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by G-Boy at 7:20 AM EDT on May 6, 2017
@Nisto Is there a free program that can extract the files?
by Nisto at 8:18 AM EDT on May 6, 2017
Yeah, sorry, you can also use VGMToolbox. I'm just used to using IsoBuster.. handles most of my needs.

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by dj4uk6cjm at 4:44 PM EDT on May 6, 2017
An even easier and less time consuming program to use would be the Dolphin Emulator, just browse (not open) for the ISO in question in the emulator and then right click it and go to properties and filesystem and from there you can look for the desired sound/bgm/data folder you want, right click again and hit extract.
by AnonRunzes at 4:52 PM EDT on May 6, 2017
@dj4uk6cjm - Dolphin though requires a 64-bit system as of this writing, in this case Windows 7 and beyond.
by dj4uk6cjm at 5:03 PM EDT on May 6, 2017
@AnonRunzes the older ones like 3.0 I believe which are still on Dolphins website have 32-bit versions for Windows 7 and work for said extracting.
by AnonRunzes at 8:43 PM EDT on May 6, 2017
@dj4uk6cjm - Well I just stick with vgmtoolbox anyway since I don`t have the tendecy to sometimes lose out many updates for an older build. It supports Windows XP even on its latest version, too.
by G-Boy at 4:40 AM EDT on May 7, 2017
I digged into the ISO with VGMToolbox, and I only found AST files in the AudioRes folder. Are these the same as AW files? I can't open them with VGMTrans, anyway.

EDIT: I found AW files too, but I can't open them with the VGMTrans fork either.

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by rebooter23 at 10:22 AM EDT on May 7, 2017
Do we even have a way to play the tracks?
by Tkibbs at 9:19 AM EDT on May 22, 2017
Hey @Yuuto
I congratulate you on the significant progress on the soundfont!
By chance, are you about finished with the soundfont?
No pressure haha
Take your time.
Or maybe I haven't downloaded the most recent one?
The reason I was curious was because this soundfont is literally my most favorite of all time.
I'm obsessed with the Twilight Realm atmospheric sounds for some reason lol
Anyways, I'm thoroughly enjoying the current soundfont!
I'm just curious if there are more instruments you're working on..
If you can't do any of the above, it's perfectly fine.
We are all human, and we are all consumed by time and life.

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by kode54 at 5:57 AM EDT on August 29, 2018
Is there a tool for extracting the BMS sequences from the sequence.arc file? Searching this bloody forum is a nightmare. I already have VGMTrans built with the Qt UI.

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