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by louis at 7:01 AM EDT on June 13, 2018
Regarding the issue of sound files from CRI acb archives being extracted with the wrong filenames that some people here and on 2ch have been having:

I did some digging a couple of months ago (I intended on writing up a proper patch, but never got around to it) and found out that the ACB file I was using (from the Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited mobage, available here) had a special feature to where multiple waveforms would be mapped to a single cue entry, seemingly so that the game can request a single cue but receive a random variant.

Due to the way vgmtoolbox currently matches cue entries with waveforms, it was simply allocating one waveform per cue entry until it ran out of cues, at which point any remaining waveforms would be given generic names (such as described in thecarrot's post back in September).
The solution to this is to reference the SequenceTable in the ACB header in order to determine which cue entries map to multiple waveforms.
Here's a diff of the changes I made for a section of vgmtoolbox I hacked off so that I could compile/run it under mono and use it in a bash script (I have no C# experience). It won't apply to the normal vgmtoolbox source code, but the changes should be applicable for a very barebones tool to get the right filenames.
It simply maps one waveform to each cue entry (a "correct" one) and extracts the extra waveforms with a generic name by adding 4*NumTracks to referenceCorrection instead of just 4.

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