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by datschge at 12:07 PM EDT on August 29, 2018

edited 12:07 PM EDT August 29, 2018
by kode54 at 5:07 PM EDT on September 1, 2018
It wasn't that obvious when I tried, but thanks. It was like the second result, I think.
by datschge at 6:08 PM EDT on September 1, 2018
Glad it helped. ^^;
by Xerxes at 9:33 AM EDT on April 9, 2019
Since no form of BMSDEC or anything like that I could find was capable of converting the final boss music I just used the TP soundfont to do this

edited 9:34 AM EDT April 9, 2019
by Nonchalantree at 10:42 PM EDT on September 9, 2020
Time for another resurrection! I'm going to complete the TP SoundFont once and for all. But I had trouble understanding Yuuto on how to get the AW file number, (likely because of those missing characters that appear like this "�").

So for example, I have instrument #3's (hex is 026B). But I can't figure out where to find the corresponding AW file.

Anyone here who does understand how to do this?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found a VGMTrans fork to do the dirty work for me.

edited 11:41 PM EDT September 9, 2020
by Nonchalantree at 1:17 AM EDT on September 13, 2020
actually I take back that nevermind. Magicus's VGMTrans fork has trouble with getting some of the instruments.
by Blockteen at 4:54 PM EST on November 28, 2020
As with everyone here, I too am interested in TP SoundFont creation that's why I created a forum account to share my findings... and also to bump the topic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Using the wsyster method is great if you want all the wave files, but I want the complete collection... root keys and loop points. Sure I could figure that out using Yuuto's guide, but I don't dabble in hex.

As Nonchalantree pointed out, Magicus' fork of VGMTrans has been able to spit out sf2 banks. But upon further inspection, his code only scans the first aw file. I know this because when you open the .baa file alone the log reads it can't locate Also renaming a different file to be 0 results in a crash. If you open that bank_11 converted by VGMTrans in a soundfont editor you'll get 240 instruments of repeated sounds.

I'm not a coder, but if someone else can pick up where Magicus left off you might be able to write code to search for the rest of the .aw files in the wsys collection.
by BenOn90 at 8:00 PM EDT on August 22, 2021
Anyone having trouble with the Staff Roll’s bms files from Twilight Princess ? I tried to convert them into midi files but all I got is a 41o unreadable file.
Generated TP SoundFonts by Yuuto2 at 4:18 PM EST on February 12, 2023
In case anyone is still interested: WIP TP Soundfonts
The folder contains an SF2 for each instrument bank found in the game (5x SE, 3x BGM).

The SoundFonts were generated automatically from the BAA audio archive. However, this is still an work in progress version.

Things that do work:
- sample looping
- key zones
- sample panning for percussion instruments
- volume multipliers for each instrument and key zone
- pitch multipliers (tuning) for each instrument and key zone
- release envelope (kind of)

Things that don't work yet:
- most of the envelope stuff

Mapping the game's envelope data to the ADSR model used in SoundFonts is kind of difficult, since the game has much more possibilities and freedom in designing the envelopes. Not only are there potentially more phases then the typical attack, hold, sustain and release, but the system also offers 4 different curves for envelopes. That is why the release phases of most samples seem to be a bit short.

The whole tool is work in progress and needs some serious refactoring, but I will release the source code eventually when I'm happy with the results.

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