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by Franpa at 7:49 AM EDT on May 30, 2017
Wait, I can't play those files. They just don't work. I already have access to those files in my own Owlboy installation folder. The WMA files work but their not all of the music.

Was support for the XWB format added in a newer version of VGMStream (pretty sure I have the latest and it hasn't been significantly updated in a fair while)?

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by bxaimc at 1:03 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
Not sure if anyone is interested in this. A little test rip I did today with the random map file I found lurking in one of my old drives.


I might finish ripping the whole thing if I have time.
by Ultrafighter at 2:06 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
Please go ahead, I'm pretty much interested in complete gamerip of Halo 3 or even 4 if it's not too much to ask. This is definitely not anything urgent but it'd be welcome if it ever surfaces somewhere.
Best wishes!
by Franpa at 5:56 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
datschge, after looking at it a second time I now notice that it is different, I assume this is a rip from something other than the PC version of OwlBoy. The PC version seems to bundle the majority of music in to big XWB archives where as this archive you linked to seems to separate the songs in to individual XWB files.

Regardless, I can't play back the XWB files in the archive you linked to and I can't find a tool that can properly extract the music tracks from the PC version's XWB files either.

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by Knurek at 9:10 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
@franpa: upgrade to the latest version of VGMStream.
The rip is from the PC version (more specifically, GOG one).
by Ultrafighter at 2:45 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
@Franpa: you should believe to original ripper of this title and the tool he used is definitely this one, I'm sure you can make playable single-track XWBs out of given audio banks all by yourself if you put that utility by Bnnm to good use.

HUGE edit:
Hi all! I compiled some sort of tiny sampler for my favorite VG OSTs. This pack contains multiple versions of the same tracks whenever possible so if you're unsatisfied with audio quality on one platform you can try out another one (for one game there're a few tracks from PC version and their counterparts from two (!) different consoles so there's wide choice for any future listener).
Anyway here's a list of what's inside:

1) Original Infernal & its port to X360 titled Hell's vengeance: XMAs from the latter should be called transmogrified now so making another streamed rip for this title is more than welcome. It's very likely that initial XMA2 files are playable and no one needs to rebuild them to XMA1 nowadays.
This console port doesn't have any exclusive compositions in it when compared to original release but maybe sound quality is just as good as that in PC version with its q10.0 OGGs? As for computer version there's a GUI tool for unpacking its ZAP bigfiles, one can get properly named OGGs with ease and speed these days;

2) Hot wheels series:

a) Beat that! (mostly PS2 samples but also an STM file from DS): just listen to this awesomeness as it speaks for itself! X360 is the easiest one to rip and even has filenames for tracks so if someone wants to back up this great score on JoshW it'd be cool.
BTW Wii gamerip would be highly appreciated too, I had plans for it back in the day but didn't find an image online (or I simply didn't search hard enough);

b) (Highway 35) world race (3 different variations of encoding are waiting for you, you can try Vorbis or Playstation ADPCM or split-channel DSP): yet another favorite of mine, there're much less unique compositions in it than in "Beat that" but they're still pretty swell! Be sure to check them out or even contribute entire soundtracks to our VGM collection since all ports of this title are easily rippable (GC&GBA are here already);

c) Stunt track challenge (PC only as XBox or PS2 are deemed useless since all the tracks in computer version are in lossless): the files I selected are few but they still pack quite punch! There's Xbox set in VGM archives but it contains only lossy WMA variants of these tracks;

d) Battle force 5 (only DS for now): Wii rerip would be most welcome.


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by Franpa at 11:43 AM EDT on June 1, 2017
Ffff having to using Foobar to play the XWB files. I prefer Winamp but it's pretty obvious that version of the plugin isn't getting updated any time soon (based on what HCS has said in the past).

Anyways, hooray I can listen to the files! Thank you.

If the Winamp plugin is meant to be able to play them as well than maybe one of my other plugins is taking priority and failing to play them. Also some of the songs use odd sample rates, like some of the loop files are played at 44102 or 44103Hz for example and my computer doesn't like that unless I use the DirectSound driver (which is fine, just a little curious if the ripper realized this).

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by bnnm at 1:33 PM EDT on June 1, 2017
@Franpa - Winamp and others are updated regularly, but in this thread.

I'll try to bring hcs' attention so maybe he could put the links in his page too, since most people won't realize I guess.

XMA/XWB of weird sample rates is very common, IIRC the encoder does this to adjust looping. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be adjusted to 44100 or not when playing though.
by Ultrafighter at 10:20 AM EDT on June 3, 2017
Good day everyone, I've got yet another tiny sampler with just two games now.

You might remember me requesting support for XAU files from Beat down: Fists of vengeance (Xbox), they're playable by VGMstream nowadays and this videogame served as the main donor of tracks for my small compilation. You know there're so many diverse compositions in this title, they remind me of so many original scores starting with numerous DMC & Fire ProWrestling installments and ending with DeathSmiles, God hand & even Lifeline! That's why there're so many subfolders in Beat down directory, all those individual files don't come from Dead head Fred, Fight club or Final fight: Streetwise, they only remind me of some specific tracks from the latter projects.
Would you agree to my associations or not? It's up to you to find out!

There're also some of the most rememberable and remarkable compositions from DT Carnage (PS2), its soundtrack impressed from the very start when I originally ripped it like ten years ago with merely CubeMediaPlayer2 and obviously transcoded its audio.
I've had a few PSP rips but never listened to Wii variants of these and many other songs. If someone becomes enough interested to process the third version of this title I'll be really eager to check it out!

All the best!
by marcusss at 12:39 AM EDT on June 4, 2017
@franpa. The game I ripped called The Cave has all kinds of music with weird sample rates. 1 song will be 26118hz and another 26760hz etc..some just used weird rates mastered originally??

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