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by Ultrafighter at 3:00 AM EST on February 10, 2015
Hi, here`re some of my newest sets (all ripped off X360 obviously):

Universe at War - Earth Assault (2008-03-25)(Petroglyph)(Sega) hosted on MF or SS;

Stoked (2009-02-26)(Bongfish)(Destineer) located at MF or SS as well.

And just to add this to my last big offer I also have a few really old but still genuinely streamed rips stored there (of course I mean Mediafire) like UFC '09 or SvR '11, they actually belong to an entirely different and way earlier generation of my works on ripping scene. To say the truth I redid that exact WWE title much more thoroughly than the first time around many years ago with an original intention of adding it to tracker in addition to some other rips of mine but never actually did it.

Anyway that`s all for now, bye!

edited 8:08 AM EST February 10, 2015
by Ultrafighter at 12:55 AM EST on February 12, 2015
A bit more of stuff I`m glad to deliver and can consider being my wrightful courtesy:

NeverDead (2012-01-31)(Rebellion)(Konami) for X360: as usually MF or SS.

Here`re some notable differences when compared to my old PS3 rip:

1) BIKs have been properly demuxed this time as you can easily guess;

2) An unnamed (duplicate) file from GmSnd.asrBE was also given a proper original filename even though it`s a dupe of a small track already present in StreamingSounds.asrBE as I previously said;

3) And believe me or not but after quite a hesitation I actually went ahead and processed that StreamingSounds archive the old fashioned way just like I did years ago when working with PS3 version as both Alpha23`s and ALuigi`s scripts somehow couldn`t get themselves to work on that exact bigfile (!). I mean I extracted those 342 prebaked compositions, layers of other ones, stingers, ambiences and mini SFX pieces with NovaSoft extractor then reformatted a beginning of the said megafile and finally renamed each extracted WAV accordingly. That was quite a work but it was pretty much worth it (as our good old friend PieTastesGood would say it in the time of his ripping prime)!

Anyway I`m also absolutely destined to post UFC Undisputed3 rerip now done with an X360 port as a basis and it`s even partially done but terrifying 38+ hrs of Vorbis encoded sounds still lay ahead as I haven`t started listening to them yet (you know those Wwise powered games without normal filenames and everything audio-related in a single hyperarchive)...
by Ultrafighter at 2:32 AM EST on February 19, 2015
UFC Undisputed 3 (2012-02-14)(Yuke's)(THQ): MF / SS - finally here it is, music was mostly encoded using AudioKinetic Wwise Vorbis but there were some XMAs as well and primary codec utilized for videos was WMV thus resulting in WMA audio tracks although as I already said there`s a tiny portion of BIKs too. It includes 5 inconvertible tracks or sounds with RIFX headers which Alpha23`s AKPK Unpacking script somehow identified as AT3(+) ones but they can also be IMA ADPCM and the latter suggestion seems way more appropriate and suitable to me. Oh and I`m sorry I didn`t take my time to separate old stuff from UFC 2009 & 2010 from unique Undisputed3 tracks but I hope it`s not much of an issue.

Monster Jam - Path of Destruction (2010-09-11)(Virtuos)(Activision): MF / SS - a nice little score no one out here probably saw coming unless he`s familiar with my contribution history on the tracker ;) . Anyway this makes a great company to both ND & UFC3 as back in the day I also transcoded movie audio tracks of this exact MJ title.

Afro Samurai (2009-01-27)(Namco Bandai Games)(Namco Bandai Games): MF / SS - I know not much effort is required to make a streamed rip from this video game but still it wasn`t previously available as far as I know so that I simply thought it`d really do no harm to post it here for anyone interested. Nonetheless sticking more to the subject matter I have to say that my very own motivation to redo this VG went far beyond a simplistic wish to process BIKs the right way IE demux with VGMT(B) this time added to a mere excuse to relisten to this (original) soundtrack as a whole. Actually that bink fodder was the least of my concerns this time around as FSBs holding audio from cinematics left untouched during the 1st run of mine got my interest piqued pretty high. Even after I found out about FSB MPEG program by HCS I somehow couldn`t extract anything other than 0 Byte placeholders out of them although I tried to specify a few most common paddign values in input too. Now that I finally checked them out they turned out to not contain any apparent music at all save for some constant athmospheric noise paired with ambience but at least now I can say that I`ve done a way more thorough rip from X360 ver. than from that PS3 port. Shortly saying this recent revision beats that antique of mine in every possible way so be sure to replace it with this properly reripped thing coming straight from an entirely dirrefent generation of my rips.

