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by ssh at 3:17 PM EDT on October 21, 2017
If somebody needs ATRAC9 TOOL Version here *****.
by furrybob at 5:03 PM EDT on October 25, 2017
VGAudio's HCA encoder should be feature-complete now, and only needs bug testing at this point. You can check out the PR here.

The latest builds can be found on AppVeyor

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by AnonRunzes at 6:53 AM EDT on October 26, 2017
It works. As in, the encoded .hca file works just as well with the latest version of vgmstream I have here.

However that`s only on the --hcaquality parameter. The --bitrate parameter doesn`t seem to work with me for some reason. It just throws out an "Bitrate is set too low." exception for whatever reason, even if I set the --bitrate number to 384. As for --limit-bitrate I can't really say for sure. Or maybe that's just me not knowing how to use the tool.

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by furrybob at 8:37 AM EDT on October 26, 2017
The bitrate parameter uses bits-per-second instead of kbps. I guess I'll change that since I was already thinking about having it use kbps anyway.

--limit-bitrate is there for feature parity with CRI's encoder. It just prevents the bitrate from going below a certain value. It'll kick in sometimes when encoding audio with a low sample rate using the quality presets.
by kode54 at 11:11 PM EDT on October 29, 2017
Verified working perfectly under Mono on macOS. And it does things that CRI's encoder won't do: Encode 96 kHz material without downsampling it. One thing it doesn't do, however, is accept 24 bit integer samples. Maybe it would help some cases to add support for 24 bit integer, possibly even 32 bit integer, and 32 bit 1.0-normalized floating point? And you can also try deriving speaker configurations from WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE, if you don't already?
by furrybob at 10:11 PM EDT on October 31, 2017
VGAudio currently doesn't support PCM bit depths above 16-bit. 16-bit PCM is the "middle-format" that all the codecs compress from and decompress to.

Adding higher bit-depths would require some tweaking of the interfaces with the codecs to handle that. I've thought about doing that before, but haven't gotten around to it.

I am curious, though. I haven't exactly tested it at all, but wouldn't most of the increased precision get lost as quantization noise anyway? HCA has a maximum of 15 bits of quantization precision, and 5 bits of scaling precision. Maybe it would improve areas with quieter audio?

The HCA encoder has been merged in to VGAudio. It should be feature-complete, although I just realized I forgot to add encryption to it. (Oops?)

For those who are interested in performance numbers:

Single-threaded, stereo audio encoding on an i7-6700K @ 4.2GHz:
Initial VGAudio HCA encoder: 70x realtime
Current VGAudio HCA encoder: 165x
CRI HCA encoder: 30x
VGAudio ADX encoder: 350x
VGAudio GC-ADPCM encoder: 30x
by kode54 at 11:27 PM EDT on November 1, 2017
In this case, it's only about not having to use two intermediates. But I could have unpacked the FLAC and downsampled to 16 bits in one step with FFmpeg. (The original was distributed by its artist as a giant 96/24 FLAC with two loops, the full length of the song, encoded into it. The best part is that I use my Blue Yeti microphone's DAC for output, which only supports 44.1/16 anyway.)
by TheGoldenChild at 7:46 PM EST on November 5, 2017

Key didn't work for me when I used Hca Decoder 1.16 or any previous versions. The HCA files that I use still have that weird noise error.

These are two files I am trying to decrypt with the code given.

-User Error Disregard my previous statements I used another HCA Decoder and code works without issue.-

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by qeg at 3:25 AM EST on November 7, 2017
In my computer I could decrypt without problems.
(used key is 00189DFB1024ADE9)
by TheGoldenChild at 10:15 AM EST on November 7, 2017
@geg yea I used another HCA decoder version it works great now no issues.

@ssh Thank you for your help!

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