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by banshiryuu at 5:12 AM EST on December 20, 2012
Wait, so what are the .smpl files there for? I get that they have something to do with loops but what are you supposed to do with them?
by Knurek at 7:05 AM EST on December 20, 2012
No need for them, both VGMToolbox and AT3Plusloop.exe can generate .POS files which you can load combined with decrypted WAVs with vgmstream for looping.

Oh, and it's much easier to just use HiMDRenderer for decrypting AT3 files, since it can load most of them just fine - it only has problems with mono ATRAC3Plus and all ATRAC3 files. For ATRAC3 you have a DirectShow filter available, so they should be easy to convert using Winamp/whatever. Mono ATRAC3Plus will need QuickBMS and Sound Forge method unfortunately.

Summing up:

1. Run either VGMToolbox or AT3Plusloop on files, have them generate playlist.m3u and .POS files
2. Convert AT3 files to WAV with HiMDRenderer - try Sound Forge only if you get errors while converting.
3. Move WAV files to the same directory you have the .POS files in
4. Play/wavewrite the playlist.m3u with vgmstream installed

edited 7:13 AM EST December 20, 2012
by banshiryuu at 12:35 PM EST on December 20, 2012
Hmmm... okay, so the .m3u and .pos files came with the set that I downloaded, (Darius Burst) and since I can't for the life of me get HiMDRenderer to work on my computer, I converted all of the .at3 files to .aa3 and opened them in Sound Forge to save them all to .wav. They're all in the directory with the .pos and .m3u files, but loading the .m3u isn't giving me any results. Do I have to rename the .wav files to something different for them to load??
by Knurek at 2:10 PM EST on December 20, 2012
HiMDRenderer names the WAV files a bit differently than Sound Forge.

You probably have add_bgm1.at3 named as add_bgm1.wav, where vgmstream looks for add_bgm1.at3.wav

HiMDRenderer needs SonicStage to work, check if you have this installed.
by banshiryuu at 10:14 PM EST on December 20, 2012
Whoops, I didn't even realize that I didn't have to use the .m3u method, I could just open them all normally in foobar anyway... Well that solves that! ><

Ah, I didn't have Sonic Stage either, so that fixes that problem. It's a shame the Dangan Ronpa set doesn't convert with neither HiMDRenderer nor the QuickBMS script...

edited 10:32 PM EST December 20, 2012
by Knurek at 2:12 AM EST on December 21, 2012
The first Dangan-Ronpa game uses plain ATRAC3 (not ATRAC3Plus), there is a DirectShow codec available for that format.

When having that installed, the .AT3 files should play fine, depending on a player you use you might need to rename them to .WAV. Either play them by themselves or wavewrite and use the .POS files for looping.
by Knurek at 8:25 PM EST on December 23, 2012
This game makes my head hurt, honestly.

Super Hexagon (2012-11-27)(Terry Cavanagh)[PC][Ogg Vorbis]
by plpl3000 at 4:55 AM EST on December 24, 2012
Merry Christmas ^^

On tracker:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (2012-12-13)(Square Enix)[IOS][MPEG Audio Layer - PCM][MP3 - AIFF][tagged]

