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Portable Music History by Knurek at 7:11 PM EDT on March 20, 2012
Well, Portable Music History just went public beta.

So far there are two sets available for download, with new ones added every 6 hours. For the next few weeks there should be only Game Boy rips there, but once we reach October of 1990 (in about 100 games), Game Gear ones will start showing up too.

All sets will be fully timed, and when possible tagged as well - feel free to provide tagging data for those that aren't though.

Please make sure to share your thoughts or questions here - the site is still missing some functionality (like better integration with, RSS feed for updates/new sets, search function), but should be fully usable nevertheless.
by Mouser X at 1:53 AM EDT on March 22, 2012
Hey, this is pretty neat! Of the ones posted so far, the GB bios and Tetris are the ones I've wanted the most (I already had Tetris though). I looks forward to more updates! I really appreciate the amount of work that undoubtedly went into tagging/timing/ripping these sets! Mouser X over and out.
by kalemvar at 10:33 AM EDT on April 15, 2012
This is much appreciate all the work you are doing.

After Game Gears, are you going to add Gameboy Colors Games? :)

edited 10:36 AM EDT April 15, 2012
by Knurek at 3:45 PM EDT on April 15, 2012
Yes, both Super, Color and Advance Game Boys will be supported, alongside with Wonderswan, NeoGeo Pocket, PSP and Nintendo DS.

And if someone created a format for Virtual Boy or Atari Lynx, Watara Supervision or I'd add them as well.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 1:24 PM EDT on April 16, 2012
Just a little note... Dr Mario's tags are wrong (I think).
"Player 1 Attack" is actually the 2x Chain jingle, and "Player 2 Attack" is the 3x Chain jingle.
by Electric Keet at 3:32 PM EDT on April 16, 2012

I thought I thoroughly tested those tracks, but I'm willing to go back and investigate. (It's a bit of a pain in the butt to test two-player stuff, but all in the name of accuracy, aye?)

I should have asked this before, but is there a changelog for the site anywhere? I know sets are added chronologically, but for the case that already-released sets have updates after the fact....
by Knurek at 5:25 PM EDT on April 16, 2012
@Electric Keet: I think that we haven't actually implemented anything yet, I'll need to talk with datschge about changing the RSS feed to handle the updates as well - if he hasn't done so yet.

There has been no notable changes to the already released sets so far IIRC.
by Electric Keet at 3:17 PM EDT on April 26, 2012
I double-checked with extensive testing (all right, all I did was rig up a quick game, but I was swamped with other work until today) and as Player 1, executed a 3x chain and got the same jingle as a 2x chain. If you find some other way for Player 1 to get the other jingle, let me know and I'll gladly change the tag, but right now it seems accurate. Thanks for keeping an eye on it, though! I've been known to make errors like that before. :)
by Electric Keet at 3:17 PM EDT on April 26, 2012
(( Huzzah! The post has been doubled! ))

edited 3:18 PM EDT April 26, 2012
by Knurek at 5:04 AM EDT on April 27, 2012
Since I'm a bit further ahead than you, time-wise, let me just say that even though Game Gear's sound hardware is pitiful compared even to Nintendo's Game Boy 'no frills' approach, in capable hands (say, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Yuzo Koshiro) it can create some amazing music.

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