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Miniusf to Midi? by SH&E at 3:00 PM EST on December 28, 2008
No way of doing this is there? I've searched and searched but haven't found anything, I know miniusf is similar to midi.. :/

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by ugetab at 3:03 PM EST on December 28, 2008
miniusf is just USF. No USF to Midi conversion software in general. If there was, auto-timing wouldn't likely cause much of a hassle.

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by SH&E at 3:08 PM EST on December 28, 2008
Yeah I just said miniusf because i thought usflib was the sample data, and miniusf was the sequence data...
I just wondered why nobody had done this yet :/
Not saying I could do it at all xD

So would it be tricky to develop such a tool? =P

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SECOND! ...sorry... by Yoshinkeru at 3:25 PM EST on December 28, 2008
I certainly hope this comes true, as well!
by unknownfile at 3:31 PM EST on December 28, 2008
It is pretty tricky. Unlike other systems like the NES, which have their sequences sent directly to the sound processor, the N64 typically mixes everything together before sending it out. It is not possible to make a MIDI converter out of plain audio in this method, and it'd just be easier to extract the sequence data from the ROM and convert it.
by SH&E at 3:43 PM EST on December 28, 2008
That makes sense, but is extracting it from the sequence data from the rom and converting it easy for someone with no knowledge of code whatsoever? xD
by Mouser X at 2:34 AM EST on December 29, 2008
A miniUSF is almost entirely tag data (artist, ripper, game, etc.) and a pointer to the data to load. At least, that's what I recall. The USFlib is where all the sequence data, sample data, and N64 executable data is stored. As unkownfile said, what happens with a USF is that the N64 executable is run. This loads the sequence and sample data, and "plays" the data, similarly to how a MIDI is played on a PC. However, since the sample data is never "seen" by the CPU (not directly. The sample data is being run through the N64 executable), you can't really catch the data as you would from a NSF (as unknownfile said).

So your best bet would be to interface with the data in the ROM directly (again, as unknownfile said). The problem with this method is that you need to know what it is you're looking for. As messiaen has shown us, it is possible, but not easy. For one thing, you need to reverse engineer the format the game uses for its sequences (as messiaen has done), and then "translate" the structure used in the N64 sequences to MIDI commands and whatnot.

In short, no. It's very difficult, which is why it hasn't been done yet (though, messiaen may be close. However, that's for primarily one game/format of sequences, and there are many many more out there). Hopefully that explains in more depth (with clarity?) an answer to your question. Mouser X over and out.
by Lunar at 3:22 AM EST on December 29, 2008
sigh.... non-TLDR, helpful version:

get the old version of VGMTrans that works with N64 ROMs. games which use the smashy driver can have midi sequences ripped directly out. however unlike NSF or SPC conversions, you're ripping out the original sequence data intact rather than translating it, so in most cases all you'd need to do is change a few midi patches and drum notes, maybe transpose some tracks up or down an octave or two, and you're done.

we don't want these on vgmusic though, just an fyi.
by SH&E at 6:08 AM EST on December 29, 2008
Thank you for the helpful version Lunar :).
I didnt know VGMTrans did N64 roms :/
Paha, they won't be on VGMusic, don't worry xD
I hate people that upload conversions there.. I'm totally against that :). Coz I make them myself :D. ...not conversions xD, midis :).
by SH&E at 6:19 AM EST on December 29, 2008
You couldn't direct me to the old version of VGMTrans could you?
The one that supports N64? Because, I thought I had the old version.. But dragging in a N64 rom has no effect :/.

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