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by psy_commando at 5:17 AM EST on December 4, 2017
Well, Procyon DSE was made for devs on NDS and Wii only. So its unlikely that the PS2 games shares anything with this format.
And from what I saw in that link, its definitely not the same thing.

Soma Bringer etc. by notveryhelpful at 10:02 AM EST on December 4, 2017
OK. I wanted to make sure since I've read about Soma Bringer together with Luminous Arc etc. multiple times on the forum, and Xenosaga (...something?) was mentioned together with Soma Bringer in the thread. Procyon Studio has been Mitsuda's company for quite a long time and Xenosaga I+II for DS had already been ripped, so I assumed that the mention of Xenosaga meant Episode I since Mitsuda was the composer, but maybe it was about Episode II or something else. Do you mean that Soma Bringer is also completely different from the games you've worked with so far?
by AnonRunzes at 10:36 AM EST on December 4, 2017
Okay, if we're talking about diferent games using some Procyon format, how about we take a look at this page?

For reference.

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by notveryhelpful at 11:05 AM EST on December 4, 2017
I'm well aware that I don't really have much knowledge (as evidenced by username), and that's why I haven't registered and tried to ask anything before. I also know that a lot of XS1 was played with a real orchestra etc. and the game may not even have any sequenced music, and that the company or record label is obviously not the same thing as one of its products. I just wanted to make sure that these things (Soma Bringer etc.) hadn't been brought up here because it would make no sense. Not to derail further, but here is what I've read about the sequenced tracks for Episode II before: (just to make sure that this username is accurate).
by AnonRunzes at 12:12 PM EST on December 4, 2017
Well, I just jumped into that page by accident. I just assumed that one of those "works" listed on that page out of Procyon Studios' official size indicated that they might have used some kind of middleware such as the SMD format you see now.
by notveryhelpful at 12:44 PM EST on December 4, 2017
OK, I assumed that you were totally sarcastic since the page ( has arranged albums ("Sailing to thee World" and such in it.

This list of games may or may not have some relevance:

(a forum search for "Soma Bringer" brings up other DS games along with it, and this is one list of them).
by psy_commando at 10:07 PM EST on December 5, 2017
If its recorded by a live orchestra then its streamed music. DSE supports a single format for streamed music with files ending in "SAD", and with the 4 character code "SADL".

Most of this thread is about DSE's sequenced music formats though(SMDL, SWDL and SEDL). I think vgmstream already supports SAD, at least for prof layton.
by notveryhelpful at 12:41 AM EST on December 6, 2017
I know that the live orchestral music is streamed. However, the tracks on the 2004 re-release of the album were reordered by Mitsuda as such: disc 1 - live instruments, disc 2 - synths/samples ( A few tracks on disc 2 sound like they might be sequenced in-game ("Game Over" for example). The album also has the following credit:

"Sound Programmed by Hidenori Suzuki (PROCYON STUDIO)"


Suzuki was also mentioned in a thread for a sequenced DS game:

About a similarity between DS and PS2 formats:

".SMD and .SWD files (first has the sequence data, second samples). Funnily enough, this format was used in PS2 games (Shadow Hearts 1 for instance). Just that .SWD files were Sony ADPCM then and are IMA ADPCM in NDS case (some minor differences in sequences too, of course - different hardware, but you can still see it's basically the same thing)."


Apparently, at least "World Destruction - Michibikareshi Ishi" aka "Sands of Destruction" from the earlier list should have sequences and .iear files like the ones you've mentioned Luminous Arc to have (however, the download link for the files has expired):


+ answer:

I've also read that Soma Bringer has maybe 2 or 3 streamed tracks, but the rest is sequenced, apparently.
by psy_commando at 7:25 PM EST on December 6, 2017
Alright, I took a look at soma, and it indeed uses swdl/smdl pairs for its tracks and it uses the same version of DSE as PMD2 aka 0x0415. Here's the first track ripped using my tool, audioutil (midi + sf2):

And I looked at Shadow Heart and it seems to use "SMDM" and "SWDM" files which have a different header from SMDL and SWDL.. It doesn't seems backward compatible with implementations of DSE, since the base header doesn't have the same format or a version number apparently. It would be easier if the files weren't all inside a container file..
by notveryhelpful at 10:17 PM EST on December 6, 2017
Thanks a lot.

I can say that the "0B_01.mid" file is track 1-17 "Confronting the Defense Master" from the soundtrack and sounds very accurate when played with foobar2000 with the soundfont renamed to match the MIDI file. What's weird is that the SF2 file crashes SynthFont when I try to assign it to the MIDI file. It opens fine in Polyphone though.

I tried Sands of Destruction and it works with -blobpath and the 19 MB file "01.iear", but the resulting soundfont is 265 MB.

I found out how to extract most of the Soma Bringer files as well. The tracks have sounded quite accurate, but the soundfonts definitely take a lot of space. They also crash SynthFont like before. D02.mus has failed to extract for some reason.

Is it possible that any of this could help with the ripping project ( I linked earlier?

edited 2:28 PM EST December 7, 2017

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