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by Nisto at 10:51 PM EST on January 9, 2018
I took it upon myself to update the decoder to support the Resident Evil 0 movies and potential other games (use -n switch; for the moment I don't know if/how the ADPCM variant can be automatically detected). Probably half the time was spent on debugging a really dumb misinterpretation of the assembly, so I hope this will be of use...

I spot some additional decoding routines and IMA ADPCM step/index arrays in the Resident Evil 0 executable, so there may still be issues with files from other games.

I haven't made a pull request on hcs' Github repository, because I don't have any Git tools on my system and frankly don't understand much of it. I guess I'll need some Git for dummies guide or something. Regardless, I've included the source code in the archive, so do what you want with it!


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