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by hcs at 10:29 PM EDT on June 14, 2020
The Hatsune Miku 7z is compressed with a huge dictionary (1536m), the jubeat one is more reasonable (12m). That might be too much for 32-bit 7-Zip.

It's pretty excessive, I'll recompress it and put it somewhere, watch this space.
by Mouser X at 11:33 PM EDT on June 14, 2020
The PC rip (Hatsune Miku - Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone (2013-11-21)(Sega AM2, Crypton Future Media)(Sega)[Sega Nu].7) also failed. Its dictionary size is the same. I mentioned it in Discord, and M&M (apparently they ripped it) says they'll try to recompress and upload it.

My internet is the best it's been in years (aka, I actually have internet at home for once), but it's via my cell carrier, and they only allow 10 GB of hotspotting data. I'm using an app to spoof my hotspot usage, so I'm at least not getting cut off from exceeding my data limit, but it fluctuates wildly, and often gets disconnected (which is still better than no internet, which is what I had before). I can't tell if that's due to the app, due to the connection, or due to my carrier throttling my speed and usage.

I know all that is mostly irrelevant. I only mention it, because it's annoying that I'll have to redownload those two very large files on my connection. Due to Covid-19, my carrier had 2 months with no restrictions, and it was glorious! I downloaded 150+ GB each of those two months (I had 2.5 years of backlogs of downloads I wanted to get). So, all things considered, I really can't complain. I can exercise patience, like I have been for the last 2+ years, and download them again.

To be clear, thanks for all you guys are doing! Even if it's not mentioned very often, it is appreciated. I just no longer have the time I once did, or I'd gladly help. I have considered renaming the new Xenoblade Chronicles DE rip to match the OST, but I'd be surprised if someone else doesn't finish it before I have the chance to. It'd take me weeks to compare and rename everything, with the limited time I have. :(

by hcs at 12:00 AM EDT on June 15, 2020
Here's the PS4 one recompressed, it's only 5MB larger. MD5 8085e6a5aef8dfd9b4894f2a425e0a3e.

edited 12:02 AM EDT June 15, 2020

Here's the Arcade one. MD5 3a7c397ba53b20fbe64a8aab22a6df40

edited 3:02 AM EDT June 15, 2020

I uploaded these to the FTP in a dir uploads/repack/.

edited 5:55 PM EDT June 15, 2020
by Ultrafighter at 5:12 PM EDT on June 25, 2020
Hi all, I've got 2 fresh goodies to share:

1) Watch Dogs PC rip which must be way more complete & properly done than earlier version, the one made by VladlenCry from FFshrine forum. That guy omitted tons of tracks (most importantly licensed songs) + edited some parts of original score (maybe that change wasn't entirely a bad one, I mean he supposedly stitched 3 or 4 second segments together for convenience sake but still that's not the way to preserve given audio data & of course transcoding was also performed to re-encode resulting tracks).
All in all mine should be absolutely full (not only I kept each & every piece of music I could find, I even included all the whistling/humming sounds just in case) & contain only 1:1 original audio data (I didn't merge any given sounds into longer compositions even if it was painfully obvious that a 1 minute track was split into 15 segments, 4 sec. long each).

I made a few *.txtp files to allow playback of multi-channel licensed songs but you can actually disregard them, it's quite possible that those tracks weren't supposed to be treated as multi-channel streams (you might know it's rather typical for developers to have a few pre-recorded variants of exactly the same song for use in different situations, #1 is loud & crystal clear sounding while #2 is muffled & lo-fi, then #3 isn't too loud but doesn't sound as good as #3... you should get an idea).

Anyone remotely familiar with ripping BGM off newer Ubisoft games probably knows that one can't expect proper descriptive filenames there. Alas, there're merely 2 kinds of track names there: either hexadecimal numbering or hashes (the latter are in capitals while the former are lowercase).

The tools I used are:
a) Gibbed.Disrupt.Unpack.exe by Rick AKA Gibbed;
b) DecUbiSndGui.exe 0.81 by Zench of the XeNTaX forums (;
c) VGMToolbox.exe by Snakemeat to get audio data from Bink videos.

2) Killzone HD, PSN version - this one is likely incomplete but a partial rip is way better than nothing. I strongly suspect that those 6 (!) *.snz files aren't all the music used in game but presumably everything else (very likely encoded in MPEG, not PCM as those *.snz) is packed in *.CoreStream or *.Core archives. Those are a such a pain to work with and they're the main reason there're no Killzone 2 or 3 gamerips (proper and final that is).