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf (2004-12-28)(Day 1 Studios)(Microsoft Game Studios): MF / SS - a commentary to this is going to be the shortest one as there`s very little to write home about. This one is a mixture of BIKs and LWAVs and the latter ones shouldn`t be any different than their counterparts from an older rip.

MechAssault (2002-11-11)(Day 1 Studios)(Microsoft Game Studios): MF / SS - BIKs properly demuxed to split audio tracks but what`s of utmost importantance is that ingame music was treated differently on this occasion so here you`ll get 48 KHz 5.1 PCM files instead of 144 KHz (!) stereo ones. I had this idea in mind for quite a while now but it took me a load of time to get around implementing this newer and wiser solution in life whatsoever. I also have to note that I refrained from assaigning any custom names to tracks so it`s just bigfile# this time around. There`s not much to grief about anyway as only a dozen or so of tracks from my original rip had tags and all of them came from a YouTube video list so they`re easy to recreate when someone has a need for that or better say played the game in the first place.

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne conspiracy (2008-06-03)(High Moon Studios)(Sierra Entertainment): MF / SS - now welcome this result of many days dedicated to hard work when pre-processing took way more time than all phases of post-processing but that`s to be expected when dealing with UE3 powered VGs. Long story short while all this gigantic endeavor was completely uncalled for it`s here anyway. Needless to mention proper handling of all the BIKs encountered as it`s already implied as well as that way more thorough work has been done in comparison to that PS3 antiquity when I looked at a few selected WaveLibraries, ripped them, found some music and called it a day.

Now the latter one definitely calls for some nice prolonged vacation so don`t expect much more in a few days if not weeks. And even keeping this in mind I have only 3 titles left waiting to be redone if only because of Bink videos and none is that much interesting anyway. Maybe only MotorStorm: Pacific rift also known as simply MS2 although it`s mostly if not exclusively licensed soundtrack...
by Ultrafighter at 6:55 AM EST on February 25, 2015
A smaller bunch of new stuff:

Fist of the North Star - Ken's Rage (Hokuto Musou) (02-11-10)(Koei)(Koei Tecmo Games) for X360: MF / SS.

nail'd (30-11-10)(Techland)(Deep Silver) for PC: MF / SS.

Hot Wheels - Battle Force 5 (12-11-09)(Virtuos)(Activision) for DS: MF / SS.

Hot Wheels - Track Attack (23-11-10)(Firebrand Games)(THQ) for DS: MF / SS.

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen for X360 is coming up next but even if it makes its way here there`ll be a long break after this one.

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by snakemeat at 6:16 PM EST on February 25, 2015
Wow, you've been busy. Thanks.
by Ultrafighter at 3:04 AM EST on February 27, 2015
Sorry for release dates in my previous post, I`ve just realized they`re completely wrong but it`s too late to edit my last message anyway. I really dunno what has gotten onto me at that time causing me to mess up your date format so badly. However how about sticking to sharing rips instead?

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen (2009-06-23)(Luxoflux)(Activision): MF / SS.

nail'd (2010-11-30)(Techland)(Deep Silver) for X360: MF / SS.

by Ultrafighter at 9:03 AM EDT on March 17, 2015
I) Brand new goods:

1) F.E.A.R.: Files (2007-06-11)(TimeGate Studios)(Sierra Entertainment): MF / SS.

2) Hunted: The Demon's Forge (2011-05-31)(InXile Entertainment)(Bethesda Softworks) shared video files: MF / SS.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge (2011-05-31)(InXile Entertainment)(Bethesda Softworks) for X360: MF / SS.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge (2011-05-31)(InXile Entertainment)(Bethesda Softworks) for PS3: MF / SS.

3) WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 (2010-10-26)(Yuke's)(THQ) for X360: MF / SS - a pretty late substitution to that grandiose PS3 re-rip I made years ago but didn`t make it available on the tracker in the end.

