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by psy_commando at 11:49 AM EST on December 26, 2017
Yeah C07 seems to have a very long release time on its samples. And release is not very well supported at all. There's a half-assed placeholder calculation for it in place right now, so it doesn't sounds too weird.

I'd need to figure an equation to convert release from DSE to SF2's timecents, and I'm not sure how to get that. I don't really know what DSE's release parameter is measured in..

by notveryhelpful at 3:46 PM EST on December 29, 2017
I noticed that the program doesn't export all the files in the game Sands of Destruction since the names don't match fully (they may have Japanese characters since the names are all garbled):

<*>- Found container off: 0xDBF550, 24 ƒtƒB[ƒ‹ƒh( , of type smdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0xDC01B0, 24_ƒtƒB[ƒ‹ƒhH , of type swdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0xE6D530, 49 ‚¿‚Ñ‚­‚ÜŽë‚è , of type smdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0xE6F670, 49_‚¿‚Ñ‚­‚ÜŽë‚è , of type swdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0x10679B0, 07 ƒ”ƒBƒgƒ“ƒŠƒe , of type smdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0x1068A00, 07_‘“‚Ì“sƒ”ƒBƒg , of type swdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0x1178210, 10 ”ß‚µ‚¢’J.SMD , of type smdl !
<*>- Found container off: 0x1179270, 10_”ß‚µ‚¢’J.SWD , of type swdl !


These are in root\data\01.iear like the tracks that work.

edited 6:19 PM EST December 29, 2017
by psy_commando at 10:47 PM EST on January 1, 2018
Interesting.. Its the first time I see sets of SMDL/SWDL that don't have matching names..

I made a quick push with a commandline parameter that makes the program match smdl/swdl in a blob by order instead of names. Since the matching swdl is right after the track's smdl in this case.

Just add "-nmatchoff" to the command line and it should try to match by order instead of by name.

Here's the link to a build of it if you wanna test it out:

edited 10:48 PM EST January 1, 2018
by Knurek at 12:37 PM EST on January 3, 2018
@psy_commando: How feature complete is your exporter? Good enough to just use for the DS games without proper 2SF packs? Or should I wait for improvements?
by psy_commando at 1:28 PM EST on January 3, 2018
@Knurek: Well exporting tracks to midi won't ever be perfect, mainly because the filters and volume envelopes differ significantly from what's possible with soundfont.

I haven't yet really had time to look into making a full standalone implementation of a foobar2000 plugin or add to existing plugins.

So, if you really require accurate rendering, you better run it with the emulator really. Unless you just want to have the note data for a song as a midi, then export is pretty much very accurate.

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