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by CapComMDb at 1:43 PM EDT on August 20, 2011
Well, true. However, what I meant is each GBS player varies I think in large part because they might be trying to emulate a different GB. :) I guess if you wanted, you could have settings that will change the audio depending on what version of the system you wanted to emulate...
by SmartOne at 9:18 PM EDT on August 20, 2011
I made NEZplug++ split the four NES channels into hard stereo!

The problem is one side is stronger than the other because I don't know anything about digital signal processing.

edited 9:34 PM EDT August 20, 2011
by CapComMDb at 10:06 PM EDT on August 20, 2011
Audio tools will allow you to normalize both sides evenly though. Not perfect, but easy fix!

Thanks for working on the plugin - sounds terrific :)

edited 10:07 PM EDT August 20, 2011
by SmartOne at 12:17 AM EDT on August 23, 2011
Here's a taste:

I haven't messed with the VRC6.
NEZplug+++ by SmartOne at 2:38 AM EDT on October 9, 2011
I've made NEZplug++ enhance mono tracks by providing hard-left, center, and hard-right stereo.


Winamp (XMPlay) Plugin:


I've also taken the liberty of boosting the FDS and VRC6 volume levels to compensate. Playing stereo GBS tracks with this will result in unappealing results. This does change mono GBS tracks to stereo. HES is unchanged because all the tracks I listen to are already stereo. KSS is similarly untouched because I don't care too much about MSX music. ValleyBell recently made MSX comply with the VGM format, rendering KSS fairly obsolete, as far as I can tell. VRC7 is untouched, because Lagrange Point is already stereo.

For some reason, pairing the 2A03 Triangle with a Square Wave produced a buzz in the Triangle. I fixed this by placing the Triangle in the center. Overall the placement of channels sounds good.

Some tracks may produce a tiny bit of clipping. This has to do with the mixing of the channels and possibly my volume boosts. Everything is hard coded but tweakable. Let me know of your playback experience. Enjoy!

EDIT: If you were having trouble with the first build loading, I've updated the link to point to a build that should work.

edited 6:45 PM EDT October 9, 2011
by SmartOne at 2:53 PM EDT on October 16, 2011
Here's an update of NEZplug+++:

Now comes with a pack-in!

The included INI file must have NESAPUVolume=32 for proper channel levels. (And AlwaysStereo=1, obviously.)
NEZplug+++ by one at 6:40 PM EST on November 10, 2019
Found this by Retro VGM Revival Hour podcast (and the inability to rest until I found the source of the sweet discrete stereo NES tracks he had) and it fundamentally changed the way I listen to NES soundtracks. You can so easily pick out what each individual instrument is doing. Separate tracks on separate ears tickles parts of the brain that just cant be reached any other way, and breathes new life into old tunes! I can't believe everyone is not talking about this all the time! Thank you!

edited 6:45 PM EST November 10, 2019
by SmartOne at 12:57 AM EST on November 11, 2019
Wow, I'm glad people are actually using this! Yeah, forcing simple stereo > mono. If only I had a center channel to then do 3-channel upmixing. Anti-comb filtering/clearer center channel would be cool for everything.

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