4) Eat Lead - The Return of Matt Hazard [Eat Lead - Matt Hazard no Gyakushuu] (2009-02-26)(Vicious Cycle)(D3Publisher) for X360: MF / SS - a tiny yet pretty eclectic score in the vein of The 2 gonzo chumps or shortly another small masterpiece by Rod Abernethy. Bee sure to grab this little compilation of music featuring half of existing genres!

5) 007 - Quantum of Solace [007 - Nagusame no Houshuu] (2008-11-04)(Treyarch)(Activision) for X360: MF / SS - surprisingly enough this one happened to be a breeze to rip while the previous title appeared to be way less trivial than I initially expected. Hm...

6) WWE All Stars (2011-03-29)(THQ)(THQ) for X360: MF / SS - this time it`s an entirely proper rerip with BIKs rightfully demultiplexed while my old PS3 one I also initially intended to add to our tracker was done back in the day when VGMTb couldn`t do what it can now. Whatever I guess...

II) A few rerips pending to be processed once more for quite some time:

1) Motorstorm - Pacific Rift [MotorStorm II] (2008-10-28)(Evolution)(SCE America): MF / SS - other than BIKs no difference to the old one.

2) WWE '12 (2011-11-22)(Yuke's)(THQ) for PS3: MF / SS - other than BIKs there`s only one difference and that`s post-processing with ReVorb.

3) Legends of Wrestlemania (2009-03-20)(Yuke's)(THQ): MF / SS - other than BIKs no difference to the old one. Oh wait! 4 original multichannel MP3 FSBs were left intact this time so that you can try to crack 'em the way you want maybe with something different than FSB-MPEG not to mention FSBExt.

4) Mindjack (2011-01-18)(FeelPlus)(Square Enix): MF / SS - proper frequency in all ingame tracks this time.

PS. As for Doom 3 for original Xbox which somehow didn`t even make its way to JoshW although Knurek definitely downloaded it at the time it appeared on tracker so I don`t know if it`s even needed... Your thoughts?
by Knurek at 6:16 AM EDT on March 18, 2015
@Ultrafighter, please for the love of gods, provide proper download links. Having to manually strip the from all of them gets old fast.
And please, for the love of gods, don't use insane archive names. How the hell should I know for which game a file named Murgatroid.7z or 2x07-NnH.7z is?
by Ultrafighter at 11:08 AM EDT on March 18, 2015
Hi, it`s nice to hear from you! Well if you`re seriously interested in possibly backing up my releases on JoshW.Info mediums IE adding some select ones if not most of them to VGM archives then I can surely review some of my current policies however don`t you agree that having actual archives bearing exactly them same names as set titles would prove somewhat dangerous? Or simply saying I`ve never used way descriptive tags in anything I uploaded at some point and should have a pretty valid point for changing that. On the other hand may I be just utterly paranoiac in regards to this issue? What`s your opinion on this?

As for this forum not automatically adding "http(s)://" to a link I noticed it quite some time ago but waited for someone to point it out so that I can see if I should even continue with contributions here. My very own choices for VGs to rip can seem vague and strange to some but I don`t think I`ll abandon this hobby anytime soon and the question is only if that stuff of mine can get in handy for visitors of this forum. I`ve been making streamed rips and that kind of rips only for just a few years as of yet while my gameripping career is almost a dozen years long so I figured out my return as an active contributor wouldn`t hurt anyone in HCS community.

That`s all I have to say for now, goodbye and take care!
by SunClonus at 3:29 PM EDT on March 19, 2015
Hey, @soneek, sorry for bother you, but your links are down, please, can you reup VALKYRIE PROFILE ―LENNETH― and Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave? Thanks.

Btw, perhaps, are you working in MIRROR WAR ~Reincarnation of Holiness~? In MIRROR WAR, I tried to extract the fsb5 file with few fsb extractor tools, but it didn't work out, and with FMOD Studio, I can see all the BGMs, but are unsupports and unplayables. Can you check it out the fsb file?

MIRROR WAR ~Reincarnation of Holiness~ [거울전쟁 신성부활] (2014-09-02)(L&K Logic Korea)

Thanks for all you work.

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