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Super Mario Galaxy and wwdumpsnd? by mewgull at 3:47 AM EST on January 20, 2011
Wii game hacking is still young, and it's even more difficult when games have their own encryption processes, but I am wondering if there is a way to extract .aw files from Mario Galaxy using the theory from wwdumpsnd. wwdumpsnd uses Wind Waker's dumped JaiInit.aaf to extract the .aw files from WW. Mario Galaxy has a similar file called JaiSeq.arc. Is it perhaps possible that the coding could be changed to read the JaiSeq.arc file instead of the JaiInit.aaf and still extract the .aw audio files from Super Mario Galaxy?

I don't know how to code in the language that is commonly used, so I wouldn't know; just a theory I'm proposing.
What do you think?
by Elven Spellmaker at 6:19 AM EST on January 20, 2011
This is just a guess, but the Seq part sounds like its to do with sequences not sounds and so that file might not contain the right data.
by mewgull at 10:34 AM EST on January 20, 2011
Was there a program that once existed on HCS called "aw0dec"? I Googled it, but the only results were from "Mario Fan Games Galaxy." It was talked about - a user had used it to rip some instrument samples from Super Mario Galaxy.
by hcs at 12:59 PM EST on January 20, 2011
All I can think of is dumpaw.
Research about aw file in SMG1 by thanghn90 at 12:54 PM EDT on July 16, 2011
I've done some research about sound in SMG1. I used the dumpaw.exe obtained somewhere in this website, along with the wiiscruber to extract aw file from the iso/partition1/audiores/waves. I also use a sound editing program to open the extracted wav files, and some how have to change the pitch for voice only.
Below is my notes:

Super Mario Galaxy Sound data is located in partition1/Audio Res/Waves when use wii scrubber. They are all *.aw file.

*** IF dragging file to dumpaw.exe didnot work, try it again, and it will work!!!!

bxxmahit_0: mostly instrument.
b110take_0: mole voice ^^
b112take_0: penguine voice ^^
b113take_0: bee voice ^^

b114take_0: Rosalina voice (high frequency) ('+_+) *** transform down 8 half-steps (resample, preserve neither time nor pitch).
Also contain some voice of Luma in Mario's hat (do not transform)
Contain mushroom voice (transform 8 pitches).
Might contain the princess peach's "ohhh" voice (also transform 8 pitches).

b115_take0: Princess Peach's voice. Some turbulence voice heard when Peach is kidnapped. (need to be transform down 8 pitches. some need only 6 pitches down o_0)
b116take_0: contain some of the ship's sound (especially power down sound). No transform.
b117take_0: contain some Luigi's voice (mostly like "help!", "waaahhh"). Transform down 8 pitches.
b126goha_0: Some ambient sound (like water fall).
b127goha_0: Sound like pig (^^). Might be bat's voice.
b64kawa_0: REALLY big file. Most sound of the game is in here.
file mono_0: Some ambient sound (fire hearth, water, UFO...)
file mono_1: (same). Some LUigi sound ("with me, Luigi!). Star launching sound is located here. Even some instrument!
file mono_2: (same). "Super Luigi Galaxy!". Some spring mario sound. Some instrument, too!
file mono_3: "Thank you so much for playing my game!". Bird singing. Electric sound when mario is hit by electric - the most precious ELECTRIC sound (IMO). Flying sound (when mario is launched).
file mono_4: Contain the sound you heard when the normal (not grand) powerstar appear (not when you get it). Shorter launching sound.
file mono_5: Contain the sound of broken starbit meteorite.
file mono_6: "Thank you for playing my game!" (Luigi). Contain the "ding" sound, book flipping sound, ambient sound of the power star (waiting for you to get).
file mono_7: Contain starbit ambient sound.
file mono_8: Star launch preparing sound (when you are in the starlaunch, but not shaket the wiimote yet). Falling starbit meteorite sound. Go down the pipe sound (high pitch, must be transform down 6-8 pitches).
b65kawa_0: "Nintendo!"
b66kawa_0: in file mono_6: contain the sound of red cannon pouring out fire. Most precious sound of firing (IMO).
b68kawa_0: Very short sounds. Some water sounds.
b69kawa_0: Contain Wii sounds !!!
b70kawa_0: Contain most mario and luigi voice you heard ingame. Must be transform down 8 pitches. Among the most desirable files.
b70kawa_1: Mario voice. kind of a separation from b70kawa_0.
b70kawa_2: Luigi voice. Just like a separation from b70kawa_0.

