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by thewhitewhale at 1:04 PM EDT on April 3, 2019
While we're on the topic, is it expected that an HCA decoded into an WAV and then re-encoded into an HCA using the same key it was decoded with will yield different data? The filesize is the same, but the contents past the header (and even a few bytes of the header itself) are completely different, and replacing the game audio with the re-encrypted file then attempting to play it in-game only results in a high-pitched, garbled mess.

It's worth mentioning that decoding the re-encoded HCA into another WAV will yield a WAV that sounds the exact same as the WAV from the original, but is ever-so-slightly different when observed through a hex editor. Doesn't seem like a big deal since differences are minimal, but beats me why it gets messed up so badly in-game.

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by hcs at 7:12 PM EDT on April 3, 2019
Any encoder is unlikely to produce the same result after round-tripping through a decoder. For one thing it's lossy, so the input isn't the same as what was given to the encoder originally; it may be possible to reproduce the encoded data exactly, from an information theory perspective, but it's unlikely for an encoder to be designed in such a way that it works to exactly reverse the decoder. Also you may not even be using the same encoder, or the same settings.

As for why it doesn't work in-game, this stuff tends to be very specific to a build of the middleware and the various settings used when building the audio. vgmstream and others have a lot of hacks to increase compatibility across variations, but the games themselves usually only work with a single configuration.
by Lakoyo at 12:41 AM EDT on April 10, 2019
Anyone here used this tool? (hcaenc.exe converting wav to hca, hcacc.exe encrypting hca file)

This is the references

The game is PES 2019 (Android): 0000000000D77A01 (14121473)
Sample .hca music file from PES:

How to run command line correctly:
hcacc.exe in.hca out.hca -ot 56 -i1 ?... -i2 ?... -o1 ?... -o2 ?...

Please help me

by Sephirothkefka at 11:42 AM EDT on April 10, 2019
What is it with people and Android versions of PES? Why do they want to change the music of a mediocre game? smh
by thewhitewhale at 1:37 AM EDT on April 14, 2019
For your example it would probably look something like:
hcacc.exe in.hca out.hca -ot 56 -o1 00D77A01 -o2 00000000
by Lakoyo at 8:29 PM EDT on April 14, 2019
Don't I need to fill -i1 ?... -i2 ?...

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by Lakoyo at 10:47 PM EDT on April 16, 2019
It's not works
Okami HD PC by ponaromixxx at 6:01 AM EDT on April 17, 2019
Help please search key for .adx and for .usm



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by bnnm at 12:05 PM EDT on July 7, 2019
I updated CRID(.usm)Demux Tool v1.01 a bit.!SRw1ySoY!kV2w2Ax9ual_f-fVNDgpU5NHZjjusmvmmdx2hWKloiE

Main difference is that you can split audio and video separately, and if you don't have the actual key you can pass the 0x20 derived xor to decrypt, which fortunately is very easy to get if audio has some silence (see readme-mod).
Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS by chrrox at 4:39 PM EDT on October 9, 2019
Here is the key for
Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS
ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバルALL STARS

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