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by wmd at 4:52 AM EST on December 7, 2020
Has anyone done the Astro's Playroom soundtrack? I realise this would have to be a recording (preferably digital) as opposed to a rip, but that would be better than the poor quality ones currently on youtube.

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by Ultrafighter at 2:56 PM EST on January 5, 2021
A few more rips for anyone potentially interested:

1) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist [PC] - this thing might be 1 of a kind, Alpha23 ripped the game years ago but with FFShrine down his version is lost. Or did the respective DL link die even before the whole of FFS forums went offline?
Anyway my rip was made using DecUbiSndGui-0.81 by Zench so thanks to him for the tool!
*.bik videos were demuxed with VGMtoolbox by Snakemeat; *.txtp files made by me for convenient playback of multi-channel tracks. The same goes for both *.m3u playlists.

There's a file, SG_MAP_14_AMERICAN_BLOOD_149.ogg in Sounds folder, which might refuse playing on your end but DecUbiSndGui is able to play & decode it. It'd be too much to oblige you to get the program to play or convert a single piece of audio, that's why I included a decoded PCM ver. in my rip (SG_MAP_14_AMERICAN_BLOOD_149.wav obviously).

2) Homefront [PC] - I wanted to rerip this using UModel but for some reason both Windows & Xbox 360 ports use nonstandard *.upk archives that make UModel crash with weird errors. I asked maker of the program if he's able to fix at least Xbox 360 ver. but he said it's supposedly impossible.

That being said, the 2nd iteration of a rip differs little from previous variant: I unpacked those *.upk with Unreal Package Extractor by Gildor (creator of UModel & lots of other Unreal Engine tools) but this time VGMtoolbox was used to get OGG Vorbis files contained in *.SoundNodeWave assets.

That's all for now, goodbye!
by Tanookirby at 4:19 PM EST on February 19, 2021
I have noticed on that the Paper Mario: Color Splash set has a corrupted file. Can anyone provide the fixed version? It has "dryer" in the filename.
Ripping Tools by JLHack7 at 2:36 PM EDT on June 7, 2021
I've been using joshw for a while, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped it become what it is today. There are times in my life where I would have gone insane if I didn't have the joshw servers, and SmashCustomMusic.

I'd like to give back to the community that has been such a great help. I see that there's a Genshin Impact PC Rip. What tools were used to rip the files? If I had the sort of tools you guys seem to use to rip VGM, I could post more rips for you guys.
by Ultrafighter at 6:11 AM EDT on June 15, 2021
Far Cry 4 [PS3] gamerip - I know there's at least one rip on the Net but mine is likely from an entirely different platform + has much more tracks. Also it goes without saying that I didn't mix any layers, combine longer tracks from given dynamic/interactive audio files (like intro+loop+outro), I mean it's a basic gamerip where everything was left as it initially was (obviously I didn't re-encode given MP3s to another format & such) unless it was absolutely necessary for playback reasons.

The tools I used were Far Cry 3 Unpacker (Gibbed.Dunia2.Unpack.exe to be precise) by Rick (Gibbed) with FC4 filelist & DecUbiSndGui by Zench; the former extracted initial archives (DAT+FAT) while the latter split some given audio files into stereo or mono layers (those weren't otherwise playable).
The tracks playable as they initially were have *.vgmstream extension whereas split layered tracks have *.layer extension (that's default extension DecUbiSndGui assigns to extracted sounds). I added that ".vgmstream" suffix to most files to make them more compatible with VGMstream plugin but it's highly probable that an audio player of your choice will be able to play both *.vgmstream & *.layer tracks without that plugin installed, it's rather common MPEG audio after all.
BUT (!) you'll definitely have to use VGMstream with any *.txtp files, TXTPs mix some layers on fly so that you can get a 3-channel track reconstructed from 3 mono sounds or a quad track consisting of a pair of stereo layers without the need to manually mix said layers in an audio editor.

Oh and you might already know that but Far Cry 4 reuses lots of music from FC3, that recycled stuff mostly resides in "soundbinary" folder but there're tons of reused tracks in "unknown" folder too.


PS. You should possibly disregard any files with "(dupe)" prefix, those are duplicates/copies of some other files (look for "(dupes)" suffix).
Ripping Tools by JLHack7 at 8:48 PM EDT on June 29, 2021
What tools would I use to rip music from the DLC content of an android mobile game? Fire Emblem Heroes has a rip and I'd like to update it.

