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by Ultrafighter at 12:50 PM EST on January 13, 2018
Hi Snakemeat, can you help me with demuxing some rather pesky XMVs from Breakdown? You can get samples from here. Just tell me if you need more (like much bigger ones or a few medium-sized example files).
Here's the problem: if I check "add header to output" box then VGMToolBox reports errors for most videos and creates a load of 75 bit GENHs (abridged and unusable I guess) in addition to *.raw tracks (they're not even PCM BTW, they're 4-bit ADPCM but headerless). If I uncheck that option I don't get a single error and no GENHs are created but RAWs are still headerless ADPCM (the very same files which I got using the 1st method of demultiplexing).

So can anything be done about it? Xbox Media Videos very rarely use ADPCM instead of PCM for their audio but I've never had such trouble before (demuxing *.xmv files from MotoCross mania 3, Shadow ops: Red mercury & The terminator: Dawn of fate for example).
Anyway I'll really appreciate any future fix which solves this problem (maybe tweaking VGMToolBox just a bit will get rid of the issue?). I believe that what is supposed to happen with Breakdown movies is this: VGMT should output only GENHs and not a single RAW file (be it actually PCM wave or headerless ADPCM); probably initial 3.1 or 5.1 mixes are going to be split into stereo pairs but that's about it. This is the way it always worked for me in the past when dealing with any XMVs I encountered.

I wish you good luck in figuring out this bug! Best wishes!

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