Anyway you can still get whatever I've got to offer: it includes aforementioned 6 BGMs, SND0.AT3 (also known as icon music) & tracks from pre-rendered scenes (MPEG-encoded, rather low quality sadly).

The tools I used are:
a) make_npdata.exe by Hykem;
b) PSARC plugin 1.4 for Total Commander by BEKETATA;
c) FFMPEG.exe to get audio data from *.avi videos.

Enjoy these treats guys!
by fastelbja at 1:44 AM EDT on August 8, 2020

Here is

Star Ocean - The Last Hope (2009-02-19)(Tri-Ace)(Square Enix)[PS3]

Rip using my own dump and tagged.

Enjoy !

by dkx at 1:36 PM EDT on August 10, 2020
So since there still is no proper OST I've decided to contribute this one to the community. A while back I did some digging around with the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles 4 because I love Hitoshi Sakimoto's work and managed to find the music files. They are in the CRI HCA format and so work with vgmstream no problem.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 [Senjou no Valkyria 4] (2018-03-21)(SEGA)[PC]

If you liked the soundtracks of the previous entries you for sure will enjoy this one as well!

Extraction process:
1) Used CriPakGUI by wmltogether to search through and extract the CPK files
2) Find the music files inside BASE.CPK named M_0001.BIN, M_0002.BIN, etc.
3) Used VGM Toolbox by snakemeat / CRI HCA Extractor to get the files linked above

Hope I did everything correctly, enjoy.
DJ Hero 2 by Trogdorbad at 11:07 AM EDT on August 14, 2020
Does anyone have the extracted fsbs for DJ Hero 2? joshw only has DJ Hero 1, and one of the DLCs for 2
by emongev at 9:10 PM EDT on September 20, 2020
Has anyone managed to extract the music from HOTD Overkill PC version? Ive been trying but im new at this so ive kinda been all over the place, managed to extract some wav.str files using QuickBMS but i couldnt manage to play them.
by Ultrafighter at 6:30 AM EDT on September 24, 2020
Wow there's a PC version of this game? Quite a surprise for me!
Anyway did you use this script? I requested it because by Luigi Auriemma was not working with all my audio files while that newer BMS managed to unpack all of them without any errors.

And let me make a wild guess & tell you that wav.str files might be unplayable ATM just 'cause they use some different codec, not 4-bit ADPCM used in PS3 ver.
You'd better post those *.wav.str files either here but in another thread or in #vgm-ripping-help channel @Discord.

On a different note: anyone out here possibly interested in Far Cry 2 PC rip?
Truth be told I made it months ago but haven't shared it yet. I was simply waiting for another gamerip or two to be completed so that I'd be able to make a post with 2-3 different rips, not just a single game.

by Ultrafighter at 4:12 PM EST on November 30, 2020
Hi guys, I've got 2 new rips you might be interested in:

1) Alien - Isolation (2014-10-06)(Creative Assembly)(Sega)[PC][rr] - a set made with Alien: Isolation Audio Extractor by MattFiler & VGMToolbox by Snakemeat; the former supplied audio tracks with their proper names as in this rip while the latter demuxed sound data from USM videos.
I guess there's little difference from that aforementioned earlier version but I'll try to list anything that could highlight my fresh rerip:
a) much more tracks from pre-rendered videos this time (adx files), I even kept all the variants with different voiceovers;
b) a few tracks might seem to be missing (for example 81804391.ogg, 120209045.ogg, 1016790723.ogg, etc.) but they weren't missed or left out or anything like that, those tracks were simply given their proper names by MattFiler's tool when reripping this game;
c) a previously unavailable DLC track was added as well as 3 playlists (M3U format) for listener convenience, keep an eye out for "Movies (Eng).M3U" one because it has all crucial video tracks collected in one place (the ones without any VO + the ones with English voices).

2) Far Cry 2 Fortune's Edition (PC ver.) - now this is quite an oldie, I made it months ago & this rip could prove to be a real rarity.
I used DecUbiSndGui-0.81 by Zench to obtain OGGs, Gibbed.Dunia tool pack by Rick (Gibbed) to unpack another archive & obviously VGMToolbox to dump audio tracks from any Bink videos I managed to hunt down.


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