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Has anyone managed to rip and 3DS music? by TheUltimateKoopa at 6:03 PM EDT on May 29, 2011
See title
by snakemeat at 6:26 PM EDT on May 29, 2011
I've seen Line-Out rips on the usual forums, but I don't think carts are dumpable yet.
by Infernus Animositas at 10:04 PM EDT on May 29, 2011
Ahh that explains why I haven't seen any roms yet.
by bxaimc at 1:04 AM EDT on May 30, 2011
waiting for encryption to be cracked...
by neo_chip at 9:52 AM EDT on May 30, 2011
From what I heard, 3DS cards could be dump through a DS Lite, for now, 'saves' by cutting off that ledge that prevents it from being inserted through a DS handheld.

I'm sure it won't be long before we see an "R4" type of flashcart or if they hack the OS to load code and from there 'jump' to a rom dumper, or just dump it manually using the RAM.

edited 9:53 AM EDT May 30, 2011
by TheUltimateKoopa at 7:47 PM EDT on May 30, 2011
The only real problem with the actual ROMs is emulating the gyroscope and accelerometer, and also, the autostereoscopic effects.
Anyway, even if the audio was able to be ripped, how long would it take for the plugin for Winamp to be developed?
by bxaimc at 10:13 PM EDT on May 30, 2011
I still say the games are streamed.
by neo_chip at 10:16 PM EDT on May 30, 2011
The 3D effect can be implemented but the gyroscope/accelerometer will be tough.

I think its best using a flashcard this time around instead of emulating it.
by Lunar at 8:00 AM EDT on May 31, 2011
"I still say the games are streamed."

i thought the same, but apparently that's not necessarily true. a little bird told me that 3DS games will still largely use sequenced music. while the cartridge storage has no doubt increased and streamed soundtracks will be more common, there was a data bandwidth limit with DS cartridges that's still present in 3DS, which makes using streams no soft option.

there are certain advantages to using sequences anyway, they're more flexible with game dynamics. (for instance, it's totally unfeasible to do something like this with streamed audio.) i don't think we'll see sequences disappearing any time soon.

anyway i am hopeful that games will be dumped and music ripping will begin :)

edited 8:00 AM EDT May 31, 2011
by bxaimc at 9:15 AM EDT on May 31, 2011
Oh yea, there will be sequences as well considering that this is nintendo we're talking about.

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