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VGM Tracker opened by manakoAT at 1:53 PM EST on February 22, 2009
Today, a Private Tracker for VGM was created, feel free to join as long as you follow the "rules"!


After you have registered your Nick, you'll want to use the Tracker for sure and you're only one step away from it... Join our IRC channel on - channel: #console_stream, or click here to join us via your Internet Browser, introduce yourself there to get your account validated!

Indeed, there are some, it's a private Tracker and we want to prevent "Hit & Run"!
ShareRatio (SR): A ShareRatio of 0.75 is minimum to keep your account alive, you can do this by uploading torrents or seeding existing ones which you already got from somewhere.

edited 5:23 PM EST February 22, 2009
by unknownfile at 4:20 PM EST on February 22, 2009
it has returned after several years! oh i have missed it so.

all hail!
by manakoAT at 6:15 PM EST on February 23, 2009
added "Microsoft XBOX (2009-02-23)" (Complete Stream Collection) and "Panasonic 3DO (2009-02-22)" (Complete Stream Collection) today!
by hcs at 1:41 PM EST on February 25, 2009
Hi folks,
In order to get the ball rolling and give all you new members something to download, we're now taking requests for stuff to put on the tracker. Please no OST requests, though.
by Dais! at 2:44 PM EST on February 25, 2009
A better incentive might be to allow the display of torrents even if not registered, but not allow them to be downloaded (even if one is tricky).

also, I haven't registered yet, but maybe some torrents of the larger emulated formats, like the project2612 set or an set. Maybe torrents of things like MOD files from Amiga games, redbook audio rips, stuff like that.
by hcs at 2:56 PM EST on February 25, 2009
I don't see any point in an set since they have their own torrent, regularly updated.
Redbooks we have a-plenty, anything more specific?
The sequenced formats I'll let someone else address.
by manakoAT at 5:05 AM EST on February 26, 2009
Just a note, "Registering" doesn't mean that we register someone, you have to do it by your own!!

not like this:

[05:58] * wolupgm6 (a5e46383@F8917698.6FB2FD5A.1545FE96.IP) has joined #console_stream
[05:59] <wolupgm6> REGISTER wolupgm6 []
[05:59] <@hcs> hi wolup
[05:59] * wolupgm6 (a5e46383@F8917698.6FB2FD5A.1545FE96.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

and staying lower than 1 minute in a channel and making requests isn't really fair!
by wolupgm6 at 9:32 PM EST on February 27, 2009
Damn! Thwarted Again!
by bxaimc at 9:40 PM EST on February 27, 2009
......No Comment
by Sound Reaper at 10:00 PM EST on March 2, 2009
Ok, I hope this is the right thread in representation of the tracker (in other words, the right place). I only have 2 requests for Gamecube related music if it can be added to the tracker:

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Now, as for sharing, I have a few soundtracks I COULD submit, but I find it somewhat distasteful to take things from other places and claim it as my own. - Especially if it comes from this site.

What I can do is be sure to seed any torrent I get from that tracker, that's all I can assure for now.

edited 10:01 PM EST March 2, 2009

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