b72take_0: Quite big. LUMA voice HERE. Mushroom-man voice HERE. Again, it's sounds, with some instruments and voice. If it is a voice, it must be transformed 8 pitches down.
Contain the sound of pulling star, train.

b74take_0: contain the "ding" sound of pull star. Many sounds of the small UFOs (I forgot their name..., they are some tribe...)

b81kawa_0: Contain some of the sci-fi sound of spaceship.
b82kawa_0: Do you know the warping sound of Protoss building in Starcraft??? This is the HQ version of that sound!!!
b84kawa_0: Sounds of the baby dino.
b85kawa_0: Voice of the junior bowser (must be transformed down 8 pitches)
b88kawa_0: Sounds when you are inside a telescope room and selecting mission (terrace, fountain, kitchen...).
b89kawa_0: Voice of Bowsers. Some of Peach O_0 ("Help!"). Most sounds are in the battle with bowser (final battle)
b91kawa_0: Sounds of destruction of final black hole (separated as different explosion sounds). Some siren of train. o_0
b92kawa_0: Some Mario voice (after finishing level). Must be transformed 8 pitches down.
b93kawa_0: Sounds of baby fire dino (probably).
b94kawa_0: Sounds of clone Mario.
b96kawa_0: Might be voice of Luigi after finishing level.
b98kawa_0: "Luigi!". "Mario!".

Research about aw file in SMG1&2 by the_audio_ripper at 5:22 AM EDT on August 18, 2011
I ripped all SFXs(Including instrument samples) in SMG1&2 by using baad.exe and wsyster.exe!!

First, extract .aw files (in /AudioRes/Waves) and SMR.szs from image.
Second, use yaz0dec.exe (in szstools) to extract "SMR.szs 0.rarc" file from SMR.szs, and rename it: "Z2Sound.baa"
Third, put "Z2Sound.baa", "baad.exe" and "wsyster.exe" into the directory of .aw files
Fourth, type these in Command Prompt:
baad Z2Sound.baa
for %1 in (*.wsys) do wsyster %1
Then you' ll get thousands of WAVs.
This is my discovery.
I found some bnk files(from the .baa file), how to use them?
(P.S. :I'm on "the other side" of the Earth)

edited 2:50 AM EDT August 19, 2011
by hcs at 10:48 AM EDT on August 18, 2011
Awesome, so that's where the index was hiding. Thanks!
by Elven Spellmaker at 10:22 PM EDT on August 18, 2011
Does anyone happen to have the *.aw files for SMG 1 and 2? They aren't in the sets I downloaded and I would have no idea how to extract them from a ROM should I ever find one.
by the_audio_ripper at 3:12 AM EDT on August 19, 2011
One day I found the beginning of the file "SMR.szs 0.rarc" is "AA_<bst", it's like the beginning of the file "Z2Sound.baa" obtained somewhere in this website. So I thought SMR.szs contains a baa archive file, not RARC archive file.

edited 3:15 AM EDT August 19, 2011
by logan28469 at 8:53 AM EDT on August 19, 2011
There are three different Super Mario Galaxy files, one that's 847MB, one that's 717MB, and one that's 663MB. You may have gotten the wrong one, Elven Spellmaker. I'm not sure why there are three. Maybe the biggest one has more files and is the newest?

Also note that I cannot find the 663MB one on anywhere but a dead torrent that I'm trying to leech:
If anyone wants to help me get the big one:

The other can be found in the VGMPP Wii torrent

edited 9:21 AM EDT August 19, 2011

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