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by baggagelizard at 5:28 PM EDT on June 12, 2015
I'm going back and forth on what I think it's using; it's probably a mix of things
by Benjamin at 5:49 PM EDT on June 12, 2015
Yeah, might be a mix. The real question when talking about a mix is what they're mixing.
by midiman at 9:43 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
I don't own the Kurzweil K2000 (1991) or its successor, the K2500 (1996), but listening to their demo songs and presets, I recognized a few of its samples.

Super Mario Kart's piano sample most likely came from the K2000.
K2000: 53 Piano-Cello
K2500: 001 Acoustic Piano
(Not every preset got recorded so I won't be able to link to the exact preset. I'll just link to whichever mp3 file I can hear the sample in.)

Here's a recording of KoopaBeach.spc with the other chanels muted:
Original SPC file of Koopa Beach

And here's a cover of it using just the sampled C4 note K2000:
K2000 piano (C4 note only)

Super Mario Kart's orchestra hit sample can be found in the Fairlight CMI IIx. Here's a UVI plug-in of that synth with that orchestra hit:
Classic Fair Hit 2

Super Mario World's Slap Bass sounds like the Roland D-50's slap bass. 73 Slap Bass n Brass / Example 2 / Example 3

I recognized a few other samples from the K2000 in games like Mortal Kombat 2 & 3, like this rhythmic loop compared with the 001 3rd World Order preset. But then again, Dan Forden listed all of the synths he used right in the soundtrack booklet itself.

I think Master_E asked about the samples used in F-Zero X like 2 years ago so I'll share my findings.

I also went through the K2500 (the K2000's successor) and recognized some samples from F-Zero X (mainly the tracks composed by Hajime Wakai)
You can tell which tracks Hajime Wakai wrote by the completely different sample set he used compared to the rest of the songs, which were mostly written by Taro Bando. According to Pony Canyon's web site, the publisher of the OST, Hajime Wakai only wrote 2 songs, All Need is 30 Deaths, and Staff roll. I'm guessing he also wrote the Track Edit and Car Edit music used in the 64DD version of the game since those songs use Kurzweil samples as well.

The snare drum in F-Zero X - Staff Roll sounds like K2500's 050 2 Live Kits MW preset.

And the bass in F-Zero X - Car Edit is probably the multi-layer velocity-switching bass preset: 071 Dual E Bass. I can't find a solo recording of that "cheap-sounding" distortion guitar at 0:18 seconds in but I can hear it in one of the K2500's demo songs around the 1:00 minute mark.

The booklet for the F-Zero X OST had staff commentary and a small photo of the two composers in their studio. Upon closer inspection of Hajime Wakai's studio equipment, I see a synth rack that resembles either the Kurzweil K2000R or the K2500RS based on the layout of the display, knobs and buttons.

If you're wondering where the rest of the samples in F-Zero X music come from (the ones written by Taro Bando), I only recognize some of it, sadly.
The kick and snare and crash cymbals come from the Boss DR-660. Kick: 044_VbSldK, Snare: 076_Hard S. In fact, Boss and Roland sound modules share a lot of the same samples so you can probably find it on their other sound modules and drum machines as well. The toms sound very similar to the power kit on the Roland SC-88. I still have no idea where the ride cymbals and the open/closed/pedal hi-hats come from. If anyone knows, please tell.

Here's a recreation of the F-Zero X drum kit using Boss DR-660's kick/snare/crashes and Roland SC-88pro power kit toms.
Unfortunately, I don't know for sure where the rest of the samples come from. I don't own any synthesizers or sound modules so I can only rely on synthmania and youtube videos and sound libraries for reference.

As for the guitars, Taro Bando said, in an interview, that all of the guitars were performed live. The original sound track credits Sou Kimura as the guitarist for the Title BGM, Car Select, and Goal BGM music. The lead guitar tone on these tracks clearly differ from the rest. Also in that same interview, Taro Bando mentions those strange vocals you hear in Drivin' Through on Max, Devil's Call in Your Heart, or even Rendezvous of Ghost, is his own voice.

This is the distinct lead guitar sound used on the rest of the F-Zero X tracks. I tried to single out the sound as best I could. More can be heard here. I still cannot tell if that's a real guitar that's been sampled or a synth preset. Some parts of it sound like a real guitar and some don't. Listening closely, the pitchbends sound like the pitch wheel on a keyboard synth rather than an actual whammy bar on a guitar. Wakai did mention that they used external effects in the OST booklet so whatever the source sound was, it was run through an actual guitar effects processor.

Several years ago when trying to do a remix album in the style of F-Zero X, I tried running various distortion guitar soundfonts through Guitar Rig to see if i could recreate the tone. While not exactly the same, Creative's 4GMGSMT.sf2's distortion guitar patch (which was probably sampled from one of the E-MU Proteus synths) came surprisingly close. Here's a cover I did for comparison. I also made a demo video last year showing what the guitar sounds like before and after guitar effects are added.

As for the other instruments, I'm not too sure where they come from. I've found very similar-sound ones but not the ones. Some of the sounds have sort of a Roland sound to it. Not sure about the rest, probably E-MU or something. I wish Taro Bando had a twitter or facebook or something like many other Japanese composers these days. So until someone can get in contact with Taro Bando, we'll never know for sure. Unless someone here knows?

Visit the F-Zero directory on my website for samples and other random F-Zero stuff.

And lastly, the SNES F-Zero uses E-MU Proteus/1 drum samples. F-Zero's kick and snare followed by E-MU Proteus/1's kick and snare

Well, that went all over the place.

edited 3:00 PM EDT June 14, 2015
by Nisto at 11:34 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
Does anyone know where this sample is from? I extracted it from ChainDive (Japan-exclusive PS2 game from 2003), but I've heard it in so much other media.
by Benjamin at 11:44 AM EDT on June 14, 2015
Sounds like it might be an E-MU Proteus sound with edited effects in it. Forgot the name of the pad though.
by peronmls at 12:58 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
Any one know of the choir used in Demons Souls or Dark Souls games?
by Nisto at 2:44 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
Benjamin: I don't think it's there. But thanks anyway; I did find a sample from DMC on it!

Any other ideas for the source of the synth pad I uploaded?
by punk7890-2 at 3:09 PM EDT on June 14, 2015
@peronmls, I remember Dark Soul's The Ancient Dragon seemed like it had the choirs from Best Service Giga Pack. I can't be certain though. Sakuraba uses lots of different library's.
by Benjamin at 4:01 AM EDT on June 15, 2015
Someone at Glitchkill told me that Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario use Zero-G Ambient 2 for one sample (LORE DRONE is in a few songs) and I found a few from Ambient 2 in there (COMPUTER 1, DR WHO #3, INTERSPACE, etc.). Does anyone recognize any other Zero-G samples (not just Ambient 2)?
by peronmls at 11:59 AM EDT on June 17, 2015
in voice spectral 1 I think the giants vocal SFX from Zelda majoras mask is the first sample of 31 Electronic. Any body else think so?

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