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by AceK at 11:54 PM EDT on August 25, 2013

Thanks for that submission! That app apparently can convert PSO2 .hca files into .wav perfectly with no adjustments... and in the end it turns out the game might be running in some sort of sequence? Hard to say how it works.

The question is, what's making the game decide what plays what in a sequential-like fashion? The only thing I see is that the character maker bgm should be at or around 100 BPM from adjustments with music production programs. Not sure if it's in the game's .exe or if it's in one of the ICE or CPK files. Of course the patterns randomize, but would be interesting to find leads on how it's being played.

edited 2:05 AM EDT August 26, 2013
by enemy33 at 6:58 PM EDT on October 1, 2013
I can confirm the program for the previous page works perfectly. As for sequencing, PSO2 is using an in-house proprietary sequencer called Sympathy.

Does anyone have a program that will convert from WAV to HCA? also is there a program somewhere that will pack up CPK files? I'd like to test something out.
by Ultrafighter at 10:16 PM EDT on October 5, 2013
I`m just wondering if anyone out here has taken a look at Ryu ga gotoku 5 HCAs yet? I`m interested in playing back or at least converting them anyhow as a greater amount of them (heck almost all of them actually!) still can`t be converted with either hca2wav or hcadec. Of course I can provide loads of seemingly differently encoded samples (stereo, 4ch, etc.). I guess that might prove useful for future aforementioned programs revisions as well as vgmstream implementation whenever it`s done.
by AceK at 12:25 AM EDT on October 7, 2013
Ultrafighter: Do you have samples files uploaded?
by Ultrafighter at 3:32 AM EDT on October 7, 2013
Not yet but it`s positively doable. The only obstruction in the way of doing so is that there`re 682 files worth of 2.29 GB excessively representing all the track groups used in the game: multichannel ambiences, the ones from karaoke and all the remaining minigames, situational tracks (stingers and such) and that "usen" bunch of course. File sizes also vary starting with a few dozens of KB and ultimately reaching dozens of MB. Given the game`s age I`d suggest that all those files aren`t convertible because of v2.0 of HCA format which seems to be not implemented in either hca2wav or hcadec yet but there`s a supposedly typical "HCA" (0x48/0x43/0x41) header in every single file I mentioned.

Oh, I almost forgot that 2/682 might be converted but results of both decoders work are almost undoubtedly erroneous at least in the case with constantly skipping sound in one of resulting WAVs. Another one contains merely silence which cannot even be normalized to anything of musical type but it`s possible that the original HCA track was actually a silence one albeit being quite long. I guess that a look at these 2 files would be even more interesting for reversing and coding folks out here. Both files in question are not that big, just a very few MBs worth of size so that I can post both of them in one pack but separately from the samples of files which don`t convert at all.

And finally, is MF / SS fine for that?
error reading hca header by saeid_nejat at 10:09 AM EDT on November 2, 2013
hca2wav can not convert.
error reading hca header
how solve this problem?
error reading .HCA Header? by FinalBlast at 10:06 AM EST on December 22, 2013
I managed to extract from .awb getting these .hca/.neo files, none of which hca2wav works...?

I've provided a sample, if anyone knows anything check it out.

error reading .HCA Header by Calary at 10:46 AM EST on December 22, 2013
encounter the same problem with FinalBlast.

I've tred to read th source of the HCA decoder from 2ch, managed to understand the multiple attributes in the header of hca files.

I found that the decoder cannot recognize the "comp" attribute(maybe compress?).
Same does hca2wav, I think.
by FinalBlast at 7:05 AM EST on December 27, 2013
HCA by FinalBlast at 10:34 AM EST on December 28, 2013
Any update on this matter?

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