 2019Squeals92 3
How do I find sequence data in N64 ROMs?1:35 AM EDT March 19, 2019Tails19935 6
Digimon World 3 Files10:02 PM EDT March 15, 2019testie1 2
Having Trouble with modding Atelier Totori DX3:18 AM EDT March 15, 2019erikesoteric 1
MGS4 ReRip5:22 PM EDT March 13, 2019bnnm 7
Condemned 2: Bloodshot Audio Files6:00 PM EDT March 12, 2019-Dexter- 3
Harry Potter HBP NDS Music12:21 AM EDT March 12, 2019Bonboon228 1
cseq2mid (last page)11:37 AM EDT March 10, 2019icecream 22
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Soundfont (last page)9:52 PM EST March 9, 2019Excalibur624 116
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Complete High Quality Soundtrack (last page)8:43 PM EST March 9, 2019Excalibur624 12
Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Ripped PSF2 files (last page)8:00 PM EST March 9, 2019Eliskuya 26
Star Wars Episode III (PS2) .ilv files11:51 AM EST March 9, 2019Puterboy1 5
How I Spend My Time (last page)3:20 AM EST March 9, 2019hcs 1952
Sonic CD PAR (last page)1:45 AM EST March 9, 2019SmartOne 31

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