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by bxaimc at 10:20 AM EDT on August 24, 2012
Actually, it was F-Zero AX/GX (2003).
by TheUltimateKoopa at 10:50 AM EDT on August 24, 2012
I meant the re-release of the 2001 game at part of the Ambassador thingy on the 3DS. I meant the very last thing related to F-Zero, including re-releases. But F-Zero GP Legend was actually released after GX (only a few months though), so technically that's the last new game, I think. Unless you count the Japan-exclusive F-Zero: Climax, the first in the series with a built-in track editor that didn't require an expansion/add-on, released in October 2004.

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by kode54 at 11:06 PM EDT on October 1, 2016
Any chance of a recovery of all those lost mediafire links, bxaimc? If you still even read or post here, that is.
by AnonRunzes at 11:22 PM EDT on October 1, 2016
Oh and since somebody revived the thread, I might as well post some custom .at9 music.


I picked the highest bitrate I could get out of mono encoding(it ranges from 36kbps-96kbps), and since the lowest bitrates are the worst in terms of quality... well, you get the idea.
by kode54 at 12:43 AM EDT on October 3, 2016
I remade these bxaimc customs as HCAs, using the XMAs, doctored (deleted spurious fmt chunk) and fed to an equally doctored FFmpeg. Then I pulled the loop offsets from the XMA2 chunks.

105 - Mariko Nanba & Tomoya Ohtani - WAVE OCEAN ~THE INLET~.hca
106 - Mariko Nanba & Tomoya Ohtani - WAVE OCEAN ~THE WATER'S EDGE~.hca
123a - Mariko Nanba - KINGDOM VALLEY ~WIND~.hca
A treat for y'all by bxaimc at 12:34 AM EST on December 5, 2016
Been a while since a custom was posted here by me (been posting at
But here's a treat for you people

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Veiled in Black.adx

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Valse di Fantastica.adx <- Also known as the second piece to the Fight Fantastica! from the live session or the 2014(?) trailer.

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - The Fight Is On!.adx <- Duscae day battle theme (second region in game)

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Starlit Waltz.adx <- Probably known to some as the huge playroom music for the Platinum demo

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Stand Your Ground.adx <- Main battle theme in Leide (first region of game)

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Relax and Reflect.adx <- Camping theme once you've set up your all exclusive Coleman equipment and start eating dinner and saving photographs of your adventure so far...

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - Careening Into Danger.adx <- probably known better as the Platinum demo battle theme (but first heard in-game during initial battle tutorial)

Final Fantasy XV - Yoko Shimomura - APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS.adx <- One of the boss battle themes

Shoutout to Yoko Shimomura for her always amazing compositions and to the Video Game Orchestra of Boston w/ Soundtrec for performing and recording this masterpiece :D

enjoy! and give credits where due when uploading elsewhere :)

edited 12:47 AM EST December 5, 2016
by Vector Harbor at 4:15 PM EST on December 5, 2016

So it from the soundtracks release ?
by bxaimc at 4:15 PM EDT on June 18, 2017
Just a little test:

THE IDOLM@STER - Hiroto Sasaki - THE IDOLM@STER (Karaoke).hca

Unlimited Saga - Masashi Hamauzu - March in C.hca

I think I'm going start releasing future customs in HCA format from now on, takes up less space and sounds great with high settings.

edited 4:39 PM EDT June 18, 2017
by kode54 at 7:57 PM EDT on June 18, 2017
How did you get license updates for the official tools? I signed up for a "trial" of the allegedly no cost to license for free use tools, and they only sent me the initial 3 month license, then another after that one expired. They still send me newsletters, though.
by furrybob at 8:51 PM EDT on June 18, 2017
The license check consists of a check in the Main function, followed by a call to Application.Run if the check succeeds.

Two easy ways around that. Modify the CIL assembly to always call Application.Run, or create a separate program that calls Application.Run directly.

Alternatively, the HCA encoder dll doesn't do any license check.

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