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by kalemvar at 11:13 PM EDT on July 11, 2012
Hello manakoAT & TheUltimateKoopa

I still have a question about sequence music and Nintendo Gamecube ripping.

I'm using GCRebuilder to extract audio from an .iso. (Mario Party 4) and under the sub_folder (sound) there's .ptd (that I have converted to .wav) and the 2nd file it's .msm (what is that?) and THE QUESTION. To extract sequenced music where I have to go? the process? I know it's a lot of questions but little help would be great team.

by Lunar at 6:21 AM EDT on July 12, 2012
Streamed audio can be anything, not just orchestrated - it's a representation of sound itself, so yeah it could be recorded sample-based music just as easily, and often is - there's no limitation on how it can sound, because it IS sound.

It's just that orchestrated/anything with live recordings of instruments tends to be streamed due to issues of practicality - the alternative being having sequence files that contain/trigger big contiguous chunks of audio anyway, which slightly defeats the point of having it stored as a sequence (the main advantage of which is triggering the same small samples over and over for compactness.) You might want lots of big streamed objects in a sequence file is if there's dynamic manipulation of audio happening via the game (Super Mario 64 underwater for example, fading channels and such... and even then you could just have two streamed songs that play concurrently and crossfade to achieve similar effects.)

My advice is don't get confused with how something sounds and conflate that with what format it is, even if you might be able to tell something is definitely streamed or definitely sequenced by listening. Just to confuse the issue: <--- this song is stored as a sequence. <--- this song is stored as audio
by kalemvar at 12:11 PM EDT on July 15, 2012
Thanks Lunar this really help to understand.

I've started to use VGMToolbox r879 (with Mario Party 4 .iso).

When opened with Iso Extractor I got .PDT file (easy to convert to .wav) and .MSM (not sure but I guess there's music in it). Few .THP files which I retrieve the music from them with Video Demultiplexe. After that I'm little lost, there's .STR, .REL and LOT of .BIN files (which I guess there's music into them) if yes can you explain me how to extract?

Thanks for your time, it's really appreciate :-)
by dj4uk6cjm at 10:16 AM EST on January 5, 2022
Bumping to find out if anyone has figured out a way to rip the midi sequences from the MSM files in these games and if not, then I hope a little visibility here will generate some interest to people who can dig deeper.
Probably they are encrypted MusyX files? by TheAdorableOsha at 4:00 AM EDT on June 17, 2022
I was looking through the MSM file for Mario Party 6 in a hex editor and I compared them with the common .pool, .proj, .sdir and .samp files from another game. The ones in the MSM follow a similar pattern albeit a bit different... something tells me it's either encrypted or it uses something similar to the MusyX format.

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