I know how to access the android storage and find the obb of the DLC, but I don't know what tools I'd need to use to open the file (or decrypt it if it's encrypted)

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by Ultrafighter at 5:24 PM EDT on April 13, 2022
Hi guys, I'm back with a totally new gamerip: it's Far Cry: New Dawn for PC. I really liked an OST and was pretty eager to make a rip thus checking out the way that great music sounds in game + probably finding lots of alternate versions / edits of compositions found in an official album.

It's an old-school gamerip with just *.wem files, it's possibly the only way it can be done because lots of audio tracks / banks only have hashes for names.
The tools I used are Far Cry 5 / New Dawn .dat/.fat Unpack / Repack Tool by Rengareng (ZenHAX Forum) & Wwise BKHD soundbanks (.BNK) extractor (a QuickBMS script) by Nicknine & Bnnm.

So here it is (mirror DL link).
I hope someone else will also find this release useful, I can't be the only one who truly liked FC New Dawn music!*


* - BTW my rip should be a nice release where you can find both original & licensed music from the game, all collected in one place!
by marcoxD95 at 4:45 PM EDT on April 14, 2022
Nice to see new rips from you Ultrafighter!

Not sure if its the right place to ask but I saw that you made a Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut PC rip once and I couldn't help to notice that sadly the music quality is rather low with MP3 96kbps.

Do you think other versions of the game might have higher audio quality? Like the original non directors cut version for XB360 or the WiiU port?

I was often thinking about trying to make a "Extended Edition" soundtrack of this games music, since sadly it was canceled. But with this low music rip quality its rather lacking. Weirdly enough Deus Ex The Fall from the same time had high quality OGG music.
by Ultrafighter at 3:02 PM EDT on April 16, 2022
Thanks for your feedback!

It's sad that devs sometimes use such low quality for audio in their games but obviously that's something I can't really change.

I'm sure I started ripping DEHR for XB360 quite some time ago but stopped it rather soon. First an unpacker by Gibbed kept complaining about wrong archive header so I had to change those 4 bytes in hex editor; then that unpacker apparently stopped after extracting just a piece of multi-part archive. Anyway I found some sounds and even BGMs in that partial output & it seemed like music was encoded using mono (!) XMA codec. It's either that or that MUL demuxer program didn't work as it should have (it's supposedly made for PC version and wasn't tested with console files).


PS. There're some forthcoming rips apart from Far Cry: New Dawn or Dead Rising 2 but they might take quite some time to sort/check/pack 'em.

EDIT: I think you'd better visit HCS channel at Discord and ask some very advanced ripper (Bnnm, Nicknine, Bxaimc, etc.) to try and rip other platforms of DEHR. I mean those guys are so advanced that they don't even need to rely entirely on someone else's scripts/tools/programs; if that MUL_demuxer.exe (or whatever it's called) doesn't work properly they'll be able to make better scripts or tools.

Now that I think of it they might even add that original MUL audio format to VGMstream plugin! That way you can add a single *.MUL file to playlist & you'll basically get all the tracks from a location/map/level.

I hope it helps.
So long!

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by Ultrafighter at 6:15 AM EDT on May 14, 2022
Hello guys, I'm really glad to present you yet another great release:
Gamerip of Far Cry 5 for PC (version 1.11) (mirror link).

The whole procedure of making this rip didn't differ much from ripping New Dawn so I'll simply skip this part.

I originally thought that my release is going to contain just music from FC5 but I also found & included numerous tracks from arcade game mode + apparently a few jingles / BGMs from Zombies DLC (it turned out all those extras were stored in FC5 shared or common archives).

I hope you find this gamerip useful and enjoy both original & licensed music from FC5! If anyone's willing to further sort/tag/re-release this stuff (possibly add loops & fadeouts, re-encode these tracks & create some sort of an expanded soundtrack/ fan-made album) then feel free to; it'd be pretty nice to credit me as author of initial raw/streamed/unedited rip though.

PS. I certainly have plans to rip BGM from some FC5 DLCs too but not right now, I definitely need a break after sorting like 36,000+ streamed audio files from main game ...

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