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by alexfilth at 3:39 PM EST on March 6, 2013
I'm having a little problem converting HCA tracks from Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, hca2wav converts them but also gives me this error message: "decoder return error code: 8" and there is a little bit of noise at the end of every converted wav.

It's not really a problem since i can remove the noise with audacity, but i thought i should've report the problem. :)

Screenshot hca2wav + audacity

First HCA track

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edited 3:41 PM EST March 6, 2013

EDIT: soneek just told me that maybe the XML preset for VGMToolbox Cutter he gave me can be broken, so there is the chance that the HCA files are screwed up.

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by soneek at 5:05 PM EST on March 6, 2013
Is anyone else having trouble playing stuff with CRI Atom Viewer? I can sort of hear the sounds, but it's extremely staticky while playing them. Tried with ADX & HCA files, ACB and AWB archives.
by clive at 9:03 PM EST on March 7, 2013
HCA2wav cannot decode this file
it's giving
"Error reading HCA header"

Here's a sample file
hca2wav0.2 "Error reading HCA header" error by moon at 5:49 AM EDT on April 5, 2013

"Error reading HCA header"error occurs when hca2wav0.2 decoding ,
is there a way around this ?
by enemy33 at 10:43 AM EDT on April 13, 2013
I wonder if the Sympathy system in PSO2 is causing the corrupted headers. Here's some more detail on that if you're not familiar with it.
by j_hk at 7:58 AM EDT on April 24, 2013
As for CriAtomViewerClr.dll, I did some research.
It was written in C++/CLI, decompiling it could be harder but we can find usage in CriAtomViewer.exe.

It seems it also contains some information about the new AFS2 format. I will check it later.

edited 9:33 AM EDT April 24, 2013
by sar at 1:37 PM EDT on June 18, 2013

ADX2 and cri movie 2 support xbox one .. xD

edit .. wii u + ps4 too :)

edited 1:48 PM EDT June 18, 2013
by AceK at 4:43 AM EDT on August 25, 2013
Just curious, determining the format type of .HCA, is it the data after that offset, which would be at offset 0x0000000C, or is it the data before that offset, which is otherwise offset 0x00000004?

I'm just looking into PSO2 .HCA, and notice that simple xor'ing (what profrager mentioned. I do not have a program that does this. A hex editing program with this feature would be very helpful) on ALL of the data definitely doesn't convert it correctly. Some parts of the data stays the same, while some require the offset to be subtracted by 80 (or 50 in hex.)

EX: Offset 0x00000000 through offset 0x00000002 as mentioned by profrager requires a subtractiong by -80 (or 50 in hex.) Offset 0x00000003 through offset 0x00000006, however, has the same values like other .HCA files and should stay the same.
by guest at 11:22 PM EDT on August 25, 2013
Found this app, with c++ source, a few months back on the 2ch BGM board.

Maybe someone can make a vgmstream patch or update it to work with newer HCA versions. All credit to the original poster, I just modified it to allow for larger headers and made a VC++ project out of it.

There is some useful header info there for making an extractor also.
by snakemeat at 11:53 PM EDT on August 25, 2013
A hex editing program with this feature would be very helpful

Not exactly what you asked for, but I made a tool to XOR files a while back, maybe it will help you: deSlaXOR_v0.0

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