113 track + ALL DLC

track list

MUSIC_0001 Battle (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0002 Main Theme (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0003 Mt Gulg (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0004 Matoya's Cave (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0005 Sunken Shrine (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0006 Battle Theme 1 (Form Final Fantasy)
MUSIC_0007 Battle Theme 2 (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0008 Main Theme (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0009 Tower of the Magi (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0010 The Rebel Army (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0011 Dungeon (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0012 Battle 1 (Form Final Fantasy II)
MUSIC_0013 Battle 2 (Form Final Fantasy III)
MUSIC_0014 Eternal Wind (Form Final Fantasy III)
MUSIC_0015 Crystal Cave (Form Final Fantasy III)
MUSIC_0016 This is the Last Battle (Form Final Fantasy III)
MUSIC_0017 The Crystal Tower (Form Final Fantasy III)
MUSIC_0018 Battle 1 (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0019 Battle With The Four Fiends (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0020 Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0021 Within the Giant (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0022 The Final Battle (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0023 The Red Wings (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0024 Battle 2 (Form Final Fantasy IV)
MUSIC_0025 Battle 1 (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0026 Battle at the Big Bridge (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0027 Four Hearts (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0028 Mambo de Chocobo (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0029 The Decisive Battle (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0030 In Search of Light (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0031 The Final Battle (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0032 Home Sweet Home (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0033 A New World (Form Final Fantasy V)
MUSIC_0034 Battle (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0035 The Decisive Battle (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0036 Celes's Theme (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0037 Terra's Theme (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0038 Dancing Mad (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0039 Searching for Friends (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0040 Battle to the Death (Form Final Fantasy VI)
MUSIC_0041 Let the Battles Begin! (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0042 Fight On! (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0043 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0044 Cosmo Canyon (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0045 One-Winged Angel (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0046 Judgment Day (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0047 JENOVA (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0048 Aerith's Theme (Form Final Fantasy VII)
MUSIC_0049 The Man With the Machine Gun (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0050 Force Your Way (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0051 Blue Fields (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0052 Ride On (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0053 The Extreme (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0054 The Castle (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0055 Don't Be Afraid (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0056 Ending Theme (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0057 Fisherman's Horizon (Form Final Fantasy VIII)
MUSIC_0058 Battle 1 (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0059 The Final Battle (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0060 Over the Hill (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0061 Dark City Treno (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0062 Battle 2 (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0063 Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0064 Something to Protect (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0065 The Darkness of Eternity (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0066 Not Alone (Form Final Fantasy IX)
MUSIC_0067 Fight With Seymour (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0068 A Contest of Aeons (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0069 Mi'ihen Highroad (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0070 Movement in Green (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0071 Otherworld (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0072 A Fleeting Dream (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0073 SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful£¿) (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0074 Battle Theme (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0075 Challenge (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0076 The Decisive Battle (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0077 Zanarkand (Form Final Fantasy X)
MUSIC_0078 Battle Theme (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0079 Awakening (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0080 Ronfaure (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0081 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (Form Final Fantasy XI Rise of the Zilart)
MUSIC_0082 Fighters of the Crystal (Form Final Fantasy XI Rise of the Zilart)
MUSIC_0083 Gustaberg (Form Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia)
MUSIC_0084 Ragnarok (Form Final Fantasy XI Wings of the Goddess)
MUSIC_0085 Sarutabaruta (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0086 Vana'diel March (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0087 FFXI Opening Theme (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0088 Shinryu (Form Final Fantasy XI)
MUSIC_0089 Clash of Swords (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0090 Esper Battle (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0091 The Dalmasca Estersand (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0092 Giza Plains (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0093 Desperate Fight (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0094 The Royal City of Rabanastre ~ Town Ward Upper Stratum (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0095 Final Fantasy ~ Final Fantasy XII Version (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0096 The Battle For Freedom (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0097 Boss Battle (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0098 Ending Movie (Form Final Fantasy XII)
MUSIC_0099 Saber's Edge (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0100 Fighting Fate (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0101 March of the Dreadnoughts (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0102 The Sunleth Waterscape (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0103 Blinded By Light (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0104 The Archylte Steppe (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0105 Defiers of Fate (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0106 Desperate Struggle (Form Final Fantasy XIII)
MUSIC_0107 Antipyretic (Form Final Fantasy Tactics)
MUSIC_0108 KUON Memories of Waves and Light (Form Final Fantasy X-2)
MUSIC_0109 Beyond The Wasteland (Form Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
MUSIC_0110 Advent ~ One-Winged Angel (Form Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
MUSIC_0111 We have Arrived (Form Final Fantasy Type-0)
MUSIC_0112 Etro's Champion (Form Final Fantasy XIII-2)
MUSIC_0114 Sound of the Wind (Form Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)

by iloveyou at 8:22 PM EST on December 24, 2012
o_o Thank you~ plpl3000!
by iloveyou at 11:03 PM EST on December 25, 2012
plpl3000~ I still haven't received your file..0%
Please give me direct DL link :)

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